The Secret to Productivity: Why Every Leaders Needs a Closed Door Policy to Reveal Greater Productivity in Every Day

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Aren’t you supposed to have an open door policy as a leader? Why would I tell you that might be the wrong policy? Leadership & Supervisory Skills Personal & Professional Development productivity for leaders time management

How To Create A Productive Office

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Of course, you’d always rather be somewhere else than at work, but what you can do is make your working environment more appealing, more fun, and a productive place to be. Clean out your office and strip it back to basics to rebuild an attractive and productive environment.

Creating an Effective Cell Phones at Work Policy

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And the most promising solution is an effective cell phone policy. But while creating an employee cell phone policy , there is a need to strike a balance – accepting when it should be allowed or completely restricted. A poor version of the policy can compromise productivity. To a large extent, some employers want to believe they have sold their policy rights to the need for personal cell phones at work to increase communication, mostly with the remote workers.

Why You Need to Boost Productivity in Your Office

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On these occasions, finding ways to boost productivity might not seem like a priority. Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons why you should commit to boosting productivity. Being more productive is the answer. Staff morale and productivity go hand in hand.

Creating An Office Space For Happy, Productive Employees

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Having happy, productive employees is one of the greatest assets your business can have. Creating a happy and productive workforce involves many actions, with one of them being a workspace that’s fit for purpose.

8 ways to increase employee productivity

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They will help you to increase employee productivity at your company, without pushing your team members over the edge. It will be impossible for your employees to reach their maximum levels of productivity if they are struggling to connect. Adopt an open-door policy.

3 Ways to Safeguard the Wellbeing and Productivity of Your Staff

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Unscrupulous and demotivated workers can cost you money, and excessive gossip and office politics can sour the entire nature of your business and reduce teamwork and joint productivity. Talent Management business management productivity strategydriven team management

Managing a Remote Team: 12 Best Practices for Better Productivity

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Even IBM adjusted its HR policies to accommodate remote workers. To ascertain staff productivity in teams that are scattered across various locations, below are twelve best practices to effectively manage a mobile/remote workforce: 1. Enforce policies. Measure productivity.

Easy Ways To Improve Employee Productivity

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Since the industrial revolution days, companies and economists have been after means of increasing productivity. While economists seek this increase by means of better policies and procedures, companies aimed at improving employee productivity. The fact is: increased productivity is a result of smart work, not just hard work. With this knowledge, top managers seek ways to improve their employees’ productivity for business stability.

How You Can Promote a Productive Mentality at Work

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Happy employees are more productive than their peers at work. In fact, this body of research cites that those happy employees are 12 percent more productive than their counterparts in the office. Here’s what you can do to boost happiness and productivity in the workplace.

4 Reasons Why I Hate Policies and 4 Suggestions to Improve Them

Ron Edmondson

I’m not a huge fan of most policies. It may be because I’m not a very good rule follower, but I honestly don’t think many policies work as well as they are intended. Policies are defined as a course, plan or principle of action. I love good policies.

Guest Blogger Kelly Gregorio - It’s Time For a Change: Reworking Failing Policies That You Put into Place


As the leader of your team, you are likely the person to craft and set policies in place. Yes, you set certain policies in place for a reason, but hopefully you understand that as days turn to weeks and months turn to years, things change. How do you handle policy changes?

Leader, 5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity Today

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If you want to increase productivity as a leader, you have to think bigger than what you can do. Here are 5 ways to increase productivity as a leader: 1. Don’t rule by policies. This would be the easy way – but the least productive way.

Supervisor Production – Swarovski – Plattsburgh, NY

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Coordinates staffing decisions with HR, including employee documentation, communications (policies/procedures), training, assignments, and disciplinary action. Supervisor Production - Swarovski - Plattsburgh, NY. The post Supervisor Production – Swarovski – Plattsburgh, NY appeared first on The HR Digest. HR Jobs.

Guest Blogger David Rubenstein – Banning Naughty Words: Legal Implications of Email/Social Media Work-Place Policies


Though these activities may decrease productivity, they likely will not result in any additional harm to the employer. In more extreme cases, however, employees may harass or bully their co-workers, reveal confidential company information, endorse/denounce products or services without proper disclosure, or engage in criminal conduct. Never write when you can talk. Never talk when you can nod.

5 Ways to Increase Productivity

Ron Edmondson

If you want to increase productivity as a leader, you have to think bigger than what you can do. To increase productivity and get better as a leader: Change from being a manager of people to being a leader of people. Don’t rule by policies. Hint: They involve you!

Garage-Industry: Manufacturing Your Own Products From Start To Finish

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A lot of modern business have turned their focus away from factories overseas, opting to make their products closer to home. The very first step to taking a product to market is the design. A product needs to be immortalised on paper before it can be made.

6 Silent Productivity and Profitability Pitfalls, part 4 of 7

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You can’t achieve this level of performance if you attempt to dictate their every move with rigid policies and procedures. You just finished reading 6 Silent Productivity and Profitability Pitfalls, part 4 of 7 ! 6 Silent Productivity and Profitability Pitfalls, part 3 of 7.

Interact with Employees and Impact Productivity

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Gallup also found, in a separate study ( [link] ), that regardless of the number of hours worked, weeks of vacation time or a company''s flextime policy, engaged workers have a higher overall level of well being. Well being translates directly into higher performance and productivity. A Gallup Poll conducted last year gives credence to what many successful companies have known for years--engaged, involved workers impact a business'' bottom line in a positive manner. .

Employee Productivity Improvement Project ROI Calculation.

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Loss of productivity costs resulting from acts of incivility and poor managerial behavior are staggering and yet goes largely unrecognized. Using the StrategyDriven Value of Employee Productivity nomograph and method outlined here, organization leaders can gain a better appreciation for the direct monetary value associated with a change in employee productivity and begin to better value their diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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Want to Wow Your Customers? Keep Your Promises

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I use their product to fuel a simple fireplace insert that I use when entertaining. Opinion Public Relations brand promise Business corporate policy customer service Jim Kerr leadership promisesIf you want to wow your customers simply keep your promises.

Is Facebook damaging your productivity?

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Research has shown that taking brain breaks is actually good for productivity, allowing employees to mentally recharge before ploughing on with their task. Your social media policy can give you a structure to base your strategy around. Here are some things you should think about before you create your policy. The first step is to determine the purpose of your policy, how it will interact with your social media strategy and what goals you'll have in place to measure things.

Employee Productivity Improvement Project ROI Calculation.

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Surveys conducted by the Gallup Organization identified an 18 percent difference in productivity between the best and worst performing companies. Improve productivity, Enhance the bottom line… StrategyDriven Premium Subscriber Login Align Your Organization and Become StrategyDriven! StrategyDriven effective executives, efficient employees Home About The StrategyDriven Organization Our Company Our Contributors Karen K. Juliano Howard T. Dickens Jr. Lucas D.

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Introducing the Golden Clock: Is a Flexible Schedule the Key to Productivity?

Steve Farber

Sure, policies from on high may occasionally affect your day-to-day feelings. And we should all know by now that happy workers tend to be much more productive–a case that I won’t re-litigate here). He’s happy and productive.

How Leaders Deal Effectively With the Security of Their Company and People

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Guest post by Rebecca Gray Today, the most valuable commodity many companies have is not a product, but information – proprietary systems, processes, patents, or financial information, and the damage inflicted by a security breach goes far beyond its immediate … Continue reading → Leadership policies privacy procedures security

December 2018 Leadership Development Carnival: A Year in Review

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We’re excited to share our leadership experts’ favorite posts from 2018 on the topics of communication, creativity/inspiration, development, engagement, productivity, and more. Laura states: “ Design thinking is a useful practice for leaders who want to deliver a more successful product or service. David Dye of Let’s Grow Leaders provided Three Problems with Your Open Door Policy and What to Do Instead. Productivity.

The High Price of Overly Prescriptive HR Policies

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Too many companies’ HR policies are overly restrictive. Such policies are often convoluted and overly paternal, and attempt to control the behavior of regular people through rules designed to rein in the “bad apples.” Although a small percentage of employees may try to take advantage of more flexible or generous policies, designing your HR policies with such people in mind isn’t the answer. Establish a zero-tolerance policy for dishonesty.

Paul Wolfe, SVP And HR At Indeed On How To Create A Positive Work Culture

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Companies with high degrees of worker trust consistently outperform in terms of productivity, innovation, and retention. Articulating your ideas and listening carefully to each other helps encourage honest exchanges and productive collaboration.

A Winning Parental Leave Policy Can Be Surprisingly Simple

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From 2015 to 2017, more than 75 large companies issued press releases touting new or expanded parental leave policies. Forward-thinking companies recognize that generous paid parental leave and other family-friendly policies provide reputational benefits, confer a competitive edge in recruitment, and increase employee productivity and retention. Several of the policies profiled throw even the pretense of gender neutrality out the window.

How to Design a Return Policy

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Return policies are offered by retailers to help reduce customer risk and act as an incentive for product purchase. Post purchase, if the consumer changes their mind, then the product goes back, the cost for which is often borne by the retailer.

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Is It Time to Let Employees Work from Anywhere?

Harvard Business Review

A study found that “work from anywhere” policies increased productivity. Managing people Productivity Personnel policies Organizational culture Digital Article

Corporations Need a Better Approach to Public Policy

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Moreover, corporations are not trusted in this era of populist discontent because their role in shaping public policy is often seen as bought by money, shaped by elites, and concerned solely with private not public interests. Policy Regulation Global strategy Digital Article

Vacation Policy in Corporate America Is Broken

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All of this has culminated in the new trend of eliminating vacation policies, so that employees can make work-life balance decisions that work for them. Companies like Virgin, Netflix, Evernote, Expedia, and Motley Fool are leading the charge on these types of policies.

5 Simple Steps For Cutting Your Work Addiction Habit

Tanveer Naseer

Perpetual Motion vs Rhythm The problem with this line of thinking is that it assumes being effectively productive means attacking your tasks and achieving your goals non-stop, every day, every hour, with reckless abandon. This isn’t productivity.

Company Culture Metrics Employers Must Track In The Digital Age

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The creation of company culture is to help establish a good and happy place of work for employers and employees, as well as to enhance productivity. Employee wellness policy. Hence, there is a need to develop a clearly-outlined wellness policy for your organization. An ecosystem of culture and productivity is hardly complete without a structured wellness policy. Featured Trends Workplace Culture company culture employee wellness policy HR manager

15 Hours: A Common Sense Action Blueprint for Congress

Mills Scofield

Now they have over 20 chapters in 15 states with AGE, The Agenda for Generational Equity to get their voice impacting policy. We did not know each other very well and we were not familiar with each other’s policy beliefs and political ideologies.

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Leaders Focus Too Much on Changing Policies, and Not Enough on Changing Minds

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Business transformations are typically built around new structural elements, including policies, processes, facilities, and technology. More recently, we worked with the senior team of a large consumer product company which had been severely disrupted by smaller, more agile online competitors selling their services directly to consumers. hbr staff/jake hinds/unsplash.

Motivating Millennials Takes More than Flexible Work Policies

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And many companies are indeed starting to offer flexible work schedules, work-from-home policies, and job appraisals based on outcomes and deliverables. A 2015 Gallup Poll found that Millennials are the least engaged cohort in the workplace, with only 28.9%

A Wall Won’t Secure the U.S.-Mexico Border, but Economic Policy Could

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What the United States needs are smart economic policies that disrupt the market forces that are currently driving undocumented immigration. Those who cross the border without documentation and work as farm laborers play an outsize role in American food production. Those producers would face higher labor costs and potential production disruptions. Policy Labor National competitiveness North America Digital Article

The New Edge in Knowledge: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The New Edge in Knowledge: How Knowledge Management s Changing the Way We Do Business Carla O’Dell and Cindy Hubert John Wiley & Sons (2011) Finally, in a single volume, just about all you need to know about results-driven knowledge management According to Carla O’Dell and Cindy Hubert, “this book tells you how leading organizations [.].

The President’s Policy Changes Are Already Hurting U.S. Innovation

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All of these issues are legitimate concerns of the American people and deserve to be the topic of serious policy debate. This week a European technology business I’ve invested in was due to come to San Francisco, where I live, to launch its first product targeted at the U.S. Trust is necessary whenever data is involved, and wild swings in policy will inevitably erode trust in the United States.

Gregory Unruh: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Gregory Unruh is a thought leader dedicated to sustainability innovation for business and the world. An Associate Professor of Sustainability at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, he is a noted writer, speaker and educator in the areas of corporate social responsibility, environmental management and innovation management. Before Thunderbird, Unruh was the IE Alumni Professor [.].

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Energy Policy Is Fundamental to U.S. Competitiveness

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The United States desperately needs an energy policy. However, to have climate change policy you need an energy policy. In this year's State of the Union address , President Obama tempered his message, saying the country needs an "all of the above" energy policy to provide supplies that are cleaner and cheaper. Sound energy policy can only emerge if the government, energy industry and the public have a shared understanding of the challenge.