Stop Selling And Start Leading

Eric Jacobson

Prahalad and Venkat Ramaswamy who wrote "We're entering a 'bottom-up' economy in which consumers will migrate to businesses that allow them to be participants in the process of creating what they want."

Morning Advantage: How Bosses Do Harm

Harvard Business Review

As Kannan Ramaswamy and Bill Youngdahl point out in this excellent Thunderbird research blog, they chuckle along with everyone else when they read Dilbert cartoons about the Pointy-Haired Boss. Two-thirds of them are still with the company — and they’re the ones making the decisions about where the products and the company are going. This is harsh.

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Trust, Transparency and Value — How Google Is Working to Improve Online Advertising for Everyone - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM GOOGLE

Harvard Business Review

By Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce, Google. Google ad products now use over 180 filters to detect and remove invalid and fraudulent traffic. Digital advertising has played an important role in making the internet the free, open, vital place it is today. Many of the things we all enjoy — websites, blogs, social networks, apps and videos — are funded by ads.

A New Framework for Customer Segmentation

Harvard Business Review

Clients and students questioned it increasingly: here we were, advocating a rigid methodology that carves out the market because "we can''t be all things to all people," while preaching the gospel of co-creation at firms, such as Lego and Starbucks, that enter into a dialogue with their customers, giving them more access, sharing risk, and advocating transparency ( see Prahalad & Ramaswamy''s book The Future of Competition ).

CEOs Should Activate Their Company's Stakeholders

Harvard Business Review

Triggering this process of collective engagement — Venkat Ramaswamy and I call it co-creation — is what is missing in the agenda of many CEOs today (to say nothing of our political leaders). Eleven years later, this initiative has resulted in the creation of a new marketplace where farmers sell their products, a wholesale business that sources and delivers agricultural products to their area, and a retail business that has made them into the Wal-Mart of rural India.

LVMH, Hermès, and the Danger of Going 'A Little Bit Public'

Harvard Business Review

Bernard Arnault has a proven track record of building luxury goods brands and creating financial value for a multitude of luxury product lines. Professor Michael Moffett is Continental Grain Professor of Finance, and Professor Kannan Ramaswamy holds the William D. The recent headlines about John Galliano's tirade at a Parisian restaurant has brought the not so recent attempt by Bernard Arnault to gain influence and potential control of Hermès International into the limelight.