How to Host a Productive Generational Conversation

Nathan Magnuson

Here are some ways to make the conversation a productive one. Generational mindsets and preferences about work and leadership are extremely unique to this era, especially given the technology advances of the last few decades.

The Third Ring: Enhanced Service That Delights Customers

The Practical Leader

To win today, you have to delight and astound your customers — with products and services that far exceed their expectations.&# The first two rings (my last two blog posts) deal with things — technology, products, services, systems, processes, structures, and so on. The Third Ring is where the large investments made in Basic Products/Services (First Ring) and supporting services (Second Ring) can multiply exponentially.

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Health and Well-Being in the Workplace

Lead Change Blog

Physical activity will keep them mentally sharp, meaning they will be able to work more productively. Technology has made it possible for people to work remotely. However, if an employee is comfortable working from home, you should give them a chance to show you how productive they will be. This is because they don’t have to waste time on a commute and are also more pressured to prove that they can work productively outside the workplace.

How Mobile Technologies Are Shaping a New Generation

Harvard Business Review

Technology, of course, has also been a powerful influence on the Re-Generation, so much so that Bill Gates proposed that we call this next wave Generation I, for Internet. But that's not to say that the Re-Generation hasn't been shaped by a major technology leap forward: in their case, they are the first unconscious participants in an era when everyone has access to everything, everywhere, at every time. Mobile technology. Generational issues Social media Technology

Make Your Knowledge Workers More Productive

Harvard Business Review

With scarcely any help from management, knowledge workers can increase their productivity by 20%. Knowledge workers own the means of production — their brains. Knowledge management Managing people Productivity

This How Leaders Boost Their Energy Throughout the Day

Lead from Within

Leadership requires a sharp focus and their careful attention, with no room for checking out. Fuel your body with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein, and drink lots of water to stay hydrated and sharp. Being a successful leader can be exhausting.

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Case Study: Will Our Chinese Partner Copy Our Technology?

Harvard Business Review

While Blue Sky is an SOE, I think they really want to differentiate themselves, and they're willing to use a lot of our technology.". The only person not applauding was Wang Xiguo, the engineer who had led the development of Prime's power train technology. It's better than any technology Blue Sky has ever seen or used, but now we're supposed to jump for joy that they're buying a few of our components for a prototype, which may or may not end up getting produced?

How to Solve Complex Problems Fast

Skip Prichard

Don’t tell people that the answer lies in insourcing or outsourcing or technology or big data or acquisitions or divestitures… Let them conclude for themselves what the answers are, having explored your broad question, from the universe of possibilities you open to them.

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Front Line Leadership: The Keys To Managing Millenials, Part 1

Terry Starbucker

Like the generations preceding them, Millennials are products of the major events and technologies that became widespread during their formative years. This is in sharp contrast to those of a generation ago- teacher, banking/finance and medicine.

How Dumb Is Your Business?

N2Growth Blog

As odd as it sounds, businesses that are not dependant on smart talent, capital, or technology can scale faster and easier than those businesses burdened with the aforementioned dependencies.

Investing and the Irrational Mind

CEO Blog

It was a very inefficient way to run since the pollen killed my productivity for the day. Early on, he quotes Baruch: " Only as you do know yourself can your brain serve you as a sharp and efficient tool. 8 - never invest all your funds - keep some liquid 9 - don't try to be a jack of all investments - stick to a field you know (I notice I tend to make money in technology and lose money in other areas) I liked all the studies Koppel cites. I ran the Elizabeth T.

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Brand Marketing Campaigns That Expose You To New Markets

Strategy Driven

The contact, however, is done with the consumers when you’re trying to convince them that your products and services would make their life more enjoyable and or easy. Outline clearly your goal for a new product or marketing campaign and spell out your expectations of each member.

The Future of Human Work Is Imagination, Creativity, and Strategy

Harvard Business Review

It seems beyond debate: Technology is going to replace jobs, or, more precisely, the people holding those jobs. ” And for those in manufacturing or production companies, the future may arrive even sooner. ” Machine learning algorithms are also predicted to replace people responsible for “optical part sorting, automated quality control, failure detection, and improved productivity and efficiency.” Integrating New Technology Is About Emotions.

The Benefit of Dissenting Opinion | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Therefore the art you speak of sculpts with a very sharp blade – the tongue.

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45 Career Advice Experts Offer Career Success Secrets

Miles Anthony Smith

Or perhaps someone who can spend some days behind their desk and other days in the field, equally productive in both environments. Always keep up with emerging trends and technologies in your specific sector. Find work that keeps you sharp and keeps you in a learning mode.

Would You Rather Have Brazil’s Economic Problems or America’s?

Harvard Business Review

Two of the main drivers of a country’s economic growth are the size of its workforce and the productivity of its workers. The country’s only hope of continued economic success, he said, was strong productivity growth. So down in Brazil, productivity growth is economic problem No.

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Why We Use Social Media in Our Personal Lives — But Not for Work

Harvard Business Review

"We've spent a fortune on collaborative technology, but no one is using it. or if they are, it's for purely social, non-productive activities.". Most leaders are sold on the tremendous potential new collaborative technologies present to change the way work gets done: increasing productivity, stimulating innovation, and enhancing employee engagement. Just gaining widespread adoption — getting people to use the technology — can present a major hurdle.

Cast the Net Wide – Make the Most of Your Promotional Time and.

Women on Business

Competition without relationships turns products and services turn into commodities. One half of building business is supplying quality products or services; the other half is skill in building relationships. Being sharp means being succinct.

Six Predictions for Digital Business in 2012

Harvard Business Review

My crystal ball devoted to the intersection of business and digital technology brought forth six predictions for 2012. A Fortune 500 company will move its productivity and collaboration apps to the cloud. There will be at least one instance of a science fiction technology becoming reality. The two forces of trade and technology are combining to create a tough labor market for lots of workers in the U.S., Economy Technology

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The Missing Political Debate Over the Digital Economy

Harvard Business Review

A 2011 McKinsey study estimated that the internet accounted for 21% of GDP growth over the previous five years among the developed countries studied, a sharp increase over the 10% contribution over the 15 years prior. Can we enable greater innovation through public-private partnerships to accelerate growth, enhance productivity, and create jobs? If you are a bookkeeping accounting or auditing clerk, 86% of your tasks could be automated with current technology - and there are 1.6

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5 Core Values For The Workplace

Tim Milburn

It’s that among the sharp-elbowed hordes pushing through Washington’s corridors of power, they didn’t even stand out.” ” is a positive, productive question that we should ask ourselves each day. This is a guest post by Robert L.

3 Strategic Questions the Media Industry’s Future Depends On

Harvard Business Review

These changes are driven by seismic shifts in consumer behavior and an explosion of both consumer- and B2B-facing technologies. The tension between human-driven and technology-driven capabilities is often miscast, positioning automation as a threat to the people that drive our industry.

Get Responsiblity for Data Out of IT

Harvard Business Review

I've reached this conclusion after years working with clients — both on the business side and in technology — carefully observing the ways data help organizations create value, as well as in discussions with other experts (I've won at least a few over). In contrast, IT reaps little reward when data is used to improve a product, service, or decision. But the sharp drop, from 43% in the early 1980s to 15% 25 years later, is the headline result.

Family Matters | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Now both my sons are doing the tough balancing act, but their priorities are keeping their leadership skills sharp – leading family and companies.

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Bots That Can Talk Will Help Us Get More Value from Analytics

Harvard Business Review

Harnessing the power of machine learning and other technologies. When you consider that the alternative is having employees spend hours pouring over complex data sets or equally inaccessible data visualizations, the value of advanced NLG starts to come into sharp focus. They have lots of it, like supply chain, production, and sales data, which they make available to store managers in the hopes of giving them the information they need to manage inventory flows effectively.

Guest Post: Dilenschneider on Workplace Core Values

Eric Jacobson

It''s that among the sharp-elbowed hordes pushing through Washington''s corridors of power, they didn''t even stand Out." is a positive, productive question that we should ask ourselves each day. Focused leadership over time implies productive, useful perseverance.

How to Work from Home When You Have Kids

Harvard Business Review

For many working parents and for the organizations that employ them, remote work is a go-to move for increasing work/life balance, productivity, and retention. But that same lack of traditional workplace boundaries has the potential to erode your motivation and productivity (are you really at your best getting a late start, in sweatpants?). Wear what makes you feel sharp and confident. Do a technology audit. Finally: You’ve got the chance to work remotely.

Recommended Resources – An Interview with Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi, authors of The Essential Advantage

Strategy Driven

Achieving coherence requires a sharpness of focus that few companies have mastered. Large downturns (such as this recession), technology disruptions, or regulatory shifts create discontinuities that simply accelerate the industry’s evolution toward this equilibrium state.

In a Big Data World, Don't Forget Experimentation

Harvard Business Review

Experimentation has a rich and storied history in product development and market research. It has contributed to hundreds of thousands of improved products in nearly all sectors, from agriculture, to electronics, to medicine, and so on. And not just design — industrial experimentation has contributed to improvements in the technologies and processes needed to grow corn, assemble cars, find oil, and so forth. Information & technology Tech industry

Competing on Service: Eleven Ways to Beat the Competition by ‘Hugging’ Your Customers

Strategy Driven

The Bad: The Local Coffee Shop In tough economic times, small business owners should have a laser-sharp focus on great customer service, doing everything they can to ensure their customers feel respected and loved. Use technology to provide quick, efficient customer service. The U.S.

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Leading Collaboratively…a 21st Century Necessity

You're Not the Boss of Me

Technology, too, has brought us closer together and the opportunities we have to develop relationships and work with others on-line are many and varied. So, the leader’s job is to strive for and encourage a balance that allows for healthy discussion, respectfully and productively conducted.

The Great Recession Drastically Changed the Skills Employers Want

Harvard Business Review

Previous research has suggested that a primary driver of this job polarization is something called routine-biased technological change (RBTC), an unfortunate mouthful whereby new technologies substitute for repetitive, middle-skill jobs and complement analytical, high-skill jobs. However, studies dating back to Joseph Schumpeter’s coinage of the term “ creative destruction ” suggest that adjustments to technological change may be more episodic.

Why Multinationals Are Doubling Down on Russia

Harvard Business Review

While the middle class has been eroded by currency depreciation and recession, the Russian consumer remains technologically savvy, interested in quality Western brands, and able to spend. It’s time companies ask themselves: Who can actually afford our products now?

The 21st Century Economy Will Be Urban, High Tech, and Green

Harvard Business Review

In my experience, even very sharp business leaders tend to misunderstand three facts when thinking about climate change. Given our current rate of emissions, we''ll need a sharp slope towards a "carbon zero" world in order to stay within that budget.

Create a Presentation Your Audience Will Care About

Harvard Business Review

But you might say, "It's about why production will keep missing key deadlines unless we upgrade our workflow management software.". Wield a sharp hatchet: Once you've gathered lots of material, start cutting mercilessly on your audience's behalf. Though they're important principles in the world of product development, they'd be a distraction in this particular talk. Generating ideas is the easiest part of creating a presentation. The hard part is deciding what to keep.

How Multinationals Can Grow in the Middle East and Africa

Harvard Business Review

However, the region has long been volatile and unpredictable (from coups and sharp changes in government policies, to currency shortages, to terrorism and large-scale population displacements), so operating under uncertainty is not new. more competitive prices, more localized products) and improve their risk management and operational efficiency. Product adaptation. Jennifer Maravillas for HBR.

The Idea That Led to 10 Years of Double-Digit Growth

Harvard Business Review

Then I read Clay Christensen and Joe Bower's 1995 article "Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave" in HBR. They listen to their best customers — something we did religiously at Medtronic — making increasingly complex products to meet those customers' most sophisticated needs.

Want a Team to be Creative? Make it Diverse

Harvard Business Review

Innovation teams tasked with creating new products or technologies or iterating existing ones need tension to produce breakthroughs, and tension comes from diverse points of view. The manager must ensure that sometimes sharp disagreements are aired without degenerating into the kinds of arguments that paralyze teams. Diversity is the crucial element for group creativity.

How to Permanently Resolve Cross-Department Rivalries

Harvard Business Review

For example, I worked with a global consumer products company in which the commercial organization — the set of departments responsible for developing new products and bringing them to market — was deeply fragmented. Adam Pretty /Getty Images.

With Fewer New Firms, the High-Tech Sector is Losing its Dynamism

Harvard Business Review

New and superior ideas replace existing and inferior ones, while more productive firms usurp less productive ones. Research has firmly established that this process of “creative destruction” fuels productivity growth , making it indispensable to our sustained economic prosperity.

Create a Presentation Your Audience Will Care About

Harvard Business Review

But you might say, "It's about why production will keep missing key deadlines unless we upgrade our workflow management software.". Wield a sharp hatchet: Once you've gathered lots of material, start cutting mercilessly on your audience's behalf. Though they're important principles in the world of product development, they'd be a distraction in this particular talk. Generating ideas is the easiest part of creating a presentation. The hard part is deciding what to keep.

How to Pull Your Company Out of a Tailspin

Harvard Business Review

At first, the causes of free fall appear to be external: a global financial crisis, a banking system collapse, government deregulation, or, more common, a new business model or technology harnessed by a nimble insurgent competitor. Clearly, something else, beyond the disruptive technology itself, is behind the demise of companies like Kodak. From there, the team began to create rules to determine when the company could add products and elements.

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Yes, College Essays Are Ruining Our Economy

Harvard Business Review

The technological solution they propose is to use algorithms to sort your missives by importance based on what they can infer about who and what you think is important. Some view it as a scandal that the CEO of J.P. Morgan "knew" about the risky trades long ago.