Tips for Navigating Through a Job Transition

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In recent months, I have coached a couple of individuals as they each transitioned to a new role in a different organization. While they are exceptionally good at what they do and have been picked up by the organizations because of their subject matter expertise, the individuals needed help in coping with their anxiety about the new job. In the transition phase, the feeling of anxiety and uncertainty is normal. One has to learn new rules of engagement.

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Leading Rookie Talent: The Tight Rope and the Safety Net

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In my research studying the situations and types of leaders that bring out the best in people, I’ve noticed a counterintuitive but persistent theme: people tend to do their best work when they are out of their comfort zone, doing something important and difficult – often for the very first time. BTS, a global consulting firm, developed a highly effective system for launching and securing rookie talent on high-stakes projects. Many of us go kicking and screaming.

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5 Great Ways to Keep Your Superstars!

Marshall Goldsmith

Based on our database of over 4 million leaders, the highest ranked behavior of our top performers is a commitment to self-improvement. Express the cause and effect of their contributions/role in the organization and the appreciation that you personally feel. Don’t commit beyond your span of control. Follow the 100 Coaches project at , on Twitter , Facebook , or right here on LinkedIn !

Organizing Syrian Refugees

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As with any project - start with the goal. "To We have 8 teams which is a good number for span of control. 1 - Director of Mentors - This person organizes the mentors(and in many cases it is a mentor family - not just one person) and assigns families. Each refugee family is assigned to a lead mentor who orchestrates the group of mentors for them. The mentors have a checklist of things that must be done for each family. 4 - Director of Health.

Internal Hires Need Orientation Too

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As someone who has been in the business of hiring people and developing people organizations for many years, I’ve noticed two common first-day-on-the-job scenarios. The rest of her first 90 days are structured for success and well documented. He struggles during his first few meetings to understand the terminology, projects, and existing relationships. This should take place at each stage of an employee’s career.

It's Time To Bring Back the Executive Dining Room

Harvard Business Review

When I was at the Dial Corporation (makers of Dial soap) in the 1980s, executives working at corporate headquarters went through a now-antiquated ritual every day at 11:45. Meetings and phone calls would end and most of the directors, senior directors, various breeds of vice presidents, division presidents, and occasionally our CEO would make their way to the top floor executive dining room for lunch.

Your Communications May Not Be Communicating

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Large organizations in particular have always struggled with the challenges of communications. In fact, the concept of span of control — a decades-old organizational design principle — was derived originally from communications research analyzing supervisors' interactions with various numerical sets of subordinates. Without that context, the project leaders were treating this as just one more assignment among many.

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