How to Create a Dynamic Strategic Plan in an Unpredictable World

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The traditional approach to strategic planning might be obsolete in this fast-paced, unpredictable world. But it does not mean that planning is useless. Creating a dynamic strategic plan will enable you to respond quickly and to be creatively proactive.

Strategic planning must change with the times

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If you’re frustrated by your organization’s current strategic planning and execution processes or the outcomes from that work, you’re not alone. Planning Horizon: Old paradigm strategic planning has been historically focused on a long term horizon, usually between 3-5 years.

The Strategic Planning Process

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Here is the background regarding the importance of clearly understanding the " intangible identity elements " that consist of the assumptions/beliefs, values/aspirations, vision and guiding principles as it relates to creating a Vision/Mission Statement (along with the supporting business plans that each functional unit will put together based on the leadership developed Vision/Mission Statement). . The Planning Process. Here is a summary of the strategic planning process: .

Three Critical Questions for Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning Template (pdf)

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The Strategic Planning Template that makes Strategic Planning easy! Strategic Planning is rarely easy. For this reason we created a Strategic Planning Template that can really help you if: · You lead a team and want everyone.

Strategic Plan(ning) for Organizations: Reviewing, Refining, Repeating

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Focus on the process, not the plan. Business leaders trying to plot the future of their companies without a plan often find their business not going exactly where they intended. But a strategic plan for the organization is key if, and only if, it is a living, breathing document to be used frequently. We really need to start calling this strategic planning to indicate the ongoing nature of the refinement and work in progress that this becomes.

7 Elements of a Strategic Plan

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It’s been said that “a vision without a plan is just a dream. A plan without a vision is just drudgery. But a vision with a plan can change the world.” Read my latest post over at to learn the 7 basic elements of a strategic plan : vision, mission, SWOT analysis, core values, goals, objectives, and action plans. goals mission planning strategy vision

Company Strategic Planning Agenda

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Strategic Planning Agenda. Below is a 1 day strategic planning workshop. Following the strategic planning meeting there was 4 follow-up meetings to refine the plan and document action steps. Objectives: Develop strategic plan for 2014+.

The Ten Myths of Strategic Planning

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CEOs of small businesses often appear to believe in myths surrounding the subject of strategic planning and execution - myths that can prove dangerous to the health of their organization. Myth #1: “We don’t need a strategic plan!” The truth is that every organization needs some form of plan to guide its actions or it will simply “drift off course” in the chaos businesses often face in their daily operations. Myth #5: Planning will predict the future.

Strategic Planning Data Analysis


by Gary Cohen When doing a strategic plan, you may be faced with mountains of data. How you use the data from many different surveys is critical to the outcome of your strategic plan. Strategic Planning.

Are You Aware Of The 3 Approaches to Strategic Planning?

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The following article — Time is Money: The 3 Different Approaches to Strategic Planning — was written by Gabriel Najera — Founder, Najera Consulting Group. Even though I did strategy development for billion dollar corporations in the early days of my business 30 years ago, I had no idea that there were 3 different approaches to strategic planning. Time is Money: The 3 Different Approaches to Strategic Planning.

Strategic Planning – How Much Should Organizations Spend on Business Planning?

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Well-crafted strategic and annual business plans provide a sense of purpose and direction. Given the value strategic and annual business plans represent, how much should be invested in their development? Strategic Planning Best Practice 7 – Shared Accountability.

Strategic Thinking vs. Strategic Planning

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Are strategic thinking and strategic planning - the same thing? While they certainly related and complementary, thinking strategically and planning strategically are two different concepts. Let's first consider strategic thinking , which involves viewing your organization from a holistic perspective. Research has determined that strategic thinking can be explained through seven dimensions: A vision of the future.

NOISE Analysis, an alternative to SWOT. Strategic Planning

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Having a solid strategic plan will allow your company and team to flourish and accomplish needed results. Contact Mike to schedule a strategic planning meeting that will deliver results and engaged staff that are part-of the plan.


Revitalizing Strategic Planning: Workshop

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The need for short-, mid-, and long-term planning will always exist as a critical factor in successful business regardless of changes in technology. Because NO-ONE Planned! Strategic planning is necessary part of every Managers life.

Half-Life of a Strategic Plan


A dear friend of mine came over a few months ago for a glass of wine and asked me, “What’s the half-life of a strategic plan ?” ” Why is it that strategic plans start to lose their value so quickly? Quality of the Planning Process.

Photo Inquiry Friday: Strategic Planning Questions

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Planning requires people in companies to make their best guess on what to focus on and what not to focus on. Taking some time to frame the planning is a way that asks people to think in real work, while allowing them to reach for ‘miracle solutions’ is something I have found effective.

Strategic Plans Are Less Important than Strategic Planning

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Mention the word “plan” to most managers and the image that springs to their minds might well be a travel plan. Or they’ll think of the kind of plans builders employ, often referred to as “blueprints.” Think of the plan as a guidance tool.

The Main Reasons Strategic Planning Fails

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Human Resources Leadership Organizational Effectiveness planning Strategic PlanningWhen I was a college student, my New Venture Studies class had the opportunity to advise a local resident starting his own coffee shop.

Strategic Planning with Biel’s Document Management

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For the 3rd year in a row I had the pleasure of facilitating Biel’s Document Management Strategic Plan. Strategic Planning Objectives: Develop strategic plan for 2014+. Develop, update and refine plan through 2014.

Communication Strategy in 13 Steps – Communicating Strategic Plan To Employees


What do you need to do to share your strategic plan? Creating a strategic plan is quite an undertaking for a business. A great strategic plan should have focus and clarity around vision, mission, objectives, strategies and actions.

CEO Gary Harpst on Strategic Planning (podcast)

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The Usefulness of SWOT Analysis Before Strategic Planning

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Step Back , is to get your leadership team to use their experience and judgement to begin narrowing the focus of planning toward your organization's most important strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Decide What's Important , where the leadership team updates the strategic direction of the company for the upcoming year -- and, the repeatable cycle of the Six Disciplines strategy execution program begins again Leveraging strengths. Minimizing weaknesses.

Do You Really Need A Strategic Plan?

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Do You Really Need A Strategic Plan? Particularly the kind that requires the involvement of a lot of people and preparation of a strategy plan document? As a CEO or board member you should be thinking strategically and directing your organization strategically; and also doing what you need to do to obtain strategic information, on an ongoing basis.

Strategic Plans: $100,000 Coffee Coasters?


Last May, I wrote a post entitled “Save a Tree, Stop Strategic Planning.” I still think consultants make too much money off of organizations’ planning efforts (it’s only okay if you hire me as your consultant). I still think those plans look really pretty on bookshelves. I still think Greenpeace should protest the number of trees killed each year by producing strategic plans. Is that planning session worth $2000 per hour?

Save a Tree, Stop Strategic Planning


Is strategic planning dead? How many leaders have read a strategic plan, fallen asleep, woken up hoping you didn’t snore too loud, and then tried to get through it and fill your part of the boxes in? Strategic plans read like Ikea directions. We love to promote workplaces that involve the frontlines, get everyone involved, engage our employees…but has anyone ever been engaged by a strategic plan? Or maybe a better question is, should it die?

075: Conquer the Entrepreneur’s Kryptonite: Simple Strategic Planning | with James Woosley

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The kryptonite that threatens to kill the dreams of every entrepreneur is strategic planning. Many people have no plan and try shooting from the hip, so effort and resources are wasted or unfocused. Others get bogged down in an overly-detailed planning […]. The post 075: Conquer the Entrepreneur’s Kryptonite: Simple Strategic Planning | with James Woosley appeared first on Engaging Leader.

Expensive Coffee Coasters & Strategic Plans


I wrote a post a few weeks back called Save a Tree, Stop Strategic Planning. We do kill a lot of trees when engage in strategic planning (SP). Consider some of the stakeholders: CEOs – I’m not 100% convinced they read the Strategic Plans themselves, but they do look really pretty (especially after Communications departments get ahold of them) and somewhat useful to shareholders and boards. A printed plan is not an implemented plan.

Communicating Your Strategic Plan - Make Every Word Count

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How many words does your organization's strategic plan have? How about your strategic position? How many of your organization's team members have ever even read your mission, vision, values, and strategic position? BOTTOMLINE: It's not enough to simplify and make every word count when it comes to your organization's mission, vision, values and strategic position. The Lord's Prayer has 50 words. The Ten Commandments have 297 words.

3 Myths That Kill Strategic Planning

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In its simplest form, strategic thinking is about deciding on which opportunities to focus your time, people, and money, and which opportunities to starve. One of history’s greatest strategic thinkers, Napoleon Bonaparte summed it up this way: “In order to concentrate superior strength in one place, economy of force must be exercised in other places.” Yet, three pervasive myths continue to make strategic thinking an elusive skill set in today’s organizations.

Four Tips for Better Strategic Planning

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That’s why the process of planning a strategy itself is an important vehicle for setting priorities, making investment decisions, and laying out growth plans. As a result, many strategic plans end up as shelf decorations or hard-to-find files in crowded hard drives. Since this is the season when many companies are engaged in strategic planning, it’s just the right time to break bad habits. Templates are often a standard fixture of strategic planning.

Have Your Customers Help You Write Your Strategic Plan

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Mike Brown, the founder of the Kansas City, MO company called, The Brainzooming Group , encourages business leaders to solicit feedback from their customers when creating a strategic plan. Management Leadership Strategic Planning General Management Skills Customer Feedback Goal Settin

Goal 11

Alternative Selection – More Efficient Processes Can Increase Costs

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Alternative Selection Premium business management cost reduction nathan ives process efficiency Strategic Planning strategydrivenThere is a common misperception that being more efficient necessarily equates to being more cost effective.

Strategic Planning Alternatives: Mission Discernment


I recently wrote two posts criticizing strategic planning. While Self wasn’t directly critiquing strategic planning (SP), that “tragic erosion of deep engagement&# is an articulate description of many strategy plans as well. It won’t replace strategic planning, but can definitely be a great resource for any leader facing a formidable labyrinth of decisions ahead of him/her. Featured Mission strategic planning strategy vanderpyl

A Budget Does Not A Strategy Make!

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Let’s see how many of us have been involved in this type of conversation: Strategy Consultant: “ Do you have a Strategic Plan? Strategy Consultant: “ Umm, this isn’t a strategic plan. ”. Like I said, “ Umm, this isn’t a strategic plan.

Don’t Forget to Connect Customer Service Week with Strategy

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Or it might be five days riddled with a host of activities that have been carefully planned but focus more on the fun than the functional. Are your planned activities fun and functional? This week, thousands of organizations around the world are recognizing Customer Service Week.

Should Strategic Plans Rest in Peace?


At one time, business executives believed strategic planning was the answer to all of their problems. The process that started in the 1950’s evolved through various strategic analyses including SWOT, Michael Porter’s competitive model, core competencies, strategic intent and business transformation. Involvement of Strategic Planning Consultants. But, seldom do these strategic plans drive a company into the future.

What Goes Into Your Strategic Plan : Blog | Executive Coaching.


When your strategy is so ingrained into the culture do you still need to list it as a strategy in your strategic plan ? Does Nordstrom’s have to say that they will be known for exceptional service in their strategic plan each year or is it so ingrained in the culture that it does not have to be said any longer. If you don’t label it, measure it then you’re apt to not evaluate it in your process of strategic planning.

Welcome to Strategic Planning 2.0

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As a strategy consultant, I have had the opportunity to review a lot of strategic plans over the years. It’s been truly amazing to discover just how many major organizations develop strategic plans that contain little more than a whole lot of budget estimates and revenue projections. This kind of strategic planning is something that I like to call “ Strategic Planning 2.0 “ Strategic Planning 2.0

The Nuts & Bolts of the One-Page Strategic Plan


I am delighted that so many readers have asked for details of the content that goes into the 1-Page Strategic Plan. Start with deep strategic thought and the right conviction. The strategic plan is not the annual budget. The senior folks charged with crafting the plan must enter the process with a mindset that is analytical, intuitive and creative. Set your objectives annually and check your progress over the term of the plan. Keep the plan handy.