Three Reasons Technology Won’t Save Your Remote Team

Kevin Eikenberry

If you are on (or lead) a remote team, you have remote technology. You might have even added a new tool, thinking it would be the solution to the woes that face your remote team. Is your team woe-free […]. The post Three Reasons Technology Won’t Save Your Remote Team appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning. Communication & Interpersonal Skills Leadership & Supervisory Skills remote teams remote technology

Technology: Are you "Byte-Lingual"?

Jason Womack

Learn the language of technology to become more productive (save time) every day; become byte-lingual. How would you rate your overall "fluency" with your technology and tools? Imagine of your team of 5 people had 120 hours of “extra” time this coming year. You use your email system and SMART phone every day; what would the impact be if you learned one new productivity feature each week for a year? Three Ways to Become Byte-Lingual. Seek Micro-Improvements.

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What Is the Role of Leaders in Emerging Technology?

Leading Blog

O N JUNE 9th last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s 2017 commencement address. He zeroed in on the distinction between technology and what it means to be human. Technology is capable of doing great things. His comments also point to the kinds of things—human things like empathy, communication, imagination, and relationships—we need to be developing to live and lead in the emerging artificial intelligence landscape.

Team Engagement Brings Competitive Advantage

Lead Change Blog

Team dynamics is one of the overlooked parts of a business. Yet it affects so much of a how a business operates, from the individual in the team to the company as a collection of teams to the entire market place. If a team is out of sync or out of flow, things happen slowly or at worst not at all. Team members make your company’s success and in an era that is so focused on technological advancements effective teamwork is your biggest competitive advantage.

Improving Your Business With Technology

Strategy Driven

So it makes sense that technology is going to be good for business. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can improve your business with technology. This gives your team and your the flexibility that wasn’t possible 10 or so years ago. With so many people using the internet to find new jobs and create networks, of course, it makes sense that tech is improving how we now build teams and talent pools. It also means that you can also build a global freelance team.

3 Strategies to Build Inclusive Teams

N2Growth Blog

If you’ve ever played a team sport like soccer or basketball, you quickly learn that while it is helpful to have an “all-star” player, the best teams leverage the talents of all their players on the field and elevate everyone’s game in order to consistently win. The following are 3 strategies to build inclusive teams: Align on values – focus on what we share ( common goals, work ethic, expectations, etc.).

7 Characteristics Of A High Performing Team

Lead Change Blog

When I first started working with teams, I heard the phrase High Performing Team (HPT) used frequently. I understood that a this type of team produced consistent quality results and its members cared about each other. I wondered, though, what it was that made this team different from the rest of the pack? We have used this activity at all levels in all kinds of organizations, with intact teams and newly formed teams composed of strangers.

Team 329

Does Your Team Have a #1 Priority?

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Mike McHargue: Does your team have one clearly stated priority? And, is everyone on your team crystal clear about what that priority is? When teams have more than one top priority there often isn’t unity and clarity about what actually is important. Each member of the team is left to decide on his own what the priority is. The HR team is focused on HR issues. Chief technologist, technology. What is your team’s priority?

Team 190

Are We Experiencing A Technology Tsunami?

Rich Gee Group

home about rich our team news our fans services executive coach business coach speaking inspire media knowledge books affiliates contact Rich Gee Group 203.500.2421 Are We Experiencing A Technology Tsunami? Over the past 25 to 30 years, technology has been zipping along the mainframe to desktop route and the entire tech institution has been riding along with it (and profiting greatly from it). How is technology changing for you? Establish A Contract With Your Team.

Frontline Festival: Leaders share about favorite apps, technology, and productivity hacks

Let's Grow Leaders

This month’s festival gives tips about favorite tools and technology. As an entrepreneur with many projects on the go, Patrick Hankinson of Hello Focus grew frustrated with current tools on the market, finding that none of them really kept his team focused, becoming harder to manage as the team grew. Becky Robinson of Weaving Influence shares “My team uses Basecamp for every project, and using Basecamp helps us stay focused to deliver what we’ve promised.

The collaborative team player

Lead Change Blog

Helen Keller Today, the social implications of a multi-generational workforce joining with the informational implications of new technology make collaboration a priority in many organizations. Posted in Leadership Development “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Collaborations, partnerships, alliances are the mark of great organizations and communities—the indispensable arsenal of the organization and communities [.].

Team 310

Can Small Businesses Use Remote Teams Effectively?

Lead Change Blog

The rise of the freelancer and increasingly convenient channels by which we all communicate in this digital age have made home workers a common fixture in teams of all sizes. If so, you may also be familiar with the challenges hybrid teams present, regardless of the abundance of technology we can now call upon. I think small businesses are excellently placed to use remote teams effectively. How many times have you read that on a team leadership blog post?

Team 206

How to Be a Top Leader for your Remote Team

Lead Change Blog

Your remote team is the future of your business. This point was the only place where the employees could access vital job-related files and collaborate as a united team. With that in mind, let’s see how leaders can integrate their remote teams into the culture of the company. The only uncertainty factor surrounding the status of a remote team is the lack of face to face communication. Even though they work remotely, the purpose of having a team is to work together.

Team 270

A Radical Solution to Scale AI Technology

Harvard Business

Product development Leading teams Technology Digital ArticleNix the proof of concept.

How to Build a Team of Innovators

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Chuck Swoboda : As increasing competition, new technologies and evolving customer expectations continue to disrupt nearly every industry, business leaders are turning to innovation as a way to keep their companies relevant. The standard solution is to create teams that focus explicitly on innovation. Most of these teams struggle to innovate, often delivering incremental improvements at best. Simply telling a team to focus on innovation won’t suffice.

Tips For Improving Your Small Business Using Technology

Strategy Driven

There are many advantages to using more technology solutions in your small business that are worth you learning more about. Improve your small business using technology by launching an attractive website and blog so consumers can learn more about you. For example, you can use programs such as DropBox for cloud computing so all of your important documents are stored in one place, and any member of your team can access them at any time, wherever they are.

Leading Virtual Teams: 12 Powerful Ways to Lead a Team You Can’t See

RapidStart Leadership

How do you lead a team that’s not there? Yet leading virtual teams is the future. Studies show that 25% of jobs involve teaming from distant locations. So today we’ll look at 12 things you can do to overcome the challenge of leading a team that’s somewhere else. When it comes to leading virtual teams, the physical distance between you and your teammates is the price you pay to realize all the other advantages of remote collaboration. Gather the team.

Team 156

Technology for Your Workplace: Where Do You Begin?

Strategy Driven

Technology has changed our lives from the way we communicate, shop, eat, and our health. At the workplace, technology can be vital, especially when you want to boost productivity without wasting time. What type of technology do you need? Will the technology be costly? You must get yourself a team of champions who will help you implement the new tech. When you have a set of goals, it will help you know how new technology is affecting the employees.

50 Digital Team Building Games

Kevin Eikenberry

By John Chen Technology can make our lives easier and more productive – especially when teams are comprised of people working remotely. All of the technology in the world won’t make teams effective or the individuals on them as productive as possible. In this new book, the author puts the need for team building together [.]. Books Collaboration Leadership Learning games remote teams team building

4 Virtual Team Building Ideas for Remote Teams

Chart Your Course

Team building is essential for a productive, thriving and trustworthy environment. Engaging teams through non-work-related activities is also a fun way for employees to step away from the job for a nice mental break. Whether you want to engage your remote employees more or shake up your traditional team-building activities, here are ideas for creating positive workplace dynamics. Insta-Team Building. Team Fitness Challenge.

A Way to Improve Team Communication – Even When Working Remotely

Kevin Eikenberry

As I talk to leaders and team members who are working remotely, I hear their challenges, struggles, and concerns. One of the biggest challenges I hear is about remote team communication. People are figuring out the technology and making that work. But Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams (and all the tools like them) don’t perfect […].

Team 120

How to Collaborate Effectively with a Remote Team

Lead from Within

Many of us are missing the days when collaboration was as easy as stopping by someone’s office or arranging a face-to-face team meeting. Here are some of the foundational elements for successfully collaborating as your team works remotely.

Team 118

Have You Clarified Your Team Norms?

Great Results Team Building

Team norms are the foundation of your team CULTURE. Your team CULTURE determines your team performance. And while ALL leaders invest time and resources in strategy, that is never enough to build a GREAT team! CULTURE is the BEHAVIORS your team ALLOW to be repeated. And even more important for team leaders to understand is the idea that the MOST IMPORTANT part of your team culture is the NORMS THAT YOU ESTABLISH early on in your team’s life-cycle.

Team 143

Team Building We Know What Works

Mike Cardus

One of the most interesting things about the field of teamwork and team development, human-adaptive-systems, are that most of the knowledge and research has been known for generations. Even as we develop artificial intelligence, algorithms, and technological advances – the understanding of human nature and how we interact when we work together is something ancient civilizations had access to, with no need for computers or modern technology. Successful Teams.

Smarter Teams; Smarter Use of Technology; and a Smarter You – Three “Unrelated” Items for a Little Weekend Thinking

First Friday Book Synopsis

So, three thoughts, all from my reading… Thought #1 – we’ve got to make our teams smarter. This comes from Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others by Olimpia Zagnoli. She writes well about time wasted and effort wasted by teams done badly. I went on a middle-of-the-night reading binge last night. Couldn’t sleep). And […]. Randy''s blog entries

The I in Team

Leading Blog

The often repeated phrase, “There’s no ‘I’ in TEAM” is only half true. It ignores the fact that great teams have great individual members. And high performing teams are not always easy places to be. Mark de Rond acknowledges in There Is an I in Team , that “with few exceptions, the qualities that make individuals as gifted as they are can make them wearisome as team members.” Great team members are often perfectionists, paranoid, stubborn and/or self confident.

Team 240

To Build Less-Biased AI, Hire a More-Diverse Team

Harvard Business

Technology will always be limited by the perspectives of the people building it. Technology Hiring Diversity Digital Article

Common Productivity Errors When Managing Remote Teams

Strategy Driven

And that’s as true for you as it is for every member of your team. You’re likely still adjusting to managing your team remotely. But it’s your responsibility to provide a technological and operational infrastructure that allows them to get the most out of every day.

Weekly Round-Up: On Leadership, Public Speaking & Technology


Bold Leadership from Young Leaders By Angela Maiers, Switch & Shift “Two months ago, Steve Snell , Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum for the school district in Hutto, Texas, wrote for advice about technology in school…”. 5 Steps to Optimizing Team Performance By Peter Economy, Inc. Often the best way to do this is not to focus on them as individuals, but as members of teams that tackle critical projects as effectively as possible…”.

Is Your C-Suite Working As A Team?

Lead Change Blog

In the VUCA world in which we now operate many businesses have become more agile, networked and team centric in order to respond to the challenges of more competition and digital disruption. Clearly then the C-suite needs to adapt from being independent C-level functional experts working in silos to become a team that work in harmony together to direct the overall strategy of the organisation. So where do you start to get the C-suite working as a team?

Team 215

You’re All One Team

Joseph Lalonde

Your church or business may have a technology department, financial department, outreach/marketing department, and more. They see them as competition, not as team-mates. Leaders can begin to break apart the cohesive of a team without even recognizing it. It can and does, but it also creates strife among team members. By throwing out contests where people have to compete against one another, you’re making your team enemies. We’re all on the same team.

Team 170

The Real Value of Cloud Technology and the Role It Plays in Your Business

Strategy Driven

By now, cloud technology is no longer a “new” thing in the world of business but something that has already been well-established and explored by many companies. While technology-powered businesses are a common sight now, many entrepreneurs have yet to fully grasp the concept of cloud technology and the benefits it provides their companies. So in this article, we’ll be informing you of the real value of cloud technology and the important role it plays in your business.

5 Easy and Effective Virtual Teambuilding Activities and Ideas for Team Leaders

Great Results Team Building

Are you and your team are stuck in quarantine and unable to maintain your daily interactions with each other over the next few weeks? . Are you and your team separated as part of a virtual team that has teammates at different locations permanently? . And you are likely reading this because you KNOW that high-performing, purposeful, and committed teams do not happen by accident. Describe “Your Road” to the Team.

Team 153

Face time with the team

Lead on Purpose

The best way to truly build team unity is to develop trust with individuals. The best way to develop trust is to spend time with the people on your team. In today’s technology deluge we get caught up in easy communication. All of these forms of communication taken together, as good as they are, cannot replace face time with the team. It’s worth the time and money to meet regularly with your team. Trust team unity

Team 148

Why You Should Consider SharePoint as a Business Technology Solution, part 1

Strategy Driven

SharePoint’s communication capabilities improve the way people work together, enabling teams to be aware of who did what, when and with what documents. Tasks are assigned and team members receive automatic notifications accordingly. Here, information is stored in a secure and private place, where it can be shared with team members, customers or assigned partners. You just finished reading Why You Should Consider SharePoint as a Business Technology Solution, part 1 !

How to Build ROPE Teams in Sales Organizations

Leading Blog

Neil Armstrong’s historic step onto the lunar surface was not his achievement alone, but the result of decades of effort by a team of thousands. In this, as in most complex human endeavors, teams outperform individuals. Along the way, I learned a great deal about team development and leadership. I saw that successful leaders compensate for their personal shortcomings by recruiting team members with complementary skills and temperaments. Outside ROPE Teams.

How Leaders Create Effective Teams

Coaching Tip

Teaming has a positive effect on people's experience at work. In organizations where teaming is common, employees learn from each other, enjoy a broader understanding of the work and how it gets done from start to finish, and can better see and act on opportunities for improvement. Teaming also benefits an organization by allowing people to combine their knowledge to create new products or implement new procedures. Leadership Actions Can Promote Teaming.

Team 118

Why You Should Consider SharePoint as a Business Technology Solution, part 2

Strategy Driven

In this article, the focus will be on the pros of using SharePoint as a business technology solution. say that SharePoint reduces costs by consolidating intranet, extranet and internet sites in a single platform – either internally or through the use of Cloud technology. Training costs can be reduced by using SharePoint to deliver training materials to teams, customers and partners via a password-protected website, accessible from anywhere.

CRM 58

BPM should focus on people, not technology

Chartered Management Institute

Of course, with these technological advancements in what BPM can achieve come an equal increase in the complexity of the people related hurdles that managers must overcome to ensure successful execution. She highlights that whilst focusing on technology might see some short-term improvements, unless managers manage the human behaviours the benefits will be limited, with many organisations regressing to their previous state over time.

BPM 64

Why Data Science Teams Need Generalists, Not Specialists

Harvard Business

Managing organizations Analytics Technology Leading teams Technology Digital ArticleBeware the data science pin factory.

Team 40

Why Consensus Kills Team Building | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Where Dan lost me was on point #4 – Teams Decide by Consensus. In recent months I have observed a decent amount of politically correct discourse on the topic of team building and equality. The gist of the argument seems to be that for teams to be productive, employees have to feel “empowered&# by having an equal voice. And as odd as it may sound, one of the greatest impediments to building productive teams is practicing management by consensus.

BUILD AN A-TEAM: Introduction, Being the Kind of Boss People Love to Work For

Strategy Driven

The aerospace industry was producing incredible new technology – missiles and rockets that could fly farther than any had before – but that technology had a major weakness: it was all made of metal, and metal rusts. Excerpted from Build an A-Team: Play to Their Strengths and Lead Them Up the Learning Curve by Whitney Johnson. In San Diego, California, in 1953, a new startup set its sights on the Space Age.

3 Ways to Ready Your Leadership Team for Digital Transformation

CEO Insider

Companies must integrate technology into their business models in order to thrive. This requires 21st-century business leaders who can rethink the role of technology to enhance the customer experience, create competitive advantages, and drive productivity. Digital transformation is no longer optional for businesses — it’s mandatory.