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Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble on Innovation Execution: Fundamental Core Principles

First Friday Book Synopsis

In their latest collaboration, Beyond the Idea, Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble, explain how to execute innovation in any organization. As they explain, “The most important message in Beyond the Idea is very simple: innovation execution is its own unique discipline. It requires time, energy, and distinct thinking.

The Other Side of Innovation: Solving the Execution Challenge.


Business organizations are not built for innovation; they are built for efficiency.&# – Vijay Govindarajan In The Other Side of Innovation the authors demonstrate their absolute knowledge of an area that many organizations need more of, innovation! There is just one little problem. Do you know how to organize it? Gary B.

World Business Forum – Top 10 Speakers | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

So the list that follows is my ranking of the Top 10 Speakers from World Business Forum 2010 as well as my logic behind the rankings. Brilliant!

The Most Intriguing HBR Blog Posts of 2010

Harvard Business Review

In a previous post, we listed The Top 10 HBR Blog Posts of 2010 , according to our readers. Here we've collected another group of posts from 2010, some almost as popular as the Top 10, others that should have been more popular than they were, all that are well worth your time. link] Brave: Have a Bad Meeting , and Jeffrey Pfeffer's.

‘Managers as Mentors’ Celebrates Publication Anniversary

Marshall Goldsmith

” Mike Krzyzewski, head men’s basketball coach at Duke University and the 2010 NCAA champs, calls it “a practical yet powerful book.” The origin of the word mentor goes back to ancient Greece–specifically, to the character of Mentor in Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey.” Life is good. Marshall. .

The Middle East Could Be a Cradle of Innovation

Harvard Business Review

We in the West tend to think of innovation as the next, new, shiny, tech, globally-accepted thing. Consider mobile devices in Africa.

Why Management Ideas Matter

Harvard Business Review

In 2010, the government of Malaysia launched the third wave of its National Blue Ocean Strategy. And an August 2010 blog by Vijay Govindarajan and Christian Sarkar challenged designers to create a house for $300 and set off a campaign to re-invent housing for the world's poorest people, building on C.K. It's a fair question.

Whatever Happened to the $300 House?

Harvard Business Review

The idea to design and build a $300 house first appeared here on the HBR site in August 2010, in a post by me (Vijay Govindarajan) and Christian Sarkar, and then again as one of several ideas in the HBR Agenda 2011. What might a house-for-the-poor look like? How could the poor afford to buy this house? Urban Housing Design Prototype.

Extreme Negotiations: Putting the Idea into Practice

Harvard Business Review

In our November 2010 issue, Jeff Weiss and Jonathan Hughes, along with Major Aram Donigian, authored an article called " Extreme Negotiations." The authors used examples from military negotiations in Iraq and Afghanistan to illustrate how these strategies work. Readers were struck by these stories and wanted to see business examples as well.