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5 Things Every Leader Needs to Hear

Ron Edmondson

Sure I’m a leader. So this may appear to be a self-serving post. I understand the risk. I trust you – Leadership is about influence.

Don’t Confuse Accountability With Responsibility

Modern Servant Leader

Danger Will Robinson, Danger! One symptom of a leader caving to her own ego is one who begins to confuse accountability with responsibility.

Lessons in Winning Gracefully from Coach K

Next Level Blog

In what ended up being a pretty close game, Duke beat Michigan State at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night. In the process, Coach Mike Krzyzewski set a record by winning his 903 division I. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Leadership Personal Presence Andy Katz Duke espn leading with grace Michigan State Mike Krzyzewski

Katz 59

Four Leadership Lessons from Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Kevin Eikenberry

Last night Duke University’s men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski won his 903rd game. It’s the most of any men’s college basketball coach ever (Tennessee’s Pat Summitt has won over 1000 coaching women’s college basketball). He’s been coaching for 37 years. Leadership Success Coach K Duke Mike Krzyzewski

Five Techniques That Make You Matter Most

Leadership Freak

The need to tell others you’re important suggests you don’t feel important. Insecure leaders need to build, protect, and validate themselves. They spend their days like male peacocks fluffing their tail feathers. Look at me, I’m beautify; I’m important.” Fluffing activities suggest people don’t believe they matter.

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Ethical Leaders Care Part 2: In Action

Leading in Context

Author's Note: As a follow up to the post "Ethical Leaders Care", this post explores what demonstrating "Care" looks like in action. Encouraging and Supporting Others is a Leader's Job It is our job as leaders to bring out the best performance each person has to offer. Leadership is fundamentally about relationships and ethical behavior.

What are the Purposes of Managerial Coaching?

Create Learning

People join companies, and leave managers… Be the reason people stay with your company. Contact Mike make your team and leaders better.

Leader, please step up!

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development By Will Lukang, PMP, CSM, CLDC On November 6th, the news of sex abuse scandal at Penn State caught my attention. My initial thought was that this could not possibly happen. As I watched the news and read the news on the Internet, I was surprised to learn that it involved a former defensive coordinator [.]

Leadership Follies: Yes You Are Unique, But Not That Different

Linked 2 Leadership

Best practices and methodologies within organizations are useful and effective. It is not realistic to think that everything must be created or invented in an organization. But, it’s important to leverage strengths and weaknesses of the organization to select and implement the practices that will have the greatest positive impact.

Discipline: A Story By The Numbers


End of his probationary period. He really didn't do that, did he? Perhaps he didn't know what he was doing. I'm sure it won't happen again. Do I have to explain why that's unacceptable? I'll send a memo to the entire staff saying that's unacceptable. People are grumbling. He did it again. The entire team went to training. He called in sick. We meet.

10 reasons I won’t connect to you on LinkedIn

Rapid BI

LinkedIn has become THE connection and networking tool. It easily allows members (for free) to connect with people they know, share ideas, thoughts and of course look for new employment opportunities. Management connections LinkedIn network social business social media

Tools 22

Thanksgiving of Trust

Mills Scofield

Tomorrow is a day of thanksgiving and blessing for me. It is the 4 th Open Innovation Summit at BW’s Center for Innovation & Growth (CIG). My friend, Saul Kaplan from the Business Innovation Factory , is the keynote speaker and two other friends are on the panel. Why did they do this? Trust. I have amazing friends and colleagues.

Thank you, young Mr. Suarez, for showing us what's possible

Jason Womack

Early (in London) on a Thursday morning, I gave myself the gift of watching this "less-than-5-minute" talk by Thomas Suarez.


Places I have, and have not been….

First Friday Book Synopsis

I have been in many places, but I’ve never been in Cahoots. Apparently, you can’t go alone. You have to be in Cahoots with someone. I’ve also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognizes you there. I have, however, been in Sane. They don’t have an airport; you have to be driven there. [.].

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My biggest mistake as a new manager

Bud to Boss

By Amy Beth Miller, editor of The Organized Executive. I’ve had to dismiss only one employee for poor performance, and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I wanted her to succeed, and for weeks we struggled with no progress. It was stressful for everyone, including other team members, whom I had to rely on to pick up the slack.

First Paragraph


Someone asked me the other day what I do for a living. I found myself hard-pressed for an answer. If he wanted to know my job title, or what industry I worked in, then all I had to do was to recite what's on my business card. But he seemed sincere. Bad meetings. From Read This Before Our Next Meeting by Al Pittampalli

Culture Transformation for Thriving in Permanent White Water

The Practical Leader

I was just talking with a CEO Client about the development work we’ve been doing with his team. He asked about our business.

What Organizations Are Thinking About…

Erika Andersen

Just had a great interview last week with a guy named Bill Ringle , a business strategist and coach, and founder of MQ4B – “My Quest for the Best, ” an internet-based interview show. We talked about what leaders are doing to support organizational success – and what organizations are doing to support leaders’ success.

What Your Boss Needs to Know About Engagement

Harvard Business Review

On October 28, Gallup posted an article with the sobering headline "Majority of American Workers Not Engaged in Their Jobs." This should disturb every American worker and business leader. In an earlier report , Gallup estimated that worker disengagement accounts for more than $300 billion annually in lost productivity in the U.S. alone.

Where Does a Coat Closet Fit in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?


A client recently told me of her excitement at inheriting a VP’s office. As a director, my client couldn’t wait to hang up her coat!

Why Doesn't HR Lead Change?

Harvard Business Review

It's hard to find leaders of the human resources (HR) function who are active in helping their organization improve the way it works. I asked dozens of people who are in HR or in process improvement to share examples of HR change leaders, and I only found a few. Though it's rare, here's an indicator of what is possible. They struggled.

Jim Collins on Demotivating Followers


Jim Collins, author of Built to Last , Good to Great and now Great by Choice (possible rejected title: “Good to Last”), recorded this insightful clip for Big Think examining three ways that organizational leaders can demotivate their followers. Leadership collins motivation

Separate Social Media From Marketing

Harvard Business Review

In most organizations, social media established a marketing beachhead. It served its purpose by raising awareness of a new set of technologies based on new principles of peer-to-peer discussion, openness, and cross-boundary communities. Indeed: the marketing organization has put social media technologies to work with very visible effect.

Is Email Killing You?

Management is a Journey

Management is all about efficiency and getting the work done. Paraphrasing King Solomon: it’s often the little things that doom our progress (also known as, the little foxes spoil the vines). Email is one of those areas that can quickly kill organizational productivity.

Leadership's New Direction

Harvard Business Review

On April 6, 2009, as the world was reeling from the impact of the global financial crisis, the Guardian ran a feature titled "Academies of the Apocalypse?" Arguing that U.S. With 100,000 men and women graduating from U.S. business schools each year, surely MBAs aren't all ethically-starved, power-hungry, and deceitful, are they?

The Research On ROI Of Employee Engagement

Six Disciplines

Several studies over the past few years reiterate the return on investment (ROI) of strategy-driven employee engagement programs, confirming the importance of an engaged workforce on bottom-line results. The 2007 Global Workforce Study by Towers Perrin established a definitive link between levels of engagement and financial performance.

Desk Poster


Stop making things so damned difficult


Change Is Inevitable - Failure Is Optional

Six Disciplines

Change is inevitable – failure is optional. What’s YOUR plan? As the old saying goes: “If nothing changes, nothing changes.” ” Individuals (and organizations) have only two alternatives: get better or get worse, improve or decay. And it’s a constant battle. But first, we need to understand the dynamics of change.

Instapundit on Kindle Fire


Instapundit gives a review. I plan on buying one but have been distracted by other priorities such as work, marketing, writing, and doing the hokey-pokey. If you decide to buy a Kindle Fire, be sure to click on the ad on my side-bar to replenish the Execupundit fund for books, espresso, and chocolate

Take Your Career to the Next Level by Being Fearless

Strategy Driven

One of the biggest mistakes we can make as professionals is letting fear seep into our mindsets. Most do not realize how strong a role this dominating emotion can play in their everyday actions, but once it enters, the results can be catastrophic to the person’s short- and long-term goals. Know the difference between temporary defeat and failure.

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Better silent than stupid. German proverb


How American Business Can Navigate the Skills Gap

Harvard Business Review

Last month, the U.S. Labor Department unveiled $160 million in new grants to retrain workers for technical skills in high-growth fields. The effort should be welcome news to the millions of Americans who have been unemployed for longer than six months. My company, CareerBuilder (which operates the U.S.'s Where are the skilled workers in your sector?

Create Shared Value with a Trampoline Approach

Harvard Business Review

Too often companies approach their engagement with social and environmental issues with a safety net mentality: reacting to vocal stakeholders, minimizing risk, doing the bare minimum to comply with standards, and at best, striving for footprint reduction rather than ecological value creation. But trampolines propel things forward.