Do I Have to Come up With All The Great Ideas!? Why this belief means you suck as a manager.

Mike Cardus

I’ve seen this happen many times: Employee to Manager: I’ve got a great idea and think that by doing x we will get y,z and extra outcomes. Manager Responds: Yes that is good, and if you would just do p, q, and r we would achieve y, z and more outcomes. Manager.

6 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Manage Their Ideas


Regulating the Idea Machine (Entrepreneur). Entrepreneurs are Idea Machines. They produce a terrific volume of ideas–some that are pure gold, some that aren’t. They need not rein in their ideas, as much as they need to regulate them. Idea Generation Trap.

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What is Your Innovation Style?

Great Leadership By Dan

Typically most managers do not realize there are different styles even though they divide 50/50 in the populations worldwide. Rein in your tendency to express your critique at every fielded idea. Your strengths: Bringing the ideas to fruition and making them work.

The Value of Vision Series – Kouzes and Posner

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Middle level managers often need to look three to five years into the future. Circulate the ideas generated and discuss the impact of trends on your products, services, technologies, and constituents. Focusing on the Future Sets Leaders Apart. Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner.

The New World of Beta Curation

Strategy Driven

Organizations need to have dozens, maybe hundreds, of individual experts, fully capable of idea generation and innovative thought. Copyright © 2013 by Dana Ardi and reprinted by permission of St. She also has a background managing and leading executive search firms.

Talking with Each Other @ Work

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Most people have learned not to listen to what management says but to pay attention only to what is going on around them on a day-to-day basis. Most people believe that what is apparent is important, but employers of choice recognize that what is not apparent is most important. .

Teams and Thinking Style

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How do these different modes of thinking affect team dynamics, process flows, idea generation and problem-solving approaches? • When managed well, cognitive diversity has been proven to pay off,” Herrmann-Nehdi says. “A Organizations are increasingly relying on the collective power of teams to meet today’s business demands, but many teams aren’t living up to their full potential.

Team 83

Why Your Innovation Contest Won’t Work

Harvard Business Review

It’s an idea contest – submit your ideas, and the person that submits the best one wins $1000. If you think about this for a minute, you can see a few assumptions about innovation that underlie this contest: The main problem the firm has with innovation is that they don’t have enough ideas. Idea generation is the best place to invest money to improve innovation. You also need to be able to select ideas. Because idea generation is the easy part!

The Eight Archetypes of Leadership

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A great amount of money had been spent on consultants and on training a workforce that had no clearer idea at the end of 12 months what they were doing or why. They provide vision, strategic direction and outside-the-box thinking to create new organizational forms and generate future growth. The innovator: leadership as creative idea generation. The communicator: leadership as stage management.