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Leaders Must Make Disciples

Joseph Lalonde

When I read through the New Testament, I see countless examples of leaders who, at their core, were passionate about making disciples. These men, following the example set before them by Jesus, poured themselves into those that were close to them.

One Terrible Leadership Mistake We Make as Pastors (And Leaders)

Ron Edmondson

There are many leadership mistakes we make as pastors. I’m certain I make one nearly everyday. This post is only about one mistake. Only one, but one of the worst. And, frankly, I’m as guilty of this one as anyone. I think most of us are prone to making this mistake.

5 Essential Habits to Be a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

Women on Business

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High EQ: The most desirable leadership tenet of them all?

N2Growth Blog

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify, use, understand and manage emotions in an effective and positive way. And, in many organisations around the world, it is on the rise!

Barbara Bush 1925-2018

Leading Blog

F ORMER FIRST LADY Barbara Bush was a servant leader. One of the most beloved first ladies in American history. She was witty, smart, sharp, straightforward, unpretentious, and honest.

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Building The Bench Is Everyone’s Job – Including Leaders

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest piece by CEO David Mattson. Over the years, we’ve worked with a lot of CEOs and others in senior leadership positions, and I’m often asked what the very best corporate leaders have in common when building their teams.

How To Turn Conflict into an Energy Source, NOT an Energy Drain

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Guest post by Nate Regier Ask anyone about “conflict” and you’ll most likely hear negative descriptions such as: painful, damaging, draining, upsetting, disrespectful, demeaning and relationship-destroying.

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Two Ways To Be Less Critical and More Positive

Leadership Freak

Critics point out what’s wrong but neglect how to improve. Two reasons leaders are critical of others: #1. You assume people have negative motives. He’s late because he’s lazy. She didn’t smile because… Continue reading → Leading

How to Lead On Purpose

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from John Izzo Ph.D. and Jeff Vanderwielen Ph.D.: Why are some leaders effective at truly engaging with their teams? And why do many, despite their best efforts, manage to motivate top performers but can’t get the whole team rowing in the same direction?

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A Surprising Secret to Success at Work

Kevin Eikenberry

I wrote this title because people will likely read it – we love secrets to success, and if they are surprising, all the better. Depending on your beliefs and experience, this post may be neither.

3 Reasons Your Church Needs to Take Training Seriously

Ron Edmondson

In full disclosure, sometimes pastors preach on issues we haven’t mastered. The same is true of bloggers. Sometimes we write about issues we are still working to develop in the areas where we lead. This is the case here. A work in progress for us as a church is leadership development.

The After Action Review: A Leader’s Guide

RapidStart Leadership

How do you improve your team with an After Action Review? The After Action Review (AAR) is a deceptively simple yet powerful way to stimulate the growth and performance of any group of people.

3 Steps of Brand Building and Why Social Media Matters to Your Personal Brand

Women on Business

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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From The Cloverfield Paradox

Joseph Lalonde

During a Superbowl 52 commercial, viewers were treated to a surprise. Netflix released the trailer for the Netflix original movie The Cloverfield Paradox. And a release date: February 4th, 2018… The same night of the Superbowl and the same night the ad aired.

The GuruBook

Leading Blog

J ONATHAN LAW created The GuruBook to change, refine, and enhance your thinking. He has curated ideas from 45 internationally–known doers and thinkers on the topics of entrepreneurship, innovation, and authentic leadership. You’ll find great insights here from the likes of Sonia Arrison, Edgar H.

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Stop Working For Your Business

Strategy Driven

We don’t have an exact answer figure, but we reckon 98.1% of entrepreneurs are okay with putting in the hard work if it means they can sit back and enjoy a bit more freedom down the line. Yeah, we’re talking about creating a business that works without you needing to be there.

One Bad Apple Lowers Team Performance Up to 40%

Leadership Freak

“[Will] Felps estimates that teams with just one deadbeat, downer, or a **e suffer a performance disadvantage of 30 to 40 percent compared to teams that have no bad apples.” (Bob Bob Sutton in Good… Continue reading → Teams Leadership Development Organizational Development organizational success


9 Times These Female CEOs Inspired Us with Their Words

Women on Business

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4 Areas Every Leader Must Invest In To Be Diversified

Joseph Lalonde

Outside of leadership, one of the activities I enjoy is investing. I’ve begun looking for investment opportunities in the stock market, cryptocurrency markets, private ventures, and more. My investment portfolio is diversified. My money isn’t held in one specific investment or business.

WHE33: Engaging Wellness Solutions for an On-Demand World | with Lorna Borenstein

Engaging Leader

Grokker is an on-demand wellness solution that engages employees with better health through video, experts, and community.

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Benefits of Social Media for Small Businesses

Strategy Driven

Many small businesses are increasingly focusing on the web when it comes to making their brand a success.

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How to Rise Above Fault Finding and Energize Your Team

Leadership Freak

You don’t think of yourself as a fault-finder, but what if you track your thoughts and language for an hour? What’s your attitude about others right now? Yourself? Fault-finders build insecure teams. You’re… Continue reading → Criticism Encouragement energy Personal Growth Success Taking others higher Complaints Culture Growth Organizational Development Power

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Miscellaneous and Fast


City Journal on The Whitney's Grant Wood retrospective. The Weekly Standard : Michael Crow's extraordinary performance at Arizona State University. FutureLawyer asks a key question. The trailer for " The Bridge of San Luis Rey." Nicholas Bate adds a steel water bottle to the Excellence Kit-Bag.

19 Questions to Grow Confidence in Children

Let's Grow Leaders

Questions are a remarkable way to grow confidence in children. Great questions work because they cause children to stop and think. To reflect. To pause and consider what’s going on in their lives and in the world around them. Kids are natural questioners. […].

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Stepping up and stepping back


Some leaders think that they need to be “out front” and leading at every moment. They simply can’t help themselves, feeling the need to overwhelm and dazzle everyone with their leadership prowess. Others hold back, staying quiet and never really stepping up to their own brilliance as leaders.

What To Do When Your Business Is Struggling

Strategy Driven

Don’t be surprised if at some point you find your business struggling, with you figuring out how and why such issues have arisen.

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10 Ways to Start Your Day Like a Leader

Leadership Freak

Peak performance is built on rest. Exhaustion breeds discouragement and fear. I hope you woke up this morning refreshed. 10 ways to start your day like a leader. Take two minutes this morning… Continue reading → Optimism Personal Growth Stress Success Leadership Development leadership success

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Seeking Silence


The Hammock Papers has Thomas Merton's thoughts on silence. I find myself seeking silence far more than in the past: turning off the radio while in the car, pausing in my work for brief moments of meditation, and settling into a quiet place where I can simply consider what is being overlooked.

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Winning! with Gary Brackett

Kevin Eikenberry

Gary Brackett went from an undrafted free agent to football captain and Superbowl champion. Post football, he is a community leader and entrepreneur. How did someone 5’10” and 230 pounds get to these positions? He played from the neck up and joins Kevin to talk about consistency and repetition.

Making a Good Impression at Work

Career Advancement

“A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed.”. Henrik Ibsen~. Client Mary asks: Joel, I’ve just started my new job and it’s been only a few months. I feel like I could be making a better impression on my coworkers. I know there’s more I could be doing to really shine.

How To Make Your Business Safer

Strategy Driven

As a business owner, you have an important responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone who works for you. Of course, there are always going to be times when accidents happen, but you need to take steps to reduce the odds of this happening.

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The #1 Cure for Fault-Finding Leaders

Leadership Freak

Fault-finders reject people. Acceptance is the #1 cure for fault-finders. Don’t expect great performance from people who feel rejected by you. Successful leaders accept people. Critics believe there’s something wrong with others. The… Continue reading → Criticism Growth Leadership Development organizational success

GQ's PC Reading List


[Photo by Morgan Basham at Unsplash] The editors of GQ list " 21 books you don't have to read." Understatement alert: They don't make their case.

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Managing Remote Teams: Let’s Grow Leaders April Frontline Festival

Let's Grow Leaders

Welcome to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival on managing remote teams. We asked thought leaders from around the world to share their very best post on this topic. Thanks to Joy and Tom Guthrie of Vizwerx Group for the great pic and […]. The post Managing Remote Teams: Let’s Grow Leaders April Frontline Festival appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Frontline Festival branding building your personal brand teams

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