3 Ways to Own Your Personal Power in Business

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Powerful Leadership Invitations

Kevin Eikenberry

The post Powerful Leadership Invitations appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning. Think about it. Would you rather be invited to an event, or be demanded to attend? If you want to go to the event, doesn’t the demand change that at least a little bit, (and maybe a lot)?

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Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Power Rangers

Joseph Lalonde

A Reel Leadership Article Whenever I hear Go go Power Rangers I’m instantly transported back to my youth. Those few words remind me of heading home from school and turning on the TV to watch the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Now, we get to see the Power Rangers reimagined.

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Super Powers

Chris Brady

From time to time my children will ask me the question, "Dad, if you could have any super power, what would it be?" To which I always answer, "Teleporting!" Because it would be so amazing to just. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

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The Power of Presence

Lead Change Blog

Have you ever heard of an “absentee leader” or manager?

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25 Powerful Coaching Questions to Get Where You Want to Go

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

The post 25 Powerful Coaching Questions to Get Where You Want to Go appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership. Attitudes and Mindset Personal Effectiveness coach coaching powerful questionsCoaching is not just for problems.

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The Powerful Organizational Trust Elixer

Let's Grow Leaders

It was my second time up a 14er mountain in Colorado. Oxygen was at a premium as I joined my Winning Well partner, David Dye, as he led this mission of mostly first timers up Mt. Democrat.

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The Most Powerful (And Dangerous) Question in the World

Kevin Eikenberry

Questions in general can be incredibly powerful, and the right one asked at the right time can change a situation, a relationship and even the world. The post The Most Powerful (And Dangerous) Question in the World appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning.

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Power Does Not Equal Leadership

Tanveer Naseer

Mike Rice had all the power in the Rutgers men’s basketball team. Mike Rice had all the power. In “ The Decision Maker “, I advocate that leaders should restrain their long-assumed power to empower others to make meaningful decisions.

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Five Powers of Encouragement

Kevin Eikenberry

While the experience, scope and overall skill of these leaders varied widely, one of the lessons I received from this process was a reminder of and deepening appreciation for the power of encouragement.

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Teach Millennials how to use their Power

Great Leadership By Dan

It’s up to us as the old guys, the parents, managers and leaders to teach them how to tap into their inner leadership power. Consider using a strength finder assessment or the Power of Why? This is true leadership power. As a manger, teach them the power of transparency.

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How Leaders Can Invest in the Power of Differences

Lead Change Blog

Ready to invest in the power of differences? In a world in which we expect the neighborhood ice cream shop to offer up at least 31 flavors, why do we insist on “fixing” people so their point of view matches one flavor—ours?

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Understanding The Power Of Expectations

Tanveer Naseer

And therein lies the key to understanding the power of expectations that will drive employee success – the secret to engaging employees is that we need to make the work be about them and not about us [ Share on Twitter ].

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The 7 Powers of Weakness

Leadership Freak

Successful leaders understand the power of weaknesses. The seven powers of weakness: Weakness expands thinking. Weakness, when embraced, enables … … Continue reading → Influence Personal Growth Power Strengths weaknesses Leadership Development leadership successDon’t wait until you have it “all together” to lead. Arrogant leaders parade strengths. You’re disqualified from leadership, if you don’t have weaknesses.

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Recognizing Our Power To Lead And Inspire Others

Tanveer Naseer

Rather, what’s interesting is how in each of these situations, the leader standing before me is essentially giving up their power to be the change they need to see in their organization.

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Leadership Power: Grabbed or Granted?

Kevin Eikenberry

It is hard to deny the connection between leadership and power. Leaders have and can create power, and they can do it in a variety of ways. And yet power and leadership are strange bedfellows […]. Building Relationships Influence Leadership Learning compliance power

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Six Questions To Improve The Power Of Your Message

Lead Change Blog

Consider the power of words in your message. Words when combined are powerful tools for inspiring, uplifting, enlightening, informing, motivating, and describing any number of situations. Recently my son decided that he wanted to change a class in his junior high schedule.

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Stretch: Unlock the Power of Less

Leading Blog

Good and relevant examples give power to the points he is making. In Stretch: Unlock the Power of Less - and Achieve More Than You Ever Imagined , you will learn to rethink what you need to succeed, and do more with what you already have.

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10 Ways to Make People Feel Powerful

Leadership Freak

When you make people feel powerful, they act with boldness. … Continue reading → Personal Growth Power Leadership Development organizational successYou influence the way people feel about themselves. When you make people feel weak, they act in fear. Boldness takes you further than fear.…

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Leadership, Connection and Power of Storytelling


Storytelling has been one of the most powerful tools to drive imagination of people first before people decide to take actions towards the future. If the job of a leader is to take people to a better place, they first need to take people’s imagination to that better place.

The Power of Noticing

Leading Blog

Harvard professor Max Bazerman believes in the power of noticing. The Power of Noticing guides us through what happens when our focus can prevent us from seeing the critical information we need to make better decisions. Sometimes we get so focused on what is right in front of us that we miss the critical information that would help us to make better decisions.

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The Most Powerful Leadership Question

Lead Change Blog

For leaders, living in questions instead of giving answers or having something to say is a powerful place to be. I have a number of favorite questions in my leadership that animate the future for those I ask, but the most powerful leadership questions are those I ask myself.

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7 Powerful Performance Conversation Starters

Leadership Freak

Have performance conversations so frequently that they feel natural. Repetition builds confidence and culture. Cheer, clap, and pat: If you wait until something goes wrong to give positive feedback, it’s too late. I’m… Continue reading → Feedback Culture Leadership Development

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How To Be a More Powerful Listener

Let's Grow Leaders

Want to be a more powerful listener? If you’re like me, sometimes the distractions are personal. We’re afraid to hear ourselves. Great listening starts by setting aside the physical and emotional distractions that get in the way of what we most need to hear.

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3 Powerful Questions To Start and End Your Day

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Powerful Morning Questions. Powerful Evening Questions. → Read More: 3 Powerful Questions To Start and End Your Day. The post 3 Powerful Questions To Start and End Your Day appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership.

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The Power Of Vulnerability

Joseph Lalonde

There’s power in vulnerability. Continue Reading… The post The Power Of Vulnerability appeared first on Joseph Lalonde. No one likes to be seen as weak. Or even vulnerable. We try to hide any sign that we might not be where we need to be.

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Change and The Power of Habits

Kevin Eikenberry

The post Change and The Power of Habits appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning. In my work coaching leaders and members of my team, I am often reminded of the tremendous role that habits play in our lives and work.

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12 Powerful Ways to Make People Feel Powerful

Leadership Freak

Lousy leaders feel powerful by making others feel powerless. You can’t grasp power and give it at the same time. Leaders who fear losing power are afraid to make others feel powerful. 3 things… Continue reading → Leading Marks of leaders Success Taking others higher Leadership organizational success Power

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The Power of Asking for What You Want

C-Level Strategies

Out of the blue I received an email from Les Hewitt , Co-Author of The Power of Focus with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup fame and Mark Victor Hansen. You’ll receive a live, 3-hour Power of Focus workshop, ideal for a conference or retreat and a $15,000 value.

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The Power Of A Leader

Lead Change Blog

I saw my boss’s words more from the negative perspective: a bad boss has the power to make a person’s life exceedingly miserable. Two years ago today, I stood in my kitchen talking to a few team members via video call on GoToMeeting. My home phone rang.

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Four Ways to Unleash the Power in Others

Leadership Freak

Lousy leaders promote and protect their own power. Unfortunately, power-hungry leaders make others weak. Elevate your power by unleashing the power in others. Ego dis-empowers… Continue reading → Power Leadership Development organizational successWeak teams waste resources, distract organizations, and hobble progress. It drives leaders crazy.

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Two Power Packed Strategies You Should Use

Women on Business

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Ten Ways to Expand Power and Get Things Done

Leadership Freak

Power is the ability to get things done. The more power you have, the more things you get done. 10 Ways to Expand Power: Make others feel powerful. Expand power by giving authority to people who get things done. Hoarded power shrinks, but shared authority expands your ability to get things done. … … Continue reading → Power leadership success Expose frailties; never whine.

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Winning Client’s Loyalty: The Power of Relationships (Jonathan Low)

Let's Grow Leaders

He doesn’t just talk about the power of relationships and building customer loyalty – he lives it. . Winning Well Connection. We first met Jonathan when he was introduced as the President of the Global Speaker’s Federation. He struck us then as a statesman and diplomat.

Understanding The Power of Caged Momentum

Ron Edmondson

It taught me the principle I like to call: The Power of Caged Momentum. That’s the power of caged momentum. That’s the power of caged momentum. The power of caged momentum may even make the outcome better than you were expecting. This is huge.

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A Powerful Way to Gain the Trust of Your Team

Let's Grow Leaders

The power of her statement was that it was so blunt. Authenticity & Transparency confident humility building trust how to apologize the power of an apologyThe Senior Vice President stood in front of my all hands meeting of 300 and said, “I was wrong.”

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5 Power Tips for Powerful Decisions

Leadership Freak

Frustration, fear, and stagnation are the result of not making decisions. How many times have you heard, “My boss can’t make a decision.” But, leaders who make rash decisions lose credibility. Success depends… Continue reading → Decisions Leading Values mission & vision organizational success

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The Five Powers of Your Strengths

Leadership Freak

They pressed the… Continue reading → Strengths organizational success PowerDuring a recent keynote I asked participants to write a colleague’s strength on a sticky note. They stood behind the person and wrote a strength, or something they admired about them.

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The Power of a Safety Net

Kevin Eikenberry

The post The Power of a Safety Net appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning. Over the years we have worked frequently with Cirque du Soleil, and I’ve learned much while working with them. Perhaps the biggest thing I’ve learned didn’t happen in a workshop or a meeting.

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You’ve Got The Power.

Rich Gee Group

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. “I’ve got the power. YOU HAVE THE POWER. You will quickly realize you have unlimited power to do almost anything in your life or change any situation by just reaching inward and grabbing the strength we all have. YOU have power over your mind. Use the emotional side of your brain and power it up with music, dance, art, etc. The post You’ve Got The Power.

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