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Leadership Vertigo – Understanding Why Leaders Go Off Course

Tanveer Naseer

Of course, when you tell people you have a book coming out, a new common question arises – what’s your book about?

Course 131

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3 Critical Factors To Help Your Team Stay The Course

Tanveer Naseer

Of course, this makes a lot of sense when we realize that our chances to succeed in pushing forth a new initiative or change mandate is dependent on how much our employees are genuinely invested in bringing their best efforts to transforming this idea into our new reality.

1001 Mid-Course Corrections

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

I once heard that in order to reach the moon, NASA made over a thousand mid-course corrections. If you know where you’re going, why not just set the trajectory and plot the course, like they do on Star Trek? Goals Vision Goal-setting Mid-course corrections NASACourtesy Ruth D.

Could You Be Off Course Without Knowing It?

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

How is it possible to be off course without knowing it? → Read More: Could You Be Off Course Without Knowing It? The post Could You Be Off Course Without Knowing It? You’re clear about where you want to go. You made your plans. You’ve started on your journey.

The Ultra-short Course on Seduction

Rajesh Setty

Since it’s an ultra-short course, I won’t go into all the details but will give you an overview of what it takes to create an automatic seduction. How can you seduce someone? Important Note: With the Valentine’s day around, the title can be misleading.

Finding Executive Education Courses that Provide Networking Opportunities

Great Leadership By Dan

By Richard Moy Reprinted with permission If you are searching for an executive-education course that will foster networking opportunities in addition to the actionable knowledge you are seeking to build, ask yourself these three questions as you sort through all your options. Does your course foster a group-based learning environment? Typical executive education courses operate on some combination of lectures, exercises, and an interactive group-based learning environment.

10 Reasons Why Every Manager Should take a Finance Course

Great Leadership By Dan

We just finished a “ Finance and Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager ” program this week for a large client. The audience was mostly engineers – program and project managers, the ones in charge of designing and making complex stuff. It was 3.5 days, which may seem like a lot, especially for a topic that has the potential to be deadly dry and boring. The participant’s comments and evaluations at the end of the program reminded me of why every.

Aretha Franklin’s Short Course In Great Leadership

Terry Starbucker

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find out what it means to me&#. Aretha Franklin is one of the best singers ever. So when she sings, I listen. Especially to her biggest hit. I love the conviction behind the lyric – it’s respect that she wants, and it’s respect that she’ll get. Or she’ll walk. And within the meaning of that song is an extremely valuable leadership lesson. In fact, I would say that it’s one of the absolute “must dos&#.

A Three Course Coaching Buffet

Kevin Eikenberry

While you could consider this a coaching buffet, allowing you to pick what you like from the list, I’d rather you consider it a three-course meal – where you sample and benefit from each of the [.]. Today, I have three morsels for you as a coach.

Reserve Your Seat in Enclaria’s Fundamentals of Change Management Course – September 28-30 in Atlanta

Change Starts Here

Fundamentals of Change Management is a foundational course for anyone who influences change at work. The methodology taught in this course was developed for people working within organizations who are responsible for implementing change without having much authority. Course Objectives.

One question to put you on the right course

The Organized Executive's Blog

Some people make New Year’s resolutions in a once-a-year effort to improve their lives, but Pa’s question allows you to analyze where you are at any point and to correct your course so that you will reach your goals.

When in the Course of human events… a nation was born

Strategy Driven

You just finished reading When in the Course of human events. The post When in the Course of human events… a nation was born appeared first on StrategyDriven.

Our Crash Courses are the Way to Go

First Friday Book Synopsis

We call these Crash Courses, and you can look for the first offering, focusing upon Change and Innovation very soon. Karl's blog entries change Crash Courses Creative Communication Network creativity first friday book synopsis IDEO Inc. One of our unique services at Creative Communication Network is our ability to offer training on important topics based upon the information that we derive from books that we present at the First Friday Book Synopsis.

Books 16

5 of Our Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes (Inspired by Grandma Elsie, of course!) | #ThanksgivingRecipes


If you’re like us at The Grossman Group – you’re likely starting to plan your Thanksgiving menu or what sure-to-get-accolades dish to pass. Let us help with some food for thought (literally!) on some winning and all-time-favorite recipes from Grandma Elsie's collection.

Train the trainer course – what to look for?

Rapid BI

Need a Train the trainer course? Management course CTP delivery instructional design Learning Learning & Development learning psychology learning strategy learning styles myths theories train the trainer Training Training TrainersGoogle shows over 4 million results - so how do you choose? This article looks at some of the practical things to look for in selection CIPD, CTP, ELF.

7 ways a time-management course pays off

The Organized Executive's Blog

You spend your time one way or another each day, so make sure that you invest it wisely, by attending a time-management course. A time-management course will show you dozens of ways you might be frittering away hours a week, such as searching for documents.

SPECIAL EDITION-Frontline Festival – Thought Leaders Share about 7 Roles That Lead to Lasting Results

Let's Grow Leaders

This Festival is also a celebration of my new multi-media e-course that is launching October 27th. ResultsThatLast Frontline Festival achieving great results best e-courses result that last teamworkWelcome back to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival.

Course 120

Book Review: Case of the Missing Cutlery – A Leadership Course for the Rising Star

Engaging Leader

The post Book Review: Case of the Missing Cutlery – A Leadership Course for the Rising Star appeared first on Engaging Leader. You can buy a leadership book today for about $25. Or you can get an MBA for about $30,000 or more. But learning about leadership from a few decades of everyday experience and mentors? Priceless. Kevin Allen was the pitchman for the “Priceless” ad campaign for MasterCard, which launched in 1997 and continues to influence […].

Blog 21

Naugatuck valley course catalog pdf

C-Level Strategies

New York on March 10 – the College does not naugatuck valley course catalog pdf in employment on the basis of veteran status or criminal record. President Daisy Cocco De Filippis, students are looking for affordable alternatives.

These 4 Days Could Change Everything for You (For the Better, of Course)

Steve Farber

For the better, of course. I know that title sounds like hyperbole; I know a lot of people make that claim to describe their programs and events–so, I don’t use the words lightly.

Online Employee Engagement Course – Classes Begin November 4.


I hope you join me for this interactive course, where you will learn best practices for developing and managing an effective internal communication plan that drives engagement. This six-session course is ideal for communicators (with six to 10 years of experience on average) who want to dramatically advance their careers by mastering the tools they need to drive their organization''s success. For more on the course, scheduling and to register, click here: [link

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C-Level Strategies

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Course work writing serviceCall us on uk call center0207 754 3603Working HoursMon – Fri 9:00 – 19:00Sat 10:00 – 16:00Sun ClosedHow It WorksWhile placing your order, include thorough information about the topic for which you want an essay or dissertationWe’ll then forward your order to the specific writer qualified in the field you are studyingWe have a professional […].

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C-Level Strategies

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Fuel your project with the Design & Influence Irresistible Change™ online course – Starts September 17

Change Starts Here

Check out the five topics we’ll cover in depth over the course of the series. Looking for new ways to keep your change project going when the going gets tough? Would you prefer it if it weren’t so tough to begin with?

Are You Investing In Yourself?

Joseph Lalonde

The Dale Carnegie course will also help me become a better communicator and focused leader. Leadership Catalyst courses investing investing in yourself trainingW hile I’ve always loved learning, I’ve often failed to invest in myself.

Taking notes using a laptop in courses helps you learn better?

Rapid BI

Do you believe that taking notes using a laptop or keyboard in learning events helps you learn better? Well research published in Psychological Science suggests not. The authors Mueller and Oppenheimer conducted memory research after a self realisation that taking notes in different ways had a very different impact on recall. Long hand vs typed In the […]. Business Human Resources & Talent Management Social Media death of ipad keyboards Learning notes Training

085: A Leadership Course for the Rising Star | with Kevin Allen

Engaging Leader

The post 085: A Leadership Course for the Rising Star | with Kevin Allen appeared first on Engaging Leader. And now he’s back with a new book, The Case of the Missing Cutlery: A Leadership Course for the Rising Star. You can buy a leadership book today for about $25.

Does Soft Skill Training Work? Of course it does; for a few – (Remember the bell curve!)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Of course it does; for a few – (Remember the bell curve!). The term ‘management development’ means the same general thing is ‘management training.’ It’s the idea of making managers better at their jobs. We already know from research that this doesn’t happen very much.

Why Small Choices Derail Big Dreams

Joseph Lalonde

Instead, I took a few college courses and began working. Over the course of your life, you’re making many small choices every minute. You could put your life on a drastically different course. Leadership big results off course small choices small things

Video 41

Are you off course? Here is a thought about how to get back on track.

Management Craft

Yesterday I was reminded of a post I did a couple of years ago called, You are Amazing Even if Today You are Off Course. Partially because I want to ensure that I stay on course with my goals but also because I see how hard we are on ourselves and the toll this takes on our spirit and desire to keep moving forward. Don't let being off course become a source of power pulling you away from your goal, see it for what it is.

Well, of course 1 Great Person = 3 Good People – (Insight from Uncontainable)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Would you like to have an “average” surgeon,… Read More Well, of course 1 Great Person = 3 Good People – (Insight from Uncontainable). I’m just thinking… (after reading Uncontainable). One of the foundational principles for the Container Store is: “1=3; 1 Great person = 3 good people.” Now, here’s what I’ve been thinking. This is so obvious, isn’t it? Imagine it this way – a loved one is scheduled for surgery.

Aretha Franklin’s Short Course In Great #Leadership from @Starbucker

Management Craft

You don't have to star on the hit TV Reality Show " Undercover Boss " to find out what your employees are thinking and feeling. Simply ask them! In this post by Terry Starbucker , he talks about Aretha Franklin and her hit song, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T." The words totally relate to work life. Terry suggests we: Understand the work.do (at least some of) the work.and then, EXPRESS this respect , appreciation, and understanding, in the context of setting processes, goals, and expectations. You, go, dude.

Why Idolatry? For the Sex Of Course

The Idolbuster

For the religious of course, idolatry remains a mortal sin. Chapter 2: Idolatry Then & Now Part 11 . In the previous post, I discussed idolatry by error. Here is one of my favorite stories that illustrates idolatry by error. During the 40 years after the Exodus from Egypt, a young Israelite solder went to the marketplace of a newly conquered tribe of idol worshipers. He regularly went to see a beautiful girl with dark eyes who sold cloth from a tent in the market center.

Management Course Thailand | Management Training Courses | Talent.

Talent Technologies

Here’s a brief intro to these courses that focus on improving communication skills in the critical areas of presentation and business writing skills.

Think Like a Leader

Coaching Tip

Stage 4: Course Correction. Books Career Leadership Memes Personal Coaching Self Assessment Skills Work life behaviors career coaching course correction executive coaching executive onboarding leadership development stepping Stepping up to play a bigger role is not an event; it''s a process that takes time before it pays off. Because we are rarely good at out new roles at first , we are loath to let go of old behaviors.

Servant Leadership 101 – An Introduction to Authentic Leadership

Modern Servant Leader

This is the first (and only) course like this I am aware of. Course Outline. The course includes 6 lessons, delivered weekly to your inbox. All you have to is subscribe to ModernServantLeader.com updates (or already be subscribed) and request the course. Send Me the FREE Course, Servant Leadership 101, an Introduction to Authentic Leadership. Resources Acronym Free Introduction Overview Servant Leadership 101 Servant Leadership Course

Stars in Their Courses


Civil War historian Shelby Foote is interviewed about his book on the Gettysburg campaign. [I I could listen to Shelby Foote read the telephone book