How to Ditch Performance Reviews

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Are annual performance reviews necessary? The post How to Ditch Performance Reviews appeared first on Lead Change. Webinars David Burkus Management Management System performance appraisal performance reviews Video Webinar

How Conduct a Remarkably Better Post-Mortem Review

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Ditch the Post-Mortem and Hold a Post-Project Celebration If you’re like most managers we talk with, you know the importance of post-mortem reviews. But unless your project ends in disaster, it’s easy to skip the review and move on to the next […].

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How to Hold a Better Mid-Year Performance Review

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Tempted to skip the mid-year review this year, particularly with your high-performers? Mid-Year Performance Reviews are the Half-Time Huddle of Business. The post How to Hold a Better Mid-Year Performance Review appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders.

Call for leadership reviewers!

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Posted in Reviews [link] We’re looking for reviewers for four new books that are launching in the next month or two. Reviews Books reviews We’re very excited to be part of the launch of these books.

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The After Action Review: A Leader’s Guide

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How do you improve your team with an After Action Review? The After Action Review (AAR) is a deceptively simple yet powerful way to stimulate the growth and performance of any group of people.

Conduct your OWN performance Review

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Client Clara asks: I always get so nervous before my annual performance review. Coach Joel answers: Performance reviews can be daunting, but being proactive about the process will make it a motivating ritual that you look forward to. Reviewing your past goals.

Why You Should Ditch Your Performance Reviews

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Every year, more and more organizations are ditching annual performance reviews. Think back over the process for annual reviews and how much time and effort they take—preparing the reviews, discussing them, writing them up, sending them through approvals.

Review of “The New Extraordinary Leader”

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Almost 20 years ago, Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman began a two-year research project to review 360 assessments on over 20,000 leaders. The post Review of “The New Extraordinary Leader” appeared first on The Clemmer Group.

The Power of Online Reviews

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Reader Submission online reviewsWe've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] If you haven't already done so, update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. link].

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Coaching, Not Performance Reviews – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

While I mention Performance Reviews in the title of this post and throughout the video many times, that is NOT my biggest focus today. Today, I am talking about coaching and giving four specific pieces of advice to help you focus more on the coaching and less on the performance review.

Replacing the Performance Review

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Guest post from Dr. Tim Baker There is considerable and contestable debate in blogosphere and elsewhere about the viability of the performance review. Another group thinks that with some modifications, the performance review will be fine. Appraisals Performance Review Tim Baker

Great Mid Year Review Questions

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Mid year reviews are a like the half-time huddle of your performance Superbowl. If you’re not convinced, or need help getting started read last year’s post: How to Conduct a Meaningful Mid Year Review.

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Employee Review Questions For Your Next Performance Review


I was talking with a client recently who was planning for her face-to-face performance review meetings with her staff. With forms completed, she acknowledged she didn’t want to simply review the content of the forms.

How to Make Your Performance Review Process Suck Less

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This is the time of year when a lot of the leaders I work with are buckling down to write up annual performance reviews for the people on their team. This is a process that almost no one enjoys – neither the reviewer or the reviewee. Seriously, do you know anyone in any role who looks forward to an annual performance review? There are a lot of reasons why annual performance review processes usually suck. What are you trying to accomplish with the review conversation?

A Practical Application – Performance Reviews

Joseph Lalonde

For many people, performance reviews seem like rather soulless exercises driven by organizational imperatives. At the Center for Courage & Renewal, annual reviews are similarly structured with open, honest questions that each employee receives a few weeks ahead of time.

How to Eliminate Performance Reviews

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Traditional performance reviews are like the Easter Bunny. Distraction: Traditional performance reviews distract HR and management from more useful tasks like real human development and culture building. Culture Feedback Goals Interview Leading Managing Personal Growth Taking others higher Leadership Development Management Organizational Development performance reviews They don’t really deliver.

What Do You Think About Performance Reviews?

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The post What Do You Think About Performance Reviews? Coaching & Developing Others Leadership & Supervisory Skills performance evaluation performance reviewThis is a question, I am confident you have both experience with and thoughts about.

Book Review by Judith Barrow

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Book reviewer, Judith Barrow is a writer of short stories, poems, plays, and articles published throughout the British Isles. Life Uncategorized Writing Book Review Fiction Historical Fiction Historical Fiction Society novel

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Book Review of The Decision Maker by Dennis Bakke

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Career Development Change Management Leadership Coaching Book Review Decision Maker employee engagement Leadership Problem Solving Posted in Career Development Change Management Leadership Coaching Dennis W. Bakke is a CEO and an entrepreneur.

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3 Ways to Prepare for a Better Performance Review

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As I sat on the beach sipping my chardonnay, I vowed to never blow off preparing for a performance review again. Give it a try as you prepare for your own performance review, or share with your team to help them prepare for their meeting with you.

How to Make Every Performance Review More Effective

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When you think about performance reviews, what do you think? Chances are, your first thoughts aren’t positive, and the day of your performance review isn’t a day you circle with positive anticipation. Most performance reviews. Most performance reviews .

The Lead Change Group: 2016 In Review

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361 days ago, I pressed “publish” to bring the first Lead Change post of 2016, the January 2016 Leadership Development Carnival , to life. In the intervening days, we have produced 269 blog posts, including 12 Leadership Development Carnivals. We have received 750 comments.

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Three Tips for Pain Free Performance Reviews

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The bad news is you may also be planning to spend some of those precious hours writing up annual performance reviews for the people that report to you. Organizational Development performance management Performance reviews

Full Steam Ahead! Book Review

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Leadership Development Resources Reviews character-based leadership engagement Growth Leadership mission purpose Self Development Teamwork values vision“…We have observed that the biggest impediment to managers becoming great leaders is the lack of a clear vision. Yet less than 10 percent of the organizations we have visited are lead by managers who have a clear sense of where they are trying to lead people.”.

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The Essential Performance Review Handbook

Kevin Eikenberry

By Sharon Armstrong Most all managers and leaders do performance reviews, and most don’t look forward to them. Books Developing Others Leadership Learning coaching performance reviews

Major Consultancy Simplifies Performance Reviews

Tony Mayo

For Executives Leadership Development Team Manager Skills Executive Leadership Leadership Leadership Skills Development Performance Reviews

December 2018 Leadership Development Carnival: A Year in Review

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The post December 2018 Leadership Development Carnival: A Year in Review appeared first on Lead Change. Welcome to the December Leadership Development Carnival. We’re excited to share our leadership experts’ favorite posts from 2018 on the topics of communication, creativity/inspiration, development, engagement, productivity, and more. Communication. Randy Conley of Leading with Trust provided How to Tell Someone You Don’t Trust Them Without Destroying the Relationship.

Why Leaders Need To Stop Using Performance Reviews

Tanveer Naseer

I don’t like performance reviews. Here are three thumbnail cases against performance reviews that you should find terrifying. You tell yourself if the individual doing wrong doesn’t figure it out by the next performance review cycle, you will deal with it then.

Why We Hate Performance Reviews and How to Improve Them

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Everyone hates performance reviews for three reasons that we just need to accept. Read my latest post over at Management and Leadership to find out why and how: Why We Hate Performance Reviews and How to Improve Them. annual performance review performance appraisals performance management performance reviewsHowever, there are three relatively simple fixes that can make the process a lot less painful.

Book Review: Scaling Up Excellence

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The post Book Review: Scaling Up Excellence appeared first on Engaging Leader. Blog Book review If you’ve created a great little coffeeshop, how do you expand and put your coffeeshops in cities around the world without watering down what makes your coffeeshop great?

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Book Review from Amy’s Bookshelf

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Life Uncategorized Writing Book Review books Historical Fiction Historical Novel Society Novels WWII ThrillerAmy Buckle is an English Literature and Language graduate of the University of Reading. I am delighted that this busy lady chose to read my novel.

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Why Leaders Should Offer Frequent Performance Reviews?

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Because of this, it’s smart to institute regular performance appraisals, commonly known as a performance review. Leadership Development communication performance reviews team developmentPosted in Leadership Development In today’s business world, time is money. Assessing your team at multiple points throughout the year helps you and your employees maintain goals and keep open communication. The benefits of performance appraisals are tough to argue with. Conducting performance [.].

TCTC reviews

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It has been one year since I delivered the talk that became my first book, The Courage to Be in Community. I have heard from many people about the positive effect its message has made on their lives. Giving the talk and writing the book has been a true labor of love, so I am […]. For Executives

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Five Reasons Performance Reviews Suck

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** Every performance review I ever had was a colossal waste of time. Performance reviews are like Santa Clause, they don’t really deliver. Communication Feedback Goals Leading Managing Personal Growth Taking others higher Values mission & vision change behaviors Leadership Development model behaviors Organizational Development organizational values performance reviewsThe dust laying on yours indicates it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.

InsideOut Enneagram: Book Review

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Author Interviews & Book Reviews InsideOut EnneagramIt can come as quite a shock to discover that everyone doesn’t experience the world the same way you do.

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When You Hate Performance Reviews

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The really good news is that the trend is to move away from the annual performance review. That said, if you are preparing for an annual review, let’s make it work for you. They’ve become perfunctory if they ever were useful… The connection to pay has been tenuous.

An Effective Business Review Meeting?

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Everywhere I go I hear complaints about Business Review Meetings. Another common complaint about Business Review Meetings is that nearly always the time gets hijacked with discussions on day-to-day operating or tactical issues, especially when we have a room full of engineers turned managers; they quickly dive down into trying to fix the problem right then. Start and end each meeting with a review of the vision and mission (One Team – One Plan – One Goal). By John R.

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Negative Online Reviews

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As any business owner knows, negative online reviews can have a huge impact on future business. But what should you do when you get the inevitable less-than-positive review? MISTAKE 3: BEING TOO PASSIVE Ask your loyal followers to review you online.

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Major Consultancy Simplifies Performance Reviews

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For Executives Leadership Development Team Manager Skills Executive Leadership Leadership Leadership Skills Development Performance ReviewsEveryone loves to hate performance evalua […].

2015 in Review – My Top 10 Blog Posts

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My year-end review has become one of my favorite posts to write. → Read More: 2015 in Review – My Top 10 Blog Posts. The post 2015 in Review – My Top 10 Blog Posts appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership. Uncategorized Year in reviewI get to take my own advice – to reflect on the big picture, look for patterns, and see what I can learn.

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Book Review: “The Final Summit” by Andy Andrews

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Posted in Best of Blogs Series Leadership Development Reviews This post is reprinted from “The Conversations Around Us&# with the permission of its author, Tara Alemany. Book Review: “The Final Summit&# by Andy Andrews. Best of Blogs Series Leadership Development Reviews Andy Andrews Book Review The Final Summit The Traveler's Gift

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How to Conduct a Meaningful Mid-Year Review

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Mid-year reviews are often “optional.” The post How to Conduct a Meaningful Mid-Year Review appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. accountability motivation Performance mid year feedback mid-year review performance reviews

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Recommended Resource – FixnZip Product Review

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You just finished reading Recommended Resource - FixnZip Product Review ! The post Recommended Resource – FixnZip Product Review appeared first on StrategyDriven. Product Reviews Recommended Resources fixnzip product review recommended resource strategydriven