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Ken Blanchard. Few people have impacted the day-to-day management of people and companies more than Ken Blanchard. Guest Post Leadership Vision and Strategy Full Steam Ahead Ken Blanchard Value of Vision Series A Leadership Vision for America: Rebuilding a Divided House.

Ken Blanchard and Chick-fil-A’s Mark Miller, on What It Takes to Grow as a Leader

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Ken Blanchard is the co-founder and chief spiritual officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies, an international management training and consulting firm. Improving Communications Personal Presence Team Building "Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life" Chick-fil-A Ken Blanchard leadership development Mark Miller

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Great Leaders Grow. Guest Post By Author Ken Blanchard

Eric Jacobson

On Monday, February 26, Ken Blanchard's and Mark Miller's book, Great Leaders Grow , hits the brick and mortar and online bookstores. In honor of the book release I welcome guest blogger Ken Blanchard.

The New One Minute Manager

Kevin Eikenberry

By Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson In 1982, a book was published that helped create a category of business books. Coaching & Developing Others Leadership & Supervisory Skills Personal & Professional Development Ken Blanchard One Minute Manager

Saturday’s Quote by Ken Blanchard

Management is a Journey

– Ken Blanchard. Everyone you meet is a potential winner; some are disguised as losers. Don’t be fooled by their appearances. Leadership organizational turnover people skills performance management

The Power of One Minute Goal Setting

Great Leadership By Dan

Read a guest post from management and leadership guru Ken Blanchard, author of the One Minute Manager over at Management and Leadership: The Power of One Minute Goal Setting. goal setting goals ken blanchard one minute goal settingYou learned it in Leadership 101: goal setting is the most powerful motivational tool in a leader’s toolkit. But is your goal setting up-to-date?

Goal 35

What Gives You Hope?

Mills Scofield

Angela Blanchard BIF BIF10 Culture Education Hope Innovation Inspiration Leadership Liza Donnelly Matt Fritz Networking Strategy Vala Afshar Virtues-Values business model Summer is ending, leaves are changing and we know what is coming, and I''m so filled with Hope !

Are Your Millennial Employees Turning You Into a Helicopter Manager?

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Leadership Carl Rogers Dan Schawbel Flying Without a Helicopter Helicopter boss Joanie Connell Jon Mertz Ken Blanchard Micromanager millennials Scott SavageHave you noticed that you’re supervising more closely, giving more direction, or spending more time with your millennial employees?

10 Must-Ask Questions For Business Leaders

Eric Jacobson

Here are 10 important questions business leaders should ask, according to Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge, authors of Helping People Win At Work : Does my business have a clear, meaningful, and easily understood vision/mission?


Afraid? Stop Being So Selfish!

Modern Servant Leader

I was reminded of this when I recently heard Ken Blanchard say, “Fear and self-doubt is an ego problem. Servant Leadership Fear Ken Blanchard Self-Doubt One of the hardest lessons I ever learned was that I couldn’t lead what I needed.

Those Who Talk the Most Learn the Most

Leadership Freak

Ken Blanchard jolted my thinking when he said, “Those who talk the most learn the most.” I thought about listening. You must listen in order to learn. It didn’t take long for me… Continue reading → Leading

Cracking the Mystery of Self-Leadership

Leadership Freak

Ken Blanchard says, “You can’t lead others if you can’t lead yourself.” All the ugly stereotypes of bad leadership are expressions of lousy self-leadership. Painful clarity: Self-leadership felt confusing to me until I… Continue reading → Marks of leaders Personal Growth Success Growth Leadership Leadership Development

Why Are You Giving Feedback Anyway?

Kevin Eikenberry

Ken Blanchard calls feedback the breakfast of champions, and he is right. For any of us to be successful, we need feedback. For us to coach and develop our team members successfully, we must be able to give feedback to them. I have spoken and trained on giving feedback for years.

Highlighting Our August Sponsor: Launchbox365

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Resources Chasing Relevance Dan Negroni GenY Jeffrey Hayzlett Keith Ferrazzi Ken Blanchard Launchbox365 PokemonGo WebinarWe are elated to have Launchbox365 as our Lead Change Group sponsor for August!

6 Ways Leaders Are Different

Great Leadership By Dan

The Secret , a book I co-authored with Ken Blanchard, outlines what we believe great leaders do -- the skills part of the picture. He is the author of The Secret of Teams and is the coauthor of The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do with Ken Blanchard.

15 Surprising Ways to Expand Leadership

Leadership Freak

Ken Blanchard. Leadership expands when you learn and contracts when you know. “If If you stop learning, you might as well lie down and let them throw the dirt on you.” Humility learns. Arrogance… Continue reading → Leading

L2L Book Review: “The Heart of Leadership”

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When best-selling author Mark Miller (The Secret with Ken Blanchard) looked into what it takes to be the type of leader that people want to follow, he boils it all down to what he calls their “leadership character.” Leading & Developing Other Leaders Organizational Health Practical Steps to Influence Servant Leadership Team Building Leadership Ken Blanchard L2L Book Review leadership Mark Miller

Are You a New Manager? Four Conversations You’ll Need to Master

Leadership Freak

Thanks to Scott Blanchard for contributing this insightful post on four conversations new managers need to master. I invited several top leaders, authors, and bloggers to share their wisdom with Leadership Freak readers. Sixty percent of new managers… Continue reading → Communication Leading Management organizational success

Go For the Gold! 8 Tips to Create The Future You Desire

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In our book Full Steam Ahead: Unleash the Power of Vision , Ken Blanchard and I say “Vision is knowing who you are, where you’re going, and what will guide your journey.” Vision and Strategy Desired future Full Steam Ahead Jesse Lyn Stoner Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard on Your Change Communication Strategy

Management is a Journey

In the following video, management guru, Ken Blanchard, discusses the importance of a thoughtful change communication strategy for any organizational effort. An important point that comes across in this video is the importance of prioritizing communication to deal with critical areas of concern first. Poor communication is the source of many organizational problems and the [.]. Communication Videos change strategy communication

10 Questions Every Leader Should Ask

Eric Jacobson

Here are 10 important questions business leaders should ask, according to Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge , authors of Helping People Win At Work : Does my business have a clear, meaningful, and easily understood vision/mission?


The Paradoxical Gift of Paradox

Mills Scofield

Angela Blanchard Growth Innovation John Hagel Paradox StrategyThis is just a quick post on something that hit me yesterday. In preparing for a strategic planning session this week, I realized that no matter how many of these I do, there is always a paradoxical feeling of being nervous about doing an excellent job for my client and being confident (hopefully not arrogance) in being great at what I do.

One Minute to Make a Difference

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Leave a comment on this post to become eligible for one of twenty free copies of, “The New One Minute Manager,” by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. Big egos move slowly. They worry… Continue reading → Leading Managing Success

June 2016 Leadership Development Carnival

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The Lead Change Group is grateful to Randy Conley of Leading With Trust and The Ken Blanchard Companies for hosting the June 2016 Leadership Development Carnival. Leadership Development Leadership Leading With Trust Randy Conley The Ken Blanchard Companies

Feedback…Criticism or Opportunity?

You're Not the Boss of Me

Feedback is the breakfast of Champions” or so says Ken Blanchard. Coaching communication Human Resources Performance Management coaching feedback Ken Blanchard Performance Managment Every once in a while, I like to get back to the basics.

Mark Miller on “the leadership game”: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

In his own words… I began writing over decade ago when I was fortunate to team up with Ken Blanchard on my first book, The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do. Since then I’ve co-authored a second book with Ken, Great Leaders Grow. Since then, I’ve released The Secret of Teams, The Heart of… Read More Mark Miller on “the leadership game”: An interview by Bob Morris.

Fit At Last Chronicles Leadership Expert Blanchard's Weight Loss Journey

Eric Jacobson

The new book, Fit at Last - Look and Feel Better Once and for All , co-authored by Ken Blanchard and Tim Kearin traces business author Blanchard''s weight-loss journey with fitness expert Kearin, and how finally at the age of 73, Ken dropped over thirty pounds in the course of a single year.

10 Must-Ask Questions For Every Business Leader

Eric Jacobson

Here are 10 important questions business leaders should ask, according to Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge, authors of Helping People Win At Work : Does my business have a clear, meaningful, and easily understood vision/mission?


The Secret: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller Berrett-Koehler Publishers (2009) The power and privilege of leadership as service to those entrusted to one’s care In this second edition of a book first published in 2004, Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller make skillful use of the business narrative when offering [.].

Are Your Creating Our Future, Your Own Future, or Just Trying to Survive?

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This summer I was fortunate to attend the 20 th Anniversary Celebration of Berrett-Koehler Publishers , the publisher of the book I co-authored with Ken Blanchard Full Steam Ahead! Attitudes and Mindset Leadership Vision Berrett-Koehler Publishers Ken Blanchard Margaret Wheatley Peter Block

The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do

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Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller clarify, “The Secret,” of leadership in… Continue reading → Leading Confusion is common. Confusion is the gift of those who think they know but don’t. Wisdom seeks clarity; evaluated experience delivers it.

The Definition Of Meaningful Work

Eric Jacobson

There are so many good things to learn in the book, Helping People Win At Work , by Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge. Management Leadership Books Leadership Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management General Management Skills Ken Blanchard Meaningful Work

Ten Important Questions Every Leader Should Ask

Eric Jacobson

Here are 10 important questions business leaders should ask, according to Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge , authors of Helping People Win At Work : Does my business have a clear, meaningful, and easily understood vision/mission?


Leading Leaders – How to be Successful

General Leadership

” Ken Blanchard. and the General Leadership Foundation bring Leadership Advice from America's Most Trusted Leaders to You! Read more at [link]. “The key to leading today is influence, not authority.” So you have a boss.

The Essence of Leadership in Five Letters

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Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller capture, “The Secret,” of leadership in five letters, SERVE. The beauty of SERVE is inescapable simplicity and actionable clarity. Serve See the future: envision and communicate a compelling picture of a preferred future. What do I want to be true of the future? Why should anyone care? How will progress [.]. Author Book Notes Leading Marks of leaders Taking others higher Leadership Leadership Development organizational success

Letter 104

Don’t Tolerate Dysfunctional Teams

Great Leadership By Dan

Chris has also served as a senior consultant with The Ken Blanchard Companies since 1995. He is the author or co-author of seven books, including Amazon best sellers The Culture Engine and Leading at a Higher Level with Ken Blanchard. Guest post from regular contributor S.

Team 112

Avoid a Common Leadership Mistake: Empower Your Team


Other speakers included representatives from Blanchard International and BTS Australasia. Effective leaders make shared goals clear. They also clarify the role we each play in achieving them. Leaders empower their team members and hold them accountable for delivering agreed results.

Going First

You're Not the Boss of Me

To help you do that, I note that Jesse Lyn Stoner and Ken Blanchard have released a second edition of their book, Full Steam Ahead ~ Unleash the Power of Vision in Your Work and Your Life. Photo by Erik Johansson. Leadership is a very big and often complex topic.

Employee Engagement: 4 Basic Human Needs


At Blanchard LeaderChat , Randy Conley shares insights from Leigh Branham’s research on employee engagement and outlines 4 basic human needs that leaders need to take care of at work.

Six Questions To Ask After You've Completed A Project

Eric Jacobson

Those authors, Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge, recommend you ask the following six essential questions whenever you do a project review : What did we set out to do? Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Garry Ridge Ken Blanchard Leadership Project Reviews