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StrategyDriven’s radically different approach to management consulting provides you the access you want – no more and no less – to the business executives and senior managers who have the hard-earned experience needed to get the job done faster, better, and ultimately cheaper.

Dinosaurs, Big Consulting Firms and Disruptive Innovation

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GLOBAL CONSULTING & DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION. All this got me thinking about another industry and disruptive innovation: Consulting. At one time there were a few large and highly professional consulting firms who provided advisory services and business expertise. By John R.

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The Perfect Consulting Deliverable

David A Fields

Every time you reach a consulting project’s milestone you’d like your client to be so delighted with your deliverable that they leap with joy, slather you with praise and immediately investigate whether your results can be immortalized in a Taylor Swift song.

Affordable Business Consulting – Low Overheads

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StrategyDriven’s radically different approach to management consulting eliminates the bricks and mortar consulting firm offices that sit empty most of the time and then passes that cost savings on to our clients.

How a Consultant Can Fit Into Your Culture

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Great consultants don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of time talking about theory or generalities, they would rather roll up their sleeves and get into the mix to help you address your project needs and challenges now. You just finished reading How a Consultant Can Fit Into Your Culture !

Work Like a Consultant

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With over 35 years under my belt as an independent consultant, I’ve learned much about how to make life work and make work come alive. In that sense, I wish everyone could be a consultant. Successful consultants are joy carriers. Leadership Development consulting Leadership

What is Consultative Selling?

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Definition: The term ''consultative selling'' first appeared in the 1970s book Consultative Selling by Mack Hanan. It describes a selling technique in which the salesperson acts as an expert consultant for his prospect, asking questions to determine the prospect''s needs and then using that information to select the best product or service for those needs. Sources: Mack Hanan: Consultative Selling: The Hanan Formula for High-Margin Sales at High Levels.

Why Consultants Suck

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The Massive Marketing Mistake Consulting Firms Make

David A Fields

There’s a gap between what most clients are looking for from consulting firms and what consultants tend to talk about. Mimi’s casting about for a consultant to help her improve customer satisfaction with [ ] Consultants Marketing

What Consultants Learn


There is a world of difference between the giant consulting firms and the small ones and neither group is always best. The problem that you are hired to solve is not always the problem that needs to be solved.

Why Your Consulting Client’s #1 Priority Shouldn’t Be Yours

David A Fields

Let’s say your consulting firm wants to lasso a few new clients. You should search for companies whose number one, burning priority is addressing the problem your consulting firm solves, right? to enrich your portfolio of [ ] Consultants Consulting

How to Make Next Year Absolutely Stellar for Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

The best predictor of your consulting firms’ business results next year is, of [ ] Consultants ConsultingWe’re headed into a new year.

Is Consulting Staff an Expense or an Investment?

David A Fields

When you hire staff—be they full time employees, subcontractors or temporary partners—to work on your consulting projects, are they a cost or an investment? Your answer to this question affects many aspects of your consulting firm, including its growth trajectory.

3 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Consulting Projects

David A Fields

Let’s cut right to the chase: if you want to ratchet up the revenue that flows into your consulting firm and the profits that land in your pocket, you need to increase your value to clients.

10 Tips to Write the Perfect, Client-Attracting White Paper for Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

You’ve decided to write a white paper because you’re a serious, deep-thinking, knowledgeable consultant. How do you make that effort yield eager clients lining up to work with your consulting firm? A good book is worth its weight in speaking [ ] Consultants Consulting

A 5-Step Plan to Get More Leads for Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

In consulting, the size of your network matters. Whether you’re making rain for a $40k startup or a $40m boutique consulting firm, one of your challenges is increasing your pool of prospects—contacts who could become lucrative, long-term clients.

Should You Hire a Dedicated Salesperson for Your Consulting Firm?

David A Fields

As a consultant who leads a boutique or solo consulting firm, you’re neither trained nor all that interested in being a salesperson. Wouldn’t it be better to just hire someone who is a professional at sales to drum up new consulting business?

How to Grow Your Consulting Firm NOW (not later)

David A Fields

If you’d like to shake the rust off your consulting firm and jump-start fast moving progress, shift your gaze from the lofty peaks that will take years to ascend to a nearby hill you can crest now.

How to Win the 1st Project with a New Consulting Client

David A Fields

But how does your consulting firm win that crucial, first project at a new client? outsourcing or hiring a consulting firm), part-time or full-time, is the trust cycle. In [ ] Consultants Consulting

3 Steps to Win Consulting Projects Even When Circumstances Change

David A Fields

Because you’re (hypothetically) on the brink of signing a doozy of a consulting project with PlumCo. You roll with the [ ] Consultants Consultative SellingYou’re a happy camper.

3.5 Tips for Work/Life Balance for Consultants

David A Fields

As the leaders of small consulting firms, we’re entrepreneurial, ambitious and highly engaged in our work. Tips for Work/Life Balance for Consultants No-Work Zones For those of us who have home offices, it helps to clearly demarcate [ ] Consultants Mindset

Why You Should Take Your Consulting Firm Back to School

David A Fields

Would reviving it elevate the success of your consulting firm? Outside your consulting firm’s doors, tens of millions of students are eagerly or fearfully entering a new [ ] Consultants

Affirmations are Baloney. Here’s the Real Consulting Confidence Builder

David A Fields

If you recite, “I’m worthy of success” every morning, will your consulting business grow? Recent research reveals that a positive outlook precedes heightened productivity and accomplishment.1 [ ] Consultants Mindset

Step-by-Step Directions for a Low-Stress, High-Margin Consulting Firm

David A Fields

You want a consulting firm that funnels more profit into your pockets with less time and stress. [ ] Consultants ConsultingOne key to that happy result is easy, in theory, but the details may be a bit murky. This article provides more clarity and direction.

The Answers to Two Persistent Consulting Questions

David A Fields

Jesper (actual name of the consultant) tried for ages to land a project with Astra Zeneca (actual name of client; a.k.a. Last week, after [ ] Consultants Consultative Selling Mindset Consultative selling relationships

When to Say “No” vs. “Yes I Can” to Consulting Opportunities

David A Fields

Although plasma node leadership isn’t your consulting firm’s focus, you feel great about the lucrative project you’re about to capture. “No, No, I’m afraid that’s not in my wheelhouse,” [ ] Consultants ConsultingBarnstable Balderdally, EVP at Ghoti Corporation (a.k.a.

How to Work with Internal Influencers to Win Consulting Projects

David A Fields

He’s not a gatekeeper because you’ve already found your [ ] Consultants Consultative SellingThe good news: you’ve struck up a relationship with the decision-maker at a prospective client. Let’s call her Denise, the corporation’s CUO (Chief Unspecified Officer).

The Right Consulting Firm Design for Maximum Profit

David A Fields

The design of your consulting firm determines your bottom line profit. If you’re a solo consultant, you might think that firm design doesn’t apply to you. [ ] Consultants InfrastructureYou’d be wrong. It applies to you too.

Achieve Consulting Firm Supergrowth: Pick the Right 1 out of 3

David A Fields

” For consulting firms, one point on the triangle of trade-offs can drive enormous business gains. You may be surprised at which point on the triangle maximizes your consulting firm’s revenue. Most consultants [ ] Consultants Consultative Selling Infrastructure

The Next Big Problem Your Consulting Firm Will Be Paid to Solve

David A Fields

Selling consulting business is easy when you’re an expert in a burning, urgent need that you’re clients are desperate to address. How do you identify the next, big consulting spend your clients will make?

How to Inject Speed into Your Consulting and Succeed Faster

David A Fields

Injecting more speed into your consulting practice will increase your value to clients, increase your success in the marketplace, and increase your enjoyment in consulting. The Faster You Complete a Task, the More Value You Create A prospect [ ] Consultants

This Simple Step Pushes Your Consulting Firm into High Gear

David A Fields

A simple step will generate enormous, lasting impact in your consulting firm. You just tap on the [ ] Consultants InfrastructureIt’s easy. You’ve thought about it. Now’s the time to act on it. Last week I upgraded my office with some new storage systems.

8 Best Practices for Saving a Consulting Project or Client

David A Fields

Sometimes consulting projects go sideways, or south or downhill. If you’ve been in consulting a while, you’ve faced an unhappy client. How you handle the situation makes all the difference to your consulting practice.

Reluctant Prospect? 10 Reasons to Hire a Consultant

David A Fields

Consultants who travel with me know I […]. Consultants Consultative Selling attracting clients Consultative selling positioningWhy aren’t more clients hiring you?

7 Responses to Low-Price Competition in Consulting

David A Fields

Do you lose consulting projects to low-fee competitors? Paella Consulting Associates is an advisor to the world’s crustacean industry. For over 20 years [ ] Consultants FeesHow do you handle that threat to your business?

Why It’s Good You Didn’t Review Your Consulting Firm’s Goals Today

David A Fields

Maybe you scanned your business bucket list this morning, or maybe you glanced at your consulting firm’s annual goals last Monday… or maybe not. [ ] Consultants Consulting

How Top-Tier Consulting Became Available to Small and Midsize Business Leaders

Strategy Driven

Need expert advice but don’t think you can afford high quality consultants to support your initiative? Over time, we learned it wasn’t enough to simply deliver a traditional consulting program economically. That’s why we offer a free initial consultation.

Your Right to Win Consulting Projects

David A Fields

As you target future prospects and projects for your consulting firm, ask that good-looking consultant in the mirror: “Where do you have the right to win?” Sondheim listened to Billy’s audition but, ultimately declined [ ] Consultants Consulting

1 in 2 Independent Consultants are Women [Infographic]

Women on Business

Statistics show women are joining the growing independent consulting sector at a rapid pace. MBO Partners released an infographic that highlights all of the key findings about women independent consultants from the survey, which you can see below (click the image to view it at full size).

MBO 42

7 Questions that Will Multiply Your Consulting Firm Revenue & Margin

David A Fields

Want to achieve the next big step up for your consulting firm? But to generate a quantum leap in consulting revenue and profit, you need an Engineering Vision. One of [ ] Consultants Fees MindsetYou’ve undoubtedly written goals, and I’ll bet you’ve crafted plans, too. Answer the seven questions in this article, and you’ll be poised for explosive growth.