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Affordable Business Consulting – Experienced Advisors

Strategy Driven

Ever wonder why your consultants’ teams are so large? You just finished reading Affordable Business Consulting - Experienced Advisors !

Dinosaurs, Big Consulting Firms and Disruptive Innovation

N2Growth Blog

GLOBAL CONSULTING & DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION. All this got me thinking about another industry and disruptive innovation: Consulting.

How a Consultant Can Fit Into Your Culture

Strategy Driven

Hard skills are easy to identify and are part of the consultant’s resume, as well as their experience, accreditations and qualifications.

Affordable Business Consulting – Low Overheads

Strategy Driven

Ask yourself, when was the last time your consultants’ downtown office building bring ground-breaking insight to your business?

9 Tips For Giving A Free Consultation

Women on Business

Marketing free consultation pro bono work small business marketing We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. link].

What Consultants Learn


There is a world of difference between the giant consulting firms and the small ones and neither group is always best.

The Answers to Two Persistent Consulting Questions

David A Fields

Jesper (actual name of the consultant) tried for ages to land a project with Astra Zeneca (actual name of client; a.k.a.

Reluctant Prospect? 10 Reasons to Hire a Consultant

David A Fields

Consultants who travel with me know I […]. Consultants Consultative Selling attracting clients Consultative selling positioning

The Three Principles of a Perfect Consulting Proposal

David A Fields

This article is an [ ] Consultants ProposalsBut most prospects aren’t giddy at the thought of engaging you.

How Top-Tier Consulting Became Available to Small and Midsize Business Leaders

Strategy Driven

Need expert advice but don’t think you can afford high quality consultants to support your initiative? And why not? All delivered affordably.

StrategyDriven Personal Business Advisor Program Makes Top Tier Consulting Accessible to Small and Midsized Companies

Strategy Driven

The current consulting model is expensive and time consuming; often involving fixed duration contracts that include unwanted resources.

The 10 Attributes of a Successful Consultant

David A Fields

Consultants Mindset attitude mindsetText and images are © 2015 David A. Fields, all rights reserved.

1 in 2 Independent Consultants are Women [Infographic]

Women on Business

Statistics show women are joining the growing independent consulting sector at a rapid pace. million) of the independent workforce.

MBO 42

How to Uncover Breakthrough Improvement Opportunities without Consultants

Strategy Driven

Need a performance breakthrough but don’t want to pay a high-cost consulting firm to evaluate your organization’s performance? And why not?

Consultant Workshop: The Sales Rollercoaster – a needed workshop led by Tom Niesen of Acuity Systems

First Friday Book Synopsis

This is a post for all the people who “work alone” – you know, independent contractors, independent consultants, people like…me. Well,… Read More Consultant Workshop: The Sales Rollercoaster – a needed workshop led by Tom Niesen of Acuity Systems. We always have two struggles. One, to get our work done. What do we do?

15 Negotiation Best Practices for Consultants

David A Fields

Once in a blue moon a consulting prospect will sign a proposal without asking for any changes or concessions. What best practice(s) […].

The Perfect Story to Win Consulting Projects

David A Fields

Fortunately, that trait makes selling consulting projects more enjoyable and easier. I’m a sucker for a good story. Most people are.

How to Create the Perfect Consulting Offering

David A Fields

Last week, a solo-consultant I work with told me he did everything “wrong” in a client meeting but walked away with a $75,000 project.

Two Exercises to Build Your Confidence [For Consultants]

David A Fields

Confidence is to selling consulting as phyllo dough is to making baklava: necessary for success but difficult to maintain in the real world.

The Value Myth & Why Consultants Should Focus on Cost

David A Fields

That’s a mistake many consultants make too. Consultants Creating Value Consultative selling value propositionYears ago Shark Tank featured an enterprising young man pitching his sales training program. Daymon John handed the entrepreneur his pen and demanded, “Sell this to me.” The sales guy bombed.

Consultants: How to Overcome Your Personal Demons and Choose Success

David A Fields

That movie profoundly changed how I walk in the world and how I approach consulting business development. Consultants Mindset mindset

Company Formation for Freelance Consultants and Trainers

Rapid BI

The post Company Formation for Freelance Consultants and Trainers appeared first on RapidBi. Management company formation consultants Freelance trainers training company

3 Keys to a Presentation that Wins Consulting Clients

David A Fields

As consultants, we often give speeches and presentations. Every talk is a golden opportunity to advance your consulting business.

Major Consultancy Simplifies Performance Reviews

Tony Mayo

Everyone loves to hate performance evalua […]. For Executives Leadership Development Team Manager Skills Executive Leadership Leadership Leadership Skills Development Performance Reviews

How to Avoid Overpricing Your Consulting Project

David A Fields

Consultants Context Discussion Proposals fees pricing proposalsProject pricing is like a balloon in a room made of nails.

Overcoming Discouragement: A Prescription for Consultants

David A Fields

Consultants Mindset attitude mindset selling*This is a remedy for discouragement, not depression. I am not a therapist.

The Self-Confidence Myth. What Every Consultant Needs to Know

David A Fields

Last week, like most weeks, a recurring theme among the consultants I advise was confidence. Consultants Mindset attitude mindsetUhm, no.

Do You Need a Consultant, or a Business Coach?

Six Disciplines

What is the difference between a business coach and a consultant? A consultant completes projects for you based on their own technical expertise. Often, a consultant will provide suggestions and direction for what needs to be fixed, however, rarely will they help the business leader actually implemen t the fix.

Lawyers and Consultants


The consultant will show you the heights that must be attained if you are to manage effectively. The consultant will help you to avoid inefficiency, ineffectiveness, and personnel pitfalls. The consultant will argue that poor management is a cancer that may eventually cause both management and legal problems.

Seven Steps to Start a Consulting Business

Chart Your Course

According to MBO Partners, a support service for independent consultants, boomers are a fast growing sector of the independent workforce.

MBO 28

More Money, Less Effort: 6 Ways Consultants Can Create Leverage

David A Fields

There are two parts of the Consultant Wealth picture: your Revenue Truth and your Leverage Truth. I tend to write about the revenue side.

Consulting, Content and Context: A Fable


It was the first day of his job as a consultant with this large consulting house. The boss continued, “Context is a powerful thing.

2 Techniques to Surface Your Consulting Prospects’ Burning Desires

David A Fields

You didn’t surface the burning, emotional driver that overcomes a prospect’s natural resistance to hiring you (or any consultant). Nothing.

Firmly Manage Your Consultant, Advisor or Coach

Michael VanBruaene

Organizations and individuals use Consultants, Advisors and Coaches (Consultant) for a wide variety of services and projects; and they often believe their work is essentially done once they have selected and contracted with the Consultant. Firm, but not intrusive, management of the Consultant should be your next step.

5 Consulting Clients to Avoid (No Matter How Big the Project)

David A Fields

Independent consulting can feel like a trip down class V rapids in a flimsy, eight-person raft. Consultants Consultative Selling relationships

Class 21

So… What Do Consultants Actually Do?

Nathan Magnuson

” “Well, I’m a consultant.” ” “A consultant? Human Resources Leadership Organizational Effectiveness Personal Effectiveness analyze consulting design development evaluation gap analysis implementation management methodology programs project management requirements But what do you actually do?”

Why You Shouldn’t Hire A Consultant

The Leadership Advisor

With a number of folks hanging out a shingle, consultants/coaches and other helping professionals are easy to find. Ask questions.

Why Opportunities Evaporate, and How Savvy Consultants Prevent It

David A Fields

About eight weeks ago, a seasoned consultant named Darren sent me an exultant email. (My My favorite kind, by the way.)

Solution Focused Consulting and Training Interview

Create Learning

A Solution-Focused Consulting & Training friend and author of 2 books. I was interviewed by Alan Kay. To read the interview.

One Surprising Tactic That Will Grow Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

What if there was one simple mindset shift that could improve all aspects of your consulting practice and virtually guarantee you’d win more clients?