A Beautiful Constraint

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Typically we look at a constraint as a negative. But what if a constraint was the gift that opened up previously unimagined possibilities? What if a constraint was the gift that took you to the next level? Not in spite of the constraint, but because of it.”

Constraint Kick Starts Creativity

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There are many externals that we naturally think of as constraints, boundaries on our ability to achieve, to get ahead, to succeed. Consider that these constraints are but a catalyst for becoming more creative about the possibilities sitting before you.

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Why Creativity Thrives Under Constraints

Tanveer Naseer

Instead, it typically comes to a predictable end when we hit something inevitable: constraints. We run into constraints around people, the market, the interests of stakeholders, and more. Just about every influence on our once new and exciting project also brings a constraint.

The Constraints of Passion


The sparkle in the eyes , the energy, the willingness to go the extra mile, the exposing of one's soul to the critique of the world, all of these are characteristics of a leader with passion. We've all been moved by such leaders to accomplish higher goals.

Add Constraints to Processes Carefully

Curious Cat

Take great care in adding constraints to processes to avoid doing so needlessly. Occasionally a required field is a sensible constraint on an online form but so often they add unnecessary constraints. Frequently I see unnecessary constraints creating the edge case excuse.

Procedure Development Best Practice 1 – Integrated Development

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Premium Procedure Development integrated procedures nathan ives procedure development procedure integration process constraints process impacts strategydrivenThe complexity of modern organizations necessitates a collage of policies, processes, and procedures to guide their operations.

Photo Inquiry Friday: Can Autonomy Exist Within Organizational Constraints?

Create Learning

On to the Inquiry: Can autonomy exist within organizational constraints? The tension between individual autonomy and organizational structure/constraints can play out weird and interesting ways…What behavior do you notice when people feel that the organizational constraints get in the way?

Boosting Creativity Through Constraints

Harvard Business Review

Conventional wisdom holds that the best way to boost a team''s creativity is to unshackle them from constraints. Some constraints are realities that must to be dealt with — laws of physics, or perhaps a budget. Other constraints may seem immovable but upon inspection are actually assumptions based on the past — your business model, or which customers and needs you serve, for example. The key to spurring creativity isn''t the removal of all constraints.

EBM: Constraints


Theory of Constraints (TOC) is an overall management philosophy introduced by Dr. Eliyahu M. The theory contends that any manageable system is limited in achieving more of its goal by a very small number of constraints and that there is always at least one constraint. A constraint is anything that prevents the system from achieving more of its goal. Identify the constraint. Decide how to exploit the constraint. Elevate the constraint.

2018 Success Depends on You asking the Right Questions

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Constraints to Success. According to Adam Morgan and Mark Barden, there are four kinds of constraints most businesses face today. 2) Constraint of resource , such as having little to no marketing budget. 3) Constraint of time , which is the great leveler we all share!

How to CRAFT a conversation that moves the needle

Rajesh Setty

Understand their weaknesses and constraints : Just like topics related to their strengths are where they will gravitate towards, topics related to their weaknesses are what they will want to avoid. Not only their weaknesses are against them but also the constraints (e.g.:

Embrace Your Constraints to Create New Markets

Harvard Business Review

This term is just what it sounds like: external constraints are market, environmental and/or consumer conditions forced on any company doing business in their space — something from outside the company that it has little or no control over.

Project Management – What is Critical Chain?

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Premium Project Management critical chain Greg Gaskey project constraints strategydriven Successful project managers know that the success of their project hinges on the development of a solid plan, the diverse consideration of integration challenges, and the right evaluation of resources.

Why Innovators Love Constraints

Harvard Business Review

Nearly a decade later, I find myself almost a fan of constraints. Constraints lead to faster feedback. Whether they are limits on space, time, money or other resources, constraints can improve our agility and get our synapses firing at lightning speed.

Leading in a World of Resource Constraints and Extreme Weather

Harvard Business Review

Consider three critical mega-trends: resource constraints and rising commodity prices; climate change and extreme weather; and radical, technology-driven transparency. Resource constraints mean organizations have to use less stuff. My father worked at IBM for 35 years.

How Intelligent Constraints Drive Creativity

Harvard Business Review

Not long ago, Teresa Amabile revealed in an HBR blog post that while she had spent much of her career as a research psychologist showing how constraints can undermine creativity, she had discovered that the right sort of constraints can in fact "stoke the innovation fire.". CEO Marissa Mayer offered the same opinion writing for Businessweek in 2006: "Constraints shape and focus problems, and provide clear challenges to overcome as well as inspiration.

New Years is an Artificial Constraint

Mills Scofield

Seriously ! Thank you Switch & Shift for hosting my (anti)-New Year''s post! "Ah, Ah, New Years hype! New resolutions, habits, goals, priorities. We make it so grand and complicated that we set ourselves up for failure. Seriously, what’s the difference between December 31st and January 1st?

The Accidental Mind: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob's blog entries A lively explanation of the beneficial neural functions in that “cobbled-together mess” between our ears “Rube Goldberg contraption” “The Main Evolutionary Constraints on Brain Design” David J. The Accidental Mind: How Brain Evolution Has Given Us Love, Memory, Dreams, and God David J.

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Constraints on Health Care Budgets Can Drive Quality

Harvard Business Review

From my experience heading Scotland’s National Health Service from 2010 until last August (and before as its director of health care policy and strategy), I know that such constraints can unleash innovations that will lead to better care — and better health — for communities.

Project Management Model – SQERT

Rapid BI

Management Add new tag constraints cost Leadership project management project management triangle quality sqert timeProject Management Model - SQERT - Scope, Quality, Effort, Risk, & Timing.

Dwell in Possibility


If you look for problems and constraints, you will always find them – even in the best of situations. In my own career, the mindset shift from constraints to possibilities has helped me immensely and continues to help.

Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 2/11/13)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Lafley Adam Bryant Alan Bird Andy Jefferson “5 ways to find your team’s hidden talents” “Why Innovators Love Constraints” Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 2/11/13) BOB Bryan Neider Calhoun W. I hope that at least a few of these recent posts will be of interest to you: BOOK REVIEWS Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works A.G.

WEadership Practice #4: Encourage Experimentation (and, of course, experiment yourself)

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Leadership Development boldness constraints experiment ideas incentives Innovation innovative lead Leadership management risk testingPosted in Leadership Development This post is the fourth in a series that began here summarizing the findings of a one-year study of workforce leadership. Through that process, we identified six practices next-generation leaders use to be effective; a new model of leadership we call WEadership, in a nod to its collaborative nature. The Speed of Life For [.]

In 100 Words: Face The Light


and focuses on those possibilities because constraints are almost a given in work and life. In moments of uncertainty, inspiration came to me in form of a tweet with a visual that read, “If you see shadows, it is because there is light.”.

Professional Development Best Practice 6 – Peer Coaches

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Even high performing managers may, at times, be challenged by time constraints or have so many direct reports that it is not possible to provide each individual the amount of feedback desire. An individual’s manager should seek to provide ongoing performance feedback.

The Best Leadership Books of 2015

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A Beautiful Constraint : How To Transform Your Limitations Into Advantages, and Why It's Everyone's Business by Adam Morgan and Mark Barden Typically we look at a constraint as a negative. But what if a constraint was the gift that opened up previously unimagined possibilities?

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First Look: Leadership Books for January 2015

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A Beautiful Constraint : How To Transform Your Limitations Into Advantages, and Why It''s Everyone''s Business by Adam Morgan and Mark Barden. Here''s a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in January. Driven to Distraction at Work : How to Focus and Be More Productive by Ned Hallowell. Fairness Is Overrated : And 51 Other Leadership Principles to Revolutionize Your Workplace by Tim Stevens.

How to Deal with Unreasonable Contrarians

Leadership Freak

Constraint makes the river powerful. A river without banks drifts calmly into oblivion. Tell teams what they can’t do and where they can’t go and they’ll get further, faster. This applies to… Continue reading → Courage Innovation Taking others higher Teams Communication courageous leaders Leadership

Leading Rookie Talent: Helping New Recruits Hit the Target

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Studies by Patricia Stokes have shown that people tend to be more creative when they are given constraints. The lack of constraints makes it easy to rely on what worked in the past. Conversely, constraints increase the challenge level and force us to think in new ways. Are your new employees loose canons or heat-seeking missiles? In a rapidly changing world, experience can be a curse. Strategies can grow stale and innovation can stop.

Thought Leadership – Piercing The Bubble

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I want to remove the constraints of dependence on our own thinking, and challenge us to allow others to test our limits and stretch our thoughts. Why limit the art of the possible with self-imposed constraints? News Flash: If you value your own opinion more than others do, you might be suffering from a common form of self-delusion. Referring to yourself as a thought leader makes you a tone-deaf narcissist; not necessarily a great thinker.

Three Behaviors That Will Convince Your Boss You’re a Rock Star

Let's Grow Leaders

They view constraints as creative challenges, not road blocks. Yesterday “Doug,” a participant in one of our Winning Well workshops, asked, “Karin, if I were to walk into your office right now with the goal of convincing you I’m a rock star, what behaviors would get your attention?”.

A Bold and Blatant Disregard for Normal Constraints

Steve Farber

The most common and insidious “normal constraints&# are the ones that are imposed on you by others. Whenever you see a better way to do things or better things to do, make a list of all the “normal constraints&# that seem to be holding you back. Every “normal constraint&# in the proverbial book will tell you that this question is unrealistic and a waste of time.

You Unplugged: Prepare to be Spontaneous

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Humphrey’s provides examples of how this can be used in various situations including how it can be expanded and contracted depending on the situation and timing constraints. M OST OF THE SPEAKING we do is impromptu. And for most of us it’s spontaneous. We’re winging it.

Stretch: Unlock the Power of Less

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Our creativity is sparked by constraints. Scott Sonenshein examines why some people and organizations succeed with so little while others fail with so much. * * * Of Related Interest: A Beautiful Constraint. * * * Like us on Facebook for additional leadership and personal development ideas.

Power 76

The Mathematical Corporation

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Another issue we will have to work through is not projecting our limitations and constraints on the machine. Y OU WILL SOON be able to give over almost half of your cognitive work to the machine.

Surrounded by Geniuses: A book review by Bob Morris

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Surrounded by Geniuses: Unlocking the Brilliance in Yourself, Your Colleagues, and Your Organization Alan S. Gregermnan Sourcebooks (2010) How and why winning in today’s competitive markets requires unlocking genius within us and in the world around us I deeply appreciated all that I learned in Alan Gregerman’s most recent book, The Necessity of Strangers: The […]. Bob''s blog entries Alan S.

The Myths of Creativity: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

As I worked my way through Burkus’ lively and eloquent narrative, I was also keenly interested in his discussion Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s insights relevant to incubation in Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention (1997): “Once the incubation stage has run its course, which could be a few days or several years, it should […].

How Do You Calculate ROI?

Mills Scofield

Customer Value : delighting customers with meaningful solutions that meet real needs within the customers’ contexts and constraints; perhaps even creating new markets and industries.

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How to Manage Business Transformation and Keep Your Sanity

N2Growth Blog

But, during times of significant change, it is not unusual for work (particularly that which crosses organizational boundaries) to get “ hung-up ” by resource constraints and political red tape.

Leadership Isn’t About Checking Boxes

N2Growth Blog

Great leadership thrives beyond typical borders and constraints – it lives outside the norm. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth . Today’s post is a short rant, but one every leader should take to heart – STOP CHECKING BOXES.