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Constraint Kick Starts Creativity

Lead Change Blog

There are many externals that we naturally think of as constraints, boundaries on our ability to achieve, to get ahead, to succeed. Consider that these constraints are but a catalyst for becoming more creative about the possibilities sitting before you. Time to re-frame. Roger Bannister defied the boundary of a four-minute mile run.

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Why Creativity Thrives Under Constraints

Tanveer Naseer

Instead, it typically comes to a predictable end when we hit something inevitable: constraints. We run into constraints around people, the market, the interests of stakeholders, and more. Just about every influence on our once new and exciting project also brings a constraint. It’s important not to try to remove them entirely.


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A Beautiful Constraint

Leading Blog

Typically we look at a constraint as a negative. But what if a constraint was the gift that opened up previously unimagined possibilities? What if a constraint was the gift that took you to the next level? We are all faced with the challenge of growing within the constraints of time, resources, method and /or people.

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Why Boutique Executive Search Firms Outperform Global Behemoth’s

N2Growth Blog

This not only limits the quality of the candidate shortlist but also prolongs the search process, as the firm must navigate around the constraints to find suitable alternatives. N2Growth delivers on this need, providing a personalized, adaptive approach that yields results without the constraints of larger competitors.

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Assumption Busters: 7 Questions to Propel Your Team’s Strategic Thinking

Let's Grow Leaders

When constraints are lifted, the sky’s the limit for creativity. It allows the team to think without barriers and then work backward, scaling grand visions to match our resource constraints. If we had unlimited resources, how would we solve this problem? This strategic thinking question is the flip side of the one above.

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Constraints, Creativity, and the No. 2 Highest Paid Dead Celebrity

Leadership Freak

The highest paid dead celebrity of 2020 was Michael Jackson. 2 on the list is the children’s author, Dr. Seuss. He died in 1990. According to the Associated Press, Seuss earned $33,000,000.00… Continue reading →

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University President Search: Bridging Academic Vision and Operational Reality

N2Growth Blog

One of a university president’s first and most important responsibilities is to create a cohesive vision that accounts for both academic goals and operational constraints and opportunities (i.e., constraints that might be removed or overcome).