Coaching People Who Resist Change

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Resistance is the point… Continue reading → CoachingThere are a million reasons to stay the same, when you feel pressure to change. In my opinion change is great as long as someone else is doing it.

The Most Important Reason Not to Fear Resistance

Kevin Eikenberry

Resistance. When I ask groups to tell me what first comes to their minds when they think about change, resistance is always on that list. Resistance is typically seen as a negative occurrence and as something […].

3 Guidelines that Help Avoid Resistance to Change

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People don’t resist change. What people resist is having change imposed on them. Here are three guidelines that invite people to participate in the change process and minimize resistance to change. → Read More: 3 Guidelines that Help Avoid Resistance to Change.

Why Do We Resist Change?

Marshall Goldsmith

Because we’re deluded! We all delude ourselves about our achievements, our status, and our contributions.

Corporate Cultures – Overcoming Cultural Resistance to Change

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Consequently, attempts to change established policies, processes, or practices will meet with a degree of cultural resistance. The post Corporate Cultures – Overcoming Cultural Resistance to Change appeared first on StrategyDriven.

4 Steps to Influence Change Through Resistance

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Change Management Change influence lead change persist resistance Great opportunities lie on the other side of the status quo. We’ve all heard lines like, “We’ve never done it that way;” or “We tried that back in 1975…” or “That won’t work.”

16 Expressions of Underhanded Resistance Pt. 1

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Underhanded resistance happens when people say yes, but really mean no. Resistance is expected, normal, even healthy. Underhanded resistance distracts and destroys. Leaders chase ghosts, when they don’t see underhanded resistance. Most people say they want… Continue reading → Change Leadership Development organizational success

7 Responses to Reasoned Resistance

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The line between bold and foolish is often determined by success or failure. Fearful organizations are full of people who know why it’s better to stay the same. Remarkable success requires boldness, but bold leaders… Continue reading → Conflict resolution Courage Criticism Failure Fear Insecurity Passion Conflict Resolution courageous leaders Decisions Leadership Development organizational success

Understanding resistance to change

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Posted in Change Management Is resistance to change truly irrational? Change Management Change lead change Management resistance worldview Many times, people being impacted by an organizational change initiative are called “irrational” or even worse by those leading the effort. However, even someone who is clinically insane is behaving rationally within their worldview. To themselves, people do not behave irrationally though they may be viewed that way by [.]

6 Forces Resisting Change

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Posted in Leadership Development Self Leadership I recently wrote a post titled 5 Ideas To Direct Your Best Energy Toward Your Greatest Purpose. We need to mobilize leaders. Personally, I want to hate my laziness, television, surfing, and anything keeping me from impact.

4 Powerful Responses to Resistance

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One of my embarrassing leadership blunders was allowing passion and vision to blind me to the interests of others. You either agreed with me or you were a roadblock. My strategy was to… Continue reading → Humility Influence Motivation Taking others higher Leadership Leadership Development

50 Reasons Why People Resist Change

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When someone seems to be resisting change, consider the following 50 reasons that might […]. Despite our best efforts to influence change, people often don’t transition as easily as we expect them to. Instead of becoming frustrated, try to understand the reason for their response.

Resistance vs. Readiness: Equal, Opposite, or Integral?

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Resistance is becoming a bad word in change management circles lately. Some thought leaders are recommending that we stop focusing on reducing resistance, and focus on developing Readiness instead. To focus on resistance is to focus on the negative.

The Absolute Most Common Reason Change is Resisted

Ron Edmondson

One of those discoveries is that change will face resistance. There is something in all of us that initially resists change we didn’t initiate. And, I’ve discovered the absolute most common reason change is resisted.

Your Resistance to Change

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Resisting change is normal. Once you discover how significant change is in our lives is every day (and how an understanding of change can make you happier), we still resist change to some degree. Perhaps up to 90% of the American people do not have a clue about change. Whether the change is positive or negative, we know some pain is coming, and it is only natural that we try to avoid it. What we can do is influence our reactions to the emotions that all change will cause.

Executive Leadership: One Temptation Most Successful Executives Resist

Let's Grow Leaders

If you’re an executive (or aspiring to be one) this time I’m writing for you. Not my usual M.O., I usually write for your teams (and how to help them deal with you ;-) But today, I write to you.

6 Distractions Leaders Need To Resist

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Posted in Leadership Development Do you get distracted? Everyone does. You do. Distractions are everywhere. Social media has made distractions the norm. Distraction. Distraction. Distraction. Distraction. Distraction. Now go home and help yourself to some more distractions.

Are you rowing, riding, or resisting?

Tony Mayo

For Executives Quotes and Aphorisms ResistanceIf you’ve done any white water rafting, you know how exciting it can be. On the first rapid of my first trip I remember the guide yelling, “Row. Row fast!!!&# I didn’t want to go fast. I wanted to slow down, to take the rapid nice and easy. I’ve since learned that if you [.].

7 Questions That Lower Resistance to Negative Feedback

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Great feedback often surprises recipients. They don’t see themselves clearly. Frankly, none of us do. Your feedback was rejected. Now what? Gut check: If we open our hearts at all, it’s to people… Continue reading → Feedback

16 Expressions of Underhanded Resistance Pt. 2

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The danger of underhanded resistance is you don’t see it coming. Skillful leaders know polite foot dragging, agreement without follow through, and recurring “confusion” are underhanded resistance. Malicious or innocent: Underhanded resistance is always malicious, even when it smiles. It may be motivated by insecurities or disagreement, but it has one objective. Keep things the … … Continue reading → Power Leadership Development organizational success

Six Underlying Reasons for Resistance

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When we try to influence people to change, we’re likely to encounter someone exhibiting behaviors that make it seem as though they are resisting change, whether it’s outright refusal to participate or something more subtle like procrastination or avoidance. Resistance acts the same way.

How to Ignite Development in the Arrogant and Resistant

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Arrogance can’t see a need for development. Ask egotistical managers if they run great meetings. Insert any management skill.) Of course they do! There’s no point in telling them they don’t. Pride invites… Continue reading → Leading Personal Growth Taking others higher arrogance Growth Leadership Development

Overcoming Change Resistance

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The previous two articles in this series suggest that the most effective way to deal with change resistance is to avoid it in the first place. The underlying argument is that effective planning a priori is the key to mitigating resistance. By Jim Grinnell, Ph.D.

Remarkable TV: 3 Steps to Overcoming Resistance to Change

Kevin Eikenberry

Resistance is naturally occurring and not necessarily all bad. Watch the short video below for 3 steps to overcoming resistance to change. Think about it – wouldn’t you rather have someone be resistant to your change idea than to be apathetic?

Eight Telltale Signs of Resistance

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The dictionary definition of resistance is: Any force that slows down or prevents motion. So, naturally we define resistance to change as any force that slows down or prevents change. We most associate resistance with the person who pushes back and refuses to change.

Seeing resistance? Look inside yourself


You might notice a little or a lot of it every day; resistance is all around you, and most prevalent when your organization is in some kind of transition (almost all the time). You may be the key to busting open the wall of resistance. All leaders face resistance.

Is Your Culture Change-Resistant or Change-Ready?

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Organizations with cultures that enable change are Change-Ready, while those that work against it are Change-Resistant. There are elements of an organization's culture that will either help or hinder change, regardless of the change you're trying to implement.

Overcoming the Reason People Resist Change

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“In a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.” Warren Buffett Talking about change is easy, acceptable, even exciting. Talking and executing are two different things. Change becomes real when we have to change our own attitudes and behaviors, not until. The wrong picture: Change movements [.].

The top 10 things you’re resisting that will make you a better leader


There are certain patterns of resistance I’ve noticed in the leaders I’ve worked with that are really good at their craft – but have the potential to be great. These behaviors that leaders resist can increase their potential to lead at the top of their game. Perhaps as you read through the list, you’ll notice some of your own resistance poking through as you tell yourself: “I don’t have time.”

Classic–and Comic–Resistance to Change

Tony Mayo

The nature of organizations, however, is to resist change. That’s why we call them organize-ations, not random-izations or adapt-ations, One common way for organizations to resist innovation and change is for people to collect evidence that any novel tool or procedure is causing problems–even if the [.]. Making change in organizations is central to my work.

Understanding the Faces of Resistance

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Best of Blogs Series Change Management Change lead change leader resistanceRecently I gave a presentation titled, “5 Simple Steps to Engage Even Your Most Skeptical Employees In Change, So You Can Create a Strong Foundation for a Positive and Developmental Work Culture&# As I went through it, I myself was struck again by the necessity to understand and consider human nature when we are trying [.].

Remarkable TV: Overcoming “We Don’t Have Time” Resistance

Kevin Eikenberry

The post Remarkable TV: Overcoming “We Don’t Have Time” Resistance appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning. This week I’m blowing the “We Don’t Have Time” excuse out of the water. Join me in the video below? There is always time; it is choices we must manage, not time.Click To Tweet Listen to the audio-only version of this episode. Learn more about the Remarkable Leadership Workshop.

Why You Should Embrace Resistance as a Challenge

Joseph Lalonde

But when you look deeper, it shows an incredibly creative God who turns resistance into an opportunity. But God had a creative solution to what seemed like an impossible amount of resistance. Gideon took this resistance and turned it into an opportunity.

How to Create Transformative Growth Points for Reluctant or Resistant Employees

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They keep falling short. But you want them to reach the next level. Establish an affirming context for growth. A transformative growth point: Years ago I was asked to work with a manager… Continue reading → Accountability Change Personal Growth Success Taking others higher Growth Leadership Development

Resistance and Inward Spiraling Doom Loops

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Sitting with 20 managers in a Communication and Collaboration Workshop discussing Cooperation and Resistance Loops. We spent too much time on the Resistance Loops or as I call it: Inward Spiraling Doom Loops of Asphyxiation. They feel that and resist.

Convincing the Resistant

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People HATE change. They loathe and despise it. They see it, abhor it and team up to fight it. Mind you, not all people, all the time. But certainly most people, much of the time. People rebuke change. People will mock change. … Continue reading → Lead Change Group - Leaders Growing Leaders. Leadership Development Change courage engagement vision

How to Resist Being Helpful

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Resist the [.]. Peter Jenson, Ph.D., author, coach, and Olympic sports psychology consultant, said many things during our conversation but one most gripped me. “I I let them stew in their failure for a while.” Peter Jenson Ph.D. A team Jenson worked with suffered a disappointing loss. He let them sleep on it. I’ve been mulling over Jenson’s strategy.

How to Resist Being Helpful

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Resist the [.]. Peter Jenson, Ph.D., author, coach, and Olympic sports psychology consultant, said many things during our conversation but one most gripped me. “I I let them stew in their failure for a while.” Peter Jenson Ph.D. A team Jenson worked with suffered a disappointing loss. He let them sleep on it. I’ve been mulling over Jenson’s strategy.

So, Why Do People Actually Resist All Attempts at Change? – John Kotter Provides a Clue

First Friday Book Synopsis

People resist change. They really resist change. So – they need to change; they know that they need to change; they want to want to change… but they resist change, and are almost always led “kicking and screaming” into […]. This is what we know. And yet, they need to change. They really need to change.

Make Failure and Learning an Objective :: Resistance to Change

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In ‘ Resistance to Change. Fear of Temporary Incompetence ’ … I shared some ideas on how to work with resistance to change : Fear of temporary incompetence.