Little Bets: A book review by Bob Morris

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Bob's blog entries Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Bill George Bing Gordon Chet Pipkin Chris Rock Constant experimentation (“learn by doing”) is fundamental to this approach constant iteration (reiteration?)

How Can You Further Develop Your Talent? 7 Key Steps

Career Advancement

These sessions can include: Stories that illustrate how they learned to put leadership skills into practice and the techniques they use regularly. Prompt them to learn by doing, asking them to step into situations on the job where they can use their newfound knowledge.


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Lessons in Integrity from Madoff?

Next Level Blog

This is one of those “learn by doing the opposite” kinds of posts. It’s inspired by a few New York Times stories earlier this week on a new book that the surviving son of Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff. Please click the headline to read the whole story. executive presence Leadership Personal Presence Bernie Madoff integrity

Unlocking Creativity: Are These Creativity-Inhibiting Mindsets Holding You Back?

Leading Blog

He believes that we are getting in our own way by the way we think, decide, and act with regard to the development of original ideas. We find that while we talk about the need for creativity and innovation, employees don’t feel supported or inspired by their leaders and were not given the time or resources to develop new ideas. The question is, do we have a people problem or do we have a situation problem? We must learn by doing.

109: Act Like a Leader. Think Like a Leader. | with Herminia Ibarra

Engaging Leader

To take your next step toward great leadership, do you start with introspection and learning to think like a leader? Or do you put yourself into positions where you are forced to learn by doing? To take your next step toward great leadership, do you start with introspection and learning to think like a leader? Or do you put yourself into positions where you are forced to learn by doing?

How to Get Over Not Letting Go

Next Level Blog

There’s a really interesting think piece in the New York Times this week by Carl Richards titled “You Probably Have Too Much Stuff.” Inspired by Hyde’s example, Richards writes of getting rid of some of his own stuff and what he’s learned by doing so: Click headline to continue. In it, he tells the story of a guy named Andrew Hyde who, in preparing for a trip around the world two years ago, sold everything he owned except for 15 things. Here’s his list.)

Covey 174

Incorporate These Three Learning Styles When Teaching Employees Something New

Eric Jacobson

Your employees have different learning styles – typically falling within these three categories: Visual Learners Auditory Learners Tactile Learners Therefore, it’s best to incorporate all three styles when teaching something new, according to the book, Customer Service Management Training 101.

How to Tackle Big Challenges in A Networked World

Leading Blog

T ACKLING THE BIG CHALLENGES when there is no single, simple, rational answer can rarely be done by a single individual or company working alone. When faced with complex problems, we tend to find a rational answer by analyzing increasing amounts of data and polling for opinions and then announcing the answer to those who must follow. How do you design and guide complex collaborations in open, loosely connected networks when no one can tell anyone else what to do?

The Excellence Dividend

Leading Blog

He is a fanatical lifelong learner and this book represents a summary of what he has learned over the last few decades. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence will change the way we work. He believes we need to go on the offensive creating excellence in everything we do. It’s expressed in everything we do—the next thing we do. Managing By Wandering Around. T OM PETERS has produced another thought-provoking book.

All Great Employees Have This Secret Ingredient.

Rich Gee Group

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. It has to do with their past work histories. It teaches you the value of hard work while strengthening your muscles and pushing the limits of what you can really do. Sports Teamwork is not something you're born with, you have to learn it on-the-job. It's this can-do environment you absorb — the ability to push past the pain and not be afraid of losing. With speaking, you learn by doing and you get better with practice.

Retail 150

The Value of Failure

Ron Edmondson

But in my years of leading I have learned far more by what I did wrong than what I did right. The principles learned when failing have benefited me in ways I could never gain by doing things the “right” way the first time. So don’t dismiss the lessons you can learn by doing things the “wrong” way. Is found in the reward of experience. It doesn’t make sense at first that you would benefit from failure.

All Great Employees Have This Secret Ingredient.

Rich Gee Group

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. It has to do with their past work histories. It teaches you the value of hard work while strengthening your muscles and pushing the limits of what you can really do. Teamwork is not something you’re born with, you have to learn it on-the-job. It’s this can-do environment you absorb — the ability to push past the pain and not be afraid of losing.

10 reasons to stop giving advice


It took me a long time to learn that others don’t really want my advice. I know that even when others ask me what they should do, I rarely have the answers that are best for them. I’m also a self-defined helper, and when others are stuck my first reaction is to save them by giving my advice. In the end, telling others what they should do is really quite selfish; it feeds me and doesn’t help them. Just ask them what they’d do and then watch them do it.

Advice 159

Do you know what you think? Listen to what you say.

Jason Womack

Do you know what you do? What have I learned by doing this? I do more than I think I do. At the end of a 5-10 day cycle (yes, I try to do this weekly but sometimes it just works better to stop "from time to time" and think) of work, I look back and reflect on what I've worked on lately. This gives me semi-objective information and allows me the time to assess the balance between what I intended to do and what I actually put my attention on.

Burn the Business Plan

Leading Blog

I F YOU ARE THINKING of starting a business—and apparently nine million Americans are currently thinking about it and only about 500,000 actually do each year—you will want to read Burn the Business Plan by Carl Schramm. The average entrepreneur is nearly forty years old when he launches , and more than eighty percent of all new companies are stated by people over thirty-five. Entrepreneurs must learn to dance to the market’s ever-changing tempo and rhythm.

The way we learn


Have you noticed that when you’re a passenger in a car driven by someone else (or when you drive and rely on your GPS), that you may not remember the way to get to the same destination the next time? So it is with the way your employees learn: Learning is stalled when you: tell someone how to do something. do it for them. don’t guide them to think and learn from their errors, mistakes, and gaffes. And then what will you do?

Think Like a Leader

Coaching Tip

That''s when reflecting on what we have been learning by doing becomes invaluable, so that the bigger changes that ensue are driven by a new clarity of self. Let it emerge from what you do by plunging into projects, experimenting with the unfamiliar and interacting with different kinds of people. Changes that stick because they are motivated by your new identity and express who you have become.

Course 131

5 Insights on Creativity from Osho


This led me to think more about creativity – the act of doing something in an unconventional way, the act of creating something meaningful that changes you and hence the world. Around the same time I was thinking about creativity, I stumbled upon a great book titled “ Creativity – Unleashing the Forces Within ” written by 20th century spiritual teacher Osho. You are at your creative best when you do things because you find joy in doing it, because it has an intrinsic value to you.

What You Need to Understand About Adult Learning Theory

Nathan Magnuson

Which session did you learn more from? Regardless of your function or industry, learning plays a key role in business effectiveness. No one was born knowing how to do any job – and even with all the preparatory training we’ve received over the years (e.g. college), the speed of change demands that we continually learn better ways. (I What is most important to understand is what makes adult learning distinct. Learning Organizational Effectiveness

eBook 136

The Lessons From 10 Entrepreneurs From Around The World

Eric Jacobson

The 10 journeys are engaging, relatable and profiled through these personas: The Maker : Prototypes everything, learns by doing. The Conductor : Thinks big, undaunted by regulations or limitations. Stop thinking about it and start doing.

It's Not A Gap Year! It's An Education.

Mills Scofield

Education is learning languages: the languages of words, music, math, art, chemistry, biology, etc. Education is learning paradoxes … and oxymorons. So let me highlight an oxymoron that is damaging our kids’ education: Lifelong Learning and Gap Year. If we truly believe in Lifelong Learning , then we have to believe that Gap Years are not Gaps…and we have to use a different word.

It's time to "M.O.V.E." on - the newsletter edition

Jason Womack

Use all three of your learning and working styles to align goals. . c: Kinesthetic: Touch it, sense it, get it and do it. Those of us who learn by doing need to know what it feels like - and what it will feel like - to move in the direction of our goals. And, up there you can see, by size of the word, what responses we got. Over 150 people responded to our "request for help" last newsletter!!! Here was the setup, and the ask.

Millennials: 3 Characteristics that Define how they Approach the Workplace


Going through programs such as daycare and after-school sports — something their parents or grandparents did rarely — has also shaped the way millennials learn and interact. Because they’ve been working with peers their whole lives, they learn best through collaborative efforts. Millennials learn by doing and encourage constant feedback , which makes them incredibly results-oriented.

eBook 126

6 Lessons Every Great Leader Learns on the Job

Lead from Within

If you’ve ever taken leadership courses or training you have a good start, but there are some lessons that you can only truly learn on the job through trial and error. Here are six of the most important lessons that every great leader will end up learning on the job. The courage to be yourself: You can’t learn how to be authentic; you just have to be real. The post 6 Lessons Every Great Leader Learns on the Job appeared first on Lolly Daskal.

10 Great Quotes from the Greek Playwright, Sophocles

Building Personal Strength

Integrity - "I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating." Self-development - "One learns by doing a thing; for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try." Post by Dennis E. Sophocles (496-406 BC) Not many young people are made to read the Greek classics in school anymore. So I wonder how many of us today are familiar with the plays of Sophocles, who was born about 500 years before Christ and lived to be 90 years old.

New Year’s Leadership Development Goals 2017 Edition

Great Leadership By Dan

OK, so we’re one month into the year by the time I got around to posting this. I’ll learn more about my strengths and weaknesses. I’ll take a multi-rater assessment or figure out some other way to get an accurate assessment as to how I am perceived by others. I’ll do some serious self-reflection, or work with a coach or mentor, to figure out what’s causing me not to delegate. Learn to resolve conflict. I’ll learn and practice the “G.R.O.W.”

Goal 147

8 Success Lessons Richard Branson Didn’t Learn in Business School

Lead from Within

He says, “Had I pursued my education long enough to learn all the conventional dos and don’ts of starting a business, I often wonder how different my life and career might have been.” “Do not be embarrassed by your failures–learn from them and start again.” ” Branson believes that we learn more from our failures than our successes, and that only in understanding where you have failed can you have success in the future.

How much Face Time are you getting?


People learn by doing. They not only get good at what they do, they learn how and when to adapt. In his book Creating Minds, Howard Gardner talks about the 10 Year Rule , which was first identified by psychologist John Hayes in 1989. The rule holds that a person must persist with learning and practising a domain or discipline for about 10 years before he or she can make a significant breakthrough. Face Time as a KPI.

KPI 73

The Revealing And Inspirational Journeys Of 10 Entrepreneurs From Around The World

Eric Jacobson

The 10 journeys are engaging, relatable and profiled through these personas: The Maker : Prototypes everything, learns by doing. The Conductor : Thinks big, undaunted by regulations or limitations. Stop thinking about it and start doing.

Public Speakers Practice Public Speaking By Speaking Publically

Tim Milburn

I’m not against learning better practices, identifying key strategies, and gleaning from the wisdom of others. By all means, read, study, and learn. Like most anything else – you learn by doing. To learn to ride a bike, you must get on the bike. To learn to play the piano, your fingers must strike the keys. To learn to shoot a basketball, you must shoot the basketball at a hoop (a lot).

If Risk Knocks At The Door. Will You Answer It?

Lead from Within

We settle for mediocrity: we allow ourselves to believe that sameness will give us what we want, when what we are really doing is closing ourselves off to possibility and significance. We do not learn by doing, we learn by risking. We settle for safety: Being safe and feeling comfortable doesn’t mean you won’t be sorry, but it does mean that you’ve decided that you don’t want to grow and learn anymore.

Intangible Loss of Outsourced Innovation

Mills Scofield

I’ve been thinking about the 2 nd , 3 rd order effects of outsourcing, especially now that some companies are either doing or seriously considering insourcing. I agree with many who believe we learn by doing. Many innovations arise by trying to do something one way and figuring out a better way or an entirely different way to do it. Perhaps because they learned to? So, have you tried to quantify your ‘learning by doing’?

3 Critical Learning Environments

Ron Edmondson

I believe in lifetime learning. The best leaders I know are always learning something new. So…if you want to be a lifetime learner… Here 3 learning environments: Learning by experience – This is where you learn by doing. You do get to choose your reactions to the experience you learn. Learning by influence – This is where mentoring takes place. Do you need to find a mentor?

Photo Inquiry Friday: How do we Change?

Mike Cardus

“We are what we repeatedly do. By the nature of being human and having the ability to speak, frame stories + experience in the past, present, and future. This weeks inquiry How do we Change? a credo of Experiential Learning is “Learn-By-Doing”; People consciously practice new behaviors every day. Go do it…and report back on your success. michael cardus is create-learning. image by OakleyOriginals.

59 of the Best Quotes for Entrepreneurial Success

Lead from Within

I have assembled 59 of the best quotes I can find-words that I feel every entrepreneur should live by if they want to succeed. To any entrepreneur: If you want to do it, do it now. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus. The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over. Do what you can.

Intrapreneurship in "Social" Business

Mills Scofield

Allen Kramer , Brown '13, is going to change the world - so listen, learn, apply, iterate. __. A powerful way to do this, called mobile recruitment uses text messaging (SMS: Short Message Service) to allow workers to find jobs. I did what most entrepreneurs do: I talked about my idea to anyone and everyone who would listen. What do they see when they wake up in the morning and walk out of their home? Where do the unemployed go to look for work?

Research: Writing a Business Plan Makes Your Startup More Likely to Succeed

Harvard Business

Advocates of “learning by doing” approaches such as the lean startup say it is better to act, improvise, and pivot than to waste time and resources on a 20-page plan that won’t survive first contact with the customer. ” “Where do we want to get to?” For every study that shows it does, another study comes along and says that startups should learn by doing. Jennifer Maravillas for HBR.

Lessons in Using Checklists for Managing Processes


Checklists are a great aid to our memories, because they document important points that we would have learned by doing things. People get blinded so much by checklist that they stop innovating, experimenting and learning. In this context, I read a review Dr. Gawande’s book written by Dr. Philip K. " My Learning?

Too Much Celebration Around Failure?


What’s important is being able to tell the difference between the productive failures, where you were a bit overly ambitious but learned important lessons, and wasteful failures, where you’re just throwing out ideas without thinking them through beforehand. We learn how to walk only after we stumble a few times. We learn by doing, failing, adapting, learning and then applying that learning all over again. Failure is glorified.

The Road Trip, the Goats, and Mindfulness

Building Personal Strength

Then we go to the fence to watch them pass by. Learn by doing. Learn mindfulness by being mindful and getting better at it with experience. Post by Dennis E. Yesterday I posted about mindfulness. I must have mindfulness on my mind, because I have more to say. My good friend Bob Hodges visited for a couple days this weekend. He's on the return end of a 10,000-mile road trip from Washington state to Key West - and back.

Fortune Cookie - Recapture Your Awareness

Building Personal Strength

“Normally, we do not so much look at things as overlook them.” - Alan Watts, American philosopher (1915-1973) One of the benefits of living in the Texas Hill Country is the thriving Farmer's Market we visit every Saturday. By the time we’re adults, we're taught how to look at the world, and our ability to perceive the world directly is mostly trained out of us. The problem is that it has a bad side-effect—we lose the ability to be charmed by the wonders of life.

The 6 Fundamental Skills Every Leader Should Practice

Harvard Business

In an interview with us, reflecting back on his own development as a leader, he didn’t cite education programs or books he had read, but rather described several “learn-by-doing” experiences that would shape his successful career. Translate that vision into a clear strategy about what actions to take, and what not to do. Foster innovation and learning to sustain your team (or organization) and grow new leaders. Thomas J Peterson/Getty Images.

5 Ways Smart People Sabotage Their Success

Harvard Business

Sometimes he wonders, “What am I doing wrong?” If you’re good at learning you can simply learn the skills that don’t come as naturally to you. If a person felt held back at school by being in a class with less smart kids, this frustration with teamwork can develop early — you know what this feels like if you routinely did most of the work on group projects, or got scolded for daydreaming during a class that was moving too slowly for you.