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How Do You Create Customer Loyalty? (Video with Shep Hyken)

Let's Grow Leaders

Your Most Important Customer Loyalty Metric: Do Your Customers Come Back. In this week’s Asking for a Friend, I talk with Shep Hyken, author of I’ll Be Back , discusses how to build customer loyalty and getting customers to come back again and again. The Basic’s of Customer Loyalty. Do they come back?

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How Do You Develop Loyalty on Your Team? (Video Interview with Dov Baron)

Let's Grow Leaders

As we stare straight in the face of the “great resignation,” how do you nurture loyalty on your team? In this edition of Asking For a Friend, Karin Hurt speaks with Dov Baron about practical ways to nurture loyalty. We discuss: What is fierce loyalty and what are the key leadership approaches that encourage people to stay?

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How Self-Checkout Affects Store Loyalty

The Horizons Tracker

To address this gap, researchers from Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business investigated the influence of grocery store self-checkout systems on customer loyalty compared to regular checkout systems. This loyalty is reflected in an increased likelihood of customers returning to the store in the future. ”

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The Impact of App Loyalty Programs on Customer Retention Rates

Strategy Driven

App loyalty programs have emerged as a preeminent strategy to enhance customer engagement and retention. Integrating an app loyalty programs into a business’s arsenal is no longer just an option; it has become an indispensable necessity.

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The 3 Leadership Behaviors that Drive Fierce Loyalty & Extreme Engagement

Nothing motivates employees more than a great boss. Are you developing your leaders? Give them the tools to train and inspire the rest of your organization. Get the 3 steps for developing effective leaders in Paycor’s leadership guide.

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Only Time + Empathy = Loyalty


Sam Adeyemi describes how empathetic executives and C-suite leaders retain top talent and generate loyalty among employees. Today’s guest post is b y Dr. Sam Adeyemi, author of Dear Leader: Your Flagship Guide to Successful Leadership. CLICK HERE t o get your copy).

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What Factors Drive Employee Loyalty?

HR Digest

Employee loyalty is like sand. Loyalty can mean different things to different people. But what exactly does employee loyalty mean? And what are some factors that increase employee loyalty? What is employee loyalty? This is the same for employee engagement and loyalty. Importance of Employee Loyalty.

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