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Maneuver stands in opposition to existing “attrition” strategy, where firms fight expensive battles over small differences in market share based on essentially similar products. Maneuver, like attrition, is a military strategy that has been adapted to business competition, yet to date attrition has been the predominant business strategy. Speed, agility and innovation aren’t required in an attrition strategy, but are definitely important in a maneuver strategy.

5 Ways to Stop Excuses and Inspire Results

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A Few of My Favorites “We would sell more, if the product line were different” “Our attrition would be better, if our competitor wasn’t paying more” “My quality results would be higher, [.] Big goals. Frustrating roadblocks. Concerns grow into excuses.

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Making mistakes okay


This can impact attrition, meeting goals, and the bottom line. If there is one thing that employees fear at work, it’s feeling shamed for mistakes they make. There is very little that is worse than feeling the sting of rejection from being called out on slip-ups.

Complimentary Resource – Keep Your Talent From Walking Out

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Complimentary Resources business management complimentary whitepaper employee attrition Globoforce Limited strategydriven talent management Keep Your Talent From Walking Out. by Globoforce Limited. Combat rising quit rates by holding onto the employees you value the most.

Skills necessary to compete in rapidly evolving markets

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The feature to feature competition is called “attrition”, and it’s adopted from the military, where the goal is to overwhelm and defeat a competitor, regardless of the cost. But attrition relies on size, deep pockets and slowly evolving markets in order to succeed.

What’s In It For Me?

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So does this mean that when the disengaged workers, who want to be leeches and self-focused, leave it is beneficial attrition? Blessing White puts out an employee engagement report each year outlining the previous year’s findings.

Can You See What I See?

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Attrition wasn’t vacating enough positions to stop the bleeding of weekly layoffs, but the executive team knew this was not the time to put down the paintbrush and fold up the canvas.

What is Great Leadership?

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A group that lacks trust for their leader will experience high attrition, increased tension, low productivity and low morale. Guest post from Ted Bagley: All organizations worry about leadership, from the mom and pop community businesses to the giant global entities both domestic and international. There is still a propensity to use the word manager verses leader which can have a significant different intend and meaning.

5 Truths That Govern Compliance’s Relationship With Employee Engagement

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The cost that comes from attrition and low productivity is a downward spiral and it is highly influenced by Truth #2. The sheer mention of the word comply suggests a mentality of doing the bare minimum. You know, just enough of whatever to stay out of hot water.

Customer Experience – infographic

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Customer Experience Maximisation is a hard-hitting, one day programme that gives your people the tools and techniques to promote Customer Stay and Say , thereby stopping the costly drain on your resources caused by customer turnover and attrition.

Resource Management Warning Flag 3 – Marginalizing Employee Contributions

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Doing so causes employee dissatisfaction, burnout, and unwanted attrition. All employees need to feel their work contributes to and is valued by the organization.

9 Reasons Your Leadership Development Program is Failing

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Regardless, your LDP should have stated goals with specific success indicators that are measurable, such as higher bench strength, higher engagement scores, lower attrition, etc. A recent Bersin study reported that U.S.

Connecting with Abrasive Leaders

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Meanwhile, their behavior has consequences: - Low employee morale, retaliation, passive aggression, attrition. Guest post from Cheryl A. Bond, Ed.D., SPHR: Every organization has its share of leaders, technical geniuses or future leaders who lack social skills and self-awareness.

Want a Strong Team? You Have 2 Choices: HIRE Winners or DEVELOP Winners

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Of course you need fresh perspective, but too much churning keeps your wheels spinning, and the cost of attrition is expensive. .

From Data to Actionable Insights: Giving Data a Purpose

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But look at it this way – reducing churn is the goal, and finding the customers at risk for attrition is the analysis component. Does the term “actionable insights” feel like a business buzzword to you? It does to me.

5 (more) Leadership Failures


Leadership that allows negative issues to fester will find that they have a more significant problem to deal with down the line–that of disengaged employees, high attrition, or disgruntled customers. by Calvin Guyer In a previous post , I covered 5 Leadership Failures. Here are 5 more.

Are You Filling In The Blanks?

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Are these good gaps due to promotional opportunities, or bad gaps due to attrition? Do you remember those fill-in-the-blank questions on the tests and quizzes you took in school?

45 Ways to Improve Your Customer Churn Rate

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Customer attrition impacts margins in a big way. Fortunately, you can attack the problem of customer attrition from many different angles. Customers spending less or purchasing less volume are at high risk for attrition. Customer churn rate is a big problem for big businesses.

Dysfunctional Products Come from Dysfunctional Organizations

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Call this “alignment-attrition” – as the time window between our interactions increases, our alignment decreases. It’s hard to shake alignment in this context, because the window for alignment-attrition is so small.

Do You Speak the Language of Performance Driven Execution?

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This will allow him to quickly become aware that the situation is beyond his control, which is in turn a by-product of your ability to consistently increase fire-power attrition, cutting down the amount of time that opposes your maneuver warfare action cycle that wins everything regardless of circumstances. By Damian D. “Skipper” Pitts. Chair, Organizational Development, N2Growth.

Why Your Diversity Program May Be Helping Women but Not Minorities (or Vice Versa)

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to understand the relationship between how organizations talk about diversity and the rates of attrition of associate-level women and racial minority attorneys at these firms.

Maneuver Strategy

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Unlike attrition, maneuver never seeks to attack an incumbent in head-to-head competition. Maneuver strategy has been used by the military since King Leonidas and Genghis Khan, yet businesses all too often neglect it.

Are We Setting Our Leaders Up For Success?


Effective leadership can have a significant benefit on a team or business culture, personnel satisfaction, attrition, sickness levels and the bottom line. People get hired or promoted into leadership roles every day.

Why Companies Overlook Great Internal Candidates

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Companies are planning for attrition rather than training for retention. Avoid excess attrition by getting smart about identifying flight risk. Betting on the potential of talent, playing to win the attrition game, and creating a culture open to growth and advancement can have a material impact on retaining your best employees.

Predictive Analytics: Your Gateway to the Future of Your Business

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Key Predictive Analytics Success Factors for Customer Attrition. As Forbes recently noted, customer attrition affects companies in all industries. To decrease attrition, you also need to grow the accounts you already have. Nothing is scarier for businesses than the unknown. You can plan for a handful of catastrophes and situations, but in reality, you never know what’s down the road.

Can Your Sales Team Actually Achieve Their Stretch Goals?

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For example, examine attrition and retention rates by salespeople’s performance level. Classify salespeople into high, average, and low performance segments, and track and compare voluntary attrition rates across the segments.

Why It’s Time to Rethink Your Company Brand’s Message

Tanveer Naseer

With many discussions underway over the issue of how to retain key talent as the economy improves, it’s vital that leaders evaluate what’s being presented through their organization’s brand – and reinforced through their internal culture – if they are to curb employee attrition, as well as attracting new talent to join their teams to help fuel future growth and development.

Brand 43

Are Summer Vacations Becoming A Thing Of The Past?

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As most organizations can’t afford salary raises, it’s vital that leaders remind their employees that their vacation time is not a gift, but something that’s been hard-earned and deserved as a means to prevent attrition within their teams. With summer now in full swing, it’s only natural that conversations abound as to when and where we’ll be taking our summer vacation.

Are Summer Vacations Becoming A Thing Of The Past?

Tanveer Naseer

As most organizations can’t afford salary raises, it’s vital that leaders remind their employees that their vacation time is not a gift, but something that’s been hard-earned and deserved as a means to prevent attrition within their teams. With summer now in full swing, it’s only natural that conversations abound as to when and where we’ll be taking our summer vacation.

How Morale Changes as a Startup Grows

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One of the costs of a weak or negative culture is voluntary attrition, or employees choosing leave. By investing in culture early on, one would expect that voluntary attrition would be lower, and our research corroborates that. Unplanned attrition is extremely challenging for any business, but it’s especially tough for a startup because young, small companies lack the infrastructure and talent redundancies of larger companies.

Need a Good Parental Leave Policy? Here It Is.

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Setting a still-nursing mother against an insurmountable wall of work is a sure path to attrition. Absent a formal policy, companies typically find that some departments have little trouble with returning leave-takers while others with less supportive supervisors face high attrition.

Diversity and Inclusion – Return on Investment, part 4: Litigation, Fine, and Payout Reduction

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Such occurrences not only represent large one-time costs associated with reduced productivity, heightened distraction, and elevated attrition. Harassment litigation represents a catastrophic failure of an organization’s diversity and inclusion program.


Good Conflict Makes a Good Board

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Possibly associated with this are attrition rates — higher on boards that didn''t address affective conflict, at 24% attrition, compared with 13% attrition on boards that actively address affective conflict. Anyone who has served on a board of directors can appreciate that each board has its own characteristic rhythm, social rules and level of effectiveness.

3 Steps in the Presales Process Fortune 500 Companies Never Skip

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It can help them minimize customer attrition on their end. B2B businesses with a strong and strategic presales process consistently achieve win rates of more than 40%, according to McKinsey research. That’s 10 to 15 points higher than usual.


A Winning Parental Leave Policy Can Be Surprisingly Simple

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Companies that have expanded their paid leave offerings have seen the attrition of new mothers drop by as much as 50%. Primary-caregiver policies pressure couples into breadwinner/homemaker roles instead of diving childcare responsibilities equally — the exact opposite of what employers should be doing to decrease attrition.

The Two Sides of Employee Engagement

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In a Gallup survey, for instance, organizations whose employees reported high engagement had 25% to 65% less attrition than their peers (depending on whether they were traditionally low- or high-turnover organizations).

The Best Data Scientists Know How to Tell Stories

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Project success is more often defined in terms of business metrics: how much did I decrease customer attrition? When hiring data scientists, people tend to focus primarily on technical qualifications.

The Best Ways Your Organization Can Support Working Parents

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What are their attrition patterns? It didn’t find attrition immediately after maternity leave, but there was a previously unseen pattern of departures 12–18 months afterward. Among working parents, this practice is particularly dangerous, leading to burnout, family issues, performance decline, or attrition. Unlimited leave. Executive coaches for new mothers. Food takeout vouchers. “Flying nannies” who join their executive employers on business trips.

Creating an Effective Peer Review System

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For example, when ConAgra Foods analyzed its peer recognition it found that failure to recognize an employee’s good performance was a key predictor of attrition. Employee performance reviews are a hot topic once again.

Being Engaged at Work Is Not the Same as Being Productive

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This points to attrition risks that may need attention; these could be crucial employees who are feeling overworked and would be very painful for the organization to lose. We interpreted this to mean that there was a large population of employees that happily did less work, and a smaller population of employees who worked longer hours but were at high risk of attrition due to low engagement. The holy grail of today’s workplace is high employee engagement.