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Should Policies Have Expiration Dates?

Kevin Eikenberry

Policies exist in all parts of society, and we have been subject to them throughout our lives. They are generally well-intentioned, yet often elicit less than positive response – anything from the rolling of eyes to complaints about how policies don’t apply to a given situation. The post Should Policies Have Expiration Dates?

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3 Problems with Your Open Door Policy and What To Do Instead

Let's Grow Leaders

An open door policy doesn’t get you what you need to lead. The intent behind your open door policy is good: a door that is figuratively always open to encourage transparency, open lines of communication, a standing invitation for your employees to […].

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Why Your Open-Door Policy Doesn’t Work – and What to Do Instead

Let's Grow Leaders

The intent behind your open-door policy is good: a door that is figuratively always open to encourage transparency, open lines of communication, a standing invitation for your employees to bring you issues that affect them or their work. But relying on […].

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Create Eagles – Not Ducks When it Comes to Policies

Great Leadership By Dan

Chris Edmonds : Most stupid policies don’t start out that way. In organizations, ducks are those employees who are bogged down in the stupid policies, i.e. rules that no longer serve. Ducks quack, “That’s not my job,” and “I’m sorry, that’s our policy,” and “My computer won’t let me remove that charge from your account,” etc.

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Workplace Mask Policy & Return to Work Templates

Workplace Mask Policy: Letter. Paycor wishes you the best in bringing your business back and, as always, we’re here to help with expert advice on people management, compliance, and HR strategy. Download now to get the: Return to Work Checklist. Furlough Recall: Letter. Welcome Back to Work: Letter.

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Does Decentralization Help Deliver Effective Migration Policies?

The Horizons Tracker

Two of the most common are referred to by the researchers as “municipal activism” and “municipal passivism” When municipalities are more active, they find their own resources and develop their own policies to manage the situation they have locally.

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HR Policy Toolkit: Examples for Effective Policies

HR Digest

An HR policy toolkit is an essential tool for any organization that wants to create and write a new policy that supports its goals and values. This toolkit includes HR policies and procedures that cover a wide range of topics, including employee behavior, compensation, and benefits. What is an HR policy toolkit?

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Employee Safety During COVID-19: Compliance Toolkit

If you haven’t created an employee vaccination policy, now is the time to consider how you’ll communicate with your employees. Ensure they’re prepared for the latest changes with a clear, concise plan. Get Paycor’s toolkit to learn more.

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Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policy Template

New vaccine mandates and testing policies will affect employers with more than 100 workers. Get Paycor’s free, customizable vaccination policy template to communicate critical details and new requirements to your employees. Get Paycor’s Template today!