Banking without Banks: Decentralized Finance is Coming

Harvard Business

Transparency and trust are at the core of the decentralized finance revolution. Currency Economics Technology Audio

Bitcoin and the Future of Decentralized Finance

Harvard Business

Cryptocurrencies are fueling the emergence of decentralized finance. What is it, how does it work, and who will benefit? Currency Disruptive innovation Technology Audio


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The Decentralized Internet

Harvard Business

Can Web 3.0 give Internet users more control over their digital existence? Internet Security & privacy Disruptive innovation Audio

Using AI to Decentralize Organizations

Harvard Business

There are no managers, no strict job roles, and no vacation limits at Satalia, a London-based company that delivers AI solutions. How does it work? Organizational structure Operations management Disruptive innovation Audio

Will We Realize Blockchain’s Promise of Decentralization?

Harvard Business

Decentralized governance comes at a cost. Currency Technology Digital Article

What’s the buzz about CLEVER DEFI? The internet’s latest buzzword.

Strategy Driven

CLEVER DEFI is a decentralized network that guarantees users interest of up to 11% each fortnight in preserving their native CLVA token. CLEVER DEFI is a ( Decentralized Finance ) Protocol that distributes AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS over 888 fortnightly cycles, which takes exactly 34.15

When to Decentralize Decision Making, and When Not To

Harvard Business

Hence, when (re-)designing the organization structure, they tend to decentralize decision-making, so that decision rights are as close as possible to the people who deal with customers, competitors, front-line employees, and other stakeholders. As Henry Mintzberg noted in The Structuring of Organizations in 1979, “The words centralization and decentralization have been bandied about for as long as anyone has cared to write about organizations.” Artrise/istock.

How DAOs Could Change the Way We Work

Harvard Business

Decentralized autonomous organizations may offer a model for more fulfilling and fairer work. Technology and analytics Digital Article

Who Writes the Rules of a Blockchain?

Harvard Business

Decentralized systems rely on decentralized governance. Enter the “governance token.” ” Technology Currency Finance & Accounting Innovation Digital Article

Starfish vs Spiders


Morgan (2005) uses a great image of a spider-plant to describe the decentralization trend. Handy’s (1998) shamrock organization might provide the right blend of centralization and decentralization to make it worthwhile for for-profit companies. A company could be centralized on one-leaf and decentralized on another. Other than the optional PayPal payment system, the marketplace is completely decentralized.

Move From A Good Leader To A Great Leader

Lead Change Blog

They centralize, then they decentralize, only to centralize again. What does it take to find the sweet spot in leadership? Some leaders operate at the extremes—doing too much, then too little. Some leaders delegate, but then swoop back in and grab control.

Leadership: Finding Your Sweet Spot

Lead Change Blog

They centralize, then they decentralize, only to centralize again. Some leaders operate at the extremes—doing too much, then too little. Some leaders delegate, but then swoop back in and grab control. What does it take to find the sweet spot in leadership?

Crypto and the Future of Money (with Terra’s Do Kwon)

Harvard Business

Terra co-founder Do Kwon joins Azeem Azhar to lay out the case for how decentralized money could change the way we live. Blockchain Capitalism Disruptive innovation Economic systems Economics Web-based technologies Audio

New Leadership Literacies

Lead Change Blog

The tired practices of centralized organizations will become brittle in a future where authority is radically decentralized. Noted futurist Bob Johansen, author of The New Leadership Literacies , envisions that, through technology and digital interconnectivity, future organizations will become distributed, not just decentralized, and be required to “shape shift” in the midst of disruptive market conditions.

Manage to Meet Your Customers’ Needs


This requires a much more decentralized set of management structures and. As customers’ needs become more diverse, the managers of the future must adapt to meet their demands.

6 Ways Leaders Can Dial up the Level of Value in the Workplace

Michael Lee Stallard

Decentralize decision making. Many firms over the last hundred years decentralized decision making. Decentralization gained momentum when Peter Drucker persuaded Alfred P. to decentralize decision making at General Motors Corporation. This management approach combines a high degree of team-based training, autonomy, decentralized decision making, and responsibility for continuous improvement.

Why Integrating Cryptocurrency Payments Will Put Your Business One Step Ahead Of The Game

Strategy Driven

You want decentralized finance explained for you? Though Bitcoin is decentralized, Bitcoin transactions are public, traceable, and permanently stored in the Bitcoin network. Some see this as a benefit, but many see decentralization as a negative.

How To Make Two Key Contradictions of Leadership Work For You

Terry Starbucker

There must be centralization to deliver decentralization. Then there is the really “bizarro&# contradiction of centralization/decentralization. Sacks puts his finger on this absolutely perfectly: “You have to be centralized with respect to direction, decentralized with respect to execution&#. It’s the moment of truth. That moment when all of what you’ve put into your leadership comes to fruition. It’s when a teammate engages with a customer.

The Benefits of Understanding Blockchain Technology

Strategy Driven

Blockchain is often defined as a decentralized, sequential ledger in which the entries are connected through cryptographic links and stored in a distributed, peer-to-peer computer network. Blockchain technology is vulnerable to hacking, as it relies on a decentralized public ledger.

Five Qualities Genuine Leaders Have in Common

Leading Blog

And with today’s digital economy and globalized markets making organizations more and more decentralized, it’s getting harder than ever for workers to create meaningful relationships with others.

CEO Marketing Priorities

N2Growth Blog

Force Multiplication : Now that your workforce has likely become largely decentralized, your messaging should follow suit. COVID-19 has made CEO marketing priorities synonymous with survival.

CEO 215

Breaking Through | A New Frontier of Technology and Innovation

N2Growth Blog

As a few recent examples, Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, is changing the face of finance as the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network powered by its users with no central authority or intermediaries.

All You Have to Do Is Ask

Leading Blog

Platforms like Givitas allow people to get what they need without having to repeatedly tap all the same experts or all the usual go-to people because requests are decentralized and broadcast across the vast network. I F WE ARE HONEST with ourselves, we know there are times we need help.

Six Rules to Simplify Work


Simplicity stems from decentralization of power. “ Most re-organization efforts either focus on hard stuff (processes, strategy, structure, KPI’s) or on soft stuff (culture, values, relationships, feelings). I have seen very few reorganization efforts in my career that are focused on the most important aspect of how value is delivered to customers: Simplicity.

KPI 153

Being a Good Leader is Tough Stuff

Lead Change Blog

They know when to centralize and decentralize to maintain efficiency without sacrificing effectiveness. Anyone who supervises others is automatically tasked with planning, organizing, and directing. Every boss gives orders and assigns work. Their employees follow their directions and complete the work assigned to them within the parameters given. This transactional stuff is all part of being a manager.

How Blockchain Can Propel Your Business Into The Future

Strategy Driven

Blockchain is an innovative digital transactions process where records are stored in a decentralized location. It is the basis of cryptocurrencies, but also provides a way of safely storing transactions like deliveries and private records.

How This Crisis Will Change the Future Of Leadership

Lead from Within

Times of crisis show us the value of decentralized leadership, and the ability to create a network of talented experts with access to good data is fast becoming an essential leadership skill.

Crisis 156

Is the Flattened Firm Falling Flat?


In addition, rather than decentralizing the structure of the organization, flattening usually results in a drastic centralization. Wolf’s research implies that flattening alone is an insufficient strategy for reducing costs or decentralizing decision making. For the past few decades, the business press and management consultants have pushed for large organizations to flatten their structure. Recent research, however, may be taking some of the wind out of their sails.

Frontline Festival: Leaders Give Pointers on Creating Connection

Let's Grow Leaders

Alli Polin of Break the Frame observes that teams are increasingly decentralized and leaders are challenged to create connection when face to face interaction is infrequent at best. Welcome back to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival. This month’s festival is all about creating connection. Thanks to Joy and Tom Guthrie of Vizwerx Group for the great pic and to all our contributors!

Meyer 242

Extreme Ownership

Leading Blog

They cover four critical concepts that enable a team to perform at the highest level: Cover and Move (to move as one), Simple (keep plans and communications simple), Prioritize and Execute (avoid target fixation on a single issue), and Decentralized Command (leaders at all levels must be empowered to make decisions). Extreme Ownership by Navy SEAL officers Jocko Willink and Leif Babin is about leadership as personal responsibility. Leaders must own everything in their world.

Candidate Management During a Crisis

N2Growth Blog

Most companies have decentralized their teams due to social distancing, measures directed by state and federal governments to keep people home and prevent further spread of the disease. I am no stranger to the challenges of candidate management during a crisis. I started my career in executive search right out of college over 13 years ago, so recruiting is work that I’ve always done and always loved.

Crisis 165

YESability: Driving Growth with Yes

Leading Blog

Then relies heavily on centralized control and specialization, whereas now relies heavily on decentralized autonomous action.” In a world that is moving from a global economy driven by mass production to one driven by mass customization—a now economy—the demand for mass ingenuity, mass engagement, and mass action, has never been greater. In Business at the Speed of Now , author John Bernard says that there must also be a shift in the way we manage our organizations.

What are the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world?

Strategy Driven

The company also has its own decentralized wallet and even official Telegram channels that keep the entire community in touch. With the growing popularity of the topic of cryptocurrencies, more exchanges offering transactions using virtual coins appear on the market.

Beyond The Basics: The 10 Best Ways To Fine-Tune Your Leadership

Terry Starbucker

Work with, not against, the 2 contradictions of leadership - It’s a big balancing act that pays big dividends; there must be clarity in roles and responsibilities to allow for the right kind of productive dissent , and a team needs to be centralized with respect to direction, but decentralized with respect to execution.

How Saying Less Can Empower Others to Say More

Skip Prichard

Some might worry that this decentralized approach could lead to a lack of focus or systems discipline, but in my case, just the opposite occurred. This is a guest post by Kevin Hancock, CEO of Hancock Lumber.

Layoffs Rarely Pay Off: Here are 15 Alternatives

The Practical Leader

These times also accentuate the power of decentralized decision making. Your values are showing. Tough times are when the tide goes out to sea and exposes the jewels or junk that’s been under the surface.

Building Community Around Your Blog: Community Outside of Your Site

Managing Communities

photo credit: gotosira For part two in my series on building community around your blog, I want to talk about community decentralized – or community that is built on websites that you do not own or control. In the first part, we discussed community that you have by default upon launching your blog. This relates directly [.]. Interacting with Users

How to Optimally Align IT with Your Business Processes?

Strategy Driven

For the IT architecture to be effective, it should be between centralized and decentralized. Balance between Centralization and Decentralization. To apply and appropriate balance between centralization and decentralization, the information pyramid can be implemented. IT is an important subject for any organization and it becomes increasingly interwoven with business operations.

Top CEO Challenges

CO2 Business Leadership

Setting a culture of adaptability via decentralized decision making. By: Gary Cohen. In reviewing recent surveys of top leaders by The Conference Board, Bain, World Economic Forum the six most significant and top challenges CEOs face that need to be addressed by organizations are: Attracting, Growing and Retaining trustworthy and capable Leadership. Integrating Social Responsibility into the business model. Effectively making and executing the decisions.

CEO 40

Culture Counts

Leading Blog

While it may be better known to some for its legendary football, winged helmets and “Hail to the Victors” fight song, Michigan, much like Abbott Laboratories, is one of the world’s premier research institutions where scientific rigor, intellectual freedom and disciplined scholarship thrive in a lively, entrepreneurial and decentralized university environment. Corporate America has had no shortage of heroes: Kellogg, Hewlett, Disney, Packard, Kroc, Watson, Ash and Iacocca.

9 Reasons Your Leadership Development Program is Failing

Nathan Magnuson

Still others may revolve around an decentralized model (such as a mentoring program). A recent Bersin study reported that U.S. companies invest over $2,000 in leadership development initiatives per company leader. That’s great news. But is it worth the investment? Just because an organization has a leadership development program doesn’t mean it’s successful, does it?

Creating Great Choices

Leading Blog

The idea is to create a two-sided dilemma from a general problem like whether to use a centralized structure versus a decentralized structure or consumer needs versus shareholder expectations. O FTEN WHEN FACED with a problem we see only a single solution or perhaps none at all. When we get stuck we need to create new and better choices. Choices that solve the problem in a new, more successful way without the compromises we usually settle for.

Bitcoin: The Future Global Currency?

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One key difference is that bitcoin is mostly decentralized and is not controlled by banks or governments. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency today. Similar to normal currencies, they are used in online transactions and paying for products and services in person.