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Work Performance and the Perils of Comparison

N2Growth Blog

To close, comparison can be a perilous path to take when working to motivate. Instead of falling into the comparison trap, try some of these tips and you just might lead your team to outstanding performance. Let me take you back in time. You’re in 8th grade.

My Dad, Steve Jobs and the Comparison Trap

Kevin Eikenberry

Leadership Learning balance comparison Personal Development professional developmentI grew up on a farm — an environment where mechanical equipment abounds and things break (often at inopportune times). Given that, having great mechanical skills and aptitudes are a great benefit to a farmer. Thankfully, my father had those skills. He was so good at the variety of skills required that I grew up [.].

2 Keys to Moving Beyond the Danger of Comparison

Ron Edmondson

2 Keys to Moving Beyond the Danger of Comparison. Comparison is dangerous. Comparison is dangerous for what is does to you, underneath the surface. But comparison also tarnishes the Creator God who created you His image. danger of comparison.

Mindful Mondays: The Surprising Benefit of Comparing Yourself to Others

Next Level Blog

Mindful Mondays comparison perfection performance self-judgmentEvery so often you hear a story that’s the exception that proves the rule. In this case, the rule is don’t compare yourself to others; just do your best and play your own game.

Odious Comparisons


Gretchen Rubin at The Happiness Project considers the effect that comparisons have on happiness. Dennis Prager once observed that if you assume others are happier, that only means you don't know them well enough.

Mini Saga #68 – Comparison

Rajesh Setty

There was only one small glitch… Mini Saga #68 – Comparison. Tags: Mini Saga comparison investor pitch startup The plan seemed almost perfect. Joe was very excited to pitch his startup to Matt.

This Bud's Not for Me | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

Because I had a few of the old cans in the refrigerator I conducted a side-by-side comparison through the eye of a marketer. The comparison raised a couple of brand trivia questions. In the CEO Afterlife. Main menu Home. Leadership. Branding. This Bud’s Not for Me.

USP 11

Why September is the New January

Kevin Eikenberry

I don’t know where this type of comparison phrase originated, or even why it has become so popular; but it certainly has. And you have heard it many times: Breakfast is the new lunch. YouTube is the new TV. Sitting is the new smoking. I’ve got a new one for you today.

Herding Your Thoughts

Kevin Eikenberry

It’s not the most common comparison, but believe it or not, your thoughts and sheep herders have a few things in common. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below! Tweet it out: Be attentive to your thoughts, because they predict your future.

Power & Paycheques: Can next gen leaders stop the compensation cash grab?

Roundtable Talk

The likely cause is a little thing called “comparison other”. Brain candy Generation X Generation Y Power comparison other executive compensation No raise for Canadian bank CEO's unfair compensation practicesLast week, the paycheques of Canada’s banking CEO’s made headlines because they *gasp* didn’t get raises. What will Ed Clark and Rick Waugh do without that six figure boost to their multi-million dollar comp packages?


Persistence pays off for leaders

Lead on Purpose

In a recent post about business ups and downs, Michael Hyatt makes an interesting comparison of amateurs to professionals in baseball: Professionals aren’t smarter than you. Successful leaders are persistent; they relentlessly pursue their goals. They probably don’t have secrets … Continue reading → Leadership Purpose learner persistence results success

Are Sacrifices a Part of Leadership?

Lead Change Blog

Compared to sterile workplaces, the type of decisions and corresponding sacrifices pale in comparison. Many tough decisions need to be made every day. In hospitals and clinics, life-impacting decisions are made. On battlefields, just think of the decisions made and the ultimate sacrifices they may bring. Yet, sacrifices happen every day and in every place. [.]

Now is the Time to Find Your Sweet Spot

Leading Blog

The Obsessive Comparison Disorder: We can always find people who are doing better than us and we want what everyone else has. Millennial expert Paul Angone calls this Obsessive Comparison Disorder (OCD). As a twenty-something, Paul Sohn said his life looked so good on paper.

We All Start at the Beginning – The Question is, “How Far Along are You?”

First Friday Book Synopsis

About the only comparison to actual soccer is that they play on a field, with nets… I’ve heard it called “mob ball.” […]. Do you know what to do when you show up to work? This is not a small point. Have you every watched the youngest youth team play soccer? I’m talking sbout really young? Randy''s blog entries

12 Ways to Find Your Confidence

Leadership Freak

Puffing up, putting down, posturing, excuse making, and negative comparisons express – lack of confidence – cockiness. Lack of confidence is the dirty secret in top leaders. Insecure leaders often cover insecurities with strutting. Cocky is compensation for lack of confidence. Cocky is phony confidence. The need to feel superior means you aren’t. Confidence […].

Something Harder than Believing in Yourself

Leadership Freak

Every leadership development tool, technique, method, and strategy fades in comparison to the power of belief. If you think believing in yourself is hard, try believing in others. Everyone needs someone who believes in them; young leaders need it the most. The people who change us the most believe in us the most. The first [.].

Level-Setting Leadership in the Kardashian Age

Lead Change Blog

There’s been plenty written about the issue of “social comparison motive” and its possible negative impact on mood and self esteem, and though I’m not here to say it’s all bad, social comparison motive certainly raises challenges for today’s leaders.

Ethics and Trust: An Interview with Robert Hoyk

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob''s blog entries Advantageous Comparison Charles H. In 2009, Charles H. Green interviewed Robert Hoyk, co-author with Paul Hersey of a book that I highly admire: The Ethical Executive: Becoming Aware of the Root Causes of Unethical Behavior. After reading it, Green observes, “What grabbed me was their idea that ethics is usually considered a philosophical issue, but the management application of […].

Lest we forget this weekend….

First Friday Book Synopsis

Using this comparison, [.]. During its first 100 years of existence, more than 683,000 Americans lost their lives, with the Civil War accounting for 623,026 of that total (91.2%). Comparatively, in the next 100 years, another 626,000 Americans died through two World Wars and several more regional conflicts (World War 2 representing 65% of that total). Bob's blog entries

7 Simple Leadership Tips Which Could Help Every Pastor and Leader

Ron Edmondson

You’ll stress less about your progress if you drop the comparison game. I have a heart for leaders. Especially church leaders. I’d love to help others learn from my mistakes. In fact, this is a huge motivation for this blog and a lot of my ministry.

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5 Ways to Fight Insecurity

Ron Edmondson

Here are 5 ways to deal with insecurity as a pastor or leader: Avoid comparisons. as a Pastor or Leader I was talking with a young pastor overwhelmed with the responsibility he’s been given.

7 Damaging Sins Which Can Cripple Every Marriage

Ron Edmondson

Comparison only leads to frustration. Did you know there are sins which can cripple every marriage? There are. You realize there are no perfect marriages because there are no perfect people. Right? Let me repeat that. There are no perfect marriages because there are no perfect people.

9 Tips to Avoid Getting Sidetracked

Leading Blog

Check your reference points to consider the motives—social comparisons and emotions—behind your decisions. Our decisions are biased by the comparisons we strategically choose in order to alter how we see ourselves." Too often we think we know exactly what is going on in our minds and what is affecting our behavior. Even though we are committed to our plans we find that the end result bears little resemblance to our best intentions. Somehow we get sidetracked.

Tips 81

Come to Think of It

Chris Brady

  Education, occupation, geographicalbackground, and even personality traits pale in comparison to the history ofthought development in an individual.

Choose the Best Equipment for Your Business with These Quick Tips

Strategy Driven

One of the best ways to make it easier is to look for comparison sites. You can also go to manufacturer and supplier websites, where they often have a product comparison function. Photo courtesy of MathKnight. Every business needs some kind of equipment to run.

What True Leaders Know About Emotional Intelligence

Lead Change Blog

Here’s a quick visual comparison of the two systems: The autopilot system is like an elephant. True leaders at any level of the totem pole show their leadership primarily through managing their own emotions.

7 Tools to Build Your Willpower

Lead Change Blog

Our emotional desires seem like a huge elephant and our rational self is like a small elephant rider by comparison. Struggling to get work done instead of slacking off? Tempted by that second doughnut? Struggling to resist checking your phone? Shopping impulsively on Amazon?

Tools 82

5 Leadership Lessons: What if the Rules to Winning Were Different than You Thought?

Leading Blog

It becomes less about comparison and more about contribution. W HAT IF GIVING VALUE beat extracting value every time? What is seeing others succeed was the greatest reward? It is a Remarkable! culture that does that every time. A Remarkable!

The One Ingredient Your Strengths May Be Missing

Tanveer Naseer

Comparison Comparison and competition are such natural, minute-by-minute parts of life that they’re nearly unconscious habits. One comparison signal: Organizationally, you’re hyper aware about what others are doing, often causing anxiety about what’s not being done.

Why Expressing Gratitude Through Our Leadership Matters

Tanveer Naseer

After spending time with my family this weekend and catching up with everyone, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between those moments of sharing words of gratitude with my family with those moments where leaders express gratitude to those they lead.

Decisions and Timing

Lead Change Blog

As you silently wonder how your promoted peers deserve advancement more than you, your brain starts switching in different modes, such as: Comparison Mode. • You were not promoted again this year? After putting in so much effort and hard work this year you were still not rewarded?

The 9 Biggest Mistakes When Presenting to Executives

Let's Grow Leaders

Spice up your data with a strategic story , metaphors, or illuminating statisitcs with powerful comparisons. Executives are naturally a tough audience. They’ve got limited time, competing priorities, information overload, demanding bosses, and pressure to make great decisions quickly.

7 Reactions to Grief Which May Surprise You

Ron Edmondson

Comparison. Actually, there can be a healthy side of comparison if we use it with the right intent. Over the years I’ve walked with dozens of people through the stages of grief.

Leadership in Action

Lead Change Blog

Just like purchasing a house, the single act pales in comparison to the commitment you need to dedicate time to serve and lead others. I find it interesting seeing people wanting to be leaders like it is the first-place position in a race.

Inflation v. Batman


Political Calculations has an interesting comparison showing the cost of being Batman in 1939 versus 2013

Skeptic's Checklist


Are the comparisons appropriate or is this a case of "apples and oranges?" To be considered while listening to arguments and proposals: Are there any overstatements? Are important facts missing? Is there a lack of balance? Are there any weasel words? Are the assumptions valid? Do the timelines make sense? Do the "facts" withstand scrutiny? Do the examples support the generalizations? Is there a false choice? Is a straw man argument being used?

7 Things That Drive Your Core Strengths and Make You Unique

Lead Change Blog

No 2 people’s advantages are the same – so rule out comparison or self-pity. At your core there exists a unique set of abilities. We refer to them as strengths. These are not difficult to discover.

And the antidote to envy is.

Management Craft

Comparison and regret. Remove either the comparison or the regret and you will prevent envy. To envy is human. But envy robs us of so many possibilities including: Achievement. Peace. Humility. Connection. Happiness. Our best thinking, our best work, our best life. So how do we get past our feelings of envy? To explore this, we need to think about what's going on when we experience envy.

Many Aren't Concerned Regarding Work/Life Balance

Coaching Tip

By comparison, 55% of 800 senior executives surveyed worldwide in 2010 by BlueSteps said they didn''t believe their work/life balance was satisfactory. Can you work long hours without sacrificing your personal life? More senior executives think that is possible.

When to Cooperate and When to Compete

Leading Blog

Drawing on interdisciplinary studies, they show how to manage social comparisons (We crave comparisons because we like to know how we’re doing compared to the people around us.), As we navigate through life, we must be able to cooperate and compete. Knowing what to do when is very important to getting where you want to go and to where you want to go next time.