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Saturday Sage: Build a Better Life with Good Travel Partners

Leadership Freak

What travel partners should you invite into your life – people who mark you,… Continue reading → Life is dangerous. Never walk alone. The people you invite into your life reflect the person you will become.

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The Future Of Business Travel

The Horizons Tracker

Where previously workers would meet face-to-face, the shutdown in travel and of workplaces has forced so many of us to converse virtually instead. With conferences also heading online, the business travel market has ground to a halt as people have learned to communicate without jumping on a plane to do so. the researchers say. “We

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How to Stay Resilient as You Begin to Travel Again

Next Level Blog

Here it is verbatim: One of my questions leading into the summer is any tips/guidance for how to bounce back if your travels take your routines out of sync. traveling/road trips, attending big family events with food/drink outside normal routine, not able to get normal physical routine in). Business travel is picking up.

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Travel Nursing: Knowing When It’s Time to Do It

Strategy Driven

Travel nurses can expand their skills while learning new on-the-job procedures. One con to being a travel nurse is missing time with hometown friends due to extended employment gaps between assignments. However, many travel nurses find a support network of fellow travelers to bond with at their destinations.

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How Frequent Travel Makes Us Happier

The Horizons Tracker

As the Covid-19 pandemic brought travel to a standstill, many of us regained our appreciation for the pleasure obtained from being able to visit new places. It’s perhaps no surprise, therefore, that research from Washington State University reveals that frequent travel can significantly boost our happiness. Happiness boost.

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What Role Does International Air Travel Play In Innovation?

The Horizons Tracker

International air travel has undoubtedly shrunk the world, with nonstop flights facilitating travel to all corners of the world. The post What Role Does International Air Travel Play In Innovation? The researchers explore not only whether nonstop flights support innovation within companies but also how they might do so.

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Visa Costs Are Higher When Travelling From Poorer Countries

The Horizons Tracker

The Covid pandemic has seen international travel grind to a halt, so visa concerns have been shunted onto the backburner by more pressing events. Travel costs. The researchers gathered data on visa costs when travelling between countries across the world. And our data clearly shows that these barriers include visa costs.”

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