How to Keep Business Travel Costs Down

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Businesses are pinched, but managing your supply chain and business relationships through online video chat and emails is hard. Travelling to solve and fix these issues is essential, but not every company can currently afford it or find a flight to get them where they need to be. You’d be surprised at how many are occurring right now to help airlines manage their costs even though all their flights are grounded.

How Can the Travel Industry Overcome the Impact of COVID?

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One of the hardest hit industries during the coronavirus pandemic has been travel and tourism. Whether it’s regularly for business or to get away on a summer holiday, we’ve all been unable to venture to where we need or want to as a result of major travel restrictions.

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Career Success Demands Adjusting Your Altitude and Traveling Forward in Time

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Boost Your Traveling Sales Representatives’ Productivity

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But for traveling sales representatives, working away from the office has long been a way of life. Many of these representatives cover large territories, potentially encompassing several states, that require them to travel for days or weeks at a time. For their employers, the challenge of how best to manage remote sales personnel is presented. Here are some strategies employers can implement in order to maximize their traveling sales representatives’ productivity.

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A ‘Strong Travel Culture’ Pays off for Companies

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58% of the respondents agree that having a strong travel culture brings valuable business results. . Though, only 31% believe that they have a strong travel culture in place in their company. 77% of those with a strong travel culture work with a single travel management company (TMC). 58 percent of the respondents of the survey confirm having this sort of strong travel culture. Featured News business travel travel culture

The Business Travel Diva's Rules for Family Vacations

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Summer, when the road warrior, business travel divas deign to disrupt their routine to fly with their families on vacation. As a public service to business travel divas and their families, I’m offering a handy clip and save list of rules that road warriors can give to their family members as a helpful aid to packing and getting through the airport. The Business Travel Diva’s Rules for Family Vacations (Section 1: Pre-Flight Checklist) 1.

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Rules Of The Road: Looking After Your Traveling Employees

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You should also consider travel insurance, especially if there are problems with lost luggage or delayed flights. Sometimes it’s not possible, especially if there are travel issues or time differences. Be Transparent In Your Travel Policies. In order to make sure that you are covered in a legal sense you need a proper travel policy that protects your employees when they are out on the road, but also make sure that your liabilities are limited.

Business Travel Divas Turn Themselves In

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And those who read my post, The Business Travel Divas Guide to Family Vacations a few weeks ago also know that Im working hard to not be a travel diva jerk on this trip. When I wrote the guide, I had a sense that I wasnt the only business travel diva out there.

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Top Apps to Have When Traveling for Business

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The Asana app enables easy communication, deadline progress monitoring, and the management of tasks to employees. Thus, if one’s business entails team management, output goals definition and a number of deadlines, Asana is the go-to app. Concur is an amazing travel/expense manager that has the potential to dethrone all business-oriented apps from whichever throne they sit on. You just finished reading Top Apps to Have When Traveling for Business !

How to Turn Traveling the World into a Career

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Take a few weeks to think about your reasons for traveling – do you want to experience more of the world? Now that you’ve thought about it carefully and got the right vaccinations , make sure to plan at least a little bit ahead, even if the lack of schedule is precisely why you want to travel. Focus on the reasons you are traveling and make them marketable. Working in the travel or tourism industry will allow you to visit new places while being paid.

The Biased Manager

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Here are a few examples: She’s available for travel. ” Next time you are making a people management decision, stop and take a critical look at how biases may be informing your choices. Workplace Issues diversity equality HR Human Resources Leadership managing people people management racism Do you think you are open-minded, unbiased, and free of racism? Let me challenge you. It is human nature to categorize people.

How You Can Make Your Blog a Business While Traveling the World

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Traveling is hard enough, without trying to run a business as you go! Travel blogging is a huge industry, and we’ve got some tips to help you join in the action. After you’ve booked your tickets and sorted your passport and visas, use this guide to find internet fame and make money as your own online traveling show. This is easy, passive income as you travel. Organizing meetups with other travel bloggers is a clever way of expanding your audience.

Simple Physical Routines for Successful Stress Management

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This week, I want to start with three basic physical routines that are essential to stress management – eating, moving and sleeping. Get out – There are some upsides to working from home, but one of the downsides is you’ve lost the variety of mental input you get when you travel back and forth to your office. So, there you have it – some best practices for eating, moving and sleeping that will help you manage your allostatic load during these unusually stressful times.

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Complimentary Resource – How to Cut the Hidden Costs Out of Travel and Expense Management

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How to Cut the Hidden Costs Out of Travel and Expense Management. Learn how to reduce your company’s overall operating costs by taking a strategic approach to your travel and expense management process. Discover how organizations are significantly cutting costs and saving time with an automated travel and expense management process in this special webinar from Concur and Business Finance Magazine.

How to “Manage” A Blue Lobster

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He never yelled at me again (though he did keep yelling at the rest of the team), and became one of three manager-mentors that shaped my career at Bell Labs and AT&T — and taught me to manage others and myself. What else did I learn from three incredible manager-mentors?

How to Travel Less & Earn More Consulting Revenue

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Some consultants love to travel for their consulting projects. Consultants Project Management productivity project management time managementMe, I’m not a big fan. I prefer to be with my family, sleep in my own bed, eat healthy, home-cooked meals, and work in my gym clothes. Besides, when I’m on the road, there’s less time for marketing and business development, and I can’t play old-man hockey at the local rink.

5 Stages of Manager Soul Loss #WinningWell

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As we’ve travelled around the world sharing our Winning Well message– that yes, it is possible to get results that last without losing your soul– along with the tools to help, so many managers have shared, “well, I don’t think I’ve quite […]. Winning Well management stress in the workplace

What Is Yield Management and Why Is it So Important?

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To remedy this situation in the hospitality industry, a new pricing strategy was developed; the Yield Management strategy. What is yield management? What is yield management and how does it affect your business? So, really, what is yield management ?

Complimentary Resource – Overseas Business Travel Risk

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Overseas Business Travel Risk. Get FREE access to Zurich’s white paper on preparing for overseas business travel risks! This white paper shares potential overseas business travel risks: Health risks. Click here for more information on Overseas Business Travel Risk. You just finished reading Complimentary Resource - Overseas Business Travel Risk ! Relate Articles: Complimentary Resource – Overseas Business Travel Risk.

Managing Your Business From Afar

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If you are the kind of manager who likes to have a real hands-on approach with your business and what is taking place inside it, then you probably want to be able to do that no matter where you are. You might be travelling the world or on break, but you still want to be able to look into what is going on in your business and work out how to make the changes you want. Managing Your Business business management Remote Team Management remote working strategydriven

Be A Time Management God.

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Over the past few weeks, I've been aggregating many time management tips I share with my clients to get more done in the limited amount of time they have. It's a mix of managing your time more effectively and dealing with that old devil — procrastination. We ALL suffer from these ailments: Time management is really prioritizing your tasks. Ensure you add buffer time (prep work, travel time, etc.)

Managing Through COVID-19: Going Remote

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Managing Through COVID-19: Going Remote. Many companies have instated a travel ban and remote work mandate. If this has always been important to you as a manager, that’s great. The post Managing Through COVID-19: Going Remote appeared first on Situational Leadership® Management and Leadership Training. Blog Posts Communication Engagement Executive Leadership Experienced Manager Individual Contributor Leadership & Strategy New Manager

From Shitmydadsays - Real Wisdom about Space Travel

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Thursday, February 3, 2011 From Shitmydadsays - Real Wisdom about Space Travel "Aliens exist, I just dont think they came millions of light years just to see earth. Not worth it to humans, either, to travel through space to visit them. That questions bugs the hell out of people so much that they cant stop themselves from dreaming about space colonies and star travel.

Can You Manage Up? Eight Questions for Increasing Your Influence

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As I travel around the country speaking and training people to hold potentially difficult conversations, I am frequently asked if the skills and processes which I teach can be used with one’s boss. Often I am disappointed when I hear such a response because the underlying assumption is that they can’t manage the communication dynamic based on their current skills; that success hinges entirely on whether or not someone has had the class.

Women Book Business Travel Earlier, Saving Companies Millions

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The demand for business travel is gender-independent, but men and women demonstrate different travel habits that impact the bottom line. We know from previous research that women react more strongly to unforeseen events and are more stressed than men when traveling for work. But what about when planning travel? We isolated data on how far in advance of flight women and men book their travel. Gender Stress Time management Digital ArticleHBR STAFF.

Understanding HR – Basics for Managers

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As a manager, unless you are working in a very tiny company you will most likely have access to an HR department to handle some of the back-end paperwork for your team. If you had to know all about HR in order to be a manager, in addition to everything you need to know about your industry and your team’s function, it would be overwhelming. As a manager it’s important to make sure that new hires carefully review their first paycheck to be sure everything is correct.

The Hidden Benefits of Short-Term Business Travel

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Despite the inherent fatigue and the surface appearance of monotony, business travel can be more than just getting work done in a new location. Through our own experiences as well as those we’ve interviewed, coached, and worked with, we’ve identified some of the top benefits of short-term business travel. First, traveling abroad can build your confidence. Managing Across Cultures. Cross-cultural management Managing yourself Digital Article

Traveling for Work? You’re a Prime Target for Hackers

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As if the stresses and headaches of business travel weren’t enough, there’s one more thing to worry about while traveling in unfamiliar places: the security of your email. Each time a traveling executive opens spymail, they reveal a wealth of private information — their current location, the time of day they read their email, the hotel at which they are staying. Establish executive travel email protocol.

Just How Bad Is Business Travel for Your Health? Here’s the Data.

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I went with the pizza, but my lack of choices was annoying — so much so that, when I got home, I started looking into the data on health and travel for work. According to the Global Business Travel Association and American Express , Americans took more than 500 million domestic business trips in 2016. To investigate the link between business travel and chronic disease conditions, my colleagues and I turned to de-identified electronic medical record data from EHE, Inc.,

Have Space Ship Will Travel-In Celebration and In Memoriam

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There are a remarkable number of leadership and management lessons as well as a fierce debate about importance and economics that all swirl around the space program. The last Space Shuttle of this era has returned and the program is officially grounded for good. Just for today, let's put those aside and remember and wonder and give thanks to those who served and to remember those who perished. The debates can continue another day. Social Commentary dreams Space Exploration

10 Stupid Games that Managers Play

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This post was recently published at Smartblog on Leadership : Most managers are rationale, logical, practical problem solvers when they first get promoted. The change is so gradual, these silly games eventually begin to feel like “real world management.” How many of these silly management games do you play? This is when orders are given to cut expenses in one category, i.e., travel, so you increase spending in another catalog, i.e., conferences, and bury the costs.

The Best Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

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Instead, find a way to turn traveling into a career. With that in mind, here are thirteen of the best jobs for people who love to travel. Being scared of flying shouldn’t hold you back from traveling or making money from it. Travel Agent. For a long time, the travel agency industry declined, as people began going online to book their own vacations. The requirements to become a travel agent aren’t as strict as many travel-related careers.

6 Secrets to Success in the Global Business World

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Without the ability to successfully manage a business across borders, you and your organization are destined to fall behind. They recognize that what works well in one culture could be unintentionally alienating in another, causing a rift between a manager and his or her team. Live and travel abroad. Effective global leaders know their management style and how it might be received by different cultures. Leadership Development Global Business Travel

How to Organize Seamless Business Trips in 2020

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One of the perks of working in a large company, with several senior responsibilities, is that it’s often left to you to travel to different destinations in order to hammer out contracts, seal deals, check up on suppliers, or help with your distribution network. From this point, you’ll be able to think carefully about the time of day that your travel, and the check-in times that you will cite to hotel staff.

It’s Not Just Semantics: Managing Outcomes Vs. Outputs

Mills Scofield

Outcomes are the difference made by the outputs: better traffic flow, shorter travel times, and fewer accidents. Since she travels, she’d like to go on a trip and have the car serviced while she’s gone. Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit at the Arsenal Contemporary Museum, Montreal. This post was originally published in Harvard Business Review (ages ago, but still relevant). It has been getting a lot of re-reading lately so I thought I’d repost it here.

5 Compelling Reasons Your Company Should Invest in Small Business Jets

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Maximizing corporate travel has never been more important than it is today. Decisions have to be made quickly, and sometimes that means making last-second travel plans that don’t coincide with airline schedules. Flying privately provides an incredible amount of travel flexibility that you won’t have when flying commercial. With a business aircraft, you can travel any time of the day or night, to any destination that you need to get to fast.

Control Freaks in Management


After interviewing more than 10,000 employees at 600+ companies, you start noticing patterns in management, as I’ve written about in Managing (Right) for the First Time. Management seems to attract control freaks in inordinate numbers. If you’re really concerned about quality, put the right systems and processes into place, along with the right people, and manage that way. He enjoys travel, racquetball, photography, and flying airplanes and helicopters.

How Do Busy Leaders Make More Time?

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Of course there might be subtle deviations due to travel, emergencies, and unplanned activities, but for the most part, they stick to this plan. Blog Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip Life Coaching Media Piece Quotations Social Media Ways & Tips Executive Meditate Relax Schedule Simple Simplicity Time Management TravelOne of my clients sent me their daily schedule.

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How to Become a More Effective Manager #WinningWell

Let's Grow Leaders

As we’ve been traveling for our book tour and media interviews, David and I consistently get asked questions we imagine may be on your mind as well. Managers who win well bring confidence and humility in equal measure and focus on both results and relationships. What distinguishes a Winning Well manager from a “User,” “Pleaser,” or “Gamer” manager type you discuss in your Winning Well model?

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What Nursing Parents Need to Know About Pumping During Work Travel

Harvard Business

But if the new parent’s return involves business travel, and that parent has chosen to nurse, it’s even more complicated. While it’s common for new parents to feel stressed about juggling life at work and home, for a pumping, traveling parent the stress can be heightened. One stumbling block is that company policies and benefits aren’t clear — either to employees or their managers. Become a Travel-Logistics Master.

Ways to Impress a Client On a Business Trip

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Heavy luggage, lost at reception and boozy business dinners are all regular features of hosting a client who has traveled on business. One of the most important features of impressing a client while they’ve made the effort to travel is to keep them entertained while you get to know them. Clients on executive travel might be keen to be impressed, but they’re also a tired traveler.

Executive Time Management

Coaching Tip

That is one of the central findings of a team of scholars from London School of Economics and Harvard Business School , who have burrowed into the day-to-day schedules of more than 500 CEOs from around the world with hopes of determining exactly how they organize their time—and how that affects the performance and management of their firms. Successful corporate women manage the home front as well, if not better, than their careers. What do chief executives do all day?

Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Back To The Future

Joseph Lalonde

Fox as the 17-year old Marty McFly, the enigmatic Christopher Lloyd as Doctor (Doc) Emmett Brown, and Crispin Glover as George McFly in a far-out story about time travel and the implications time travel can have on the universe. Do you need help in managing the books? As Marty was filming the time travel test, he panned the camera to Doc. When Marty traveled back to the past, he traveled to the undeveloped area of the mall.

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