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Being Conscious About Our Unconscious Biases


I attended a very interesting workshop a few weeks ago on the topic of “Unconscious Bias” facilitated by Smita Tharoor. I was interested in this topic because I explored the intersection of critical thinking and leadership a few years ago.

My Best Advice for Leaders When Things Are Going Wrong

Ron Edmondson

In my pre-ministry business days, Cheryl and I owned a small manufacturing business. We owned another business prior to this one and it had been extremely successful. We were able to sell it and purchase this new venture.

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6 Characteristics of Type R People

Leading Blog

W E SEE THE EFFECTS of turbulent change all around us on individuals and organizations. Some people seem to be able to rise to the occasion while others fold in the face of it. Most of us don’t have a choice but to meet what the world throws at us head-on.

What To Do When You Doubt Yourself As A Leader

Joseph Lalonde

Leadership Lessons From Black Lightning I had the pleasure of meeting comic book writer Tony Isabella in October 2017. Tony is the creator of the DC Comics first African American superhero Black Lightning.

7 Secrets to High Performance

Leadership Freak

Challenges to high performance include entitlement, unfocused energy, and soul-sucking systems. Questions that expose high performers: #1 What makes you think you want to be a high performer? It helps to know why… Continue reading → Marks of leaders Passion Personal Growth Purpose Success Taking others higher Growth Leadership Development

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Lead With Questions, Not Answers

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton Leaders Ask The Hard Questions While it's tempting to try to "have the answers," good leaders instead ask the hard questions. They may be questions for which the world does not have workable answers. They may be questions that help reinvent a company or industry. They may be questions that must be answered now to prevent problems in the future. They may be questions that generate a much needed dialogue.

How to Navigate Conflict Between Managers and Leaders

Leadership Freak

People who work together end up working against each other when goals compete and agendas collide. The goals of leadership and the challenges of management create healthy friction. Unresolved friction eventually turns to… Continue reading → Servant-leadership Taking others higher Conflict Resolution Leadership Development Management organizational success

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The Key To Creating More Servant Leaders

Joseph Lalonde

Servant Leadership Is The Way Of The Future How to create more servant leaders should be on the minds of every leader. By creating more servant leaders, you help produce leaders who are leading because they have a desire to help and influence others. That’s a goal worth striving for!

Leader, Strategically Keep Thy Mouth Shut

Ron Edmondson

Leadership is influence, so the words a leader says are powerful. Therefore, leaders must choose their words carefully. One piece of advice I give leaders frequently is not to share everything they know. It doesn’t mean they don’t share information – that’s a key to great leadership, but there are times to share and times not to share. Sharing your next great idea with a crowded room, before you’ve shared it with key stakeholders or your individual team – is not very strategic.

16 Ways To Build Trust As A Leader

Eric Jacobson

You can't lead if your employees, team or followers don't trust you. Building trust takes energy, effort and constant attention to how you act. To help build trust, follow these 16 tips , recommended by author Susan H.

Great Leaders Know Core Business Model Vision

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by David A. Duryea : Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, and even Thomas Edison are a few of the great visionary leaders in their respective industries. What made them such great leaders was not just one aspect of their management style or their respective innovations.

How to Own Your Wake

Leadership Freak

Leaders struggle to see themselves through the eyes of others. You enhance your impact on others AFTER you acknowledge your impact ON others. Own your wake: Like a boat, you leave a wake… Continue reading → Gratitude Influence Growth Leadership Leadership Development

Leadership Begins With You

Lead Change Blog

Recently as I prepared for delivering a Leading Through Change programme I thought I would research the different leadership models that exist. Boy, was that a bad idea, as there are a plethora of models all extolling some different perspective. Nothing right or wrong with any of them, but the challenge is that they all focus on something outside the leader.

4 Easy Steps Towards Being a Great Parent

Ron Edmondson

Parenting is hard. I have two wonderful adult children, but I’m still wondering why God blessed us with such grace. Looking back, I’ve learned there are a few principles, which actually work. The title says these are “easy” and they are in some ways.

How to find your WHY

Lead on Purpose

A key focus of this blog—from its beginning—has been purpose. Leading on purpose, working with purpose; doing things intentionally, doing things for the right reason. Though topics have led in various directions, the core focus has been purpose. A word … Continue reading → Market-driven Purpose Simon Sinek Stories why

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How to Market Your Business When You’re Too Busy

Women on Business

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How to Beat Your Inner-Critic into Submission

Leadership Freak

Inner-critics stomp around smashing hope and shattering confidence. The goal of your inner-critic is safety. The top 7 expressions of inner-critics: You should have. Inner-critics love the negative past. You screwed up. They… Continue reading → Criticism Goals Personal Growth Success

How To Start Your Own Website

Strategy Driven

Over the past few years, Internet technological innovations have made it much easier for anyone to create their own website. But as easy as the process has become, most people still do not understand the correct way to get a website started.

7 Biblical Characters and their Leadership Tensions

Ron Edmondson

I know people who shy away from terms such as leadership when talking about church. One comment I hear is they dont want us to become too business-like. They believe Christ is the leader of the church and we are simply servants under His command.

Are you credible as a coach or consultant? Are you hiring credible providers?

Rapid BI

Why do many people hire a coach or consultant when it seems clear they are not credible? This week I came across a post on Facebook. The post in itself was not unusual or uncommon. But it got me thinking. Do we need people to have any expertise of knowledge to be a coach or consultant? Do […].

Ways to Help Women Succeed in Business

Women on Business

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Leadership Freak

Secret Sauce Sundays are my opportunity to invite leaders who I respect to share ideas that have changed their leadership. Today, Doug Conant shares 5 secrets to leadership success. For the past 20 years of his… Continue reading → Secret Sauce Leadership Development leadership success Organizational Development

CEO 19

How to Make Your Business Stand Out in a Competitive Market

Strategy Driven

Every business owner wants to stand out from the crowd and outshine their competitors. But, business is booming, and with so many people out there offering similar products and services, how do you show your customers that you deserve their business?

Thin Watches, the Donner Party, and Bad Advice

Lead Change Blog

Bad advice can get you in big trouble. That’s what happened to the Donner Party. It doesn’t have to happen to you. Early in my career, I got a big promotion from Assistant Manager to Distribution Center Manager. The promotion came with a hefty raise, a move to a new city, and advice from my new boss. The day before I was to take over the new center, my boss took me to dinner. He used the occasion to tell me his “secrets of success.”

It’s Time for a Leadership Checkup!

General Leadership

There are times in your leadership adventure when you need to take some time and perform a Leadership Check-up. The check-up I am discussing is a little more than a quick peek under the hood…it is an honest conversation with the leader in the mirror and maybe a few others too.

Violent Leadership

Coaching Tip

Be a force for change, disrupt, innovate, energize. Ferocious competition. Technological advances. Generational differences. Cultural diversity. Political policies and mandates. Economic uncertainty. Constant change. . These are the facts of business today. Whether at the helm of a digital startup, a management consultancy, a dental group, or an insurance agency, no business leader can afford to remain complacent or, worse, passive.

One Thing You Must Do Today and Every Day

Leadership Freak

If you can only do one thing today, connect with your team. Performance requires connection. 7 reasons for weak connection: You don’t like them. Bad memories create distance. You let someone down so… Continue reading → Marks of leaders Personal Growth Strengths Taking others higher Leadership Development organizational success

Team 11

How to Create a Stress-Free Work Environment

Strategy Driven

Unfortunately, in today’s society, jobs are becoming more and more difficult to come by. Maybe that’s why some companies are starting to put pressure on their employees.

Preview Thursday: The Business Sergeant by Chris Hallberg

Lead Change Blog

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 3 of The Business Sergeant’s Field Manual: Military Grade Business Execution Without the Yelling and Push-ups. Lesson 17: Make Sure Your Vision is Shared.

5 Key Steps to Follow Before Taking Your Business Abroad

Women on Business

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Words of the Year

Coaching Tip

"Youthquake" is the verbal concoction recently declared Word of the Year (the year being 2017) by the experts at Oxford Dictionaries. They define it as "significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people.". Actually, "youthquake" dates from 1965, when it was coined by the fashion industry. But Oxford says that the incidence of "youthquake" spiked around the time of the British elections last June.

Solution Saturday: Stop Giving So Many Solutions

Leadership Freak

Do you love offering solutions to other people’s problems? What if it’s ineffective, even dangerous? Don’t solve problems FOR people: Solving problems for people invites dependency. The more times you solve someone’s problem,… Continue reading → Solution Saturday Solutions Growth Leadership Development Questions

How To Create A Welcoming & Professional Premise For Your Business

Strategy Driven

If you’re starting a new business, deciding to move to a larger premise, or you’re moving from your home office into an external space, creating a welcoming and professional office for your business is the first port of call.

Killing It! How to Run a Startup in a Healthy, Joyful Way

Leading Blog

A MERICA WAS FOUNDED by entrepreneurs. Along with all of the other freedoms granted to its citizens, the freedom to risk and to fail encourages our culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.