January, 2018

The 5 Levels of Trust

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

All relationships depend on a foundation of trust. There is a direct relationship between employee trust and performance. Customer trust is a key factor in decisions on purchases.

How to Avoid the 5 Career Derailers

Leading Blog

W HY DO SOME careers stall while others flourish? The careers of one-half to two-thirds of managers and leaders will derail. “At At some point, over half of us will get fired or demoted—or our careers will flat-line, and we won’t reach our innate potential.

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3 Paradigms For Hiring the Right Staff

Ron Edmondson

I deal with pastors often who are trying to make leadership decisions. One of the most frequent discussions, and honestly one of the hardest things we do as leaders, is attempting to add quality and qualified staff to the team.

Arup Settles $1.7B Australia Toll Road Revenue Forecast Suit


As defense breaks down, AE is mum on the pact amount, estimated at about $80 million, reports say

4 Gifts Blockchain will Bring the Supply Chain in the New Year

Let's Grow Leaders

At this time of the year, trends, forecasts and innovations that are driving the technology industry forward are often summarized, and an outlook for the New Year is given. And… Supply Chain Management blockchain supply chain management

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10 Difficult Lessons Experience Taught Me

Ron Edmondson

Some of life’s greatest lessons come packaged in a hard personal experience. I’ve learned a few things in life, but truly, the greatest things I know came through mistakes, failures and disappointments.

How To Land A Cybersecurity Job Even If You’re Not A Data Scientist


As data hacks multiply, companies are scrambling to hire cybersecurity professionals–like you, even if you aren’t one yet. The cybersecurity skills gap is large, well-documented , and quite possibly yawning wider by the week. Not only has the information security industry grown an estimated 62% since 2011, but we’ve seen an increasing deluge of major data breaches over that same period.

Here’s What Could Be in HTC’s ‘Vive 1.5’

Lead Change Blog

HTC made a not so subtle tease today that a new version of the HTC Vive is on the way with improved resolution. While it doesn’t look like this will be positioned as a ‘Vive 2’, here’s what we could see from a ‘Vive 1.5’

The Number One Leadership Activity to Drive Innovation

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Dr. Kumar Mehta: Every leader wants to consistently create mind-blowing products and offerings that customers love and line up for. They know that if they don’t innovate, they will be left behind, the world’s simply moving way too fast. They are looking to institutionalize the innovation process. This means building a culture where innovation happens every day.

Five Quick Posts on How to Be Successful in 2018

Next Level Blog

Happy new year everyone! Here’s hoping that 2018 is everything you want it to be. To give you some fuel for the journey, here are five quick posts about how to set yourself up for success this year. These posts cover strategies and tactics that have worked for both my clients and me so I’m confident they’ll work for you too.

4 Ways to Make 2018 the Best Year of Your Life

Leadership Freak

If 2018 was your last year on earth, and you had to keep your job, what would you do differently? Brevity simplifies priority. #1. Enjoy. You’d feel an urgency to enjoy life if… Continue reading → Personal Growth Success Taking others higher Leadership Development leadership success

7 Secrets to Being a High Achiever

Ron Edmondson

I get asked frequently how I am able to get so much done and still take care of myself and my family. I pastor a large church. I maintain a separate non-profit ministry, where I speak at various conferences and events. I have an active online presence.

Solution Saturday: I Don’t Get Paid to Do That


Dear Dan, I am trying to deal with individuals who continually say I don’t get paid to do that. In addition to that, they are never satisfied with bonuses received. When I emailed… Continue reading → Solution Saturday Leadership Development Organizational Development

8 Principles for Building a High-Performance Culture

Leading Blog

W HEN IT COMES to recruiting, motivating, and creating great teams, Patty McCord says most companies have it all wrong. Powerful is a book of advice gained from her experience at Netflix.

The End of Water Cooler Conversations

Lead Change Blog

“Let us make a special effort to stop communicating with each other, so we can have some conversation.” ” – Mark Twain. Managers no longer try to have a conversation with their people. While social media has proven itself to be very beneficial in some areas of communication, I believe it has also to some extent has sabotaged in-person communication. Meaningful Conversation is an Overlooked skill.

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5 Critical Resources for New Managers

Women on Business

We've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] If you haven't already done so, update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. link]. Leadership Management giving feedback

Nearly 50% of Upper-Level Managers Avoid Holding People Accountable

Leadership Freak

46% of upper-level managers are rated “too little” on the item, “Holds people accountable … ” (HBR) You missed the point if accountability is: Coercing reluctance to do things it isn’t committed to… Continue reading → Accountability Leadership Development organizational success

12 Challenges for the New Year To Make Your Life Better

Ron Edmondson

The verdict appears mixed among the people I know of whether of not they make resolutions for a new year. And, I understand, many have tried before – it didn’t work – and so now they are like “why bother?”

Sales Tips: A 2018 Resolution for Sellers


Sales Tips: A Resolution for 2018 and Beyond. By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. Sales Training sales tips selling tips sales training workshop sales training workshops sales process sales methodology sales training company improve sales performance sales training success sales approach sales training approach selling process sales technique sales tip selling technique sales performance selling approach

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You Unplugged: Prepare to be Spontaneous

Leading Blog

M OST OF THE SPEAKING we do is impromptu. And for most of us it’s spontaneous. We’re winging it. After all it’s impromptu. But, as we’ve all experienced, that doesn’t always go well. Judith Humphrey writes in Impromptu: Leading in the Moment , that “you must prepare to be spontaneous.”

Four Roadblocks to Overcome for Effective Leadership Influence

Career Advancement

“Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution everybody can understand.” ” ~Colin Powell~.

Meetings Must Die (Have More Productive Meetings)

Joseph Lalonde

Meetings… Is there a bigger bane to a leader than a meeting that runs on and on and on? I think not. Meetings have become a productivity nightmare. You wrangle in multiple team members, hold them hostage in a room for half an hour or longer, and then try to figure out a reason for the meeting.

Set Goals for What Matters

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Goals are powerful, especially if you choose only a few. A laundry list is almost impossible to stay focused on. But if you choose two or three realistic, specific goals, and write them down, you are likely to achieve them. But first, make sure you set goals for what matters most.

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How My Personal Prayer Team Is Structured

Ron Edmondson

I once tweeted, “ Meeting with my personal prayer team. I’m confident I’ve underestimated their influence in my ministry. Every pastor should have one.”

5 Ways Leaders Can Focus When Everything Is Important

Let's Grow Leaders

“Mark, What’s your M.I.T.?” Mark pushed back from his desk. That’s a great question. I’ve so much flying at me…” He sighed. “I I don’t have a clue.” Mark’s calendar might look familiar: wall-to-wall meetings, often with two or three appointments competing for […]. Energy & Engagement Results & Execution Winning Well Focus leadership management Mind the MIT prioritization

The Law of the Skunk

Leadership Freak

Engage in behaviors that have high return on energy, ROE. Stinky things you tolerate – but should confront – suck the life out of you. Law of the skunk: deal with stink. Let… Continue reading → Leading

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Three Ways to Preview Your Coming Success

Kevin Eikenberry

You may be wondering if the title is correct – am I really going to help you preview your future success? Am I going to give you a magical crystal ball or turn you into a psychic? No, no crystal balls (or Magic 8 Balls) will appear as a result of reading this article. While […].

Let Me Introduce You To Some Awesome Influencers

Joseph Lalonde

Meet these exceptional people Meeting new people is one of the greatest joys of mine as a leader. Because of my position, I’ve met youth leaders, business leaders, leaders in the online space, pastors, and so many others. Each new meeting brings me a new understanding of leadership.

Building Corporate Community Through Humor

Lead Change Blog

In business situations in which collaboration is an important driver of organizational success, lacking a sense of community can be a formidable barrier to delivering results. This is particularly true in today’s complex and uncertain operating environments in which a culture of solidarity and knowledge sharing become critical drivers of staying relevant. In these situations, the more a group comes together around a shared objective, the more effective it will be.

7 Biblical Characters and their Leadership Tensions

Ron Edmondson

I know people who shy away from terms such as leadership when talking about church. One comment I hear is they don’t want us to become too business-like. They believe Christ is the leader of the church and we are simply servants under His command.

The Role of Fear in Leadership: Is it Better to be Feared or Loved as a Leader?

RapidStart Leadership

Is it better to be feared or loved as a leader? It’s an age-old question that seems to keep cropping up. Authoratative writers talk about how leaders need to be open, transparent, empathetic, and willing to listen.

3 Principles of Feedback that Works

Leadership Freak

I wrote, “Don’t give your boss feedback on his poor performance,” in, “Solution Saturday: My Boss is a Terrible Leader.” So, what makes feedback work? Feedback: Angry faces, loud horns, smiles and thumbs… Continue reading → Feedback Leadership Development

The Most Popular Videos on Our YouTube Channel in 2017

Deming Institute

Here are the most popular videos on The W. Edwards Deming Institute You Tube channel in the last year. Those with W. Edwards Deming in them are the most popular. The videos with the most views in the last year: W.

Video 31

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From The Commuter

Joseph Lalonde

A Reel Leadership Article Every day Michael MacCauley (Liam Neeson) took the commuter train to and from work. On the day he was let go from his job, he didn’t change his ritual of riding the train. This is where the leadership lessons from The Commuter begin. That fateful day things changed.