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10 Things About Great Leadership That Will Never Change (no matter how hard we try)

Terry Starbucker

To become great leaders, there is a point where we must realize that there are some rules of the road that we cannot change, no matter how hard we try. I call them “ the immutable laws of leadership “, the backbone of any successful foray into this honorable vocation.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Venom The Movie

Joseph Lalonde

A Reel Leadership Article. Despite the Disney and 21st Century Fox inches closer to closing, 21st Century Fox still has a couple of superhero movies left in the queue. Gambit, Dark Phoenix, and The New Mutants are all upcoming Marvel movies. They’ve also recently released another Marvel movie.

Dear Founder

Leading Blog

W HAT BEGAN AS a project to provide guidance to a select group of founders in the Webb Investment Network has been expanded and offered to founders of all types and those who need to have a founder’s mindset. The result is Dear Founder written by Maynard Webb with the help of Carlye Adler.

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How Business Consulting Can Help Your Healthcare Business

Strategy Driven

You want your business to be the best that it can be. The only way for that to happen is to make sure you have a good plan in place. By scheduling healthcare consulting , you can ensure that you have thought of everything.

Have You Become Your (Worst) Boss?

Kevin Eikenberry

Every boss you have had has had an impact on the leader you are today. Chances are you have had some bosses you didn’t love, and hopefully you have had some that you respected, looked up to, and tried to emulate. Most of us try to forget the worst boss we ever had. Today, I […].

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Should Be Periodically Re-Read



Manager's Answer Book

Coaching Tip

Writing a book is a journey throughout our careers, where we have encountered situations and had experiences that have now been incorporated into the "The Manager's Answer Book". There is always something new to learn in your work to become the best manager possible. . For example, you're on the right track to see what can be done to maximize the time spent in meetings because they're a fact of life in today's collaborative workplaces.

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Why Follow Kevin on Facebook?

Kevin Eikenberry

There are lots of reasons people follow or connect with people on social media. From staying in touch with long-distance friends, to getting news, to seeing the latest memes, to finding great recipes. If you are on Facebook, even if rarely, I hope you are following me.

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Find Something Beautiful Today


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5 Fun Staff Appreciation Ideas

Lead Change Blog

A couple of recent surveys showed that half of the respondents would stay longer in their current workplace if their efforts were recognised more by their employers. The respondents stated that those who do not feel recognised would not put in more effort than their job descriptions require. Although many workplaces do have recognition schemes in place to honour their staff, many feel that these schemes are dull, insincere, or not worth the effort required.

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Successful Leaders Aren’t Afraid to Do This One Thing

Lead from Within

There’s a common thread in top leadership that will surprises most people—and in some cases makes them rethink what they know about leadership. When you think of successful leaders you probably think of people who are decisive.

How to Discipline An Employee For Absenteeism

HR Digest

Employee absenteeism dents productivity. But all year round, there are events that will warrant employee absenteeism from work. It could be sickness or other unforeseen emergencies. Regardless, a manager can easily handle one or two absenteeism from work. There is an understanding that unplanned events come up once in a while. But there is a need for managers to understand how to discipline an employee for absenteeism.

A Brief History of Shopping


City Journal has Stefan Kanfer's essay covering "four uneasy upheavals from Sears Roebuck to Amazon." An excerpt: A close look at the last 13 years shows how and why this company elbowed its way to the front.

Good - and Really Bad - Bosses


[Photo by Calum Lewis at Unsplash] Slate: Kara Swisher looks back at her career. She didn't make toast for John McLaughlin but she stabbed him in the front

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Where Art Thou?


I have deeply missed Anderson Layman's Blog and hope it is back to normal soon

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Business Books: Managing for Results


[Photo by Jeroen den Otter at Unsplash] Wally the Bock discusses Peter the Druck

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[Photo by Giovanni Calia at Unsplash] Adopting a "victim mentality." Focusing on the ends while neglecting the means. Assuming that your education is behind you. Mistaking the mirror for the window. Expecting the world to be logical and fair. Overlooking the spiritual part of your life.

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The trailer for "A Streetcar Named Desire


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Mischa Maisky with some Bach for Sunday evening




The trailer for "The Miniaturist


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The trailers for: " The Brother from Another Planet." " Another Earth." " Best of Enemies