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SWOT Analysis in Nursing & Health care

Rapid BI

SWOT analysis for Nurses and Health care environments Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in a health care environment.

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A Revolution Has Begun in America’s Health Care Coverage

CEO Insider

The post A Revolution Has Begun in America’s Health Care Coverage appeared first on CEOWORLD magazine. Even with employer-based medical insurance benefits, employees now pay on average nearly $6,000 toward their employers’ average of $22,221 for family coverage. Further, obtaining […]. All rights reserved.


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Life-Giving Cultures in Health Care Organizations

Michael Lee Stallard

That’s why cultures in health care organizations need to be life-giving in order to energize health care workers who give so much of themselves to their patients. In some health care-related fields, as many as one-third of employees leave their jobs each year. This is an important issue today.

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Organizational Health Care with N2Growth: When was your Last Check-up?

N2Growth Blog

IT’S TIME TO TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR ORGANIZATION’S HEALTH! Schedule an appointment with your organization’s health care provider (you do have one right?) We’re providing some of our resources to help you and your health care provider (you do have one right?) WHERE CAN I GO FOR HEALTH SERVICES?

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Virtual Health Care Likely To Endure After Covid

The Horizons Tracker

“We went from not getting much traction with telepsychiatry, and encountering a lot of reluctance among providers and patients, to having nearly all our care delivered virtually, and offering help to those who need it,” the researchers say. Flexible mental health care. But policy and reimbursement decisions will be important.”.

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WHE05: New Tools for Health Care Consumerism | with Clayton Nicholas from Change Healthcare

Engaging Leader

Health care consumerism is a key part of most employers’ strategies for workforce health engagement. This involves tools, resources, education, and motivation to help employees and family members make decisions that optimize health outcomes and cost-effectiveness. What types of decisions?

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Use Experimentation to Design Better Health Care Benefits

Harvard Business Review

employers face enormous challenges in designing their employee health care benefits that effectively address the myriad problems confronting them, including rising health care costs, employee burnout and obesity. At the same time, health and wellness options abound.