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Scenario Planning vs. Forecasting: 6 Questions to Ask to Prepare for a Post-Pandemic Future

Leading Blog

There is often confusion between scenario planning and forecasting, with the terms used interchangeably and inconsistently. Scenario planning is focused on the future and involves defining different stories behind different paths that will lead to that future.

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Organizational Learning – The Influencing Dynamics Of Scenario Planning

Tanveer Naseer

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competition advantage” – Jack Welch.


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Use GenAI to Improve Scenario Planning

Harvard Business Review

Generative AI can help organizations overcome inherent shortcomings in conventional processes for performing contingency scenario planning. This article explores how the technology can do that and provides an example: a simulation that the authors conducted.

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Scenario Planning - build alternative futures.

Management Craft

BTW, I was looking at Thomas Chermack 's book, Scenario Planning in Organizations. Do you use scenario planning? Scenario planning differs from strategic planning in that it gives up the assumption that the environment will stay the same. When is the last time you have done that? You should.

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When Scenario Planning Fails

Harvard Business Review

Leaders of companies with operations in Russia share how they’ve navigated new and unexpected challenges during the war in Ukraine.

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Scenario Mapping Your Life

The Horizons Tracker

Scenario planning was first popularized by Herman Khan in the 1950s at the RAND corporation as a way to describe the future by outlining various ways in which it could potentially unfold. ” Scenarios of your life. It’s an approach that futurist April Rinne believes can equally be applied to our careers.

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Exploring Alternate Futures Can Help Identify Future Leaders

N2Growth Blog

In their annual survey on the management and planning tools used by thousands of companies around the world, Bain and Company show a consistent and deserved popularity of scenario planning. Those who know scenario planning know that its value isn’t in “predicting the future.” Some companies do.