Organizational Learning – The Influencing Dynamics Of Scenario Planning

Tanveer Naseer

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competition advantage” – Jack Welch.

Scenario Planning vs. Forecasting: 6 Questions to Ask to Prepare for a Post-Pandemic Future

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There is often confusion between scenario planning and forecasting, with the terms used interchangeably and inconsistently. Scenario planning is focused on the future and involves defining different stories behind different paths that will lead to that future.


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Future-Proofing Your Strategy with Scenario Planning

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A conversation with consultant Peter Scoblic on scenario planning lessons from the U.S. Strategy Strategic planning Forecasting Crisis management AudioCoast Guard.

Scenario Planning - build alternative futures.

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BTW, I was looking at Thomas Chermack 's book, Scenario Planning in Organizations. Do you use scenario planning? Here is how Tom defines scenario planning (from his website): "Scenario planning is a discipline for building alternative futures in which decisions can be played out for the purposes of changing thinking, improving decision-making, fostering individual, team, and organizational learning, and improving performance.

CIOs: Scenario Planning Can Save Your Job

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It''s the rare CIO who applies scenario planning to the business of IT. Yet, in a function driven by innovation and the uncertainties surrounding the application and implication of future technologies, not using scenarios is tantamount to management malpractice. Scenarios can help IT organizations create more resilient plans, practice for business climate changes, and better drive innovation. Creating More Resilient Plans. Scenarios and Innovation.

Exploring Alternate Futures Can Help Identify Future Leaders

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Scenarios and scenario-based planning are widely recognized as valuable tools in setting organizations’ visions and strategies. Shell is the most famed for their scenarios and their process for developing them and using them. In their annual survey on the management and planning tools used by thousands of companies around the world, Bain and Company show a consistent and deserved popularity of scenario planning.

Uncharted: How to Navigate the Future

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We can develop scenarios to “identify and test how and where the future and the present meet.” Scenario planning always surfaces conflict and there is always a moment when everything seems to fall apart. P REDICTION has never been easy – or that accurate.

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How Do You Combine Patience and Urgency?

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Part of the work of leadership right now is to have the patience to bring people together to do some scenario planning and diagnostic work on how the world and your marketplace has changed during the pandemic.

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Farsighted: How We Make the Decisions That Matter the Most

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Engaging in scenario planning or gaming is not to make accurate predictions, but “the very act of trying to imagine alternatives to the conventional view helps you perceive your options more clearly.” With the decision mapped, the options identified, and the scenarios panned, it’s time to decide. L IFE GIVES US CHOICES, and we make decisions. Some choices are easy like “Should I get vanilla or chocolate ice cream?”

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Mindfulness as a Management Technique Goes Back to at Least the 1970s

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It first influenced business decades ago, through the development of an unmistakably hard skill that senior managers must master: strategic planning. Leaders today would be wise to learn from the past and to view strategic planning and mindfulness together. Pierre Wack, who was head of Group Planning at Royal Dutch/Shell in the 1970s, studied meditation extensively with teachers in Asia and, later, with the famous 20th-century mystic G.I.

How to Become a Master Persuasive Storyteller

Skip Prichard

In the depths of the COVID-19 lockdown, executives at Salesforce developed a long-term scenario-planning tool to help enterprise customers rediscover their decision-making confidence in a world turned upside down. Tell A Great Story. Presenting to distracted audiences is now the norm.

Paul J.H. Schoemaker: A second interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Schoemaker is a pioneer in the field of decision sciences, among the first to combine the practical ideas of decision theory, behavioral economics, scenario planning, and risk management into a set of strategic decision-making tools for managers. Paul J.H.

Crisis Management: The Ultimate Test of a Leader | In the CEO.

In the CEO Afterlife

You’d think a company drilling on the ocean’s floor would be adept in risk management planning. Whether Hayward was a part of a risk management plan or not, the guy failed at the moment his employees, his shareholders, his fellow human beings and the planet needed him most. Advance planning is very important, however, as you know, it’s impossible to know every crisis that may come your way. In the CEO Afterlife. Main menu Home. Leadership. Branding.

How to Think Like a Futurist

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It’s about coming up with possible scenarios for the future given these developments. Futurists use tools that systematize these recommendations including scenario planning, environmental scanning, Delphi surveying, and individual software programs like Fibres, Futures Platform, and Athena. Practices for Professionals business management futurist Strategic Planning strategydriven

A Practical Approach to Managing Workforce During COVID-19

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At the heart of any organization’s talent management strategy is headcount planning to ensure that it has the right number of talent with the right skills. In the current scenario, even if the organization is doing well, workers may feel threatened about their job security.

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The Empathy Map looks like this: In this chapter the authors walk you through processes to arrive a enhanced design like Customer Insights, ideation, providing an introduction to the value of visual thinking, how to use prototyping, story telling, and Scenario Planning. RSS Feed Schedule a Call Free E-Book Assessment Test Coffee Schedule Coaching Lunch About Us CO2 Story Our Approach Our Successes Our Executive Coaches Gary B.

4 Signs That Your Focus Is Holding You Back at Work

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And since imagining future events involves tinkering with information stored in various brain regions from past experiences (to create novel associations and scenarios), this requires the brain’s unfocus circuit to be activated. When you focus too much, you turn off your brain’s imagining circuits, which can impact your brain’s planning to reach your goal. For example, you may be strategizing on a project that requires scenario planning.

How Organizations Can Thrive in the Digital Economy - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM KORN FERRY

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Agile businesses run planning and execution in parallel, investing in scenario planning so they can act promptly when opportunities arise. This means streamlining reporting lines, engaging a wider group of stakeholders from the outset, sharing ideas and plans before they’re fully formulated, and seeking input along the way. Image courtesy of Korn Ferry.

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The Death of Supply Chain Management

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Similarly, a steel company built a customized scenario-planning tool into its control tower platform that increases supply chain responsiveness and resilience. But when planning, purchasing, manufacturing, order fulfillment, and logistics are largely automated, what’s left for supply chain professionals? Alistair Berg/Getty Images. The supply chain is the heart of a company’s operations.

A Better Approach to Infrastructure Planning

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But in terms of their objectives and planning horizons, there is often a yawning gap between these private and public sector players. It is not hard to see why the two sides find it challenging to confer about infrastructure needs – much less participate in each other’s planning processes. It’s difficult for the public sector to coordinate planning across regions and modes. This makes scenario planning an effective approach for long-range freight transportation planning.

The Big Picture of Business: Putting Budgeting Into Perspective, The Bigger Picture of Strategic Planning

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Budgets get more attention than the umbrellas under which they rightfully belong: Strategic Planning and Visioning. By itself, Budgeting does not constitute full-scope planning and business strategy. Questions to follow in Budgeting as part of Strategic Planning and Visioning processes include: Does this process increase your accountability to funding sources and to the public? Does your strategic plan adequately describe what you do?

Create a Strategy That Anticipates and Learns

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The restaurant chain, Olive Garden, uses predictive analytics to guide its food buying and retail staffing plans. This isn’t a retread of scientific management , nor is it an updated take on scenario planning. Scientific management and scenario planning, while forward-thinking, rely on information that’s in the rear view mirror. The company uses these insights to drive—and adapt—strategic plans for new device and service offerings (e.g.,


Make Your Strategy More Agile

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Sure, the value of an in-depth discovery phase; comprehensive, quantitative, and qualitative research; stakeholder interviews; scenario planning; and alignment are undisputed. And how often have you crafted a meticulous three-year strategic plan, only to have it become obsolete after a few months, or even weeks? Can you run fast and go deep at the same time?

Is Your Company Ready to Protect Its Reputation from Deep Fakes?

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An obvious scenario, one that some companies might find themselves dealing with in the not-too-distant future, is a faked video of their CEO making racist or sexist comments, or bribing a politician. In addition, companies must begin to factor deep fakes and other reality-distortion techniques into their crisis-scenario planning. t_kimura/Getty Images.

The Big Picture of Business – Achieving the Best by Preparing for the Worst: Lessons Learned from High-Profile Crises, part 4 of 4

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Next comes Crisis Planning. What-if scenario planning is similar to the processes utilized in overall company strategic planning and visioning. The crisis plan must be part of the bigger process, not an adjunct or afterthought. Crisis planning and strategies should be intertwined with security issues, financial goals, workforce empowerment and many other corporate dynamics. Have a plan in force, and be sure that every employee has a copy.

Mindfulness Can Improve Strategy, Too

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Practically speaking, can organizational leaders integrate mindfulness practices into strategic planning processes? As UCLA’s Richard Rumelt, a leading expert on strategic planning, writes in his book Good Strategy, Bad Strategy , one of the quintessential components of good strategy is the ability to take a step out of the internal storyline and shift viewpoints. So how can organizations bring more space to strategic planning? FERIDUN AKGÜNGÖR.

Navigating the Complexities of Doing Business in Russia

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This will likely continue to make business planning even more difficult. These can be laid out in scenario plans with specific mitigation actions assigned to help businesses react quickly if necessary. Despite the turmoil in Russian-Western relations, having a plan to respond quickly can help multinationals weather, manage, or even capitalize on political developments. Jennifer Maravillas for HBR. From the conflict in Ukraine, to Russian meddling in U.S.

An Exercise to Get Your Team Thinking Differently About the Future

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A way around this fallacy, we’ve found, is a speed-dating version of scenario planning, one that takes hours rather than months. The high-speed scenario workshop involved three steps: 1) Identify key story elements or drivers of the STEM talent “story” to be explored; 2) conceive a plausible future by combining the elements; and 3) explore this future to understand its implications for their businesses.

How Multinationals Should Be Planning for Brexit

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Only a minority of firms is well ahead in planning and preparing a UK market strategy. At the recent Brexit Workshop we held for clients — in this case, 19 UK heads of some of the world’s largest multinational firms — 10 of them had not started or had only just begun planning for Brexit. But that doesn’t mean companies shouldn’t start the work required to come up with a plan. How to Plan for Brexit. Understand possible scenarios.

Persevering Through Extreme Uncertainty

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Scenario planning is impossible. What does it take to be a corporate trailblazer? I recently found an answer to this question in an unexpected place — talking to three Afghan women in downtown Kabul. The first woman founded a large Afghani news agency several years ago. Her home was subsequently bombed multiple times by those who would prefer that the country's reality not be presented to the world. She has also escaped acid attacks and death threats.

Create a Strategy That Anticipates and Learns

Harvard Business Review

The restaurant chain, Olive Garden, uses predictive analytics to guide its food buying and retail staffing plans. This isn’t a retread of scientific management , nor is it an updated take on scenario planning. Scientific management and scenario planning, while forward-thinking, rely on information that’s in the rear view mirror. The company uses these insights to drive—and adapt—strategic plans for new device and service offerings (e.g.,

Be Prepared for What You Don't See Coming

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To minimize their negative impact, there are two steps that managers can take: Plan ahead (as much as you can). One way to reinforce this assumption is to engage in scenario planning before pulling the trigger, preferably by engaging people who will be affected by the change. For example, my firm once worked with the operations executives of a large company that planned to shift some of its factory employees from an hourly to a salaried pay program.

The G-20 is 2011's Biggest Political Risk

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For example, when it comes to preparation for a possible showdown involving North Korea, there has been no discussion or scenario planning between American and Chinese top brass — not a recipe for good crisis management. David Gordon is the head of research at Eurasia Group and former director of policy planning at the U.S.

What a Good Moonshot Is Really For

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They''re a keystone of what we call a "future-back" approach to strategy, which unlike the "present forward" nature of most strategic-planning processes, doesn''t operate under the assumption that tomorrow will be pretty much like today, and the day after pretty much more of the same. At the heart of the future-back process is a consensus view of your company''s desired future state.This isn''t scenario planning, where you consider a range of possibilities.

Reimagining the Boardroom for an Age of Virtual Reality and AI

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It would be an antidote to the insularity that so many boards are criticized for, and a useful complement to the simulations and war-game tools that help with scenario planning and anticipating competitors’ moves. Boards challenge their executives to get with the digital age — but many haven’t followed their own good advice.

Living in a Radical State of Uncertainty

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The kind of thinking generated by scenario planning, video/war-gaming, and design thinking need to move from the margins of corporations and government organizations to core strategic positions.

China’s Slowdown: The First Stage of the Bullwhip Effect

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The essence of the phenomenon is the fact that each stage in the supply chain plans its capital projects and operations, including inventory levels, based on its future expectations. Demand forecasting may become more challenging as demand patterns change, and companies may be advised to look into forecasting methods based on scenario planning rather than historical patterns.

ExxonMobil’s Shareholder Vote Is a Tipping Point for Climate Issues

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Such a move might create inertia for some companies and investors if they see it as evidence that “business as usual” is now the most likely climate scenario. We witnessed a monumental event in a shareholder resolution calling on ExxonMobil, the world’s biggest publicly listed energy company, to disclose the impact on its business under a 2-degree scenario. Last week the world listened as Donald Trump announced, ‘We are out,’ proclaiming the U.S.

The Olympics as a Story of Risk Management

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A terrorist incident, a breakdown of the London rail system, power blackouts, volcanic ash clouds , flooding, an outbreak of infectious disease—the London organizing committee (LOCOG) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) spent years thinking about every scenario they could imagine. Simulations of security incidents were rehearsed, and contingency plans for mass evacuations or emergency situations were put in place.

The Potential and Pitfalls of Doing Business in Cuba

Harvard Business Review

Under such a scenario, multinationals would see expanded opportunity across diverse sectors. These scenarios are not a given. The key to winning in Cuba will be to prepare with rigorous scenario planning in order to avoid being left on the sidelines once the market begins to bloom.


Six Classes Your Employer Wishes You Could Take

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Scenarios. Scenario planning is as essential for strategy formulation as it is for the design of next generation technologies and industries. Thinking in terms of scenarios forces people to rigorously examine fundamental assumptions and unexpected risks. Scenarios demand expository and analytic, as well as literary, skills. What serious employer doesn''t want to hire someone who can envision and articulate scenarios describing the future(s) of the enterprise?

What Research Tells Us About Making Accurate Predictions

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Interestingly, a smaller group were trained in scenario planning , but this turned out not to be as useful as the training in probabilistic reasoning.). “Prediction is very difficult,” the old chestnut goes, “especially about the future.” ” And for years, social science agreed. Numerous studies detailed the forecasting failures of even so-called experts.

Setting Strategy in Egypt's (and Other) Shifting Sands: A Four-Part Approach

Harvard Business Review

Consultants came to their assistance with solutions to short-term concerns ranging from moving out cash to halting expansion plans. Instead, managers should develop their strategic responses to political transitions using a four-step process: First, managers need to develop transition scenarios for the countries in which operate — even relating to the unlikely or low-probability events. In terms of scenario planning , firms would think about alternative paths.