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For September, we will examine the standard FedEx Small Parcel Agreement.

General Leadership

To define Agreement? Many drafters define the term this Agreement (or, as appropriate, this Deed, this Amendment, etc.) in the introductory clause.

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Bill Parcells on Cowards, Heroes, and Feelings

Great Results Team Building

Coach Bill Parcells is well known for having taken struggling organizations and building them into successful teams. One of the personal binders that Parcells kept in his desk as coach of the Dallas Cowboys had, in the back, the written story of a match between two boxers that Parcells often brought up in conversation.

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How to Make Your Shipping Parcels Look More Professional

Strategy Driven

In fact, your shipping parcels need to make it obvious that they are coming from the same place. Time is crucial when shipping parcels to customers, business partners, and vendors. Envelopes Count When Shipping Parcels. There should be a strong security tab for securing envelopes when sending out parcels professionally.

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Five Important Factors When Choosing A Courier Service for Your Home-Based Business

Strategy Driven

Another differentiating factor is the type of cargo carried, whether it’s individual parcels, supply inventory, automobile spares, or perishable goods; some services are specific to the kind of items they transport. The aim is to deliver the parcels before or no later than the promised timeline to the customer.

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Stereotypes Can Force Older Workers Into Retirement

The Horizons Tracker

This type of decline has been part and parcel of the public and political conversation for a good 100 years—and has led to a plethora of new pension schemes and policies. Complex interplay The results illustrate the complex interplay of factors that influence perceptions of aging and retirement within various industries.

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Change is Inevitable. Get Ready to Lead It!

Lead Change Blog

By stating that if there’s anything to learn from this issue, the learning process is part and parcel of solving the issue at hand. By saying you want everyone involved to get together, and by example showing you’re interested in how coworkers can support each other (and how can you support them) in order to solve the issue.

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How to Improve Your Managerial Skills

Strategy Driven

Put More Effort Into Effective Delegation It is absolutely accurate to state that intuitive delegation is part and parcel of the role of a leader, but if you can admit to yourself that you often hand out specific kinds of tasks and projects to the same people time and time again and without thinking, then this needs to change.

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