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How To Maximize Your Call Center Productivity – Call Center Incentive Program Ideas

Strategy Driven

This is especially true in call centers, where a highly stressful working environment can make it difficult for the employees to remain in their position for a longer time. Out of those organizations, more than 70% have different call center incentive programs, ranging from 3 to 6. Call Center Incentive Ideas.

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4 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing A Call Center Solution

Tanveer Naseer

If it is time to change your current call center solution, the right choice could completely transform the way you communicate with your customers. Not all call center solutions will meet your. Your enterprise deserves the very best, with reliable and accessible methods to deal with any questions or concerns.


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3 Proven Ways Call Centers Can Better Streamline Operations

Chart Your Course

Customer Service is Important to Call Centers. In particular, when it comes to improving the customer service experience and streamlining operations, today’s call center agents now have a wide array of tech solutions to resolve these matters. Cost savings are integral to the business model of most call centers.

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4 Ways to Improve Customer Care in Your Call Center

Strategy Driven

If you’re managing a call center, customer care is the name of the game. You’ll undoubtedly have all kinds of targets to meet, and it’s in your interests to make every call a customer care success. Here are four ideas on how to improve customer care in your call center. How can you make this a reality?

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13-point Checklist To Evaluate Your Call Center's Customer Service

Eric Jacobson

Did the employee fumble when transferring the call if making a transfer was necessary? Was there distracting background noise on the employee''s end during the call? Call Centers Customer Service Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Paul R.

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NATO Phonetic Alphabet – SIA & Call Center Training

Rapid BI

We have all been there, on a phone call to a call centre and trying to make sure that the spelling of a name or address etc is correct. the the person in the call centre starts saying things like "a for apple" or "T for tree". The post NATO Phonetic Alphabet – SIA & Call Center Training appeared first on RapidBi.

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The Power of Observation: 6 Ways to Show Up Helpful

Let's Grow Leaders

I just got off the phone with a frustrated CEO, who was fired up after a half day of observation in one of his call centers. “Karin, Why don’t these managers GET IT? I just left a visit to one of our […]. The post The Power of Observation: 6 Ways to Show Up Helpful appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders.