Why Storytelling Matters In Today’s Leadership

Tanveer Naseer

So to kickstart this new partnership, I decided to reprint the article below on the importance of storytelling skills for today’s leaders. Let’s take a look at why this has become such a hot topic, and what you can do to become a stronger storyteller yourself.

Leadership, Connection and Power of Storytelling


Storytelling has been one of the most powerful tools to drive imagination of people first before people decide to take actions towards the future. Leveraging Storytelling in Digital Organizations by Abhijit Bhaduri (Talk).

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3 Storytelling Elements That Successfully Drive Change

Tanveer Naseer

And yet, what we fail to take into consideration is how using the power of storytelling can help us to ignite effective and sustainable change within our organization.

Leadership and Storytelling

N2Growth Blog

Leadership and storytelling go hand-in-hand. In fact, leaders who lack the ability to leverage the power and influence of storytelling are missing the very essence of what accounts for compelling leadership to begin with – the story.

106: 4 Storytelling Frameworks to Lead Change | with Amanda Marko

Engaging Leader

Storytelling is a key tool for leading change. In episode 102, “Storytelling for Leaders,” Amanda Marko joined us to discuss why it’s such a powerful tool and provided tips for putting it to work. Engaging Leader™ Storytelling

Strategic Story and The Storytelling Leader

Linked 2 Leadership

Because of my 10-years of involvement with Storytelling, I have had great opportunities to learn more about the engaging concepts of story, how to construct them, and how to deliver them. I have also shared this passion with my wife who is the Program Administrator at the International Storytelling Center.

3 Storytelling Questions Most People Can’t Answer to Make a Connection

Lead Change Blog

The power of this storytelling should be familiar to all of us. From cave drawings to hieroglyphics to the oral traditions of Native Americans to the Bible to Shakespeare to Charlotte’s Web , human history has long known the power of storytelling.

Q&A With Best Selling Author And Expert Storyteller, Paul Smith

Eric Jacobson

In his book, Paul demonstrates how storytelling is a powerful business tool that can mean the difference between mediocre results and phenomenal success. It seems that a lot more people nowadays are professing the power of storytelling.

Using Storytelling To Craft And Communicate Your Strategic Vision

Tanveer Naseer

I’m careful to say ‘forget’ since we are born storytellers and simply need to rediscover story patterns.) The following is a guest piece by Jeremey Donovan.

130: The Storyteller’s Secret: Why Some Ideas Catch on and Others Don’t | with Carmine Gallo

Engaging Leader

Storytelling is the most underrated skill [among entrepreneurs]. ~ Ben Horowitze, famed venture capitalist Storytelling is the act of framing an idea as a narrative to inform, illuminate, and inspire. 102: Storytelling for Leaders: How to Influence, Engage & Inspire | with Amanda Marko.

How Storytelling Can Help Solve Your Problems

My Own Coach

I love stories and storytelling! There is no stronger m… The post How Storytelling Can Help Solve Your Problems appeared first on My Own Coach Limited. Leadership Coaching creative problem solving powerful questions problem solving video

The Empathy Architect: Nancy Duarte Connects The Power of Storytelling To Great Leadership

Terry Starbucker

I first heard Nancy talk about the power of storytelling, her unique way of finding common patterns in great speeches, and graphically presenting the “shape” of those speeches last summer, at the World Domination Summit here in Portland.

The Power of Storytelling


Stories are an integral part to communicating effectively with your employees. A great story goes a long way, because it’s memorable and helps create an emotional connection with the listener. What we feel impacts what we do, so stories can be a great way to move employees to action. So why not prepare some stories of your own. When you do here are a few things to think about. Stories are to: An effective story should be: Inspire, galvanize, & engage.

How Storytelling Captivates, Convinces And Inspires Employees And Customers

Eric Jacobson

Today, many of the most successful organizations on the planet intentionally use storytelling as a key leadership tool ,” explains Smith. Several companies, such as Kimberly-Clark , actively teach storytelling skills to their leaders.

How To Use Storytelling For Growth

Joseph Lalonde

The other, more effective, way is to use storytelling to present the facts and move the person to action. The post How To Use Storytelling For Growth appeared first on Joseph Lalonde. I ’m currently in Atlanta, GA live blogging the Catalyst Conference.

Ten Reasons For Embracing Storytelling As A Business Tool

Eric Jacobson

Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Lead With A Story Paul Smith Storytelling



Du Maurier’s status as a neglected literary genius has been endorsed by the American author Stephen King, another writer who has had the cold shoulder from critics. In 1993, he described Rebecca as “a book any aspiring popular writer should read, if only for its bravura pacing and narrative control.

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Ten Reasons For Embracing Storytelling As A Business Tool

Eric Jacobson

Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Paul Smith Storytelling

Tell Stories to Motivate Your Teams


Neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists teach us that tapping people’s emotions through storytelling clearly allows us to command an audience’s attention. Storytelling

A Candidate We All Can Get Behind!


StorytellingToday, I plan to vote. For Candidate Avi.

Effective Leaders Are Story Doers, Not Just Story Tellers

Linked 2 Leadership

Authentic Leadership Practical Steps to Influence communication leadership Organizational Health Storytelling trust We all learn from stories, we get to practice our emotional responses and we can test our beliefs in safe territory. “A A leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible.” ~ Mark Yarnell Describing Your Purpose Your story will be a narrative that describes your purpose in a way that is easily understood, is intriguing, inspiring and […].

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A Strategic Story about Strategic Storytelling

Let's Grow Leaders

Over the years, I have used strategic storytelling workshops to help drive key messages, build teams, and enhance communication skills. The Strategic Story Behind Strategic Storytelling Many years ago back in my HR [.] The post A Strategic Story about Strategic Storytelling appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Own Your Own Career storytelling Take Risks leadership development low-cost leadership development merger strategic storytelling

Use Stories To Captivate Your Audience

Women on Business

Marketing public speaking storytelling We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] If you haven''t already done so, update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. link].

How to Tell a Great Story

Let's Grow Leaders

If you would like me to custom-design a storytelling workshop for your team, please call me at 443-750-1249. Communication how to tell a great story karin hurt workshops storytelling workshop

The Simplest Way to Hear the Best Stories

Let's Grow Leaders

Listening Questions Recognition Storytelling communication recognition skip level communication stories Everyday your team is doing great work. Sometimes you miss their stories. Some folks will go home and tell their stories around the dinner table. Others can’t, or won’t.

Six Keys to Crafting Your Story

Kevin Eikenberry

Communication Leadership Learning stories storytellingStarting from the time we have enough of a vocabulary to string together two sentences, we start telling stories — and even before that, we are entranced by them. The poet Mariel Rukeyser wrote “The universe is made of stories, not atoms.” While that isn’t literally true, we all recognize the wisdom in the thought. [.].

It’s Time To Do a Better Job Telling Your Company Story – Guest Blogger Meg McSherry Breslin


Guest Bloggers StorytellingCompany “profiles” are everywhere today – on corporate websites, in job postings, and on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. With one click of the “About Us” link, anyone, anywhere can hear your company story.

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A Refresher on Storytelling 101

Harvard Business Review

I work with future leaders at Stanford to help them develop compelling stories that achieve their management goals — and I’ve developed a seven-part formula for storytelling success in presentations and business meetings. The best storytellers draw us immediately into the action. Silence is a powerful and underutilized storytelling tool. Use these seven strategies to hone and polish your storytelling skills, and achieve the results you seek as a leader and communicator.

Finding a Story for a Specific Communication Purpose

Kevin Eikenberry

Communication Leadership Learning story storytellingTom had a major presentation coming up in less than a week, and he was concerned. This presentation was important not only for his team and his company, but also for his career. He knew that if he did well it would make all the difference. for everyone. And if it bombed, [.].

Paul Smith Teaches You How To Sell With A Story

Eric Jacobson

Storytelling is a skill. Also, I think after publishing my first two books, Lead with a Story and Parenting with a Story , they thought sales was the next logical place to leverage storytelling skills. Storytelling is a powerful tool. This is a great week.

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Use Storytelling to Explain Your Company’s Purpose

Harvard Business Review

But activating purpose is impossible without storytelling, at both the corporate and individual levels. Storytelling is a skill that leaders can — and should — hone. The idea of “purpose” has swept the corporate world.

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Don’t Separate Strategy from Your Stories


While it’s great to see leaders embrace stories, it’s so important to realize that simply storytelling—without the goal of teaching employees what they need to do in their work—defeats your purpose. Storytelling

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Great Storytelling Connects Employees to Their Work

Harvard Business Review

Leaders can maintain a lively sense of connection, as the Shake Shack manager did, through storytelling. Most storytelling is brief. In every organization we’ve ever studied where there was a strong sense of moral motivation, the leaders were always storytellers. I once spent a few delicious days studying Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG), a collection of high-end, casual eateries started by the famed New York restauranteur, Danny Meyer.

The Power of Your Network is the "Ask"

Mills Scofield

Originally published in Harvard Business Review , this post needs to be reread since my friend Vala Afshar will be a storyteller at BIF1 0 and Sidney Kushner will be attending - in just two weeks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.

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Creating A Customer-Centric Culture – The Disney Way

Tanveer Naseer

business communication culture Guest Posts leadership customer service employee engagement listening shared purpose storytelling valuesThe following is a guest piece by Bill Capodagli. What is corporate culture?

A Quick Formula to Tell the Best Stories


StorytellingDon’t Tell Stories Without a Purpose. Sometimes leaders get so caught up with grabbing an audience’s attention that they miss the point. For instance, a personal anecdote is great but only if it connects to what you’re trying to communicate.

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