Licensed To Lead – A New Perspective

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In one of the movies, License to Kill, James Bond went rogue — giving himself carte blanche authority to use his know how on a specific mission. We hold this license which strengthens our authority to go rogue for leadership. I love James Bond movies.

Important Steps to Licensing Your Ideas from Licensing Expert Stephen Key

Women on Business

My experience as a mentor to entrepreneurs and inventors has taught me that women are especially well suited to picking up the skills and knowledge needed to license their ideas. I’m a proponent of licensing because it’s a low-risk venture. You don’t need to quit your day job to successfully license your product ideas and you don’t need to spend a lot of money. The rest of this blog will detail some of the most important steps to licensing your ideas.

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Boost Your Business With License Plating

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With that it mind, you should check out and learn more about license plating. Simply put, license plating lets you intelligently manage a batch of items, taking them as a single unit. The license plates assigned are unique for your business.

Being Authentic Isn’t a License to be an SOB


We all probably know someone who has a “This is me – take it or leave it” attitude. They might hide behind the cloak of authenticity when they share just about everything on their mind, and just about everything they feel.

What it means to be Bonded, Licensed, and Insured

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Service companies and contractors usually mention that they are “bonded, licensed, and insured” when they advertise their services. As customers, it is important to know whether a company is bonded, licensed, or insured. What does it take to be bonded, licensed, or insured?

Entertainment Licencing for Business Events

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Global Perspectives Legal and Compliance Issues Marketing business events entertainment licensing event industry event licensing event management event marketing licensing act We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] If you haven''t already done so, update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. link].

License to Pawn: Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold & Silver

Kevin Eikenberry

By Rick Harrison and Tim Keown One of my guilty television pleasures is Pawn Stars on the History Channel. I first saw it in a hotel room late one night. And I was hooked from the first show. If you haven’t seen the show, it is, as described in this book, “like the Antique Roadshow [.]. Achievement Books Learning Personal Development biography Pawn Stars Success

Building Skills for Your New Supervisors

Kevin Eikenberry

Books From Bud to Boss Leadership Learning Training licensed training new supervisor training supervisor training trainingA year ago, we released From Bud to Boss: Secrets to a Successful Transition to Remarkable Leadership. In the last year, thousands of copies have been sold. Individuals have purchased copies because they wanted to succeed in their transition to a new leadership role or continue their leadership growth. Copies have been purchased by leaders [.].

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Rethinking the Cease and Desist: Don’t Threaten Fan Communities and Groups, License Your Brand to Them

Managing Communities

photo credit: EverJean I want to expand on something that we discussed on the August 8 episode of the SitePoint Podcast, about the cease and desist and how it negatively impacts brands when used poorly, especially against fans. Strong fan communities are gold to the companies, individuals, products and things that they are a fan of. [.]. How Should I Participate

More and More Jobs Today Require a License. That’s Good for Some Workers, but Not Always for Consumers

Harvard Business Review

But one trend that hasn’t received nearly enough attention is the steady rise of occupational licensing: more and more jobs are requiring workers to be licensed to enter the profession. workers had an occupational license, meaning they completed additional schooling or training (and paid the necessary fees) and passed an exam to be licensed to practice the profession in a certain state. In the early 1990s, 800 occupations required licenses in at least one state.

Three Reasons Technology Won’t Save Your Remote Team

Kevin Eikenberry

You likely have licenses and logins for a variety of tools. If you are on (or lead) a remote team, you have remote technology. You might have even added a new tool, thinking it would be the solution to the woes that face your remote team. And what did you find? Is your team woe-free […].

Why true leaders sacrifice

Lead on Purpose

“Leadership is not a license to do less, it’s a responsibility to do more.” What makes leaders different from everyone else? How do they build trust with the people they serve? Why do they forego their own interests on behalf … Continue reading → Leadership Trust accountability honesty Integrity sacrifice team building

The Best in Leadership Reading – Most Read Blog Posts for 2017

Kevin Eikenberry

There is no bias included or editorial license taken. There are lots of lists this time of year, this one isn’t based on opinion or conjecture. This is the complied list of our most-read, new blog posts of 2017.

Blog 141

Treat People as Partners

Michael Lee Stallard

license. . #96 Treat People as Partners. Treat people as equals. Never speak down to anyone or intentionally ignore him or her. This is the ninety-sixth post in our series entitled “100 Ways to Connect.” The series highlights language, attitudes and behaviors that help you connect with others.

Is Your Self Esteem Limiting You?

Kevin Eikenberry

Yet it isn’t like a drivers license – you don’t automatically qualify for it at a certain age. Self-esteem gets talked about a lot in schools. We wonder and concern ourselves with it in our children. And in my experience and observation, this is a bigger limiting factor to our (and others’) success than most [.]. Developing Others Leadership Learning Personal Development Quotations Iyanla Vanzant productivity self esteem

Fail More

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He wrote the book not to encourage irresponsibility or to give license to “intentionally flunk life one mistake at a time,” but rather to continually improving through intentional practice, with the willingness to embrace the process, and the ability to learn from the result.

“Respect Must Be Earned” – Leaders, Are You Comfortable Being Held to a Higher Standard?

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Earlier this year I expounded on how much this phrase, “respect must be earned,&# bugs me, in the context of a manager to employee relationship — mainly because it can be misinterpreted and give license to immature or unscrupulous managers to treat [.] “Respect Must Be Earned&# – Leaders, Are You Comfortable Being Held to a Higher Standard? Posted in Best of Blogs Series Leadership Development Bosses, no, I really don’t intend on making you a target of disrespect.

Architect Your Leadership – Part 2 – Architectural Style

Modern Servant Leader

CC License, courtesy David Sky. CC License, courtesy New Orleans Lady. CC License, courtesy arch-hiroshima. CC License, courtesy We’re discussing how to build your leadership like an architect builds a home.

Mike Purcell Joins StrategyDriven Power & Utilities Advisory Services Practice

Strategy Driven

His hands-on knowledge and experience in performance improvement, regulatory inspection readiness, license renewals, and power uprates will be a great asset to our team”. Mike also possesses extensive regulatory and licensing experience including inspection readiness activities for U.S.

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A Future with Almost No Parking Lots? – Just a Quick Thought for Your Day

First Friday Book Synopsis

But, here’s just one thought from the book Exponential Organizations: In September, 2014, California will issue the first license plates for driverless cars… (resulting in, ultimately) almost no parking lots and fewer […]. Are you ready? Here it comes. you ask… Simply this. A much different future… The future will be different in many ways.

Switchers: Change Careers and Seize Success

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Dr. Dawn Graham, through her years as a career coach and licensed psychologist, and research for Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers—and Seize Success , has uncovered proven strategies that will get you where you want to go. Are you stuck in the wrong profession? An industry that just isn’t a fit? Want to get unstuck, and pull off the most daring and fulfilling career move of your life—landing a new career that you’re genuinely passionate about?

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14 Years In, What I’ve Learned.

Rich Gee Group

A huge company in CT wanted to license my entire sales training platform, I presented it and got to the top. I met with a close colleague at Starbucks the other day and while we were reminiscing, I realized I’ve been coaching for 14 years — time flies when you’re having so much fun.

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Leadership Horror Stories

Modern Servant Leader

Here are some of the greatest Leadership Horrors of all time: Headless Horseman, CC license by Josh Gross. Zombie, CC License by aeviin. Banshee, CC License by Frozen Poltergeist. Werewolf, CC License by Phil Renaud. Vampire, CC License by Sandra Falkevik. Exorcist, CC License by Bob Bekian. There are plenty of horror story compilations on ghosts, goblins and monsters, but what about all those leadership horror stories?

Speak to Help, Not to Hurt

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Being authentic, though, isn’t a license to be rude, hurtful, condescending, or manipulative. I almost spoke but didn’t—and was glad of it. My words weren’t helpful, noble, or persuasive. Only critical. As Dale Carnegie once said, any fool can criticize. I didn’t want to be another fool; several others were already present. Serving up one-and-done criticism is the easy stuff of fools.

6 Tips to Improve Your Hiring Process

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a licensed Sandler Trainer located in London Central , and she?has O NE OF THE MOST significant ways a leader can impact their business is through the quality of their hiring, yet this is rarely listed as a critical leadership competency and often overlooked.

Take A Little Break To Laugh This Season.

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Find Your Ideal Job and Build Your Dream Business

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Having the availability to set aside a few hundred dollars each month towards your business is significant when you have to consider paying for licensing, website development, social media support, etc. I S IT POSSIBLE to have your cake and eat it too?

Change is What You Make of It

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My wife recently became a licensed real estate agent, a career for which she has been preparing most of her adult life and one that fits her like a glove, uses her considerable knowledge and skills artfully, and is simply the best work choice for her that I can imagine.

102: Storytelling for Leaders: How to Influence, Engage & Inspire | with Amanda Marko

Engaging Leader

licensed to deliver Storytelling for Leaders, which teaches business leaders a proven method for creating messages that resonate, build engagement, and drive change. Storytelling is an effective leadership tool for change management, engagement, and bringing the business strategy to life.

4 Ways to Deliver Genuine Authenticity

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Authenticity is not a license to be excessively focused on the self. Instagram “broke us” says a recent Vox article. The social networking service has warped our “perception of reality over the past almost-decade,” motivating people to “perform” a lifestyle while simultaneously convincing those watching that the performance is real. I’m convinced “celebrity CEOs” have done the same thing to people’s perceptions of leadership. Instagram and many celebrity CEOs showcase style over substance.

The Most Inspirational Social Media I've Ever Seen.

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Architect Your Leadership – Part 3 – The Blueprint

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CC License, courtesy Heticobai. CC license, coutesy CC License, courtesy Dick Schmitt. CC License, courtesy Kevin H. Today, let’s discuss the final piece in our series about building your leadership like an architect builds a home.

‘Good’ Is Not Enough

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on a 5-point scale, loses his or her license to represent the Uber brand. Nearly three-quarters of a customer’s loyalty is determined by how that customer is treated.

Be Like Jack LaLanne.

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Expanding on his television popularity, he opened dozens of fitness studios under his name, later licensing them to Bally. I grew up with Jack LaLanne. I used to watch him, his wife Elaine (yes, Elaine LaLanne), and his german shepherd Happy every morning on TV.

Chip Shots – Favorite Leadership Apps

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I bought the licenses to sync with my iPhone and iPad so I always have this at my fingertips. Here at Lead Change Group, we know that problems are most effectively solved when individuals come together to meld ideas, energies, and approaches.

Do You Ask Enough Questions?

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The Travelers asked me to complete an application, which called for my driver’s license number and a history of any moving traffic violations. I had a license, no violations, and had never driven on a freeway before.

Do It Anyway.

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A Powerful and Cost Effective Way to Become a Stronger Manager

Let's Grow Leaders

There’s real value in having teams of managers going through this together, which is why I’ve made it easier to purchase multiple licenses with tiered pricing. There’s no question. The best way to get better at leading is by leading.

Cost 248

Visualizing Mortality And Wealth. | Rich Gee Group

Rich Gee Group

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A Powerful Sunday Message.

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106: 4 Storytelling Frameworks to Lead Change | with Amanda Marko

Engaging Leader

licensed to deliver Storytelling for Leaders, which teaches business leaders a proven method for creating messages that resonate, build engagement, and drive change. Storytelling is a key tool for leading change.

Find Your Sweet Spot

Great Leadership By Dan

Chris Edmonds: An architect had earned her degree, gained her license, and joined the AIA. Guest post from S. She found a well-paying job and even became successful. But she didn’t love it; she didn’t feel she was serving others as well as she could.

Architect Your Leadership – Part 1 – Four Leadership Culture Locations

Modern Servant Leader

Image Courtesy CC License - Andrew Hill. Image CC License - Washington & Jefferson College. If you were an architect, there are steps you would take to build your home: choose the location, select a style and finally, design the specific structure.