How to Prevent Politics From Destroying Work Relationships

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According to Glassdoor’s 2020 Politics at Work Research, most U.S. employees believe political discussions are “unacceptable” at work. The post How to Prevent Politics From Destroying Work Relationships appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders.

Strategic Tips to Navigate Office Politics

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Nobody likes dealing with office politics, but learning how your company operates and identifying who is holding the power over your advancement is a key component to success in your career. The post Strategic Tips to Navigate Office Politics appeared first on Lead Change.


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Does “Politically Correct” Mean Inclusive and Respectful?

Leading in Context

Lately there has been a lot of discussion about the term "politically correct," sometimes shortened to "PC." I have noticed it is used when people refer to the pressure to be polite to all people, including those who are different from themselves. .

You Need To Play Politics.

Rich Gee Group

So for those of you who don't like to play politics: too bad. You can't opt out of politics. Next week, we’ll discuss politics and how to do it without sacrificing your principles

Kickstart A Political Career: Your Ultimate Guide

Joseph Lalonde

Breaking into the political sphere can be attractive for quite a few reasons. Many budding politicians want to make the world a better place. Others feel as though it can be financially rewarding at the same time. When you see the likes of AOC net worth, it’s hard not to argue with that.

The Politics of Promotion

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Although being savvy about office politics is important for both genders, unconscious bias and stereotypes create special challenges for women. But politics are the reality of the workplace, one that differs between organizations and fluctuates over time.Learning to navigate these complex rules and customs is the key to professional recognition for women, fostering relationships that reach far beyond the next evaluation.


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NEW BOOK GIVEAWAY!! 20 copies available!! Leave a comment on this guest post by Kim Cameron to become eligible for one of 20 complimentary copies of his new book, Positively Energizing Leadership: Virtuous Actions and… Continue reading → Author Book Notes compassion Leading Personal Growth energy leadership books

How To Play Politics With Political People.

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I'm bad at politics. If you experience evil political people at work or in your business, this article is for you. Political people suck - in the everyday business world, we call them 'empty suits'. Political people love to fold reality - you need to fight back with facts.

7 Leadership Lessons from the Political Arguing

Skip Prichard

I’m not sure about you, but it’s hard for me to take much more of the political fights happening throughout my social media world. What do leaders do when an unexpected blast of political winds threatens to overwhelm? May the angels stop all political debate.

How Women Can Master Office Politics To Grow Their Career And Help Their Team Succeed

Tanveer Naseer

If there’s one aspect of today’s workplaces most of us could do without, it’s office politics. Leadership Biz Cafe Recent Posts communication growth leadership motivation office politics

Free Speech at Work – Should Discussions of Politics be Banned

Leadership Freak

70% of Americans would support companywide policies that limit the discussion of politics in the workplace or with colleagues. Harris Free speech and context: Political speech seems natural when your organization connects deeply… Continue reading → Leading

Ways to Avoid Office Politics at Work

HR Digest

Ever been in a meeting where everyone else seems to be making all the right moves but you’re just sitting there and wondering if this is office politics at work? It’s no secret that negative office politics can be a real grind.

Leadership and Office Politics

N2Growth Blog

This is the time of year when most of us turn our attention to presidential politics, but let us not forget that business is also political – to think otherwise is simply naïve. Office politics exist in every organization without regard for industry, structure, culture or values. The tricky part about politics in business is you’re supposed to be on the same team with your co-workers. As a final thought, my best advice is to lead rather than politic.

3 Listening Lessons We Can All Use From Political Leadership

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They speak in sound […] The post 3 Listening Lessons We Can All Use From Political Leadership appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. accountability Change Communication Culture constituents listening political leadership politics A Guest Post from Rose Fass, CEO, fassforward Many leaders talk a good game. Some have even managed to talk their way to the top. But ironically, there’s one leadership quality that often gets the silent treatment.

How to Find Advantage in Office Politics

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But political skill is one reason they earned their position. Perhaps you should… Continue reading → Culture Leadership Development Office PoliticsWhat seems like weakness may be advantage. Your manager’s obsession with the opinion of upper management may drive you crazy.

Office Politics and Survivor on T.V.

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Think of office politics as alliance-building. But avoid unethical office politics. It’s another thing… Continue reading → Author Personal Growth Growth Leadership Development Office PoliticsNo one survives and thrives on their own. Rob Jolles explains that it’s one thing to get a job.

Office Politics Don’t Have to Be Toxic

Harvard Business Review

Office politics Inclusion and belonging Diversity and inclusion Marginalized groups Developing employees Organizational culture Digital ArticleDone well, they can be a powerful force for inclusion.

The Six Rules of Office Politics

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Office… Continue reading → Backstabbers Culture Influence Leading Taking others higher adversarial relationship Leadership Development Office Politics An adversarial relationship with a skilled office politician destroys opportunities. It could end your career. You despise their shenanigans, but unless you have authority to deal with them, learn to get along.

Getting Along with a Political Operator

Harvard Business Review

How to work with someone who’s moving their career forward at the expense of yours. Interpersonal communication Managing conflicts Emotional intelligence Audio

Slaying the Politics Dragon

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Robert Murray (and great advice): I have been getting an unusually high number of inquiries this week from young leaders asking about office or corporate politics. Corporate politics, unfortunately, are everywhere. Corporate politics happens for a number of reasons. In the world of politics, it comes at you from all places. This is the root of nasty, drama filled politics. This is the “Killer App” for mitigating politics… Be forever positive.

Wanted: Board Chairs and CEOs with political leadership capabilities

CEO Insider

Today’s top executives are expected also to fit the mode of political leaders. The post Wanted: Board Chairs and CEOs with political leadership capabilities appeared first on CEOWORLD magazine. Expectations of business leaders are changing at lightning (maybe even frightening) speed.

Overcome the Dangers of Office Politics

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Backstabbers Communication Gossip Insecurity Leading Marks of leaders Personal Growth Taking others higher Culture defensiveness Leadership Leadership Development Office Politics organizational success performance metrics personal agendas political environments politicsUnethical office politicians create perceived threats. They’ll suggest someone is out to get you. Watch out for Joe!”

Six Secrets to Winning at Office Politics

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Being great at your job… Continue reading → Influence Leading Success Communication Leadership Office Politics The most qualified people don’t always get the most done or earn the best promotions. We all know someone who got promoted because they knew the right person.

10 Ways to Win at Office Politics

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Author Backstabbers Book Notes Gossip Leading Taking others higher Bill Brandt Culture Leadership Leadership Development Office Politics organizational success Lack of leadership invites backstabbing, gossip, sabotage, game-playing, and foot-dragging. But, don’t expect a savior on a white horse to rescue you after you’ve been stabbed in the back. Responding: Getting even with the person who made you look bad makes you look bad. Respond in ways that you would brag to mom about.

The P Word: Politics and Leadership

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development [link] The higher up you coach in an organization, the more politics is a true issue. I have even had people tell me “there are no politics” in their organization. And “politics” is [.]. It’s a base to cover with leaders that turns out to be somewhat of a taboo for some. Well, that’s just not so. Leadership Development

Business Politics Practices – Delay Tactics

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Buy access to Business Politics Practices – Delay Tactics for just $2! Business Politics Practices Premium business politics business politics practices delay tactics Practices for Professionals strategydrivenDelays are a powerful tool that can be exercised by almost anyone.

Five Ways to Master Office Politics

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Image source Office politics is not a dirty word; you’ll go further if you can play. Sadly, many bosses rise to authority because they understand and play dirty office politics. Even in work cultures where bosses effectively deal with backstabbing, gossip, and office maneuvering, playing politics [.]. Backstabbers Gossip Influence Personal Growth Leadership Development Office PoliticsBelieving good work always speaks for itself is naïve.

Is Politically Correct Correct? – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

When I started researching and working on this Remarkable TV episode, I discovered that like much of our language, the meaning of the words ‘politically correct’ have changed over time – leading people to have very different opinions on the meaning of the words.

Why To Be Unpopular in a Politically Correct World

Let's Grow Leaders

“Being Politically Correct means always having to say you’re sorry.” I encourage you to check it […] The post Why To Be Unpopular in a Politically Correct World appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. ” -Charles Osgood As we warm-up to Mean It Madness month on Let’s Grow Leaders, I’ve taken our show on the road. I’m honored to be included in the SmartBlog and Switch and Shift Joint series on Communication.

How Political Polarization Is Changing Work

Harvard Business

Difficult conversations Politics Managing conflicts AudioA conversation with Harvard’s Julia Minson and Francesca Gino about how to stop colleagues’ differences of opinion from devolving into conflict.

Leadership & Political Correctness | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

OXYMORON …Great leaders are not politically correct, but they are politically savvy – there is a difference. Putting political agendas and peer pressure aside (as great leaders do), leaders should not make their choices based upon public opinion. I don’t know about you, but it’s almost as if we have raised a generation of leaders who feel they have a moral and ethical obligation to be politically correct – WRONG.

Why Companies Should Stop Political Spending Now

Harvard Business

Politics Power and influence Corporate governance AudioA conversation about the high risks and low rewards of corporate campaign donations.

How to Talk about Politics at Work

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The post How to Talk about Politics at Work appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership. The recent US elections might have been the most contentious ever. And strong feelings continue to abound. Even though the elections are over, many people are deeply worried about what will happen next. Each side was very concerned about what would happen if their candidate did not win. And now, half the voting population must deal […].

Women Need to Embrace Office Politics to Get Ahead

Great Leadership By Dan

"Office politics can make or break your career. Women avoid politics due to their belief that it’s dirty and underhanded, and it’s a waste of their valuable time. We need to embrace office politics to get ahead." Read the rest of B onnie Marcus''s guest post over at Management and Leadership to learn the importance of politics, power and culture in getting ahead. Bonnie Marcus career advice career success politics power women leadership

Business Politics Impacts – Cost of Employee Attrition

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Yet a significant portion of voluntary attrition is directly related to an abusive work environment created, in part, by excessive business politics. Thus, reduced workplace politics can directly improve the organization’s bottom line. Buy access to Business Politics Impacts – Cost of Employee Attrition and gain access to the accompanying tool for just $2! The staggering cost of employee turnover goes largely unrecognized.

Business Politics Practices – Lie with Impunity

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Buy access to Business Politics Practices – Lie with Impunity for just $2! Business Politics Practices Premium business politics business politics practices lying strategydrivenLying is wrong. Business politicians master the art of manipulating and misrepresenting facts to elicited a desired response. They do this by making ambiguous assertions providing the necessary false impression with an accountability escape route. Hi there!

Don’t Like Organizational Politics? Get Over It.

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As people were leaving the room, one of the managers sidled up to me and said she''d really like to see a post on navigating organizational politics. Before I got on the plane, I looked up the root of the word politics on Wikipedia. General Leadership Personal Presence Influence leadership Organizational politics

Business Politics Practices – Managing Up Scapegoat Technique

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Buy access to Business Politics Practices – Managing Up Scapegoat Technique for just $2! Business Politics Practices Premium business management business politics managing up political practices strategydrivenEvery good leader understands that the notion of managing up is a farce. Subordinates simply don’t possess the positional authority to “manage” – set priorities, established schedules and due dates, and direct actions – superiors.

Reframing Your Relationship with Influence, Power, and Office Politics

Management Excellence

Career Decision-Making Emerging Leaders Just One Thing Leadership Leadership Caffeine Leading Change Self-Development Career Success Clean Power Gray-Zone Leadership Influence Jeffrey Pfeffer Marc Effron Office Politics powerWe've Moved! Update your Reader Now.

Business Politics Landscape – Cultural Shaping of an Organization’s Business Politics Landscape

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All organizations are political to some degree with their culture defining the predominant, acceptable political practices – the organization’s political landscape. This unique landscape represents where political activity takes place and the sources of power exerted, shaped by established activity controls and triggers respectively. Buy access to Cultural Shaping of an Organization’s Business Politics Landscape for just $2!

Business Politics Practices – Manipulating the Intent

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Buy access to Business Politics Practices – Manipulating the Intent for just $2! Business Politics Practices Premium business politics business politics practices manipulating the intent personal power strategydrivenIntent, like beauty, is held in the eye of the beholder. Organizations employ policies practices, and procedures as a way to promote consistency in behaviors among executives, managers, and employees.

Quotes from Great US Political Leaders

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The post Quotes from Great US Political Leaders appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership. What will we do after the US elections? Will we further our divisions into a stalemate or find common ground to move forward as a nation? In his article A Prayer for Tuesday, Alan Briskin suggests the possibility that we have “reached a nadir, a low point in our national discourse, from which we could rise.” […].

Stop Talking About Politics At Work


I was raised by parents in a generation where discussions of politics or money were taboo to all but very close friends. (Of At the same time, though, I’ve kept to my faith that discussions of politics can be outright rude in social settings and in the workplace. But recent research suggests that talking about politics at work, even knowing the political opinions of your coworkers, could actually have a detrimental effect on YOU and your work. Maybe you don’t.