Congress is like a roach motel - laws check in but never check out. Philip K. Howard

Business Politics Impacts – Cost of Employee Attrition

Strategy Driven

Yet a significant portion of voluntary attrition is directly related to an abusive work environment created, in part, by excessive business politics. Thus, reduced workplace politics can directly improve the organization’s bottom line.

Office Politics and Survivor on T.V.

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Think of office politics as alliance-building. But avoid unethical office politics. It’s another thing… Continue reading → Author Personal Growth Growth Leadership Development Office PoliticsNo one survives and thrives on their own. Rob Jolles explains that it’s one thing to get a job.

Modern Politics


What happens when a protester who seeks to disrupt a hearing encounters a congressman who is also an auctioneer. [HT: HT: Suzanne

Political Correctness


Althouse has a video of the debate on "Political Correctness: A force for good?" Pro: Michael Eric Dyson and Michelle Goldberg Con: Stephen Fry and Jordan Peterson

A Politics Cleanse


Brooks in which he recommends abstaining from political news for a while. Smart move, regardless of your political leanings, because the political scene has gone nuts. [It Althouse points to an essay by Arthur C.

Political Ads


I've studied political ads for years. Here are three effective ones: Hillary Clinton ad: " Confessions of a Republican " Gary Johnson ad: " Are You In ?" Donald Trump ad: " Thanks, Famous Actors

Leadership and Office Politics

N2Growth Blog

This is the time of year when most of us turn our attention to presidential politics, but let us not forget that business is also political – to think otherwise is simply naïve. Office politics exist in every organization without regard for industry, structure, culture or values.

Classic Political Reporting


Liebling , writing in the May 28, 1960 issue of The New Yorker , on Louisiana politics. Liebling and Governor Earl Long? It doesn't get better than that. See Liebling's book, "The Earl of Louisiana

Report 130

How to Find Advantage in Office Politics

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But political skill is one reason they earned their position. Perhaps you should… Continue reading → Culture Leadership Development Office PoliticsWhat seems like weakness may be advantage. Your manager’s obsession with the opinion of upper management may drive you crazy.

Slaying the Politics Dragon

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Robert Murray (and great advice): I have been getting an unusually high number of inquiries this week from young leaders asking about office or corporate politics. Corporate politics, unfortunately, are everywhere. Corporate politics happens for a number of reasons.

Amid the Current Political Squalor


Remember the story of Paulina Plaksej and other Polish Catholics who rescued Jews during the Holocaust

Modern Politics


"The devotees of the party in power are smug and arrogant. The devotees of the party out of power are insane." - Megan McArdle [The above is also known as Jane's Law

How to Talk about Politics at Work

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

The post How to Talk about Politics at Work appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership. The recent US elections might have been the most contentious ever. And strong feelings continue to abound.

Modern Politics


"That is not a cow." "We We are appalled that you would think it is a cow." That is not even a third-rate cow." Those who say it is a cow are only doing so for selfish and partisan purposes." "The The reported ''moo'' was an exaggeration." "So So were the udders." "So So were the emails." "We

Thoughts about Politics


The ones who want political office the most may be the ones who deserve it the least. We'll never know how many Churchills and de Gaulles went into the political wilderness and never found their way back.

Politics in the church…

Ron Edmondson

Someone asked, “Why are there politics in the church?” Where people gather…things will often get political. Sounds like politics to me. We shouldn’t be surprised when politics appear in the church. Sounds somewhat political to me.

Quotes from Great US Political Leaders

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The post Quotes from Great US Political Leaders appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership. What will we do after the US elections? Will we further our divisions into a stalemate or find common ground to move forward as a nation?

Can You Ignore Office Politics?

Let's Grow Leaders

Can you ignore office politics? The post Can You Ignore Office Politics? confidence Conflict Empowerment Fear and Courage Mentoring career career development office politics organizational dynamics political I wish the answer was yes.

The Six Rules of Office Politics

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Office… Continue reading → Backstabbers Culture Influence Leading Taking others higher adversarial relationship Leadership Development Office Politics An adversarial relationship with a skilled office politician destroys opportunities. It could end your career. You despise their shenanigans, but unless you have authority to deal with them, learn to get along.

Political Life


Althouse may be reading a lot of Machiavelli lately. So too might "Dilbert" creator Scott Adams.He has sort of endorsed Hillary Clinton. Brian Beutler on how many of the young Bernie supporters does Hillary really need. Michael Barone : Bernie Sanders wins even while losing

"Fiction and Identity Politics"


I am hopeful that the concept of “cultural appropriation” is a passing fad: people with different backgrounds rubbing up against each other and exchanging ideas and practices is self-evidently one of the most productive, fascinating aspects of modern urban life.

Overcoming Office Politics – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

Every office has its fair-share of politics – it’s one of the areas where we receive the most questions and it’s the topic of some of our most popular webinars. And while I can’t necessarily help how others respond to office politics (at least not in a 4-minute video), I can help YOU! The post Overcoming Office Politics – Remarkable TV appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning.

Leadership & Political Correctness | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

OXYMORON …Great leaders are not politically correct, but they are politically savvy – there is a difference. Putting political agendas and peer pressure aside (as great leaders do), leaders should not make their choices based upon public opinion.

Vandalism and Politics


It is not unusual to hear people mention that they'd never put a political sticker on their car. The "bumper sticker fear" may be a small reflection of what has happened to political discourse

Six Secrets to Winning at Office Politics

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Being great at your job… Continue reading → Influence Leading Success Communication Leadership Office Politics The most qualified people don’t always get the most done or earn the best promotions. We all know someone who got promoted because they knew the right person.

Overcome the Dangers of Office Politics

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Backstabbers Communication Gossip Insecurity Leading Marks of leaders Personal Growth Taking others higher Culture defensiveness Leadership Leadership Development Office Politics organizational success performance metrics personal agendas political environments politicsUnethical office politicians create perceived threats. They’ll suggest someone is out to get you. Watch out for Joe!”

10 Ways to Win at Office Politics

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Author Backstabbers Book Notes Gossip Leading Taking others higher Bill Brandt Culture Leadership Leadership Development Office Politics organizational success Lack of leadership invites backstabbing, gossip, sabotage, game-playing, and foot-dragging. But, don’t expect a savior on a white horse to rescue you after you’ve been stabbed in the back. Responding: Getting even with the person who made you look bad makes you look bad. Respond in ways that you would brag to mom about.

Leave the politics at home

Bud to Boss

Yesterday’s Forbes article “Talking Politics at Work Can Get You Fired” was eye-opening. I’ve long felt that political discussion has its place, and that the workplace isn’t it, but my reasoning was more based on productivity and relationships.

Leaders, Politics and Those “Others”

Linked 2 Leadership

Leaders know that effective political skills are essential in navigating safely in today’s world where knowing how to handle sticky issues with powerful people, colleagues, and friends is an advanced relationship survival skill. This subject (politics and power) hit me as the US Presidential election played out this November.

Best Political Ad of the Year


I'd say the ad for Steve Ferrara for Congress is hard to beat

Political Film Break


The trailers for: " Primary Colors " " The Candidate " " Bulworth " " Wag the Dog " " The Great McGinty

Why French Politics is Interesting


Not a French politician. The Weekly Standard's Dominic Green sees a coalition

Political Novels - Continued


I recently posted a list of 60 extraordinary political novels. Immediately afterwards, of course, ones that were omitted came to mind.

Political Science Theater


Political Science Theater" would have two panels of informed and witty individuals. Political Science Theater could do the same. Althouse gives her take on C-Span, the convention, and Bill Clinton's speech. And that leads to an idea: Remember Mystery Science Theater ? Here's my modest proposal for the next presidential election, assuming that by then we aren't battling zombies and cooking gophers over a grill fired up by old stock certificates.

Political Opposites But Friends


Kurt Harden (Cultural Offering) and Patrick Rhone (The Cramped) are planning a meeting. And I bet it will be fun. We need more of that attitude nowadays

Impatient and Polite


Those who are impatient and polite will give a look - a subtle one - and either change their request or leave. Those who are impatient and impolite may shout and pound tables. There is little mystery as to what they want.

Women Need to Embrace Office Politics to Get Ahead

Great Leadership By Dan

"Office politics can make or break your career. Women avoid politics due to their belief that it’s dirty and underhanded, and it’s a waste of their valuable time. We need to embrace office politics to get ahead." Read the rest of B onnie Marcus''s guest post over at About.com Management and Leadership to learn the importance of politics, power and culture in getting ahead. Bonnie Marcus career advice career success politics power women leadership

When Politics Ruins Excuses


The nature of some political scandals is that they forever taint excuses which might otherwise sound innocent. Some examples: "I was hiking on the Appalachian Trail." "My My blue dress had to go to the dry cleaners." "We

Five Ways to Master Office Politics

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Image source Office politics is not a dirty word; you’ll go further if you can play. Sadly, many bosses rise to authority because they understand and play dirty office politics. Even in work cultures where bosses effectively deal with backstabbing, gossip, and office maneuvering, playing politics [.]. Backstabbers Gossip Influence Personal Growth Leadership Development Office PoliticsBelieving good work always speaks for itself is naïve.

The Novel on American Politics


Easily the best novel on American politics. " The Last Hurrah " by Edwin O'Connor. Unmatched. It's also very funny. The movies based on the book, including the one with Spencer Tracy, are vastly inferior to the novel.

60 Extraordinary Political Novels


Granted, some are more "political" than others but they are worth your time.

Encore Program on Communication in Political Campaigns

First Friday Book Synopsis

On Wednesday, March 16, Randy Mayeux and Karl Krayer participate in an encore of our program on communication and political campaigns. Did You Hear… Read More Encore Program on Communication in Political Campaigns. Karl's blog entries First United Methodist Church Garland Karl Krayer political campaigns Randy MayeuxThe program is from 6:30-7:15 at First United Methodist Church – Garland. The address is 801 Avenue B at Glenbrook. The program is in rooms 103-105.