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How To Be An Active Listener

Eric Jacobson

Today's leadership tip on how to be an active listener comes from the new book, Stronger. Then ask a follow-question.

The 8 Steps to Active Listening


One of the most important ways leadercommunicators show they care is to listen—truly listen—to what people have to say. When managers make an effort to listen to employees, they see in the benefits in terms of engagement and positive relationships, which move an organization toward success. Listen for total meaning.

Multitasking vs. Active Listening for Your Team

Modern Servant Leader

Here’s why: A good leader serves their organization through active listening and full participation in meetings.

Becoming a Coaching Leader

Nathan Magnuson

Active Listening. Active listening requires some of the most discipline of any skill there is – but the dividends are enormous.

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It Pay's to be Likeable

Coaching Tip

Remember that listening is a lifetime activity and that we all can continuously improve this essential skill. Ask the Coach . .

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How To Listen And Learn As A Leader

Eric Jacobson

Active Listener Effective Listening Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leader Leadership ListeningMake eye contact.

5 Listening Mistakes Leaders Make

Engaging Leader

Though many leaders put much of their focus into their communication skills, listening can be one of your most influential skills.

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We Don’t Know How to Hear Each Other: how biases distort our conversations

Strategy Driven

The Problem: How Our Brains Listen. Heartfelt intent and tears aside, we’ve not been taught how to listen without bias. I told him. “I

The Discipline of Listening

Strategy Driven

The Problem with Goal-Center Listening. By listening for something specific, we end up taking away a myth as meaning. Humility and humor.

Nicole Lipkin on “Five Steps for Active Listening”

First Friday Book Synopsis

In What Keeps Leaders Up at Night: Recognizing and Resolving Your Most Troubling Management Issues, published by AMACOM, Nicole Lipkin offers a wealth of information, insights, and counsel on how to accelerate personal growth and personal development.

The Top Five Habits of Effective Network Builders

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article featyred online by MIT Sloan Management Review.

Listening Biases: How Influencers Unwittingly Restrict Possibilities

Strategy Driven

Do you listen carefully to pose the best questions to enable you to fulfill your expectations? to your range of expectations and familiarity.

Leadership Caffeine-Listen Harder, Please!

Management Excellence

I doubt that anyone reading this would disagree with the theme of, it’s important to be a good listener to be a good leader.

7 Tips for Authentic Listening: Do You Set Yourself Apart As a Leader?

Engaging Leader

A few weeks ago we talked about 5 listening mistakes leaders make. Here are seven things leaders should practice to become better listeners.

New Leader Tuesday—The Power of Deliberate Listening

Management Excellence

Leadership New Leader Tuesday Active Listening Listening and Leader Performance We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now.

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Leadership Caffeine: Listen with Intent

Management Excellence

Yesterday, a valued colleague described a fascinating professional interaction and used the phrase, “listening with intent.”While To Do" List Career Leadership Leadership Caffeine Professional Growth Values Beyond Active Listening Empathy Listen with Intent

New Leader Tuesday-3 Key Skill Sets for New Leaders

Management Excellence

Here are 3 key skill sets that you should actively cultivate to help keep you from taking a fall: Leadership New Leader Tuesday Professional Growth Active Listening feedback New Leader Tuesday Series the art of asking questionsFor new leaders, that first step into a leadership role can be like stepping off a cliff.

Show you care: Be an active listener


Art’s Weekly Leadership Message-Hey Boss: Less Talking, More Listening

Management Excellence

Art's Weekly Leadership Message Leadership Skills Active Listening Leaders Teach RespectIt’s amazing what you hear if you exert a little self-control, clamp your jaw shut and focus on trying to understand what your employees and team members are trying to tell you.

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How To Listen Effectively

Eric Jacobson

Here are some great tips from Michelle Tillis Lederman's book, The 11 Laws of Likability.

The Most Valuable Leadership Gift This Season

Linked 2 Leadership

One of the most important ways to lead with honor is actively listening to your colleague, team, and clients. How can you […].

Eric Jacobson - Untitled Article

Eric Jacobson

Active Listener Effective Leadership Effective Listening Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management How To Listen Listening

Leaders: Mindful Responses to Resentful Employees

Linked 2 Leadership

Developing Mindful Responses to Resentful Employees Utilizing Active Listening Skills Active listening is comprised primarily of eliminating all distractions [.]. The highest performing businesses have a leaders who are proficient at having difficult conversations within their organizations.

5 Listening Mistakes Leaders Make

Engaging Leader

Though many leaders put much of their focus into their communication skills, listening can be one of your most influential skills. When practicing authentic listening, here are five actions to avoid: Don’t multitask. Blog active listening Communication skills influence leadership

How To Listen And Learn As A Leader

Eric Jacobson

Active Listener Effective Listening Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management John Baldoni LeadershipMake eye contact.

How To Be A Good Listener

Eric Jacobson

According to author Denise Restauri, charismatic people are good listeners who make the conversation about the other person. Do not multitask.

Listening And Learning As A Leader

Eric Jacobson

Active Listener Effective Listening Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership ListeningMake eye contact.

Asking the Right Questions Often Leads to the Best Answer

Leading Blog

How will they affect your business, bottom line, organizational profile, personal happiness, or real-world activities? Start at 20,000 feet.

Diversity And Bias: How to Hear ‘Different’ People Differently

Strategy Driven

But I’d like to offer a modest way to begin the process of overriding our biases: we can shift how we listen. I learned that the listening process involves 1. Had I known that, I might have listened to his ideas as merely different or even interesting. Instead, we listened to the other with biased, judging, ego-filled ears.

Assumptions: Why Being Right Is Wrong

Strategy Driven

I discovered that when listening to others, we naturally assume we understand what’s meant and don’t question our assumption. On direct listening, our brain automatically and haphazardly deletes portions of what is foreign to our typical thinking. Using normal listening habits we can’t avoid making assumptions. V: Oh.

Speaker or Listener: Who’s Responsible For Misunderstandings

Strategy Driven

There’s been an age-old argument in the communication field: who’s at fault if a misunderstanding occurs – the Speaker communicating badly, or the Listener misunderstanding? As listeners, are we translating accurately? So the answer is: the responsibility for an effective communication lie with the listener. My new book What ?

Are We Hearing What Our Clients Are Saying?

Strategy Driven

and peruse the learning tools that accompany the book for those wishing to recognize any obstacles with their listening habits (Assessments) or learn how to overcome any bias and misinterpretation issues (Study Guide) that occur during conversations. The Advisor’s Corner – Are People Listening to Me? Webinar Details.

Getting To Agreement

Strategy Driven

What if we enter conversations listening for common values instead of the typical focus on differences? What if we listen for words or ideas that would enable working collaboratively, or finding win/wins? But listening without bias isn’t natural or easy. Wouldn’t it be nice to persuade others to see the world as we see it?

The Business of Kindness

Strategy Driven

With little ability to read during my bout with the flu over Christmas, I listened to NPR. The How of Kindness: Using Listening Skills to Enhance Relationships. I believe the process of listening is one of the skills that will enable us to be kind. explains whatever we listen for determines what we hear. About the Author.

The Chronically Unhappy Employee

Lead Change Blog

The employee’s internal dialogue? “If The problem: Dissatisfaction reemerges shortly after making each change. The means don’t get to the end.

Listening as a Tool to De-escalate Conflicts

The Recovering Engineer

Recently, I read this statement: “They keep yelling at me that I’m not listening.” I’m just not sure of that. Funny?

10 Ways to Keep Cool and Composed

Great Leadership By Dan

Practice active listening. When you feel that trigger and adrenaline rush, keep your mouth shut and listen. Active listening will not only buy you time to regain your composure, it will help diffuse the emotions of the person that’s attacking you. Unfortunately, all it takes is one public outburst. Count to 10.

How to Handle 3 Kinds of Conflict

Great Leadership By Dan

Instead of jumping right to problem solving, a better approach is to use active listening skills to deal with the emotions first. Active listening means paraphrasing, asking questions, and seeking to understand both what the person is saying (the substance) and how they are feeling (the emotion). It rarely, if ever works.

Finding And Being A Mentor With Richard McLemore – The Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 6

Joseph Lalonde

Be an active listener. T oday’s guest on The Answers From Leadership Podcast is Richard McLemore. What does mentoring look like?

Leadership in Cybersecurity

N2Growth Blog

Actively listens while proactively accepting critique from subordinates, executives and board members. IT Security, V.P., Data storage.

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