Understanding Employee Performance – is it Will or Skill?

Kevin Eikenberry

There is a question that can help in your thinking: Is it will or skill (that leads them to achieve or not achieve something)? The post Understanding Employee Performance – is it Will or Skill?

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Language Skills


One of the greatest scenes of all of the Indiana Jones films

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Leadership: Leveraging Your Soft Skills

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Lisa Sasso : Soft skills can make or break you as a leader; they are clearly more important to a leader than any hard skill. I first became aware of the need for soft skills when I was a Tupperware Executive Manager, teaching members of my team about the products, how to best present the line and explaining how effective use could make customers’ lives more efficient. One skill that always stands out in my mind and that I have used successfully is Caring.

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The Importance of Skills


This is probably the most famous discussion on skills in our society

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Presentation Skills


At the invitation of the Italian department, the great poet Eugenio Montale came to town and sat in the Senior Common Room of Magdalene to be interviewed by the head of the department, Professor Limentani. The room was jammed with members and students of the Italian department plus a couple of hundred others who had all forced their way in to pay homage. Starved of oxygen, Montale sat there under his distinguished cap of silver hair being asked several questions by Professor Limentani.

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Skills of a Parent


See the complete story at Cultural Offering. Well played

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3 Vital Skills Every Leader Needs

Women on Business

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10 Ways To Improve Your Connection Skills

Eric Jacobson

Connection Skills Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Michael Lee Stallard"Connection is what transforms a dog-eat-dog environment into a sled-dog team that pulls together," says Michael Lee Stallard , author of the book, Connection Culture.

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Resilience: A Leadership Skill

Jason Womack

When tough times come, and they do, do you have the mindset, skill set and tools to come through stronger than last time? Are you resilient? And, do you have a community of leaders you can turn to to gain

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How To Improve Your Leadership Skills

Strategy Driven

It’s a great personal goal because you can take the skills you develop with you and use them in all areas of your life. It’s likely some of the skills carry over and help you succeed in both environments. You just finished reading How To Improve Your Leadership Skills !

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Skillful Communication

Eric Jacobson

Today's tips for how to communicate more effectively come from Matt Tenney and Tim Gard , authors of the new book, The Mindfulness Edge. To achieve s killful communication , they recommend you: Prioritize listening over talking. Speak in ways that are helpful.

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Six Ways to Improve Business Communication Skills for Greater Success

Career Advancement

“Intelligence, knowledge or experience are important and might get you a job, but strong communication skills are what will get you promoted.” At a performance review meeting, Sean’s boss told him he needed to improve his communication skills.

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It is a Skill


It is a skill to hear the unsaid and to see the unseen, to sense an ultra-slight hesitation, and to spot how Ted moved just a tad too quickly over one bullet point in his presentation.

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3 Advanced Listening Skills


Like all skills, there are multiple levels of mastery. Communication SkillsNever underestimate the power of listening - really listening. Think you're good at it? How do you know you're a pro at listening? Check first to see whether you're good at the basics. Growing up, I learned the catch-phrase, "Stop. Listen." to keep me safe when I needed to cross a railroad track. The same strategy will keep you on track when it comes to listening.

Communication Skills Are Important: Just Watch the Presidential Debate

Women on Business

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Excellent People Skills

Coaching Tip

Not only must you have excellent job skills, you must also have excellent people skills. "You Books Business Coaching Career Communication Failure Memes Personal Coaching Personal Life Self-Awareness Skills What is Work life business communication communication Harvard University people skills

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7 Sales Skills for Leaders

Let's Grow Leaders

The post 7 Sales Skills for Leaders appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Authenticity Fear and Courage sales confidence humility leadership skills promoting your ideas relationship selling sales skills Sales gets a bad rap.

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4 Quick Ways To Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Joseph Lalonde

Every leader should constantly be looking to enhance their leadership skills. That’s why you must continue to learn and expand your skills. We can quickly enhance our leadership skills by doing the following 4 things: 4 Quick Ways To Enhance Your Leadership Skills.

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Three Surprising Skills of the World’s Top Leaders*

Leadership Freak

You cannot lead effectively until you can lead yourself. “To To be an effective leader you need to understand and manage yourself well.” Rasmus Hougaard (video) Self-management: The idea that top leaders are burning the candle at both ends is a myth according to research by Harvard Business Review. Reported by Rasmus Hougarrd) Top leaders take … … Continue reading → Author Book Notes Leadership Development

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Distinguishing Leadership Skill Development from Management


Ed Oakley & the Enlightened Leadership Team Technorati Tags: balance , HARD PART , leadership , management , SOFT PART Categories : leadership skill development 1 Comments 1 Rohit raj January 25th, 2010 at 1:35 pm very Good & helpful Explanation.

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Is communication skill the most important leadership attribute?


This article offers a downloadable book for improving communication skill. This is such a critical soft skill of good leaders that we should all take time to develop our communication skill. The truth is that there is no quick fix to poor communication skills, or any other soft skills, but knowing specific strategies to improve them can make a big difference. Communication Skill Good Leader Soft Skills

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Listen Up! 5 Ways To Improve Your Leadership Listening Skills

Tanveer Naseer

Even though you might have great analytical skills and intelligence, not listening properly decreases the effectiveness of your leadership role. Try to exercise the following skills on a daily basis. Great listening is one of the most important skills a manager can possess.

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How Skillful Leaders Build Doors in Walls

Leadership Freak

What’s so inviting about seeing weakness in others? Leaders who see strength in others build doors in walls. From part 1: 12 ways to ignite and maximize growth in others #1. Speak directly to the heart. #2. Point out where people don’t serve themselves well. #3. Provide opportunity to reflect. #4. Come along side gently after failure. Part … … Continue reading → Leading Personal Growth Strengths Leadership Development

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The Skill of Focusing

Coaching Tip

We need to realize that a few people are born with excellent mental and manual organizational skills. Books Career Memes Self-Awareness Skills What is Women Work life A.D.D. Do you have trouble focusing? Some of us have brains that constantly scan the world for new opportunities and thrive on the adrenaline rush that comes with juggling may balls in the air.

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The Skills Gap


Technical or people skills may be lacking. All of us have encountered gaps in instructions.

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Ten Ways To Improve Your Connection Skills

Eric Jacobson

Connection Culture Connection Skills Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Michael Lee Stallard"Connection is what transforms a dog-eat-dog environment into a sled-dog team that pulls together," says Michael Lee Stallard , author of the book, Connection Culture.

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Skills Shortages Worsening

Chart Your Course

Herman Trend Alert: Skills Shortages Worsening. With the forecasts of doom and gloom in so many places around the world, we would expect companies to delay hiring new employees and that the skills shortages might be lessening. September 11, 2013.

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On Leadership, Humility and Excellent Communication Skills

Linked 2 Leadership

A college professor of communication was once asked by the students why the skills that they teach in the college were so important. This professor taught the interpersonal skills that were related to the daily life of college students. Additionally he trained them in coursework that helped them prepare for a long professional career that included interpersonal skills. […]. Emotional Intelligence Interpersonal Skills Leadership Development Personal Growth

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Toddler Skills


Nicholas Bate , whose blog should be a daily read, on " 7 Things We Did as a Toddler." [I I think the most important is either 1 or 4

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3 Skills That Set Successful CEOs Apart

Lead Change Blog

A CEO who masters these skills drives the success of their organization, commands a significant salary, and sometimes becomes legendary. The first skill that’s essential for a CEO is the ability to develop a vision for the future.

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PM Skills Benchmark Study

Crossderry Blog

PM Solutions and PM College are pleased to announce our latest research initiative: The Project Manager Skills Benchmark Study. This study is designed to help us understand current skill levels of project managers in the areas of project management, leadership, and business. What skills do project managers have, and how do these skills impact project and organizational success? PMO PM College Project Management Project Management Education Project Management Skills

Unique Leadership Skills

Coaching Tip

What my research has revealed is that leaders of truly adaptive organizations possess a unique set of skills and thought processes, and simply being strong and successful is not an effective basis for leading and shaping an innovative organization," Dr. Fiona Kerr says. They are trustworthy, have the ability to make complex decisions, a high level of self-awareness, are able to regulate their emotions and stress, have good communication skills and combine analysis with intuitive reasoning.

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When Leadership Skills Trump Technical Skills

Next Level Blog

At some point in your career, your leadership skills need to trump your technical skills if you’re going to make the biggest possible impact. That’s the great inflection point where leadership skills begin to trump technical skills.

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Developing Leadership Skills in Children: 11 Ways to Grow Your Kids

Let's Grow Leaders

When we talk about developing leadership skills in children, we’re often met with a sigh, “Oh my kids not ready for that…” And yet, most of us take a deliberate approach to developing other skills in our kids early on.

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Transferable Skills: Results, Vision, Execution

Coaching Tip

Leaders'' Lack of Interaction Skills. Books Business Coaching Career Leadership Skills Work life achievements industry knowledge leadership multi-functional experience personal development proven success team building transferable skills

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Three Leadership Skills Building Tips

Eric Jacobson

Surprisingly, many managers, even when they are parents, don't use this parenting "discovery" skill in the workplace. Be Decisive A manager who can't make a decision or who can't make a timely decision will frustrate his/her employees.

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A Key Skill


A key skill at any meeting is to know when people are talking past one another. You frequently see this. People become frustrated with others because they are, in essence, talking about different topics. This is often exacerbated by straw man arguments.

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Sharpen Your Thinking: 25 Ways to Hone Your Thinking Skills

RapidStart Leadership

The good news is that thinking is a skill, and it’s one that we can all get better at. The post Sharpen Your Thinking: 25 Ways to Hone Your Thinking Skills appeared first on. Leaders should be independant thinkers.

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How To Improve Your Connection Skills

Eric Jacobson

Connection Culture Connection Skills Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Leadership Books Michael Lee Stallard

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Creativity: An Undervalued Leadership Skill

Lead Change Blog

You want team members to push each other; you want members to bring different skill sets and views to the table.