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What is the halo effect? How can it affect people? How much is it likely to distort reality? There are many questions arising on this, perhaps, too little considered phenomenon.

Narcissistic Team Leaders – How a Lack of Checks and Balances Tip the Scale of Culture

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Research shows that narcissists tend to be attracted to leadership positions as they are positions of power, so they need to learn how to balance selfishness with selflessness.


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SOPHISTICATED RESEARCH? Whip out your abacus, slide rule, and walking shoes.

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In reference to this, does anyone who has access to a computer or a reasonably recent mobile device really yearn for the “good old days?”

The key to re-building confidence in leadership in 2022

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Even the most progressive organisations are struggling to develop the impact of their midlevel leaders – their B-Suite – at the moment. As a result, these organisations have increasing issues with engagement, succession planning, performance or change.

Culture, purpose and pay will stem The Great Resignation

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Why entitlement is a career derailer

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The In’s and Out’s of Marketing Nuance: Why you struggle to communicate with Marketer

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Why Your Company Could Be at a Major CRM Crossroads

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Why the great resignation can be stopped with a great conversation

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Everyone who knows me, knows I reject ‘The Great Resignation’ – it’s a million-dollar catch-phrase, but it’s quite dangerously misleading. This is not a great resignation – which suggests that people have made a sudden decision to do something dramatic that we didn’t see coming.

The CFO tech pivot: embracing the right solutions to steer the course

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When a CFO’s “Head In The Cloud” Is a Good Thing

N2Growth Blog

The evolutionary path of the Chief Financial Officer continues with assuming the driving seat in companies’ digital transformation. All of this calls for urgent reskilling and upskilling across all departments, not just financial.

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The hottest finance trend in business today may be what your business needs

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Fractional Chief Financial Officers (CFO) are in high demand these days. A fractional CFO is a highly qualified business finance professional that your company can hire on a part-time basis.

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7 Principles to Lead with Imagination

Leading Blog

Brian Paradis was the Chief Financial Officer for Florida Hospital when he was tasked with leading the troubled organization in 2006. I MAGINATION is about seeing what others don’t see. In a disruptive world, we need leaders with more imagination. We all have the capacity for imagination and applied it has the power to unlock or fullest potential.

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Find Your Ideal Job and Build Your Dream Business

Leading Blog

Business Ownership Strengthens Your Employee Net Worth: In most positions you rarely get the opportunity to experience the functions associated with the roles of a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Marketing Officer, as well as manage the day-to-day requirements for customer engagement and retention. I S IT POSSIBLE to have your cake and eat it too?

What Every Man Should Know About Female Colleagues

Coaching Tip

Yet the number of women at the top is barely budging: some 5% of Fortune 500 chief executive officers and 17% of board members. “If If you want to change the numbers, you have to get men involved,” says Mike Kaufmann, chief financial officer of Cardinal Health. Men this is your career guide about women you work with. The business case is compelling. Companies with more women in leadership posts simply perform better.

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These Are the People You Need on Your Startup Team

Chart Your Course

Chief Financial Officer. You need a numbers guy to navigate your company to financial success. If the movies are true, the ideal is a tie wearing, straight arrow that lives for financial statements. In the days after the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), a chief executive cannot hide behind the acts of the CFO. If your CFO is doing something financially shady, SOX says that he is either doing it with you or to you.

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Integrity – A Critical Cornerstone To Effective Leadership

Tanveer Naseer

Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.” – Dwight D. In a survey of over 1,000 office employees and more than 2,200 chief financial officers, respondents were allowed to choose up to 3 responses to the question: Which of these are the most important attributes in a corporate leader? The following is a guest piece by Terri Williams.

Eli Lilly CFO resigns over misconduct in workplace

HR Digest

announced that its chief financial officer Josh Smiley had resigned over his involvement with an employee in the firm. The company believes the conduct wasn’t related to any financial controls or financial reporting. Eli Lilly & Co.

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4 Questions to Ask to Select the Best Executive Search Firm

Great Leadership By Dan

Put it this way: just because an agency placed a technical Project Manager at a software company doesn’t mean they can find the right Chief Financial Officer or Director of Marketing in the same industry.

3 Major Challenges Financial Institutions Face When Implementing Business Insight Technology

Strategy Driven

If you’ve been in the market for new business insight technology, such as a financial services analytics solution, the benefits of these are obvious. People may be partial to the bank’s existing way of doing things, especially for major tasks like financial analysis and reporting.

Effective Questions: An Example with Measured Value


Peg Burnette, chief financial officer, said that since its Lean conversion (process started) in 2005, the city’s public health system has benefited to the tune of $54 million in increased revenue, money not spent, and expenses cut.

CEO Disease Symptoms

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Nearly 13% of chief financial officers, chief marketing officers, and other C-level executives say that having input into company decisions is their top reason to stay with a company, according to the survey. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Communication Memes Self-Awareness Work life boss-employee relationship c-level CEO disease execunet mark anderson peter cappelli university of pennsylvania wharton school

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Money-Making Job Opportunities in Accounting Career: Exploratory Guide

Strategy Driven

Accountants deal with statistical data, such as financial records, costs, and profits. Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Bookkeepers usually look after routine financial tasks such as billing and payroll. Accountants work with numbers.

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Digital Media and the Future of Your Leadership – Video

Modern Servant Leader

So, I’m sitting across from the Chief Financial Officer of a major organization and he’s going on about the next director he plans to fire. As the Chief Information Officer for the organization, it’s my unfortunate responsibility to support his behaviors. Yet, he’s the Chief Financial Officer of a major organization. Ben Lichtenwalner presents Digital Media and the Future of Leadership at Hope College’s Critical Issues Symposium.

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Leading a Board of Directors

Great Leadership By Dan

If you choose only “Indian Chiefs, you may well find the egos are more trouble than they are worth. Don’t use precious board time to rehash reports and financial performance that can be shared in advance. He’s a seasoned financial operator with extensive experience in startups and growth companies. He serves as Chief Financial Officer of publicly traded Leaf Group (NYSE: LFGR), a diversified consumer internet company.

Google asks all employees in North America to work from home

HR Digest

Google employs around 100,000 people in its various offices in the US. All offices in North America are now on recommended work from home status if roles allow,” a Google spokesperson said in an email to CNBC.

How “Strategically Aligned” is your Leadership Development Program?

Great Leadership By Dan

If you answered B , then it’s time to get out of your office and hit the road again. If you answered E : C stands for Chief, as in Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief of Staff, Police Chief, Chief Rabbi, Commander in Chief, Chief Justice, Chief Sitting Bull, etc….

Moderna CFO Exits A Day After Taking Charge With His Annual Pay

HR Digest

On May 11, Moderna announced that its Chief Financial officer will be leaving the company after spending just one day in office. s revelation that he is part of an ongoing internal investigation into certain matters, including financial reporting.

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Moderna CFO Exits A Day After Taking Charge With His Annual Pay

HR Digest

On May 11, Moderna announced that its Chief Financial officer will be leaving the company after spending just one day in office. s revelation that he is part of an ongoing internal investigation into certain matters, including financial reporting.

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My Great Failure, Part 3: Needing Where I Should be Leading

Modern Servant Leader

My boss, the Chief Financial Officer, set lofty goals. Ultimately, I was called into the CFO’s office and asked for my resignation. I never would have though, given my family’s financial position at the time. The Scenario: An Unrealistic Demand. While working for a large, rapidly expanding non-profit, I was tasked with upgrading the organization’s technology. We anticipated doubling in scale over 12 months.

Ex COO of Pinterest Sues Company for Wrongful Termination

HR Digest

Former Chief Operating Officer of Pinterest, Françoise Brougher, has filed a lawsuit against the company alleging gender discrimination and wrongful termination.

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4 Failure Points that Can Undermine Your Business – Failure Point 2: Concept Validation Is Not Enough

Strategy Driven

At the time we launched my second business, Sigma Communications, and its flagship magazine, The National Register of Commercial Real Estate , the biggest issue facing chief financial officers and real estate executives was their surplus real estate. Malls and office buildings sat empty, ushering in the term “see-thru buildings.”.

Different Types of Managers: Which one are you?

HR Digest

The top managers are the C-suite managers and carry the titles of chiefs-- the chief executive office, the chief financial officer, the chief marketing manager, the chief operational manager, and the chief technology manager.

How to Hire the Best Employees for Your Company

Strategy Driven

For instance, you can outsource a chief financial officer that can offer advice to the company on how to best improve their profitability. Employees are the heart and soul of the company. It is due to these workers that success can be achieved, and that the day-to-day operations run smoothly. However, how do you find these types of employees?

Deadly Disease of Management: Emphasis on Short-term Profits

Deming Institute

Fiduciary Duty: better align interests of financial intermediaries and their investors. Almost 80 percent of chief financial officers at 400 of America’s largest public companies say they would sacrifice a firm’s economic value to meet the quarter’s earnings expectations. One of Dr. Deming’s 7 deadly diseases is: Emphasis on short-term profits: short-term thinking.

The Secret Button for Getting Your Ideas Approved

Strategy Driven

Chief Financial Officer: “We should enter the Italian and German markets because we can generate $XMM in incremental profits.”. Chief Marketing Officer: “We should enter the Italian and German markets because we can increase our European market share by X%.”. The Chief Marketing Officer will care about market share. Army as a combat arms officer.

How the CFO and General Counsel Can Partner More Effectively

Harvard Business

What receives far less attention is that, more and more in our increasingly complex, volatile, and fully-globalized business world, the effectiveness of such action depends on a powerful partnership between the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the General Counsel (GC). In more and more global companies, the CEO, directors and other key stakeholders see the GC as having importance and stature comparable to the Chief Financial Officer.

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Boards Should Take Responsibility for Cybersecurity. Here’s How to Do It

Harvard Business

Ideally, security executives should attend board meetings in the same way that a chief financial officer would. Clique Images/Getty Images. With news of data breaches, ransomware attacks, and zero-day vulnerabilities making headlines, cybersecurity is likely appearing even more frequently on the agenda in many board meetings. After all, no company wants to become the next brand on the front page of the Wall Street Journal or have their executives testify in front of Congress.


How U.S. Health Care Got Safer by Focusing on the Patient Experience

Harvard Business

Before 1999 “performance” had a simple, unidimensional definition for health care leaders and their boards: It was shorthand for the CFO’s financial report, summarizing operating margins. Now, however, a unifying theory has emerged for how to improve performance for all these dimensions — safety, quality, experience, and financial. The financial health of the organization was the most important metric for management and governance to follow.

Study: A CEO’s Decision Making Is Shaped by Whether Their Parents Were Immigrants

Harvard Business

We replicated our analysis for the Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) of each bank and other members of the top management team, but we did not find a relationship between their cultural heritage and firm performance. agalma/Getty Images. Does cultural background affect a leader’s decision making?

Here’s Why Strategy Chiefs Succeed or Fail

Harvard Business

Consider Staples, the office-supplies retailer, which had tumbled from being the market leader to being a third of the new leader’s size by 1992. So founder and CEO Tom Stemberg hired John Wilson as head of strategy and chief financial officer. Walgreens Boots Alliance’s Rick Mills has been the group strategy officer for 20 years. alicemoi/Getty Images.

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Why the Entire C-Suite Needs to Use the Same Metrics for Cyber Risk

Harvard Business

At the same time, members of the C-suite are measuring their potential impact using different metrics — financial, regulatory, technical, operational — leading to conflicting assessments. High-profile cyberattacks — ranging from the one suffered by Sony Pictures in 2014 to the global ransomware attacks that occurred last May and June — highlight the huge financial and reputational stakes. Harry Haysom/Getty Images.

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What If You Could Learn Design from Apple?

Harvard Business

A few years ago I was working with a global company that was trying to engage Chief Financial Officers. Paul Garbett for HBR. Over 4,000 companies have corporate universities. Some of the most famous are run by GE, Disney, and McDonalds. Their purpose is to instill the company’s vision and values and cultivate critical skills and competencies.

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