Get Over Your Fear Of Pricing.

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Whether you’re established in business or just getting started, you want your pricing to position you as a leader – not as a follower. A confession — I used to stay safe and secure (comfortable) by keeping my prices low. The post Get Over Your Fear Of Pricing.

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The Price Leaders Pay for Silence

Lead Change Blog

But This is Their Job! Have you ever heard a supervisor say something like, “Why should I have to encourage people? This is their job isn’t it?”. Have you ever thought those words yourself?

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What’s Your Time Worth? Why Pricing Matters

N2Growth Blog

Are you shooting yourself in the foot with your pricing strategy? What does your pricing say about your personal or corporate brand? Do you have a pricing strategy, or do you set your prices by some ethereal or arbitrary method?

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What is the Price?

Kevin Eikenberry

Consulting Speaking Training Products About Blog Home Blogs I Like Leadership Learning Subscribe What is the Price? That’s certainly one form of PRICE but it’s actually so much more. What about The Price of Happiness? The Price of Life?

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Crude Oil Prices: "Random"? Hardly.

Coaching Tip

Last week's shocking spike in crude oil prices is +12% and counting, the biggest one-week gain in five years. Yet, it was a bigger cut than the market expected; plus, the fact that OPEC members came to an agreement at all was enough to play a role in soaring prices.

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Fort Worth’s Bike Riding Mayor Betsy Price Steers the City

Michael Lee Stallard

The surprise, however, is that this herd is on bicycles and its lead steer is their mayor, Betsy Price. Mayor Betsy Price mounts her bike each summer to lead “rolling town hall meetings.” A Fort Worth native, Price is knowledgeable and confident yet humble.

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Why Price Fixing Continues

In the CEO Afterlife

Last year, EU regulators fined P&G and Unilever to the tune of $456 million for price fixing laundry detergents in eight European countries. Regional underlings do not orchestrate an eight country price cartel. Non-strategic’ was the pseudonym price aggression.

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Differentiation’s Arch Enemy: Price

In the CEO Afterlife

Last year, EU regulators fined P&G and Unilever to the tune of $456 million for price fixing laundry detergents in eight European countries. Regional underlings do not orchestrate an eight country price cartel. Non-strategic’ was the pseudonym price aggression.

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The price is… er, ah, the price is ah…

Strategy Driven

The price of whatever you sell carries with it a discomfort for most salespeople. They’re hesitant to bring up the price because it’s the final element in completing any transaction – or so they think. Actually, price or fee or rate is a logical progression of a presentation.

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The price of leadership

Lead on Purpose

Whether you want to pay the price to reach the leadership level of your dreams is the real question you need to sort out. Ray Hopkin gives us The Price of Leadership, from Lead on Purpose.

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The Price of Core Values is 80 Dollars

N2Growth Blog

In no time I was in discussion with my driver, not about the price (which I was ultimately prepared to pay), but about the fairness of what I have unintentionally agreed upon. I recently spent a couple of days in New York.

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Accuracy on the Internet: The Price of Freedom is Personal Responsibility

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

However, the price of this great freedom is increased personal responsibility. The post Accuracy on the Internet: The Price of Freedom is Personal Responsibility appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership. The Internet is one of the final frontiers.

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Managing Pricing for Commodity Price Volatility

The Kini Group

Commodity prices are more volatile than ever, and business leaders are only getting more anxious about the effects on their business performance. Unfortunately, these fluctuations can move quickly, and staying on top of changing prices often requires a lot of work. Hold your prices.

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The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing

CEO Insider

Oscar Wilde’s famous definition of a cynic as someone who “knows the price/cost of everything and the value of nothing” resonates just as much today as it did 127 years ago.

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The Price of Connection

Decker Communication

How do you put a price or value on connection? Eye communication may not seem like it’s worth that much to most of us, but the price of connection, in this case, was huge. The post The Price of Connection appeared first on Decker Communications.

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Educational Entrepreneurship – A Conversation with Pamela Price

Survive Your Promotion

Standing on her front porch, Pamela Price can see the acceleration of homeschooling happening right in front of her eyes. “We Pamela Price and her husband were already fairly sure they would homeschool their son through preschool when their choice was solidified by a reaction to peanuts. Living Differently Parenting Educational Entrepreneurship Homeschooling How to Work and Homeschool Pamela Price

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Price negotiation: 5+1 ways to win with purchasing managers

Bernd Geropp

Price Negotiation with Purchasing! As a small business owner in B-to-B you may find yourself struggling during price negotiations. But watch out: Don’t believe the 3 myths for price negotiations with purchasing managers. Example: You are prepared to reduce your price by 2%.

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The Effect Of Economic Uncertainty On The Price Of Oil

CEO Insider

Ongoing political uncertainty can take its toll on a number of different elements of society, whether it be the price of the weekly food shop or even the increased cost of fuel.

How are you doing on price? :: Women on Business

Women on Business

Since then, I have had more and more discussions with my clients about their pricing strategies and being squeezed in this market. Many of my customers struggle with the issues of pricing to be competitive and also maintaining a viable profit margin.

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website? A Guide on Web Design Prices

Strategy Driven

One of the reasons why some business owners choose not to invest in a website for their company is because of their perceived web design prices. Here are some of the things that can lead to web design prices going up or down. Fair and affordable prices on the services they offer.

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Pricing Is Not a Moral Issue


Ben Shapiro, my professor of marketing at Harvard Business School , taught me that pricing is not a moral issue. Yes, some markets are dominated by only a handful of players, limiting buyers’ options, but there are laws to prevent monopolies, unfair market pressure, and price fixing.

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Market Basket and the Price of Vengeance

Modern Servant Leader

Arthur T. DeMoulas is a servant leader. We know this by the thousands of employees, customers and other stakeholders protesting his dismissal from the role of company president at Market Basket. However, according to most accounts, cousin Arthur S. DeMoulas and his side of the family seek vengeance against Arthur T. DeMoulas, for the perceived sins of his father. In fact, Arthur S. and his team refuse to accept an offer to buy him out, even though the ongoing boycotts cost them $10 Million / day.

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Why Dropping Your Prices Is A Recipe For Disaster

CEO Insider

Can you recall a business you knew that seemed on the surface to be doing well and then ‘bang’, it failed? How about the one you thought was doing well as it grew and grew in multiple locations and then disappeared; known as growing, growing, growing, gone.

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3 Ways to Raise Prices: The Grand Slam of Your Pricing Strategy

The Kini Group

For some reason, today’s typical business wisdom is “decrease prices and gain share.”. Everyone’s advising companies to lower prices and then lower them some more. The reasoning follows that if businesses become the lowest-priced option in the market, they can beat their competitors.

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Insider Insight on Price Fixing | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

Insider Insight on Price Fixing. You may have read the story about EU regulators fining P&G and Unilever to the tune of $456 million for price fixing laundry detergents in eight European countries. These regional conspirators orchestrated an eight country price cartel.

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Pricing Strategies for Uncertain Times

Harvard Business Review

A conversation with pricing expert Rafi Mohammed on when and how to change prices in response to Covid-19. Pricing Strategy Crisis management Audio

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How You Can Get Proactive About Margin Leaks Using the Pocket Price Waterfall

The Kini Group

How much price are you really keeping from each of your sales transactions? A percentage point lost here and there can add up to thousands – if not millions – of dollars of lost pricing revenue, which comes straight off the bottom-line. The pocket price waterfall reveals how to do this.

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How Top Pricing Managers Drive Profits: 6 Skills to Success

The Kini Group

Included in this influx are the increasingly-important pricing analysts who push their companies to bigger profits. Pricing managers are in the tough position of having both feet in different worlds. On the surface, pricing seems like a numbers game. Pricing

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What is Price Realization, and How Does It Impact Your Bottom Line?

The Kini Group

Companies are bombarded with pricing strategy advice constantly: “Increase your prices by 2%.”. Decrease your prices for your price-conscious markets.”. Unfortunately, even the best pricing advice rarely works for every single company. What is Price Realization?

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How Should You Price Loosely Defined Projects?

David A Fields

I get the value (no pun intended) in the pricing structures you recommend, but in my circumstance a fixed price seems very risky. What’s the best way to package and price my services? Do you face a similar situation and, if so, how do you price your offering?

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The High Price of Ignoring Intuition

Your Voice of Encouragement

In our last office space, I had a private door to my office off the main hallway. I typically used that door for trips to the ladies’ room since it was closer than our main entrance.

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Boost Profitability with These 5 Different Types of Price Segmentation

The Kini Group

Pricing is one of the most powerful levers to pull for margin growth. Unfortunately, many companies stop once they have profitable prices set for each of their products. The businesses that take a few extra steps and see these prices through benefit from even higher margins.

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Creativity Meets Data Science: The Importance of Pricing for Marketing Professionals

The Kini Group

Pricing isn’t the most fun part of your job. Pricing is, however, one of your most important responsibilities. While crafting the perfect campaign headline is always much more interesting, it’s pricing that impacts your company’s bottom line fastest and most effectively. Pricin

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Losing Projects Due to Pricing

David A Fields

The post Losing Projects Due to Pricing appeared first on David A. A question I was asked…My proposal got turned down, it was completely out of the ballpark, what am I doing wrong?…See …See my response in the Solo Consultant’s Network.

Business Coaching - Worth The Price

Six Disciplines

In an article published in the Harvard Business Review, " What Can Coaches Do for You? , HBR conducted a survey of 140 leading coaches and invited five experts to comment on the findings. Do companies and executives get value from their coaches? When HBR asked coaches to explain the healthy growth of their industry, they said that clients keep coming back because “ coaching works.

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Progress At Work, But Mothers Still Pay a Price

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob''s blog entries Boston University researchers Mikaela Wapman and Deborah Belle Equal Pay Act Philip Cohen Progress At Work [comma] But Mothers Still Pay a Price Stephanie Coontz The New York Times University of Maryland The Evergreen State College in Olympia (WA) Will Reissner Women’s Policy Research Here’s a brief excerpt from an article written by Stephanie Coontz for The New York Times.

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Pricing Strategy: Pricking the Veil of Value Exchange

Strategy Driven

Our understanding of pricing has come a long way since 1890 when Alfred Marshall published his treatise on the economic scissors of supply and demand. Pricing is no longer a purely economic challenge to be addressed through studies of market elasticity.

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Supercharge Your Profitability Using the Price Waterfall Framework

The Kini Group

Every day you make complex decisions – which products and services to offer which customers, through which channels, for which prices. In fact, McKinsey estimates that 30 percent of the thousands of pricing decisions companies make every year don’t result in the best transaction price.

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Reason Why 2013 Stock Prices are in the Stratosphere

Coaching Tip

In the July-August Elliott Wave Theorist , Robert Prechter discussed the role of leverage in sending the market to new price highs. That is a big reason why stock prices are in the stratosphere. Margin debt is up 100 times in the last 39 years.

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How to Stop Your Customers From Fixating on Price

The Kini Group

Making this even more complicated is the rise of the availability of public pricing. There’s no bluffing when a customer can access an entire list of your and your competitors’ prices with a couple of keystrokes. Despite all of these factors working against you, giving your customers the pricing they want is never a good solution to this problem. In the long term, customers fixate on price more than ever and completely disregard product value. Pricing

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“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price.

CEO Blog

“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true&# - Leon Joseph Cardinal Suenens Categories: About The Book Daily Guest Post FTC Notice – conflicts of interest Latest Articles Motivational Business Quotations Time Leadership Audio CD Your days seem to get busier and longer. Provides the nessecary tools to master not only effeciency skills, but also effectivness skills.

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Your Competitor Just Announced a Price Increase. What’s Your Next Move?

The Kini Group

You’re going about your workday when you come across a piece of interesting information from a team member – your competitor just announced a price increase. You probably have a few immediate reactions in this order: “Why are they increasing prices?”. Wait, should we be increasing prices?”. Many companies choose to just sit back and use a competitor’s price increase to gain share. This price following strategy benefits your business in three ways: 1. Pricing

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Modern Pricing Traps and General Customer Disservice-A Rant

Management Excellence

This one is tongue-in-cheek, laced with a great deal of hyperbole and fueled by a strong sense of outrage over the proliferation of bad pricing programs and even worse customer support tactics. Marketing Customer Disservice Pricing Traps Social Commentary

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