7 Tips For Improving Brand Reputation

Strategy Driven

In the business world, there are few things more important than brand reputation. Networking never stops in the business world and it is vital for building brand awareness and reputation. In addition to increasing brand reputation, this can also open new doors for you as a business.

Personal Branding at Work

Career Advancement

Individuals, like companies, have a brand, I told Stella. Those who are proactive at shaping their own brand identity are more likely to be recognized and to get ahead in the workplace. Use this to your advantage with personal branding.

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Personal Branding

Lead Change Blog

We hear so much now about the building and managing of one’s “Personal Brand” as the key to success. You can’t attend a conference without hitting a breakout session helmed by some Personal Brand high priest or priestess. Rubin took personal re-branding to an extreme.

Brand 177

Does Your Brand Pass Muster?

Lead Change Blog

In this month’s post, I consider the impact of change on your organisation’s brand. In any economy — local, regional, or national — your brand is everything. However, does your brand work for you, or against you? What has that to do with brand?

Brand 151

The Future Is Where Brands Must Focus

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Sean Pillot de Chenecey: Brands are built on trust, but in a post-truth world, they have a serious problem when so much of modern life is now defined by mistrust. A weakening of the vital trust connection between brands and consumers is causing enormous problems for businesses.

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3 Steps of Brand Building and Why Social Media Matters to Your Personal Brand

Women on Business

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How To Embrace Brand Citizenship

Eric Jacobson

You likely have noticed the sea change in the market’s demand for brands to reinvent how they engage with customers. It’s the mandate to embrace Brand Citizenship. Embracing Brand Citizenship does not mean abandoning profit, however. Brand Citizenship is a journey, not an endgame,” says Thompson. “It Brand Citizenship Brand Equity Brand Strategy Branding Do Good Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership

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Brand Boring

Lead Change Blog

Lara’s executives wanted to clarify and begin driving a leadership brand throughout the organization. Leadership Development authenticity diversity Leadership Leadership BrandPosted in Leadership Development A prospective client asked to talk with me recently. (To To protect her identity, we’ll call her Lara.) What unfolded during our conversation was a plan whereby their values, credo, code of conduct, and core competencies would converge into a leadership [.].

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Branding Challenges Faced By Small Businesses

Women on Business

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Brand 228

Three Pillars of Great Branding (and Leadership)


This post is inspired by an excellent post on three pillars of branding by Bernadette Jiwa. When I read it, I found parallels between the essentials of branding and essentials of great leadership. Here is a quick sketch on three pillars of great branding (and leadership too).

Brand 189

Brand & Culture

Ravi Pratap Singh

To find out how, we need to look at the symbiotic relationship between an organization's 'brand' and 'culture' Basically, both brand and culture are two sides of the same coin. Brand drives customer experience, while culture drives employee engagement.

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Leadership Inspirations – Socially Responsible Leader Branding

Strategy Driven

“Transforming a brand into a socially responsible leader doesn’t happen overnight by simply writing new marketing and advertising strategies. You just finished reading Leadership Inspirations - Socially Responsible Leader Branding !

Brand 141

Why Your Premises Should Emulate Your Brand

Strategy Driven

Your office should emulate the ethos of your brand, be an open, welcoming and bright space, and be the optimum area for the most productive working. Your premises can reflect your brand in the most subtle of ways. You just finished reading Why Your Premises Should Emulate Your Brand !

Brand 172

Brand and Perception: Leadership Essentials


The leader and employee in today’s environment must possess a credible and trusted brand, much like a company does. Being aware of this helps you to take control of your brand. However, your personal brand and the perception you create is more than your Social Media profiles and habits.

Brand 146

Branding vs. Marketing

Strategy Driven

Many believe that a brand is a function of marketing. Or more specifically, brand building. But a brand is much more than a component of marketing. Alternatively, think of a brand like Disney. You just finished reading Branding vs. Marketing !

Brand 186

30 Influencers Behind the Brands We Love

Lead Change Blog

We recently published an Aha Amplifier social media enabled eBook called Bryan Kramer & Leadtail On The Influencers Behind The Brands We Love that we’re very excited about. Centers around one or two core themes; shares content and perspectives that builds personal brand.

Brand 285

Brand Exposure

N2Growth Blog

Have you figured out how to apply the laws of scarcity to brand management? While a brand without exposure is not much of a brand, I consistently find that brand exposure is an aspect of brand management that is all too often overlooked as a success metric. Whether you’re assessing the strength of a personal or corporate brand, finding the appropriate level of brand exposure is key to sustainable growth in brand equity.

Brand 202

Making Your Employer Brand More Appealing

HR Digest

Corporate branding has gone beyond just attracting consumers, considering recent trends and business demands. Lots of companies now lay emphasis on their employer brand; it’s a great tool in attracting and retaining skilled employees. You are likely to lose the best job candidates to your competitors if they are winning the branding battle. Hence, there is a need to revamp your corporate brand, making it more appealing.

Brand 43

Is Your Brand Hurting Your Recruiting?

Great Leadership By Dan

The three core expectations that ALL Top Talent expect from a company are Culture, the Basics and the Brand. After leaders embrace their role as the cultural architects for their organizations, and ensure the basics for every employee, they then must always Build the Brand. When leaders Build the Brand, they position their organizations as places where not only customers want to do business but also where Top Talent want to work. How do you build a brand?

Brand 139

Improving Your Personal Brand as an Entrepreneur

Lead Change Blog

Personal branding is the most important way to set yourself apart from the crowd. A strong brand will deliver several business benefits such as being able to charge higher prices for your services and make it easier to acquire new customers.

4 Ways to Extend Your Brand and Grow Your Business

Women on Business

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5 Tips For Brand Survival In Today's Social Climate

Eric Jacobson

Debbie Laskey developed her brand marketing and communications expertise while working in the high-tech industry, the Consumer Marketing Department at Disneyland Paris in France, the nonprofit arena, and the insurance industry. Own the news – that way, you craft your brand messaging. [2]

Brand 130

Tips for Building Brand Awareness

Women on Business

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Brand 238

When Branding Seems Like a Mammoth Task

Women on Business

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Brand Vs. Wild With Jonathan David Lewis

Joseph Lalonde

Jonathan has a new book, Brand Vs. Wild, that recently released and I couldn’t wait to have him on the Answers From Leadership podcast to discuss the similarities between being lost in business and lost in the wilderness, how to recover, and much more.

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Importance of Branding for Your Business

Strategy Driven

Branding are the logos and design choices that you make for your business. Poor branding insinuates that your company is poor, while good branding, and, even better, a great brand marketing scheme, can make a company famous. Creates Brand Association.

Brand 141

Why Great Brands Lose Their Way

In the CEO Afterlife

Never in the history of marketing has there been so much talk about branding. The conversation in the world of branding is well beyond product and service brand discussion by marketers and ad agencies. The ramification is clutter, the arch enemy of brand identity.

Brand 268

Protecting Your Business’s Brand

Strategy Driven

Your business’s brand is your business. So, yes, your business’s brand is of the utmost importance! And, you need to protect this brand with your life. If you truly want to protect your brand and your trademark, then you need to get them legally registered.

Brand 151

Brand Real

CEO Blog

I love Branding. Brand to a company is like reputation is to a person. Brand does also. I read Laurence Vincent's book - Brand Real - How Smart Companies Live Their Brand Promise and Inspire Fierce Customer Loyalty. Real brands make promises that they keep".

Brand 184

182: The Power of an Authentic Employer Brand and EVP | with Laurie Barnes

Engaging Leader

A strong, authentic employer brand is key to recruiting, retaining, and fully engaging top talent. The most effective companies build a differentiated employee value proposition (EVP).

Brand 180

9 Ways to Strengthen Your Personal Brand

Let's Grow Leaders

9 Ways to Strengthen Your Winning Well Brand. If your brand could use a power boost, take a step back and give your brand a Winning Well refresh using these nine approaches. You build a brand by playing the game, not by measurement and commentary. .

Brand 269

Building Your Leadership Brand

Great Leadership By Dan

We need to have our own leadership brand that is true to our uniqueness. When defining your leadership brand, you first need to define what leadership is to you. coaching leadership brand leadership style leadership questions leadership purpose executive coaching Beth Armknecht Miller

Brand 228

Brand Loyalty


His first two cars were Saabs but he didn't stay with that brand. That got me to thinking, of course, about my own brand loyalties. Like Land's End shirts but also buy other brands. So where are my strongest brand loyalties? I was listening to Dennis Prager on the radio yesterday. He was discussing the question of whether we retain loyalty to a product we encountered in our youth.

How to Create a Personal Brand Strategy Statement

In the CEO Afterlife

Branding has flourished big time—we have product brands, service brands, country brands, political brands, cause-related brands, even cultural brands. In this post I want to help those of you who are keen to create your personal brand.

Brand 217

5 Key Benefits of Internal Brand Building

Women on Business

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Brand 241

Boosting Your Customers Confidence in Your Brand

Strategy Driven

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Brand 151

4 Ways Brand Trust Gives Your Business a Competitive Advantage

Women on Business

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The 10 Best Brand Names Ever

In the CEO Afterlife

Now that we are in the New Year, you can expect to see 2011 rankings by major periodicals on a variety of measures from most valuable global brands to the most innovative companies. My ranking of the “Best Brand Names” has no time constraint. That is the brand name acid test.

Brand 262

A Leader’s Guide to Emotional Branding

Lead Change Blog

And, it is the dream of every brand manager. The concept of brand in this country started in the west with the branding of cattle. Obviously barbed wire fence altered the practice of using branding for identification. Brands are powerful tools for customer trust.

Brand 195

How to Use Quora to Build Your Personal Brand and Business Brand

Women on Business

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Brand 200

Why Personal Branding is a Leadership Must

Women on Business

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Brand 225

10 Leaders who are the Brand

In the CEO Afterlife

Corporate leaders that are identified with brands are usually the ones who share the brand’s nomenclature, such as Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, and Michael Dell. Within their particular markets (and in some cases on a much more pervasive basis), these leaders are the brand.

Brand 262

Establishing a Leadership Brand Within Your Organization

Women on Business

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