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The Power of Long-Form Content in Your Marketing Strategy

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5 Steps to Develop a Viable Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business

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Three Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Is Failing

Strategy Driven

It can feel pretty defeating when you’ve put your oh-so-valuable time and energy into planning and executing a marketing plan, only to barely see a difference in your bottom line. So, let’s put our past marketing grievances aside for a moment and determine what went wrong.

The Marketing Strategy: What You REALLY Need To Know

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Your business thrives on how effective its marketing strategy is. Marketing is a concept that can almost consume a business that hasn’t got its strategy in order. Most businesses place a vast proportion of their budget towards marketing and its various sub-categories.

Small Business Marketing Strategies to Compete with Big Brands

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Use the Marketing Strategy Template for better execution

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We know how difficult it can be to get a marketing strategy executed on – so we have uploaded this Marketing Strategy Template that makes the job a whole lot easier. We know how difficult it can be to get a marketing strategy executed on – so we have uploaded this Marketing Strategy Template that makes the job a whole lot easier.

Your Content Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Harvard Business Review

Whether it’s in the latest digital marketing trends or from the keynote at an industry event, we’re constantly being told that “content is king” and that we must “think like a publisher” if we want to stand out online today. Marketing Digital Article

5 Steps to Conduct a Brand Audit in Your Annual Business Wrap-Up

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Why ‘X’ by @BrianSolis is a Must-Read for Business and Marketing Leaders

C-Level Strategies

Business and marketing leaders need only hear the words, “Your customers will pay more for this,” for their interest to be piqued and attention to be grabbed. Consider that last sentence carefully, particularly if you are a marketing leader.

Leading Without Direct Reports

In the CEO Afterlife

Branding Human Resources Leadership Life Marketing Strategy Business CEO Crisis Management Culture In the CEO Afterlife John Richard Bell Mentoring Purchasing Purpose Supply Chain Management VisionLeadership does not begin the when you step upon the first rung of the management ladder.

Foolproof Your Online Marketing Strategy

Strategy Driven

Check out these dynamite online marketing methods. The first step to marketing success is to start with your website. SEO or ‘search engine optimization’ is an important part of the online marketing process. A proven online marketing technique is to use landing pages.

Are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube a Waste of Time? A digital marketing strategy

Rapid BI

Is social media free marketing? Management blogs digital marketing strategy LinkedIn marketing tools social media marketing Social networking twitterEnsuring that your social media activities add value and don't waste time. What are the critical and common mistakes that people make? we give some simple tips.

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What Connects Coca-Cola, Lego, In-N-Out, Intuit, and Nike? Focus.

In the CEO Afterlife

This can mean expanding product lines, entering new markets and geographies, line extending brands, acquiring new businesses, creating projects, and adding layers of management to manage the self-created complexity. Coca-Cola’s focus begins at 30,000 feet, where corporate strategy is crafted.

Are Apple’s Patent Wars a Marketing Strategy?

Harvard Business Review

Often, managers think about patent litigation as a “narrow” strategy to protect a particular technology against a specific infringer. The Apple-Samsung battle shows that patent litigation can be a much broader and powerful strategy. The first one is the marketing effect of IP litigation. And this is particularly interesting given the aggressive marketing strategy implemented by Samsung in the past few years.

Culture Doesn’t Trump Strategy

In the CEO Afterlife

In the last 40 years of the 20 th century, strategy was the champion of business supremacy. As a critical success factor, strategy turned into a lucrative industry for a host of consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company , and the Boston Consulting Group. Strategy is Constraining.

Charismatic Leadership: Style or Substance?

In the CEO Afterlife

This means skillfully executing strategies that propel companies to superb fiscal performance over the long term. Branding Human Resources Leadership Marketing Strategy Have you ever watched a charismatic person “work” a room? At the outset, they assess the collective mood.

5 Simple Ways to Steal Market Share from Competitors

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How to Create a Personal Brand Strategy Statement

In the CEO Afterlife

To do that, you’ll need a brand strategy. The strategy and the positioning for a personal brand isn’t that different from a product or service brand; your intent is to position yourself in the best way possible to achieve the desired objective.

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10 Ways to Slay Goliath

In the CEO Afterlife

Clout allows these giants to grow, but there is absolutely no reason why a smaller player cannot become a market leader within their chosen market(s). I should know; I spent 17 years at Jacobs Suchard winning within the intensely competitive coffee and chocolate markets.

Boldness Should Never Stand Alone

In the CEO Afterlife

Weak, wishy-washy strategies have no place in 21 st century business. Human Resources Leadership Marketing Strategy BP Culture Donald Trump Entrepreneurship Howard Schultz Life Mentoring Starbucks Vision

The 10 Best Brand Names Ever

In the CEO Afterlife

I have purposely ignored a brand’s reputation, its place within the market, even its package design. The brand and vodka lemonade category was invented by Vancouver’s Dossier Creative and positioned as an emotionally-engaging, anti-marketing, irreverent brand.

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The Decay of Brand Differentiation

In the CEO Afterlife

High on the list is weak marketing, weak management, and weak strategic discipline. Porsche is enjoying a vibrant auto market. There’s a host of reasons why great brands decay. I could add a dozen more. I won’t.

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Free Content Marketing Strategy Worksheet and Template

Women on Business

NEWS AND INSIGHTS UPDATE: The start of a new year means many business owners and marketers are preparing their 2013 marketing plans, and content marketing is one of the hottest topics for marketing in the new year.

10 Leaders who are the Brand

In the CEO Afterlife

Within their particular markets (and in some cases on a much more pervasive basis), these leaders are the brand. Within their own DNA is a passion to ensure that brand strategy and execution is congruent with the strategic intentions and cultural values of their vision.

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10 Insights from the 100 Most Creative People in Business

In the CEO Afterlife

This month’s Fast Company names the 100 Most Creative People in Business, with an emphasis on global leaders in technology, design, media, music, movies, marketing, television and sports. Why is creativity so important in business?

9 Steps For Creating The Best Odds For Success

Tanveer Naseer

— and what you need to do externally — with customers, marketing campaigns, and so on. For example, just because Cynthia has been head of the customer service department for 10 years, doesn’t mean she should remain in that position, especially if the job has changed due to market conditions and Cynthia isn’t able to keep up. ” For example, your inventory has to change with the market, as do your pricing policies.

Stop Trying to Do More and More

In the CEO Afterlife

In Theodore Levitt’s The Marketing Imagination , the renowned marketing professor said there was no such thing as a commodity, only people who think like commodities. Differentiation is still the name of the marketing game.

Why HR Needs to Be a Marketer

In the CEO Afterlife

Great marketing begins with great strategy. Great strategy seldom happens without sacrifice. There’s more: a marketer’s product or service better deliver on the promise. If it doesn’t, great marketing cannot exist. Sacrifice is the natural path to differentiation.

Kellogg’s Special K: On a Slippery Slope

In the CEO Afterlife

The marketers of the day and those of the next twenty-five years worked hard to fortify that stellar reputation. Whether it was an advertising campaign, a new product or a line extension, Kellogg’s marketing was extremely disciplined and strategic. This strategy I cannot fault.

Revealed: The Ultimate Brand Strategy

Strategy Driven

Coming up with a good brand strategy can sometimes feel impossible for small business owners. In this piece, we will look at the framework of the ultimate brand strategy. The key to a great brand strategy is to ensure your employees are involved as much as they possibly can be.

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Where (and When) the Magic Happens

In the CEO Afterlife

The giant’s power, expressed in market or balance sheet clout gave them a ticket to pass go, and most have taken the easy way out. A picture is worth a thousand words; clichéd but true. This illustration may also become clichéd, but whenever I see it, I grin and nod.

Learn to Teach. Teach to Learn

In the CEO Afterlife

Like most bloggers, I write about what I know; that’s strategy, leadership and branding. More recently, I delved into the business of “cult” energy drink brands, Red Bull and Monster, and I strongly advise anyone in consumer products or services to examine Red Bull’s strategies and culture.

Why Strategy Withstands the Test of Time

In the CEO Afterlife

How often have you heard people say, “Our strategy is to become the biggest and the best?” This is not strategy. Strategy is not the what. Strategy is the how – how will you become the biggest and the best? By its very nature, strategy is constraining.

To Kill a Giant: Leading David against Goliath

C-Level Strategies

Given that the products I was responsible for were all FDA-regulated, our marketing revolved around the art and science of relationships…and pricing. Authenticity, leadership and market stewardship all matter – and it starts with the CEO.

Is Political Correctness Coming to a Brand near You?

In the CEO Afterlife

The official Earls’ word on the matter is this: “We have learned from participating in the human-rights complaint process that many persons with albinism are genuinely offended and feel that their dignity is negatively impacted by the use of the word ‘albino’ in our marketing.”

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The ‘Old Economy’ Needs a Rocket Man

In the CEO Afterlife

Within these institutions, innovation is likely as overused and as meaningless a word as strategy. Johnson had launched Apple’s retail strategy and was the man behind the aggressive store expansion a decade ago. So much has been written about business innovation this past year.

The Key to Winning in Global Markets

C-Level Strategies

Johnson and Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing. ” FOR MARKETERS. Thus, for marketers, this book turns on its head the current approach for determining where to expand globally for the greatest gain.

Is Business a Game of Poker or Chess?

In the CEO Afterlife

It’s not that I’m going to do a 360 on the value of strategy in business – strategy is part of my DNA; I attribute much of my corporate success to a strategic and creative mindset. For thousands of industries, it is the tactics of poker and not the strategy of chess that drive success.

The Bull who withstood the Monster

In the CEO Afterlife

In my blog of last week, entitled A Monster of an Idea , I gave kudos to the Monster Beverage Corporation for becoming a ridiculously -profitable, high-growth $2 billion dollar enterprise despite ignoring the Holy Grail of marketing commandments. The strategy was wildly successful.

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The Essence of Strategy (Part 2) | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

The Essence of Strategy (Part 2). by John • October 30, 2011 • Human Resources , Leadership , Marketing , Strategy • 4 Comments. And yet, specificity and focus is the key to great strategy. Competitive advantage is strategy’s ultimate purpose.