Healthy Media Consumption

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton I've blogged about how to spot fake news and variables complicating media ethics. Today I'll explore the characteristics healthy media consumption. Let's begin with a dose of healthy skepticism. Healthy Skepticism You can't believe everything you see.

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Social Media Leadership Rules

Lead Change Blog

Presidents, business magnates, social activists… everyone is on social media nowadays. Social media allows them to expand their leadership to a wider audience. If you have what it takes, you can transform from a common user to a social media leader.

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Employers Checking Social Media

Career Advancement

Nasir asks: I’ve heard that employers are checking social media more and more, to find out how professional their people really are. Joel answers: That’s an option, of course, but there’s no need to stay off social media. Set a time limit for social media.

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Social Media for Better Leadership and Learning


Leadership that is social in approach when it comes to building communities, enabling engagement and participating in knowledge flows across the network (both inside the organization through corporate social tools as well as external social media).

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Social Media for CEOs

N2Growth Blog

Nary a week passes where I don’t hear from a CEO who’s grappling with this social media conundrum: should I, or shouldn’t I? In today’s post I’ll share my thoughts on why it’s time to put a fork in the social media debate… Background/Disclaimer.

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Untangling (Social and Mainstream) Media Ethics

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton Anyone can post content on social media. In the UNESCO report "The Media: Operation Decontamination," Aidan White notes that "Today, it’s not just journalists who need to watch their language and show respect for the facts; everyone with something to say in the public information sphere needs to show some ethical restraint." Today, I'm sharing resources for understanding the ethical responsibilities of media leadership.

Ethics 193

Social Media Demystified

N2Growth Blog

If you find all the noise around social media to be confusing, rest assured that you’re not alone. If you adapted to desktop computers, fax machines, cell phones and the Internet, then I suggest you need to view social media as the next progression on the continuim of advancement.

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6 Basics of Media Pitching

Women on Business

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Podcast: Social Media Overwhelm & Angst.

Rich Gee Group

“Social Media Overwhelm & Angst — How To Win With Social Media Doing Less, Not More.” Check back weekly for new episodes on topics such as managing your company’s social media, taking advantage of LinkedIn, meeting new clients, and staying positive!

Media 195

How To Destroy Your Influence Through Social Media

Joseph Lalonde

S ocial media is a great tool, one that I love dearly. While there’s a good side to social media , there’s also a dark side many people get caught up in. The Dark Side Of Social Media. By using social media in the wrong way, you can begin to destroy your influence.

Social Media Influence | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

I’m going to tell you the cold hard truth about social media…what you need to know that most people won’t tell you. While anyone can have a social media presence, not everyone possesses social media influence. Is social media right for business?

4 Benefits of Using Curated Content on Social Media

Women on Business

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Podcast: Exploding Your Presence on Social Media

Rich Gee Group

Check back weekly for new episodes on topics such as managing your company’s social media, taking advantage of LinkedIn, meeting new clients, and staying positive! The post Podcast: Exploding Your Presence on Social Media appeared first on Rich Gee.

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Social Media Responsibility | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

In today’s post I’m going to explore responsibility as it relates to social media – the responsibility that comes with living in the real world vs. a perpetual state of virtual reality. As most of you know, I’m a big fan of social media. Social Media is a tool.

Media 428

Social Media Business Pages vs. The Traditional Business Website

Women on Business

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Media 211

Social Media & the Little Guy

In the CEO Afterlife

Since the heyday of packaged goods marketing in the 60’s, nothing has impacted the art and science of branding more than the social media tsunami. If in doubt, all you have to do is Google Old Spice Social Media Case Study. David is a big proponent of social media.

Media 252

How Social Media Can Grow Your Business

Strategy Driven

If you’re a business owner, you have likely heard about how social media has a way of spreading the word about your business, even if you no clue on why or how it achieves results. It is well within your reach to use social media if the correct strategies are implemented.

Media 99

Using Social Media for Recruiting and Hiring

HR Digest

Social media platforms have in recent years become effective recruitment tools. The use of social media for recruiting became even more prevalent since HR managers started welcoming the idea of having remote employees. It’s possible you have social media power users within your ranks.

Media 60

Why You Need To Be On Social Media

Joseph Lalonde

They’re all forms of social media. Pinterest, LinkedIn, and who knows what new social media network comes out next, you can easily feel overwhelmed. Instead, just get started on social media. Yet you haven’t told us WHY I need to be on social media.

Media 273

I’ve Been Using Social Media Wrong. Have you?

Joseph Lalonde

I don’t know about you but I don’t claim to be a social media expert. There’s plenty of things I’ve done wrong with social media. I’ve been using social media wrong. Social media is a new beast in the internet world.

Media 252

S.O.C.I.A.L. Media Principles

Modern Servant Leader

As social media platforms come and go, technology changes, but key principles remain. Social media expert Chris Brogan recommends Listening Posts. Once you’ve done some listening, you should ensure you and your social media team are action-oriented.

Media 258

How to Develop a Small Business Social Media Strategy

Women on Business

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Media 260

How To Build A Massive Social Media Following With Bobby Umar

Joseph Lalonde

The Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 41 We all know social media has become an important part of our lives, even our businesses. Yet many leaders are reluctant to join social media and begin using it to enhance their reach. Why is it people are scared of social media?

Media 241

The Rickety House That Electronic Media Has Built

Lead Change Blog

The Rickety House That Electronic Media Has Built (and that leaders have to stabilize). First, in a fairly benign way, “social media” became a popularity contest. Then, social media became an easy way for people to become victimized, stalked, or bullied.

Media 261

Social Media is Broken.

CEO Blog

One of my friends forwarded me an article on how S ocial Media is broken and should be "started all over again". Social Media needs to be a place companies interact with real customers. DDE Media does a lot of social media for clients.

Media 130

Social Media Made Worthwhile

Women on Business

A little early morning web surfing on Monday led to one of my favorite online voices, Chris Brogan , who has a few things to say about his own waning relationship with social media. ” Neither she or Brogan (or me for that matter) are knocking social media.

Media 213

Women Hold the Power in Social Media – Infographic

Women on Business

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Media 213

5 Ways to Optimize a Social Media Strategy

CEO Insider

5 Ways to Optimize a Social Media Strategy. Social media is always changing. From algorithm launches to new trends and interface redesigns, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest social media changes to maximize marketing efforts. CEOWORLD magazine.

Media 93

Social Media and EQ in the Workplace

Great Leadership By Dan

And when social media is added to the mix, the impact can go viral and be more significant. Beth Armknecht Miller emotional intelligence EQ social media When employees are unable to manage their emotional intelligence there can be a negative impact on your organization. Read Beth Armknecht Miller''s guest post over at Management and Leadership to find out how to deal with this tricky issue.

Media 180

USA Gymnastics Demonstrates Failure at Leadership Selection in the Digital Media Age

Modern Servant Leader

In selecting Bono, USA Gymnastics joins an unfortunate list of companies failing to conduct a basic analysis of digital media , before making critical leadership decisions. In the digital media age, they are already extremely slow in responding to this failure.

Media 192

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

Women on Business

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Media 261

The World in Your Lap – Leadership, Social Media and Authenticity

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Coaching Leadership Development Light Your World I’ve read a number of articles recently about whether it is a good idea for CEOs to embrace various social media platforms. Leadership Coaching Leadership Development Light Your World Communication influence Self Development Social Media

Media 287

My Interview With Yoda, Social Media Guru and Jedi Warrior

Terry Starbucker

Somewhere, in a galaxy far, far away, I had a rare chance to chat with Yoda, who, it can now be revealed, has been one of my favorite Social Media mentors. Starbucker : Whoh, Social Media is an energy like the Force? What’s the best way to use Social Media for good?

Media 347

The Value of Being Active in Social Media

Lead Change Blog

The most consistent, reputation-building method to be seen is by using social media. The FLinT (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) media stack and other current media platforms like Quora and YouTube are used to perpetuate one’s personal brand. Best of Blogs Series Career Development Career career reputation community employers employment job candidates Job Search Leadership networking online identity personal branding recruiting Social Media

Media 325

Making a Start in Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Strategy Driven

Social media marketing can seem like a quick win for many businesses, but if you don’t fully understand how to utilize these platforms, the millions of likes and followers won’t mean much if they are not converting.

Media 107

Real Time Listening in Digital Media for People Leaders

Modern Servant Leader

In Paradigm Flip , I introduced three types of listening in digital media for people leaders to monitor the online conversation about their business or non-profit and it’s industry: 1. How to Listen Real Time in Digital Media 1. Click here if you are unable to see the video.

Media 275

Social media summit

Lead on Purpose

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Media 201

Digital Media and the Future of Your Leadership – Video

Modern Servant Leader

Ben Lichtenwalner presents Digital Media and the Future of Leadership at Hope College’s Critical Issues Symposium. Leadership is not easy, but digital media makes it easier than ever before. But digital media today, makes leadership easier than ever before.

Media 281

The Best Ways to Make Impressive Images for Social Media

Strategy Driven

With the modern craze of social media, several brands are competing to attract more and more customers to their products. As a vast range of social media platforms emerges online, businesses are presented with an amazing means to connect to their customers in a casual and relaxed environment.

Media 99

The Social Media Cocktail Party

Women on Business

Being on every social media platform doesn’t make the woman, or her business – her interactions do. There are literally hundreds of social media platforms out there. If you type in ‘social media platforms list’ you will see that there are tons.

Media 215

Drama and Who Broke the Media Projector

Leadership Freak

No one knows when or how, but one of our media projectors is broken. I was fascinated how Doers, Dreamers, and Feelers responded. Mr. Feeler wondered how someone could break something and not… Continue reading → Doer Dreamer Feeler Leadership Development organizational success

Media 151

It’s Not Social Media, but Media Social

Modern Servant Leader

It’s not social media, but “media, social” What we consume is media first, social second. We still consume news, facts, tips, advice, marketing, videos and other media primarily but as a benefit, we now get a social aspect as well.

Media 226

10 Steps to Deliver Better Social Media Customer Service

Women on Business

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