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The Media Propagates Stereotypes

The Horizons Tracker

The media holds tremendous sway over how individuals perceive and interact with various ethnic and gender-based groups. Understanding how the media portrays different groups, and whether these depictions are driven by stereotypes, is therefore crucial. The post The Media Propagates Stereotypes first appeared on The Horizons Tracker.

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Social Media Helps Understand Displacement After Ukraine Invasion

The Horizons Tracker

Research from the University of Oxford has utilized social media to highlight the extent of this internal displacement. “By using social media and targeted advertising data, we were able to very quickly collect information on daily active users on Facebook in Ukraine provinces and break them down into five-year age groups and sex.”

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Healthy Media Consumption

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton I've blogged about how to spot fake news and variables complicating media ethics. Today I'll explore the characteristics healthy media consumption. Let's begin with a dose of healthy skepticism. Healthy Skepticism You can't believe everything you see.

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Social Media And Refugee Protection

The Horizons Tracker

Research from the University of Stuttgart has analyzed media data for the project. “This means that the actual professional networks of an organization have an impact on media relevance,” the researchers conclude. ” The post Social Media And Refugee Protection first appeared on The Horizons Tracker.

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Using Social Media To Help Sustainability Research

The Horizons Tracker

As over half of the global population engages in social media, user-generated data has become an abundant source for social scientists studying attitudes toward the environment and sustainability. However, the success of social media data science faces several challenges, warns an international research team.

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Is Social Media a Good Avenue to Market Your Goods and Services?

Strategy Driven

Social media is part of daily life for literally billions of people in 2023. You might reach out to a digital marketing agency in Utah if you’re not sure how to utilize social media to help your company on your own. If you use social media the right way, you can establish yourself as a trusted entity.

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Digital Church is Here to Stay: From Social Media to Social Ministry

Leading Blog

In From Social Media to Social Ministry: A Guide to Digital Discipleship , church leader Nona Jones, answers, “church is more than the worship service.” Jones walks us through the changes and explains why and how to build an effective, truly social media presence. ☙ Facebook is the only truly social media platform.

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