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Dealing with Destructive Leadership

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Wise leaders give and receive correction. Incompetent leaders tear down and poison relationships. Correction cp. criticism: Correction builds up. Criticism tears down. Correction looks to the future. Criticism camps in the past. Correction… Continue reading → Appreciation Encouragement Gratitude Marks of leaders Personal Growth Growth Leadership Development leadership success organizational success

There Are Only Three Ways to Get More Done

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Pressure to put more in your cup – when your cup already overflows – stresses you out and drains your energy. The cycle of death: Work hard – Succeed – Get more to… Continue reading → energy Marks of leaders Solutions Stress Leadership Leadership Development

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Two Ways To Be Less Critical and More Positive

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Critics point out what’s wrong but neglect how to improve. Two reasons leaders are critical of others: #1. You assume people have negative motives. He’s late because he’s lazy. She didn’t smile because… Continue reading → Leading

Choose Your Focus Because Your Eyes Control Your Tongue

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Teams and organizations move in the direction of the words they use. The most important thing I can say about your tongue is it’s a rudder. 7 powers of words: Words determine direction. … Continue reading → Communication Complaints Culture Marks of leaders Leadership Leadership Development organizational success

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37% of Managers Don’t Give Positive Feedback – How to Stop Complaining

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It’s easier to complain than take responsibility to make something better. One morning, not long ago, I set out to NOT complain for a day. That morning at 7:00 a.m I met a… Continue reading → Complaints Communication Leadership Development

You Can’t Inspire Those You Look Down On

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Feeling superior comes in many forms. All of them are justifications for looking down on others. You can’t inspire those you look down on. Manipulate yes. Inspire no. 12 comparisons that lead to… Continue reading → Humility Influence Growth Leadership Development

The #1 Thing That Most Improved my Productivity

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There is no such thing as time management. Time can’t be managed. It simply is. Nothing you do changes time. Time management is really self-management. Everyone who has trouble managing time is really… Continue reading → Time management Leadership Development leadership success organizational success

15 Signs You’re a Complainer and Don’t Know It

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Complaining is about who you are, not the world around you. Ever notice how two people can experience the same thing and have opposite responses? One remains positive, even grateful. The other complains.… … Continue reading → Complaints Leadership Development

Special Assistant to The Secretary of Corrections Explains How to Support Leaders

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Secretary John Wetzel leads the Department of Corrections for the State of Pennsylvania. It’s an organization with a $2.6 billion budget and 18,000 employees. This post reflects my conversation with Deb Sahd, John’s… Continue reading → Interview Leadership Development organizational success

Warren Buffet Explains his Greatest Investment

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He said, “I knew you were going to ask. The answer is, ‘Yes.’” A commitment: He had committed to give one personal face-to-face affirmation everyday for two weeks. I thought it was a… Continue reading → Accountability Change Coaching Leadership Development

7 Ways to Take Responsibility for Team Success

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The simplest definition of ‘leader’ is someone with followers. But how can you be worthy of being followed? Leadership is a matter of how to be, not how to do.” Frances Hesselbein “Becoming… Continue reading → Leading Listening Marks of leaders Servant-leadership Growth Leadership Development leadership success

The Complete List of ‘UP’ for Leaders

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Thanks to readers who correct, clarify, and expand on the ideas presented here on Leadership Freak. Several readers expanded the ideas in this morning’s post. I can’t resist compiling a ‘complete’ list of… Continue reading → Leading Leadership

The Five Purposes of Listening

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The most neglected work of leadership is listening. The reason? It’s hard work. If leadership is about others, listening is about leadership. 4 reasons you hate to listen: A squirrel’s attention span. Busy… Continue reading → Listening Leadership Development

7 Power Tips for Having a Tough Conversation

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“The point is this: difficult conversations are almost never about getting the facts right. They are about conflicting perceptions, interpretations, and values.” Douglas Stone, Difficult Conversations. 7 Power Tips for Having a Tough… Continue reading → Change Communication compassion Curiosity Feedback Humility Leadership Development

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Intelligent Disobedience: 5 Ways to Invite Disconfirming Feedback

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“Serious errors are avoided by the use of Intelligent Disobedience.” Ira Chaleff, author of Intelligent Disobedience: Doing Right When What You’re Told to Do Is Wrong. Blind obedience is dangerous: Skilled guide dogs disobey… Continue reading → Author Book Notes Decisions Feedback organizational success

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10 Ways to Start Your Day Like a Leader

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Peak performance is built on rest. Exhaustion breeds discouragement and fear. I hope you woke up this morning refreshed. 10 ways to start your day like a leader. Take two minutes this morning… Continue reading → Optimism Personal Growth Stress Success Leadership Development leadership success


The #1 Cure for Fault-Finding Leaders

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Fault-finders reject people. Acceptance is the #1 cure for fault-finders. Don’t expect great performance from people who feel rejected by you. Successful leaders accept people. Critics believe there’s something wrong with others. The… Continue reading → Criticism Growth Leadership Development organizational success

Whining Wednesday – Share Your Complaints!

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What are your favorite complaints? Go ahead and let loose. Feel free to type ‘anonymous’ where you put your name when leaving comments. 20 common complaints: Self-centered uncaring bosses. Weather. Politicians. Customers.… … Continue reading → Complaints Communication Leadership Development

Five Principles of Encouragement From a Seven Sentence Email

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Dan – I hope you are doing great! I watched your video about five ideas to avoid complaining and really enjoyed it. Thank you! Also – while I was watching the video… Continue reading → Encouragement Feedback Leadership Development organizational success

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The Biggest Danger in Leadership

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Self-importance is behind most of the stupid things leaders do. Self-importance keeps leaders ignorant and isolated. Self-importance blinds you to your weaknesses and distorts your view of strength in others. Even insecurity is… Continue reading → Humility Personal Growth arrogance Growth Leadership Leadership Development

How to Show Up, Stir Up, Build Up, and Shut Up

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If you let your mind wander, you’ll end up where you don’t want to go. Give your personal leadership focus and direction. #1. Show Up. Bring your best self to work by determining… Continue reading → Encouragement energy Marks of leaders Motivation Personal Growth Success Taking others higher Growth Leadership Development leadership success

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The Most Important Thing You Manage isn’t Projects or People

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Someone or something is controlling your attention. Often it’s not you. Maybe it’s an email alert or a buzzing cell phone. Distracted leaders live inconsequential lives. The most important thing you manage is your… Continue reading → Personal Growth Taking others higher Time management Values mission & vision Innovation Leadership Development Priorities Time Management

How to Show Up Like a Leader Today

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The most important leadership choice of the day is choosing how you show up. Don’t react to people and circumstance. Respond from intention. Show up: How you show up determines where you end… Continue reading → Accountability Decisions Personal Growth Success Feedback Growth Leadership Development leadership journey leadership success

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Work Doesn’t Have to Suck

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I just listened to Season 1 – Episode 11 of the podcast FRICTION. It’s something Bob Sutton and Huggy Rao do in their ‘spare’ time. I recommend it. Episode 11: Five Ways to… Continue reading → Leading


The Six Pitfalls of Leadership

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The pitfalls of leadership spring from within. Dangers that emerge from within are more perilous than dangers that attack from without. The Six Pitfalls of Leadership: #1. Perceived knowledge. Those who think they… Continue reading → Accountability Curiosity Failure Leading Listening Personal Growth Success Leadership Leadership Development

How to Rise Above Fault Finding and Energize Your Team

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You don’t think of yourself as a fault-finder, but what if you track your thoughts and language for an hour? What’s your attitude about others right now? Yourself? Fault-finders build insecure teams. You’re… Continue reading → Criticism Encouragement energy Personal Growth Success Taking others higher Complaints Culture Growth Organizational Development Power

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Move in the Right Direction with a Culture Champion

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Organizational culture spirals inward and downward when left to itself. Decline is the consequence of neglect and folly. It’s never a fluke when people come to work with commitment and energy. Building a… Continue reading → Culture

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How to See Opportunity Everywhere You Go

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The way you show up impacts what you see. Leaders who show up to fix things see problems and inadequacies. Leaders who show up to celebrate progress see strengths and opportunities. The world… Continue reading → compassion Leadership Development

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How to be Judged 132% More Effective as a Leader

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Negative environments are built by default. 50% of our emotional vocabulary describes negative emotion. 30% describes positive emotion. 20% is neutral. Robert Schrauf You have more words for negative energy than positive emotion. The… Continue reading → Marks of leaders Criticism Personal Growth Leadership Development Communication Growth organizational success

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How to Infuse Heart into Soul-Sucking Organizations

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Heartless leaders build soul-sucking organizations. Leaders learn how to think with their heads in school. But, leaders who think with their hearts build vibrant organizations. Results. Leadership would be simple if results are… Continue reading → energy Personal Growth Servant-leadership Leadership Development organizational success

Ken Blanchard on Connecting with Your Boss

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In a recent conversation with Ken Blanchard a viewer asked, “How do I respectfully encourage my boss to be a more servant leader?” Facebook Live) People with lousy bosses often ask about Leading… Continue reading → Author Book Notes Interview Servant-leadership Video Growth Leadership Development

Only 1 in 10 are Self-Aware*

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Self-awareness enables you to bring your best self to others. But studies show that only 10% to 15% of leaders are self-aware. (*HBR) HBR) Low self-awareness makes you irritating to others, dissatisfied with yourself,… Continue reading → energy Personal Growth Strengths Stress Success Leadership Development leadership success

You Either Build the Future or Sink in the Past

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Raise your hand if you believe we live in turbulent times? If you keep doing the same thing in turbulent times, you’re irrelevant. The meaning of big change efforts: Every organization that needs… Continue reading → Change

Three Surprising Skills of the World’s Top Leaders*

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You cannot lead effectively until you can lead yourself. “To To be an effective leader you need to understand and manage yourself well.” Rasmus Hougaard (video) Self-management: The idea that top leaders are burning the candle at both ends is a myth according to research by Harvard Business Review. Reported by Rasmus Hougarrd) Top leaders take … … Continue reading → Author Book Notes Leadership Development

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How to Nudge People Toward Dragons

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Opportunity often knocks before you’re ready. A brief dialog from the movie, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, illustrates the power of “nudges” Frodo Baggins: “Before you (Gandalf)… Continue reading → Feedback Personal Growth Taking others higher Growth Leadership Development

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How to Accept a Challenge that Buckles Your Knees

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Nudges normally produce acceptable growth. But some growth-opportunities require leaps. Knee buckling opportunities: One day a door of opportunity will open for you. You sweat thinking about it. Your knees buckle. Your boss… Continue reading → Change Feedback Personal Growth Success Coaching Leadership Development

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How to Harness Complexity to Produce Radical Innovation

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Book giveaway!! 20 complimentary copies available. Leave a comment on this guest post by Dr. Sunnie Giles to become eligible to win one of TWENTY complimentary copies of “The New Science of Radical Innovation: The Six… Continue reading → Author Book Notes Leading Leadership Development organizational success

How to Know if You’re a Manager or a Leader

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You’re not managing just because you run meetings or have a title. You might own the place, but that doesn’t make you a leader. Think of leadership and management as distinct ways of… Continue reading → Managing Marks of leaders Leadership Development Management

How to Stop Stealing Influence and Limiting Your Opportunities

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Immaturity shows up thinking about itself. Maturity shows up thinking about others. In my immature twenties, I used language in a presentation that offended some and got me in hot water. When it… Continue reading → Accountability Failure Influence Marks of leaders Growth Leadership leadership success

3 Quotes that Expand the Definition of Leadership

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“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” ” Walt Disney Books I’ve read in March: The Education of a Coach by David Halberstam. For insights from… Continue reading → Author Book Notes