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Why Not-Liking is Easy

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In 1977 Wally Palmar, Mike Skill, Rich Cole, and Jimmy Marinos formed the Romantics. The Romantics weren’t as successful as other bands of the 70’s like KISS, AC/DC, Queen, or the Eagles. But their 1980… Continue reading → Success Leadership Development

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How to Use Frustration to Expand Your Leadership

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Frustration usually points at people and circumstances. But frustration is also an opportunity to look at yourself, to elevate and expand your leadership. Source: Your frustration is ABOUT you, before it’s about others.… … Continue reading → Anger Leadership Development

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Moon Shot Goals

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Realistic goals are useful, but a Moon-Shot-Goal is transformative. John Glenn becoming the first American to orbit the Earth on February 20, 1962. He spent 4 hours, 55 minutes, 23 seconds in space… Continue reading → Goals Leadership Development organizational success

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How Passion Drives Many of the Worst Leadership Moments

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Some of the worst leadership moments are driven by too much passion. Think of passion as energy, drive, direction, and focus. Is it possible to have too much? In my experience, the answer… Continue reading → Passion Growth Leadership Leadership Development leadership success

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10 Questions That Expose Toxic People

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The deadliest person on your team is a high performing toxic person. Toxic people: Brag about using power and manipulation to get what they want out of others. Blame you when they offend… Continue reading → Accountability Culture Personal Growth Success Leadership Development

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5 Ways to Rise Above Self-Seeking Leadership

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“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” Ernest Hemingway Ego is healthy when it’s used in service of others. But… Continue reading → Humility Growth Leadership organizational success

20% Walk Around Time And Other Tips for For Successful CEOs

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If the most powerful thing leaders do is connect, the most dangerous is isolation. Inspired by Henry Mintzberg.) Relationship building: “Half of Americans view themselves as lonely,” David Cordani, chief executive of Cigna. Cigna… Continue reading → Health Leading Managing Marks of leaders Personal Growth Taking others higher weaknesses Communication Growth Leadership Development organizational success

Why the World Stinks

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“If I know everything about your external world, I can only predict 10% of your long-term happiness.” Shawn Achor Why the world stinks: Spending time with grandchildren is life’s great compensation. A couple… Continue reading → Humility Leading Leadership Development leadership success organizational success

Leadership Lessons from Amy Winehouse and her Song Rehab

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Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning on July 23, 2011. She was 27. Other famous musicians died at 27: Kurt Cobain Brian Jones – a founding member of the Rolling Stones Jimi Hendrix… Continue reading → Leading

4 Ways to Talk Like a Leader

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Many of the frustrations and pains you experience are caused by something stupid you said. Thoughtless words cause more trouble than they’re worth. But skillful leaders exercise verbal control. 4 ways to talk… Continue reading → Leading

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How to Make Meaningful Change

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It takes no courage to stand aloof and complain. Do you wish to lead? Change something. #1. Accept the messy. Acceptance isn’t approval. “The first step toward change is awareness. The second step… Continue reading → Change Leadership Development Leadership

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The Self-Reflection Sandwich

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Bias to action results in drama, disappointment, and crisis apart from systematic self-reflection. The truth about self-reflection: I erred on the side of too little reflection most of my life. I actually spent… Continue reading → Leading

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How You Have Inescapable Impact

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No one can live as an individual. “No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;” John Donne Impact: If you… Continue reading → Humility Influence Marks of leaders Personal Growth Success Taking others higher Leadership Leadership Development

How to Respond to an Angry Employee

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Don’t ad lib when emotion is high. Prepare yourself to respond to an angry employee. Develop a plan. How to respond to an angry employee: #1. Emotion comes first. Diffuse hot emotion before solving tough… Continue reading → Anger Goals Solutions Stress Communication Leadership Development

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7 Ways to Help Your Boss Be a Better Listener

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Listening is the first step back from the abyss of lousy leadership. But what if your boss is a lousy listener? Listening leaders are better leaders. 7 Ways to Help Your Boss Be… Continue reading → Communication Listening Leadership Development

The Truth About Filling Your Own Cup

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Servant leadership is pouring out for the advantage of others. But you can’t serve effectively with an empty cup. Your cup is empty because you poured out more than you poured in. The… Continue reading → energy Personal Growth Success Growth Leadership Development

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7 Things New Inexperienced Leaders Must Do

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The good news is you earned the opportunity to lead. The bad news is you’ll probably crash and burn. But get up again when you do.) 7 Things New Inexperienced Leaders Must Do:… Continue reading → Leading Marks of leaders Taking others higher Leadership Development leadership journey leadership success organizational success

How to Gain Power when you Feel Powerless

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Many emails I receive concern frustration caused by feeling powerless. Something’s wrong and change seems unlikely. Abuse gives power a bad name, but you need power to get things done. How to gain… Continue reading → Change Power Strengths Success Taking others higher Leadership Development organizational success

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The Top Signs You’re a Servant-Leader

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The first time I was asked what a servant-leader looks like I was dumbfounded. Who wouldn’t know? But after some thought, I realized that some may not understand what to look for when… Continue reading → Humility arrogance Leadership Development

16 Signs You’re a Toxic Perfectionist

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You’re a toxic perfectionist if: You’re stingy with gratitude. Giving compliments is like pulling teeth. No one’s work is good enough. Mistakes are proof you’re a loser. Pointing out errors is a sport.… … Continue reading → Leading

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Your Story Stinks, Therefore So Does Your Strategy

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New Book giveaway!! 20 complimentary copies available. Leave a comment on this guest post by Jim Haudan and Rich Berens to become eligible to win one of TWENTY complimentary copies of, “What Are… Continue reading → Author Book Notes

How to Lead with the Power of Humility

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The seductions of arrogance wreck leaders, demoralize teams, and destroy organizations. The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance.” Attributed to Albert Einstein.) Everything good in leadership begins with humility. Subtleties of… Continue reading → Humility Leadership Development organizational success

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How to Give Guidance Without Giving Answers

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The great temptation of leadership is giving answers instead of guidance. Experience makes answer-giving easy. But there’s an ego factor as well. It feels great to KNOW when others don’t. At first, giving… Continue reading → Coaching Decisions Humility Marks of leaders Personal Growth Growth Leadership Development

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Caught with Their Pants Down

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Some of the world’s great leaders emerge from the world of religion. I’m fascinated by a story that took place in the lakeside community of Capernaum sometime around 30 AD. It doesn’t matter… Continue reading → Humility Success Leadership Leadership Development leadership journey

5 Ways to Choose Important Over Urgent

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People tend to choose urgent tasks they can complete quickly and put off important tasks that take longer to complete. The Mere Urgency Effect) Important tasks take longer and are more demanding than… Continue reading → Goals Personal Growth Social Media Leadership Leadership Development Priorities

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The True Power of Purpose

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Purpose makes you work when others rest and keep trying when success only glimmers in the distance. A leader with purpose can’t be stopped. Foolish: When you find purpose, you’re like a… Continue reading → Leading

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How to Send Signals that Enable Connection

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Imagine you just met Wilma at a party. You’re shaking hands when she says, “I’m Wilma. I’m the CEO of Widgets Across America.” Choose to build trust rather than create distance. Connect… Continue reading → Curiosity Encouragement Questions Taking others higher Growth Leadership Development

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6 Reasons Employees Don’t Talk to Their Managers

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Employees talk more and managers talk less in successful one-on-ones. 6 reasons employees don’t talk to their managers: Cold professional culture. Caring happens outside work. Talkative managers. Curiosity about people is rare. Intimidating… Continue reading → Communication Culture Feedback Listening Personal Growth Taking others higher Leadership Development organizational success

Why Humility Delivers More Results Than Arrogance

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Arrogance holds you back. Humility propels you forward. Courage and humility: You’d be wrong if you said humility is kin to fear. Courage is the willingness and ability to fail and try… Continue reading → Humility arrogance


How to Tap Into Enthusiasm Even When Work Sucks

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Attitude is a decision about the way you show up. You might not be able to control your environment, but attitude is a choice. Attitude: I’ll never forget the guy with his hat… Continue reading → energy Leadership Development organizational success

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Engagement is Getting People to Do Things THEY Want to Do

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It’s a mistake to believe leadership is getting people to do what you want them to do. Engagement is getting people to do things THEY want to do. Pressure: Pressuring people to do… Continue reading → Coaching energy Feedback Goals Influence Leading Marks of leaders Taking others higher Growth Leadership Leadership Development organizational success

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10 Ways to Start Your Day Like a Leader

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Peak performance is built on rest. Exhaustion breeds discouragement and fear. I hope you woke up this morning refreshed. 10 ways to start your day like a leader. Take two minutes this morning… Continue reading → Optimism Personal Growth Stress Success Leadership Development leadership success

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Choose Your Focus Because Your Eyes Control Your Tongue

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Teams and organizations move in the direction of the words they use. The most important thing I can say about your tongue is it’s a rudder. 7 powers of words: Words determine direction. … Continue reading → Communication Complaints Culture Marks of leaders Leadership Leadership Development organizational success

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The Skill Leaders Neglect to Their Peril

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Make a list of essential leadership qualities and you’ll likely leave off an essential to success. The top 21 skills and behaviors of successful leaders: Grit. Compassion. Integrity. Vision. Courage. Passion. Communication. Decisiveness.… … Continue reading → Humility Leadership Development organizational success

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The Four Children of Humility

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Let’s be honest. You don’t need to be humble to earn money, position, power, even admiration. Arrogant leaders “succeed” Think of Donald Trump, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian. (I I Googled “arrogant celebrities.) Some… Continue reading → Humility Leadership Development

Stop the Cycle of Ambiguity—Use Plain Talk

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New Book giveaway!! 20 complimentary copies available. Leave a comment on this guest post by Karen Martin to become eligible to win one of TWENTY complimentary copies of, “Clarity First.” Deadline: 10/6/2018) *International… Continue reading → Author Book Notes Leading

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How to Manage Energy: 4 Out Of 10 Are Drained At Work

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The inability to manage energy guarantees failure. Only 56% of employees feel energized at work. The Energy Project) 5 ways to manage human energy: #1. Work like a sprinter. Set a work-timer for… Continue reading → energy Leadership Development organizational success

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How to Overcome Arrogance

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All that’s ugly in leadership begins with arrogance. You might be arrogant if you: Look down your nose on those you serve. Arrogance views others as burdens and irritations. Beat yourself up over… Continue reading → Humility Servant-leadership arrogance Growth

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4 Ways to Stand with People When They Screw Up

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Self-serving leaders throw people under the bus. Skillful leaders know that standing with people when they screw up … Strengthens relationships. Improves morale. Inspires trust. Instills courage. Deepens commitment. How to stand… Continue reading → Failure Influence Growth Leadership Development

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Big-Ego Behaviors in Leadership

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I called Ken Kragen to confirm a quote. Ken managed superstars like Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Trisha Yearwood, Travis Tritt, Olivia Newton John, The Bee Gees, and more. He was one of the… Continue reading → Humility arrogance Leadership Development leadership success organizational success

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The Truth about Finding Purpose

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Think of someone who found purpose. Were they self-centered or other-centered? Get out of yourself if you want to find purpose. The most surprising truth about finding purpose is it’s about others. Those… Continue reading → Leading


You Might Be a Psycho-Employee If …

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After reading 7 Ways to Deal with a Psycho Boss, a friend suggested I write about psycho-employees. You might be a psycho-employee if you use your wife’s urine to pass a drug test… Continue reading → Courage Personal Growth Success weaknesses Growth Leadership Development

There Are Only Three Ways to Get More Done

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Pressure to put more in your cup – when your cup already overflows – stresses you out and drains your energy. The cycle of death: Work hard – Succeed – Get more to… Continue reading → energy Marks of leaders Solutions Stress Leadership Leadership Development

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