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A Getting It Wrong Plan

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I came across a pony-tailed biker-type guy with a long scruffy beard in a cigar shop. He was a retired union pipefitter that had traveled the country welding pipes in nuclear power plants.… … Continue reading → Failure Personal Growth Solutions Growth Leadership Development leadership success

10 Questions That Expose Toxic People

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The deadliest person on your team is a high performing toxic person. Toxic people: Brag about using power and manipulation to get what they want out of others. Blame you when they offend… Continue reading → Accountability Culture Personal Growth Success Leadership Development

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Treat People as They Are – Not as You Are

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It’s frustrating to expect people to be like you when they are like them. Understanding and accepting people is leadership’s missed opportunity. Don’t be so busy with goals and plans that you forget… Continue reading → Personal Growth Success Taking others higher Growth Leadership Development organizational success

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7 Ways to Stop Gossip Vampires

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Few leaders do anything about gossip vampires. Gossip is a tool for personal advantage, self-justification, and helpless complaint. If relationships produce results, gossip is expensive. Gossip vampires: Suck the life out of relationships.… … Continue reading → Gossip Communication Culture Leadership Development organizational success

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16 Signs You’re a Toxic Leader

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The trouble with toxic leaders is they’re deadly and don’t know it. But if the truth be told, every leader smells at least a little. Every time toxicity gets its way, organizations lose.… … Continue reading → Leading Personal Growth Success weaknesses Leadership Development leadership success organizational success

Dear Dan: Help People Who Work for a Control Freak

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Dear Dan, How do we help people who work for, or are recovering from working for, a control freak? Many of our leaders have controlling impulses, which has helped them get to their… Continue reading → Managing Leadership Leadership Development organizational success

The True Power of Purpose

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Purpose makes you work when others rest and keep trying when success only glimmers in the distance. A leader with purpose can’t be stopped. Foolish: When you find purpose, you’re like a… Continue reading → Leading

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How to Manage Energy: 4 Out Of 10 Are Drained At Work

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The inability to manage energy guarantees failure. Only 56% of employees feel energized at work. The Energy Project) 5 ways to manage human energy: #1. Work like a sprinter. Set a work-timer for… Continue reading → energy Leadership Development organizational success

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How to Gain Power when you Feel Powerless

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Many emails I receive concern frustration caused by feeling powerless. Something’s wrong and change seems unlikely. Abuse gives power a bad name, but you need power to get things done. How to gain… Continue reading → Change Power Strengths Success Taking others higher Leadership Development organizational success

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You Might Be a Psycho-Employee If …

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After reading 7 Ways to Deal with a Psycho Boss, a friend suggested I write about psycho-employees. You might be a psycho-employee if you use your wife’s urine to pass a drug test… Continue reading → Courage Personal Growth Success weaknesses Growth Leadership Development

How to Respond to an Angry Employee

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Don’t ad lib when emotion is high. Prepare yourself to respond to an angry employee. Develop a plan. How to respond to an angry employee: #1. Emotion comes first. Diffuse hot emotion before solving tough… Continue reading → Anger Goals Solutions Stress Communication Leadership Development

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12 Leadership Development Questions Any Leader Can Use Today

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Every teacher learns before they teach. Every teacher learns while they teach. The learner in the coffee shop: I stood and embraced Jack when he walked into the coffee shop where I was meeting with a young… Continue reading → Coaching Leading Growth Leadership Development

How to Find Your Grateful Mind

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3 dangers of ingratitude: #1. Missed opportunity. Ungratefulness doesn’t create a bright future. Ingratitude worries about the past. A leader that’s focused on the past misses today’s opportunity. Turn to the future: What… Continue reading → Gratitude Growth Leadership Development

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Why Humility Delivers More Results Than Arrogance

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Arrogance holds you back. Humility propels you forward. Courage and humility: You’d be wrong if you said humility is kin to fear. Courage is the willingness and ability to fail and try… Continue reading → Humility arrogance


The Truth about Finding Purpose

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Think of someone who found purpose. Were they self-centered or other-centered? Get out of yourself if you want to find purpose. The most surprising truth about finding purpose is it’s about others. Those… Continue reading → Leading


7 Ways to Deal with a Psycho Boss

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A friend said the team cheers when the boss doesn’t show up for work. He has a psycho boss. 5 signs you have a psycho boss: #1. Psycho bosses don’t explain what they… Continue reading → Marks of leaders Personal Growth Success Taking others higher Growth Leadership Development organizational success

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The Truth About Filling Your Own Cup

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Servant leadership is pouring out for the advantage of others. But you can’t serve effectively with an empty cup. Your cup is empty because you poured out more than you poured in. The… Continue reading → energy Personal Growth Success Growth Leadership Development

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6 Reasons Employees Don’t Talk to Their Managers

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Employees talk more and managers talk less in successful one-on-ones. 6 reasons employees don’t talk to their managers: Cold professional culture. Caring happens outside work. Talkative managers. Curiosity about people is rare. Intimidating… Continue reading → Communication Culture Feedback Listening Personal Growth Taking others higher Leadership Development organizational success

The Four Children of Humility

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Let’s be honest. You don’t need to be humble to earn money, position, power, even admiration. Arrogant leaders “succeed” Think of Donald Trump, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian. (I I Googled “arrogant celebrities.) Some… Continue reading → Humility Leadership Development

Bailing Water and Plugging Holes

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When the ship’s taking on water, bailing is important, but plugging holes is essential. Don’t let urgency distract you from necessity. Accept, acknowledge, and act: Complaining without bailing water or plugging holes makes… Continue reading → Leading


With Regards to the Women and Men who Fight On

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Ease is evil. Fight on: Trying hard and falling short feels like a punch to the gut. But what’s the alternative. Half-hearted effort? Playing it safe? Half-hearted effort insults your team and… Continue reading → Criticism Encouragement Humility Mistakes Personal Growth Growth Leadership Development

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How to Send Signals that Enable Connection

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Imagine you just met Wilma at a party. You’re shaking hands when she says, “I’m Wilma. I’m the CEO of Widgets Across America.” Choose to build trust rather than create distance. Connect… Continue reading → Curiosity Encouragement Questions Taking others higher Growth Leadership Development

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7 Questions Control Freaks Should Start Asking Today

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“Knock, knock.” “Who’s Who’s there?” Control freak. Now you say, “Control freak who?” Raise the hand of the person beside you, if you’re a control freak. You might be a control freak if: You… Continue reading → Humility Leading Managing Personal Growth Stress Success Teams Growth Leadership Leadership Development

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How to Lead with the Power of Humility

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The seductions of arrogance wreck leaders, demoralize teams, and destroy organizations. The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance.” Attributed to Albert Einstein.) Everything good in leadership begins with humility. Subtleties of… Continue reading → Humility Leadership Development organizational success

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You’re Not a Control Freak if …

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You’re not a control freak if you send back a rare steak when you ordered medium. #1. You’re not a control freak if you have high standards for yourself and others. But you’re… Continue reading → Accountability Curiosity Managing Growth Leadership Development leadership success

How to Overcome Arrogance

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All that’s ugly in leadership begins with arrogance. You might be arrogant if you: Look down your nose on those you serve. Arrogance views others as burdens and irritations. Beat yourself up over… Continue reading → Humility Servant-leadership arrogance Growth

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Who to Encourage and Who to Kick in the Pants

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Experienced leaders benefit most from tough feedback, as long as they’re committed to growth. Novices need encouraging feedback. Negative feedback: Suppose you’ve been working on running great meetings for years and you’re committed… Continue reading → Feedback

Three Ways To Make a Difference Today

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Fuel, manage, and monitor energy, first your own, then others. You can’t get there with an empty tank. It’s not flashy, but in order to fuel energy in others you need to… Continue reading → Purpose Strengths Leadership Leadership Development

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How to Bridge the Gap Between Intention and Perception

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Leaders fail because they don’t see themselves as others see them. Disconnection between internal intention and external perception limits leaders. Misalignment: You make space for others to thrive. Others see you as passive.… … Continue reading → Failure Feedback Humility weaknesses arrogance Leadership Development

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How to Give Guidance Without Giving Answers

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The great temptation of leadership is giving answers instead of guidance. Experience makes answer-giving easy. But there’s an ego factor as well. It feels great to KNOW when others don’t. At first, giving… Continue reading → Coaching Decisions Humility Marks of leaders Personal Growth Growth Leadership Development

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Successful Leaders Understand the Power of Commitments

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Performance is like pushing a rope apart from shared commitments. Managers often ask, “How can I get people to do what I want them to do?” The answer is people do what THEY… Continue reading → Success Taking others higher Values Leadership Leadership Development organizational success

Which Comes First – Quantity or Quality

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“The ceramics teacher announced on opening day that he was dividing the class into two groups. All those on the left side of the studio, he said, would be graded solely on the… Continue reading → Courage Mistakes Personal Growth Success Culture fear of failure Growth Leadership Development organizational success

How to Help Those Who Feel Burned by a Controlling Leader

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Controlling to one is liberating to another. All leaders disappoint. Some are too controlling. Others are too hands-off. Your response to disappointing leadership impacts the trajectory of your career. Controlling leaders: Disrespect and… Continue reading → Courage Encouragement Humility Motivation Growth Leadership Development organizational success

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How to Navigate Ambiguity and Uncertainty

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Uncertainty finds comfort in nostalgia. Those who run from ambiguity and uncertainty are bound to repeat the past. Uncertainty and humility: The higher you go in organizational life, the lower your tolerance for… Continue reading → compassion Humility arrogance Leadership Development organizational success

When to Give a Second Chance and When to Draw the Line

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I give second chances reluctantly. I don’t want you on my team if you don’t work hard and bring your best. Drifters, excuse-makers, and blamers freak me out. They don’t deserve second chances.… … Continue reading → compassion Humility Leading Marks of leaders Success Taking others higher Growth Leadership Development organizational success

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New Book giveaway!! 20 complimentary copies available. Leave a comment on this guest post by Dr Dawn Graham, PhD to become eligible to win one of TWENTY complimentary copies of “Switchers: How Smart Professionals… Continue reading → Author Book Notes Leading

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Strategies for Dealing with Defensive Employees

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Feedback is wasted on Mr. Defensive. He closes his mind to anything that feels threatening. The chronically defensive can’t benefit from helpful suggestions or constructive feedback. Strategies of Mr. Defensive: The moment you… Continue reading → Accountability Communication Feedback Taking others higher Leadership Development organizational success

The Effort Illusion: Hard Work is the Answer

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Repetition isn’t the answer when you aren’t getting where you want to go. But sometimes progress is the opportunity to sing again. Hard work isn’t the answer: #1. Hard work isn’t the answer… Continue reading → Encouragement Marks of leaders Personal Growth Success Growth Leadership Leadership Development organizational success

The Secret to Credibility, Influence, and Impact

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A credibility gap ends influence and limits impact. All that’s left – once credibility is lost – is the use of position and power. According to Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner The Five… Continue reading → Accountability Influence Leading Marks of leaders Personal Growth Leadership Development organizational success

The Unexpected Way to Spot a Confident Leader

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Humble listening is an aspiration achieved occasionally. But it’s exhausting. The ability to listen requires remarkable confidence. It takes confidence to: Adopt the posture of learner. Turn conversations toward others. Reject tendencies to… Continue reading → Courage Listening Leadership Development