Sun.Apr 22, 2018

There are Solutions to Employee Turnover – Do You Know What They Are?

Kevin Eikenberry

Perhaps the most prevalent frustration and concern I have heard from leaders and organizations recently centers around the frustration, costs, and yes, pain of employee turnover. The costs are high in time, stress, and a sense of loss (depending on who is leaving).


Find Something Beautiful Today


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Skin Bags with No Heart

Leadership Freak

It’s hypocritical that we preach about purpose and authenticity and spend so much time worshipping ‘successful’ leaders. Questions reveal priorities. Most questions you hear focus on HOW to solve pressing concerns. How do… Continue reading → Marks of leaders Personal Growth Purpose Taking others higher Growth Leadership Development organizational success


Stop Selling and Start Leading

CEO Blog

My wife, Elizabeth, won (yes she came in first) in her age group in the Boston Marathon Monday. The day was miserable – cold and wet. Personally I think this gave the Canadians a small edge since training happened in the cold. Amazing feat. On average Elizabeth and I ran 13.1 miles Monday – no wonder I am still tired. Stop Selling and Start Leading by Kouzes, Posner and Calvert is my most recent read.


How to Recruit Top Talent for a Start Up Business

Chart Your Course

Recruiting Top Talent to a Less-known Company. It goes without saying that business owners hope to hire the best possible employees for their new companies. One major factor that can stand in the way of this goal is if the business is a startup or is otherwise unknown in the community. Rather than take a position at a new company that has not had time to build up its reputation, top talent may often choose to go with an established brand.