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Gray Versus Green: Who Makes the Better Start-Up CEO?

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This, of course, starts with the CEO, and young companies have a broad set of founders and CEOs with different backgrounds, competencies, and demographics at the helm. A Forbes article in 2017 titled “If You Want To Be ‘CEO Material,’ Develop These 15 Traits,” created a laundry-list of traits needed to be a great CEO.

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The Top 10 Habits of Successful CEOs

Lead from Within

As a CEO, success isn’t just about achieving your own personal goals. Here are the top ten habits of successful CEOs that get results: Prioritizing time: Successful CEOs focus on the most important tasks and responsibilities. Setting clear goals and expectations: Successful CEOs are clear about what they want to achieve.

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CEO Marketing Priorities

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COVID-19 has made CEO marketing priorities synonymous with survival. CEOs who have a focused, crisp, creative, and clear message, and who understand how to best communicate that message, will navigate the pandemic better than their less-skilled peers. The post CEO Marketing Priorities appeared first on N2Growth.

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The Seven Tests of A CEO

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In The CEO Test by the always insightful Adam Bryant and by the former Amgen president and CEO Kevin Sharer, they present seven tests that really all leaders face in one form or another. They call it the CEO test because the intensity and consequences of these challenges grow as you move into higher levels of leadership.

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Doing Well By Doing Good With Darrin Williams, CEO Southern Bancorp

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Darrin Williams , CEO of Southern Bancorp, may have been a little surprised when a world-class business school professor came knocking at his door. Indeed Brian Moynihan, Bank of America’s CEO, and Darrin appeared side by side on “ Mad Money ” on CNBC touting their new partnership. Yet, he could no longer fly under the radar.

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Dear Dan: What Questions Should I Ask My CEO

Leadership Freak

Now I report directly to the CEO. Dear Dan, I have a new position within our company. What questions should I ask during our first meeting? Sincerely, Bob Dear Bob, Congratulations on earning… Continue reading →

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Are You Managing the Dimensions of Your CEO Influence?

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Porter and Nitin Nohira published an article titled “How CEOs Manage Time” It was a fascinating insight into how CEOs do and should spend their time. . I drew one aspect from their thinking for a round of recent CEO coaching sessions, focusing on how CEOs exert influence. . How do you influence? .

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