GC28: Gamification in Human Resources | with Mario Herger

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The new book Gamification in Human Resources highlights several dozen examples of how organizations are using gamification throughout the employee life cycle to recruit, develop and evaluate talent – and it gives you the tools necessary to begin or expand your own gamification programs.

Top 16 Books for Human Resource and Talent Management Executives

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The essence of the book is captured in the quote by Robert Eckert, former Mattel CEO: “As you go to work, your top responsibility should be to build trust.” It is one of the top selling business books of all time and a favourite among CEOs. Human Resource Champions (1996).

Human Resources Thailand | Strategic HR | Thailand

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As HR Departments evolved from ‘Administration’, to ‘Personnel’, to ‘Human Resources’ and now to ‘Talent Management’, it’s clear that expectations have changed.

The Human Resource in Thailand – made easy

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Most CEOs will agree that managing the Human Resource in Thailand effectively is the differentiator of competitive advantage. This is because, first and foremost, the ‘human resource’ is not the responsibility of any one person. It’s an area of shared responsibility among the CEO, his managers and supervisors (direct reports), Global Human Resource Departments, local HR and even, in certain cases, Trade Unions and local government departments.

Who is the 21st Century CEO?

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Great CEOs will deal with the challenges of these ever-changing environments and continue to lead the march forward with compelling visions, insightful strategies and flawless execution.

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Are Great CEOs Always Great Leaders?

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In my mind, the best CEOs are usually the ones who are in a race to the future – they’re obsessed with defining the future because they can’t stomach the thought of reacting to a future created by their competitors. That established Steve Jobs as the greatest CEO of our time.

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The World of the 21st Century CEO

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Last week I identified the successful 21 st century CEO as someone who is constantly thinking about the future. At this point I will gaze into my crystal ball and prophesize the environments in which 21 st century CEOs will operate, a decade from now. CEOs will be time-starved.

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Why Uncontrollable Factors are Norm to Great CEOs

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But in the context of taking charge and leading human beings during major or minor crises, every chief executive is blessed with the luxuries of time, subordinate counsel, years of related experience, and knowhow imparted by pundits in thousands of books, journals and case studies.

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3 Small Steps for a CEO, One Giant Leap for a Leader

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Fast forward to 2012 and “answering e-mails” would surely bite into the time-starved CEO’s work week. CEOs who invest their time advancing their company’s business model or seeking a new one are adding value to their organizations. Maybe they’ll work for you or for your CEO.

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The Essence of Strategy (Part 2) | In the CEO Afterlife

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In the CEO Afterlife. by John • October 30, 2011 • Human Resources , Leadership , Marketing , Strategy • 4 Comments. The CEO said, “We’re in the peace-of-mind-business.” Human Resources. © 2011 In the CEO Afterlife.

Leading Without Direct Reports

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When I was a CEO, I had the pleasure of working with such an individual, an ambitious purchasing agent who I’ll call Walter. Leadership does not begin the when you step upon the first rung of the management ladder. One direct report does not make you a leader; nor does ten.

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Knowledge Is Power. Data Isn’t.

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When I was a CMO and CEO, I operated with an entrepreneurial mindset that required taking decisions as early as possible. How many times have you heard that “knowledge is power?” I’m guessing that without much thought, you readily nod your head in agreement.

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Why Great Brands Lose Their Way

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I am making the case for CMOs and CEOs to recognize the necessity of their own direct and passionate involvement as chief brand custodians. Kaz Hirai , Sony’s new CEO, thinks his strategy to rebuild the electronics business is clear – concentrate on gaming, digital imaging and mobile devices.

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How to Create a Personal Brand Strategy Statement

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This is one I helped create for an individual who was looking for a CEO position. Whether you are a CEO or a payroll clerk the format and the approach is the same.

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Why Directors Should Give a Damn About Culture

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During my tenure as a CEO, my Board of Directors never challenged me with questions pertaining to the corporate culture. And when they are long gone, the culture is left to the CEO to nurture.

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Why Boards Should Give a Damn About Culture

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During my tenure as a CEO, my Board of Directors never challenged me with questions pertaining to corporate culture. And when they are gone, the culture is left to the CEO to nurture.

What Connects Coca-Cola, Lego, In-N-Out, Intuit, and Nike? Focus.

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CEOs talk focus all the time and nod to its importance, but few take the necessary measures to cut through complexity and clear a path to clarity and coherence. A workforce of 8,000 led by a transformational CEO, seemingly knows how to deal with the ever-changing digital world.

In Praise of Average Joes

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But the resource that continues to be overlooked by CEOs and Boards is the organization’s Average Joe. Bruce, a Marketing Manager who struggled with detail, flourished as a creative resource. A CEO couldn’t ask for a better soldier in the battlefield.

Why Leaders Believe that Tomorrow is a Better Place

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Or could it be something more, something about the human spirit that has us looking ahead to a better future for ourselves, our families, and every living thing on the planet. To every one of us, the future is important.

Talent without Leadership doesn’t count for Diddly-Squat

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Human Resources Leadership Life Business Crisis Management East York In the CEO Afterlife John Richard Bell Mentoring orchestra St. Every company wants TALENT. But not every company is bestowed with the LEADERSHIP that unleashes talent’s power.

Work That Matters starts with Matters that Work

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Bean , the idea of selling really good merchandise at a reasonable profit and treating customers like human beings is worth the effort. That said, for those keen to realize a more human way to do business, the starting place is rather simple.

Culture Doesn’t Trump Strategy

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Human Resources Leadership Marketing Strategy BCG Business CEO Culture Entrepreneurship Google McKinsey & Company Nespresso Target Walmart ZapposIn the last 40 years of the 20 th century, strategy was the champion of business supremacy.

10 Ways to Slay Goliath

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When you know you will never be the low-cost producer nor will you ever have the resources to outspend the big cat, you find other ways to skin it – okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement. They leverage their financial resources.

Why HR Needs to Be a Marketer

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HR’s product is the corporation’s human resource , the people required to build the product, produce it, sell it, ship it, invoice it and service it. HR brings human capital to life. Nothing is more important to the corporate brand than its human capital.

The 5 Best Bargains in Business

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Human Resources Leadership Strategy Apple Branding Business CEO Creativity Culture In the CEO Afterlife In-N-Out Burger Jacobs Suchard John Richard Bell Leaderhip Marketing Nabob Coffee Patagonia Red Bull Steve Jobs Vision Zappos

What Not to Do When Business Sours

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Sure, it isn’t business as usual, and yes, every CEO has to make some moves to shore up sales and profits. CEO’s justify across-the-board cuts because they think it is fair. When I was a CEO, I managed to squirrel away a “rainy day” fund for nasty business blips.

Who Makes Resolutions Come True? YOU

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Branding Human Resources Leadership Life Marketing Strategy Uncategorized Do Less Better In the CEO Afterlife Vision The approaching New Year invites the contemplation of resolutions.

The Difference between Strategists and Strategic Planners

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An organization’s best strategists are in the C-Suite, and the CEO is usually the catalyst. Human Resources Leadership Strategy BC Hydro BCLC Business CEO consulting Crisis Management Crown Corporations ICBC In the CEO Afterlife John Richard Bell Leaderhip Strategic Planning

What’s Holding YOU Back?

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Human Resources Leadership Life Business CEO Crisis Management Culture In the CEO Afterlife John Richard Bell Mentoring New Year''s Resolutions Resolutions Strategy Vision “What is holding you back?”

The Latest in Corporate Bail Outs – Women

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Today, there’s a venerable list of female executives who have shattered that glass and gone on to illustrious careers as successful CEOs. These organizations are the ones enjoying unique human capital advantages that emanate from diversity at the top.

Linds Redding’s Short Lesson in Perspective

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Others misshapen and graceless fragments, but harboring perhaps the glimmer of a smile or a grain of human truth which had won it’s temporary reprieve from the reject pile. This human powered b t filter was a handy and powerful tool.

Do Vulture Cultures still prevail in Business? | In the CEO Afterlife

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In the CEO Afterlife. by John • May 2, 2011 • Human Resources , Leadership • 1 Comment. The most blatant was the Boards of Scott Paper and Sunbeam hiring ‘Chainsaw Al Dunlap’ as their CEO despite his reputation as a corporate sociopath.

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The ‘Old Economy’ Needs a Rocket Man

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Old school CEOs either don’t know how to innovate, fear innovation or simply fail to comprehend the true definition of the word. As an influential shareholder, I’d begin, not by mandating my CEO to change, but by changing my CEO. Penny instilled Ron Johnson as their new CEO.

Talent Wins: The New Playbook for Putting People First

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This is a group that consists of the CEO, the CFO, and the CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer). Of course, for most organizations, this means greatly expanding the role of human resources. Driving a talent-first reorganization is the job of the CEO.

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Where (and When) the Magic Happens

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No doubt, many CEOs will try to replicate the principles that catapulted Apple to the most valuable company on the face of the earth. If the answer is “not many”, then your CEO has a whack of work to do because this is the culture that moves companies from the comfort zone to the magic zone.

Developing Leaders to Drive Business Results

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Highly effective leadership is needed throughout every organization, from the first-level managers to the CEO. The chief human resources officer must take the lead in developing leadership programs, processes, and events to ensure that leaders are ready and effective.

Want to Cut Complexity? Kill Your Darlings.

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Risk-averse CEOs find comfort in the ‘ doing more of the same’ strategic mode. Branding Human Resources Leadership Life Marketing Strategy Bob Olodort CEO Complexity Culture Focus Jacobs Suchard Nabob Sacrifice Samsung Vision

'Doing Right Things' or 'Doing Things Right' | In the CEO Afterlife

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In the CEO Afterlife. ‘Doing Right Things’ or ‘Doing Things Right’ by John • March 28, 2011 • Human Resources , Leadership , Strategy • 0 Comments. Most CEOs want their companies to do things right because that’s a sign of good management.

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Marissa Mayer’s Big Play for Good Reason

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At the risk of adding to my reputation as yesterday’s man, I’m fully supporting Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s ban on working from home. Human Resources Leadership Strategy Business CEO Culture Google Innovation Marissa Mayer Turnaround Management Vision Yahoo

Stubbornness and Strategy: Birds of a Feather

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Branding Human Resources Leadership Marketing Strategy Uncategorized Business Coca-Cola In the CEO Afterlife John Richard Bell PepsiCo VisionFrom as far back as my days in brand management, I have held a deep affection for strategy.

Three Strategies to Encourage Good Mental Health in the Workplace

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L ET’S FACE IT: emotions are an inescapable element of the human experience. Human Resources

How to Thrive Against Giants

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A good CEO costs no more than a bad one – sometimes far less when you consider costly mistakes and lucrative severance packages. Qualitative cultures are about the creativity, the ingenuity, and the innovation created by the human resource, not the financial resource.

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Signs of the Spineless Leader

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Leadership Human Resources In the CEO Afterlife John Richard Bell Leaderhip Leaders Organizational Behavoir TeamworkDo you have to meet a spineless leader to know one? Not necessarily.