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The Benefits of a Chief Transformation Officer for Growth

N2Growth Blog

To tackle these issues, for the past five years, the new trend in executive hiring has been the Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) role. This is where the CTO role gets into the spotlight. This is an arduous task, especially if the CTO doesn’t hold the proper authority or have the support of the Executive Board.

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Finding the Route from CTO to CEO

CEO Insider

Making the move from CTO to CEO was a daunting experience for me: after all, I had spent a large part of my career working behind the scenes. Now, I was going to be the face of a company, taking on new responsibilities that encapsulated a whole other realm of leadership than what I had […].

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Tell-Tale Signs of Fake DevOps


Today’s guest post is by Nikolay Gekht, CTO of Gehtsoft USA. Discover the Tell Tale Signs of Fake DevOps. Learn the three steps a leader should take to prevent Fake DevOps and the five principles of DevOps. Let’s say you want to know whether your DevOps works well. The answer is simple: measure outcomes!

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Organizations Are Failing To Capitalize On Data And Technology

The Horizons Tracker

The study found that CHROs with strong abilities and relationships, and who work in a supportive environment, are almost twice as likely to successfully integrate data, technology, and people, and four times more likely to have effective relationships and influence with other C-suite executives, including the CEO, CFO, CTO, and COO. “As

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Nike Layoffs Announcement to Affect 740 Employees by June 28

HR Digest

The company made multiple changes to its leadership recently, with a new CTO, Amazon’s Dr Muge Erdirik Dogan, and a new CMO, Nicole Hubbard Graham, who was a returning employee. According to Retail Dive , the company has returned to conversations with outlets like Macy’s, Foot Locker, and DSW to help make progress with innovation.

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3 ways to self-promote without self-promoting

Career Advancement

The CTO wrote back, “Thanks for pointing this out and congratulations to the team. The CTO recognized that sometimes work that goes well goes unnoticed, yet, he said, “It is important we educate the business on the value we bring.”. Yet it still reflects well on him. The CEO and senior leadership were much appreciative.”

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Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone

Lead Change Blog

In December 2011, I was selected as CTO ? In the past, some of my own preconceived opinions had limited me from seeking challenging assignments. This time, with a strong show of courage, I raised my hand for a job that looked challenging. Technology Integration Program for an LPO that had been acquired by my company.

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