The New CTO: Chief Transformation Officer

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These three change accelerators are what lie behind today''s avalanche of business transformation, and they are directly affecting the roles of CIO and CTO. And, just as the CIO''s role needs to change, so too does the CTO''s—from Chief Technology Officer to Chief Transformation Officer.

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Elon Musk Isn’t Known For His Leadership, But That’s Okay

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For the CTO and CEO at SpaceX, the CEO […]. Elon Musk is moving the ground underneath our feet. He has visions that are creating a new reality for us all. The post Elon Musk Isn’t Known For His Leadership, But That’s Okay appeared first on Linked 2 Leadership. EntrepreLeadership Future Leadership Issues Leadership Lessons Learned Technology & Leadership decision making elon musk Inspiration leadership tesla

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How To Disrupt the Tech World

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The stories, including one by America’s new CTO and former VP at Google[X] Megan Smith , are the authentic voices of women who have persevered, overcome, created, and innovated their careers and accomplishments. What is your image of an inventor or innovator? A man alone in a lab?

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The Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Your Brand

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You’ll also want to make sure your company’s CTO takes a look at the infographic below. Lots of the most successful companies have mobile apps for their customers and clients at the moment. However, many small business owners are yet to take the step.

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3 ways to self-promote without self-promoting

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The CTO wrote back, “Thanks for pointing this out and congratulations to the team. The CTO recognized that sometimes work that goes well goes unnoticed, yet, he said, “It is important we educate the business on the value we bring.”. “Heroes must see to their own fame.

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May 2017 Leadership Development Carnival

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Everyone knows the roles and responsibilities for a CEO, CFO and CTO but change the wording and a different picture emerges. Welcome to the May 2017 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival!

Team Building Agenda: Kick-off Program for IT Leadership Team

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Chief-Technology-Officer CTO, and Human Resources Business Partners within the IT Team and Mike will serve as the Accountability-Team to check-in and coach the directors for completion of the 100 day action plans. CTO – Why are we here? CTO has some parting words.

Space-O Team Wins Hackathon at AppFest 2013

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Photo Courtesy: Atit Purani, apart from being my business partner and CTO of our company, who’s a great friend too! It feels so good to be a part of a team that has exhibited great teamwork and won the Hackathon. Photo Courtesy: Kavita Vaishnav, my better half from her iPhone.

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Are You A Bonus Delivery Officer?

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Or a CMO, COO, CIO, CTO or any other C-Level title. You’re not a CEO. You’re not a GVP, AVP, MVP or VP. You’re not a Senior Director, Partner, Manager, Owner, etc. You are a Bonus Delivery Officer.

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How to Support Employees’ Learning Goals While Getting Day-to-Day Stuff Done

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When I launched my first company in 2008 (CarZen, acquired by Liberty Mutual), one of my first hires was a CTO. I made him the CTO’s protégé, and had the CTO spend time teaching and evaluating him. It meant giving up between one-quarter and one-third of the CTO’s productivity, but this time was being used as an investment in my future talent. Eventually, the CTO moved on and the protégé took over as the lead developer.


Have a Question for Procter & Gamble CTO Bruce Brown?

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Next Monday I am going to be facilitating a panel discussion in Singapore on "Asia Fuelling Global Innovation."


The C-Suite Needs a Chief Entrepreneur

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This is not a CTO role or a role that reports to the CEO. You do not work for the CEO, or alongside the CTO, CIO, and CFO. The best CEOs are excellent at growing and running a company within a known business model. What they don’t do well enough is reinvent and innovate.

What CEOs Can Learn From the Goddess of Vision

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There came a time when the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) was named the CIO (Chief Information Officer) and a new CTO was recruited and hired. I won’t bore you with the politics of this maneuver, but within a few weeks the new CTO brought in his own administrative assistant.

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How to Encourage Employee Loyalty & Retain Good Workers

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Hubspot founder and CTO Dharmesh Shah noted certain qualities that characterize a loyal employee. A recent Gallup poll found that more than three-quarters of workers around the world are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” while at work.

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Whose Job Is It to Manage Freelancers?

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One approach that 10X has recommended is creating a roving CTO or project managers. In this sense it is similar to the roving CTO but focused more on the depth and effectiveness of the agile talent network. Business reliance on the freelancer economy continues to grow.

Which U.S. Companies Are Doing the Most R&D in China and India?

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Starting a global engineering operation “essentially doubles the expense for 6-12 months,” says former Informatica CTO, James Markarian. Over 200 publicly listed American companies have R&D budgets that exceed $100 million annually.

Too Many Executives Are Missing the Most Important Part of CRM

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This isn’t the fault of the technology or the CTO, who usually manages it. Because it involves software, many companies make it the CTO’s responsibility.

How to Manage People Who Are Smarter than You

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” This research had two advantages: One, it made the hiring process go more smoothly and, two, it has helped Emily manage Heather, her new CTO. The best managers hire smart people to work for them. But what if your direct reports are smarter than you?

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What It Takes to Become a Great Product Manager

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Founder/CTO/CEO relationship with PM – Especially in earlier stage companies, it’s important to know how involved the Founder/CEO/CTO is in the product process. Aron Vellekoop Len/Getty Images. Because I teach a course on Product Management at Harvard Business School, I am routinely asked “what is the role of a Product Manager?” ” The role of a Product Manager (PM) is often referred to as the “CEO of the Product.”

How Sephora Reorganized to Become a More Digital Brand

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We’re lucky to have an amazing CTO with a deep knowledge of e-commerce and strong desire to partner with the business, and a strong team behind him. Sephora, the cosmetics retailer, has been widely recognized as a leader in integrating its digital marketing efforts into its overall strategy.

Make Your Innovative Idea Seem Less Terrifying

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Because Modernist Cuisine founder Nathan Myhrvold was a former Microsoftee (their first CTO and the founder of Microsoft Research), Heimendinger immediately reduced the perceived risk of hiring him by speaking their shared Microsoft language.

How Self-Managed Teams Can Resolve Conflict

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As Etsy CTO John Allspaw says , people are “the most expert in their own error. In a traditional team structure, conflicts can be escalated to the boss to resolve. Can’t agree on how to prioritize projects, or on which deadlines need to shift? Ask the team leader to step in and make a call. Think a coworker is acting snarky, or that their work is too sloppy? Advise the manager to give them some feedback. But for flat or self-managed teams, that’s not an option.


How Apple Pushes Entire Industries Forward

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The term was coined by the first CTO of the US Government, Aneesh Chopra. Yesterday, hardware stole the show at the Apple unveiling. But Apple’s most impressive achievement on display at yesterday’s announcement was not a technological feat — although the technology on display was certainly impressive. Apple’s great feat was the use of their scale to swiftly get the world lined up behind a new model for payments.

IT Governance is Killing Innovation

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The New CTO: Chief Transformation Officer. Recent CEB research shows that work has become much more interdependent — employees increasingly need to tap a broader array of internal and external colleagues and partners to be successful in their jobs.


To Come Up with a Good Idea, Start by Imagining the Worst Idea Possible

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He had her sit next to the CEO, and enabled her to wander around and ask questions to everyone, including the CEO and the CTO. There are many creative tools a designer uses to think differently, but none is more counter-intuitive than “wrong thinking,” also called reverse thinking.

Yes, Managing IT Is Your Job

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The New CTO: Chief Transformation Officer. In order to see the future more clearly, it''s almost always helpful to look back — and this certainly goes for IT and its ever-increasing impact on operations, and ultimately on competitive advantage.

A Board Director's Perspective on What IT Has to Get Right

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The New CTO: Chief Transformation Officer. Over the last 30 years I have served a large range of organizations as either a director or a trustee with the specific role of helping them exploit IT for competitive advantage.

Do You Have the IT For the Coming Digital Wave?

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The New CTO: Chief Transformation Officer.

What an OTT Future Means for Brands

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It’s critical to make sure that the CIO, CTO, CMO, CDO, and other functional leaders do not work at cross-purposes as the company focuses on deeper, more direct relationships with its customers. If you haven’t heard of OTT , short for “over the top,” you will soon.

Is Your Organization Ready for Total Digitization?

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At Boeing, all enterprise technology (including digital) investments are managed by the CTO, which enables significant synergies.


Don't Just Serve — Enable: A New Model for IT Organizations

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The New CTO: Chief Transformation Officer. The classic model of an IT organization as a central point of control over all things data was never ideal, and today it simply doesn''t work. Business users need increasingly fast, broad, and flexible access to data.


Why I Phished My Own Company

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Today, I make strategic and tactical technology decisions as the CTO of Atlantic Media. Ten months ago, I was in charge of digital technology for the White House, where security was the top priority and it was inexcusable to let your guard down.

What to Do If Your Parents Are Causing You Career Angst

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This in turn generated a sense of calm that helped him better manage the intense demands of his role as a high-powered CTO.


How Morale Changes as a Startup Grows

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For example, if a CRO or CTO leaves a young company, it can cripple the organization. When we think about startup cultures, we imagine ping pong tables, kegerators, and Nerf guns. More importantly, we envision an esprit de corps that drives employees to happily burn the midnight oil to build the next big thing. However, this startup cultural utopia invariably hits a rough patch for about 70% of startups in years three to four, regardless of how happy the team was before.

Act Like a Leader Before You Are One

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Mike Subelsky, the co-founder and CTO at Staq, a tech start-up that makes software for digital advertising companies, spent most of his early career in roles with lots of responsibility, but not much authority. "I

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CIOs: Scenario Planning Can Save Your Job

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The New CTO: Chief Transformation Officer. It''s the rare CIO who applies scenario planning to the business of IT.

Joe Stump on, a project by Mokriya

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Most recently, Joe served as the CTO of SimpleGeo and now he is dedicating his time to Mokriya , a company that I am very close to recently released a photo app for iPad called


You May Hate Planning, But You Should Do It Anyway

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For example, Camille Fournier, former CTO of Rent the Runway, described the pain and reward of planning. Some of the smartest people that I have ever met struggle with convincing themselves to do one thing: plan their work. They’re off the charts in terms of analyzing all sorts of things from manufacturing processes to stocks to nuclear particles. But when it comes to their own time management or laying out a plan to get a big project done, they balk.

Why CIOs Make Great Board Directors

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” Generally speaking, CIO director prospects will have served as a CIO or CTO of a large organization whose market sector is relevant to the company of the board doing the recruiting. According to Korn Ferry unpublished data, there has been a 74% increase in the number of CIOs serving on Fortune 100 boards in the past two years.

Why Can't a CIO Be More Like a CFO?

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They have remained, instead, CTO''s. Information governance is not IT''s job. But it should be the CIO''s job. It''s time for CIOs to move beyond their roles as chief technology officers, and embrace the name with all of its implications: Chief Information Officer.