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Never Enough … Excellence, Agility, and Meaning

Leading Blog

Bush and Barack Obama, Mike Hayes, says Never Enough is about aiming for excellence, agility, and meaning in everything we do. Never Agile Enough. Agility is about awareness and being flexible enough to do what needs to be done to get the desired outcome. What plays into agility is knowing how to think.

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How Agile Is Your Business?

Lead Change Blog

What does that say about business agility ? Fundamentally, an agile business can move quickly, decisively, and effectively in anticipating, initiating, and taking advantage of change. The post How Agile Is Your Business? Improved their change management skills and competencies. appeared first on Lead Change.

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Business Agility Is Really About Adaptability

N2Growth Blog

Most of my clients these days are seeking help in developing strategies that will enable them to become more agile and quick. But, many struggle to embrace the deeper implications of what that really means to build business agility. But, what does it really take for a business to become more agile?

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Leadership Vitality: Be Agile Not Erratic | #EmployeeEngagement

Kate Nasser

Leadership vitality means being agile not erratic. The post Leadership Vitality: Be Agile Not Erratic | #EmployeeEngagement appeared first on Confuse them & you crush success. Here are the key difference from Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

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Accelerate Your Growth through Agile HR Practices

HR Digest

Change is the only constant and agile HR appears to be the next evolutionary stage of human resources in an organization. The word agile invokes a lot of synonyms—lithe or limber, for those more inclined to literature, or quick and light-footed for those more focused on conveying its meaning. What is Agile HR?

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Should We All Be Agile?

The Horizons Tracker

The hype cycle surrounding Agile is almost deafening, with exponents advocating the virtues of the movement that grew out of software development circles to fundamentally change how many products and services are developed today. The paper also outlines some of the key organizational characteristics that render them suited to Agile.

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Ready or Reactive with Josefine Campbell

Let's Grow Leaders

Find out how to enhance your personal energy when managing or collaborating with others to become more mentally agile and productive. Episode 233: Ready or Reactive 10:10 When you’re ready you’re in the green zone, you can use all of your brain, and your nervous system is calm, so you are more aware of what goes on around you.

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