Leading In Difficult Times With Steve Armstrong

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Answers From Leadership Episode 31 Steve Armstrong is a Calgary-based speaker, educator, and consultant. Continue Reading… The post Leading In Difficult Times With Steve Armstrong appeared first on Joseph Lalonde.

Remembering Neil Armstrong


From the 1999 Washington Post Magazine article " Armstrong's Code ": Some of the other fliers mistook Armstrong's shyness and deliberation for coldness. Armstrong's facial expression ''hardly ever changed.

What the Lance Armstrong Story Teaches About Sustainable Leadership

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Anyone in the market for a 24” by 36” signed color portrait of Lance Armstrong leading the Tour de France? Over the past several weeks, Armstrong has experienced one of the most dramatic self induced falls from grace ever. Current Affairs General Leadership Personal Presence doping Lance Armstrong leadership LiveStrong New York Times trustI’ve had one on my office wall for four or five years but I’ll be taking it down now.

The wisdom of Neil Armstrong….

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Although he will be remembered as the first human being to walk on the surface of the moon, Neil Armstrong said something in later years that I will always think about whenever his name is mentioned. Bob's blog entries people should be judged on the basis of “what is written on the ledger of their everyday lives” the “moon walk” The wisdom of Neil Armstrong

Better Einstein than Armstrong


Better Einstein than Armstrong. When I was younger, a mentor of mine use to say, “Better Einstein than Armstrong.” He had no idea, of course, just how lopsided the Einstein/Armstrong contest proved to be. Lance Armstrong doping a Cautionary Tale.

It’s Not About the Bike: A Lesson from Lance Armstrong

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Lance Armstrong once wrote: “I believed I had a responsibility to be a good person, and that meant fair, honest, hardworking and honorable.

Thoughts on Football-related Concussions, Lance Armstrong… and Willful Blindness

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Once the idea of willful blindness lodged in my mind, I started to see it everywhere. Margaret Heffernan, Willful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious at our Peril ——————– If you want to know why there are mountains of distrust… Let’s start with this list. American tobacco companies made the case for years decades that […]. Randy''s blog entries

How NOT to fire an employee: AOL and Tim Armstrong

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AOL CEO, Tim Armstrong is not a terrible CEO but there is a reason employment law is not his specialty. Human Resources Leadership Abel Lenz AOL At Will Employment CEO Fired Patch Tim Armstrong If you think all CEO’s are leaders here is evidence to the contrary.

Neil Armstrong and Future NASA Missions

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We were watching a live broadcast of the fuzzy image of Neil Armstrong in a bulky space suit step slowly down to the lunar surface. TV image of Neil Armstrong taking "one small step" Neil Armstrong recently passed away at the age of 82. When asked by novelist Norman Mailer why he felt it was important to go to the moon, Neil Armstrong answered, “I think we’re going to the moon because it’s in the nature of the human being to face challenges.”

Moon Walkers

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He was in town to talk about his new film, "First Man," about Neil Armstrong's voyage to the moon. Dave Scott--he flew with Neil Armstrong on Gemini 8," Chazelle said. Communication Current Affairs Glass Ceiling Personal Life Science Self-Awareness Travel What is astronauts Damien Chazelle First Man moon Neil ArmstrongDamien Chazelle stood face to face with a chunk of the moon. .

Respect in a New Era of Responsibility

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Lance Armstrong is the latest hero to have fallen in the public arena. Self Leadership Character-based Leadership Lance Armstrong admission ResponsibilityPosted in Self Leadership Recent events in the news indicate a need for a new era of responsibility.

Healthy Habits Of Successful Leaders – An Expert Roundup

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Steven Armstrong of StevenArmstrong.ca. Becoming A Healthy Leader There are plenty of ways to become a healthy leader. I’ve shared various ways you can become a healthy leader over the last couple of weeks.

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The Questions To Ask To Identify A Leader During A Job Interview

Eric Jacobson

Thanks to Sharon Armstrong, author of The Essential HR Handbook , for these helpful questions! Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Interviewing Interviewing Candidates Interviewing Leaders Sharon Armstrong

How To Identify A Leader During An Interview

Eric Jacobson

Thanks to Sharon Armstrong, author of The Essential HR Handbook , for these helpful questions! Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management HR Sharon Armstrong

45 Years of Leadership in Outer Space

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Armstrong, Edwin E. The Photograph was taken by Neil Armstrong. Aldrin poses for Neil Armstrong on the Moon. Aldrin''s face plate reflects Armstrong, the lunar module and the U.S. Neil Armstrong took this photograph of Col. Armstrong president john f.

Quote of the Day


Louis Armstrong Those pretty notes went right through me.

Coben’s “The Stranger” is Very Strange – and Not Very Good

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Karl''s blog entries Amazon.com Anne Armstrong-Coben M.D. I just finished Harlan Coben‘s newest novel, The Stranger (Dutton, 2015). I wish I were more enthusiastic. Always a master mystery storyteller, I have always greatly anticipated the release of each of his books. As always, this book hit the fiction best-seller lists, but quickly dropped out. Today, it stands as the 75th best-selling overall book […].

Gijus van Wulfen on “10 Practical Innovation Lessons from Great Explorers”

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In The Innovation Expedition, Gijus van Wulfen identifies and discusses lessons to be learned from great explorers such as Roald Amundsen, Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus, Yuri Gagarin, Edmund Hillary, David Livingston, Ferdinand Magellan, and Ernest Shackleton.

The Booger Therom Of Good Living

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Home About Me About This Blog Starbucker’s Amazon Store TerryStarbucker.com Ramblings From a Glass Half Full The Booger Theorem Of Good Living by Starbucker on June 17, 2010 Curtis Armstrong, aka "Booger" Remember the character “Booger&# in “ Revenge of the Nerds “?

Quotes And Leadership From First Man

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First Man doesn’t show the astronaut Neil Armstrong planting the United States flag when he sets foot on the moon. A Reel Leadership Article. When the movie First Man was released, there was a huge controversy. What was the controversy?

The Flawed Art of Lance Armstrong's Confession

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After more than a decade of vehement denials , Lance Armstrong finally came clean last night in an interview with Oprah Winfrey about his use of performance enhancing drugs. A tough but gentle interview could have been just the right format for Armstrong to win the public back to his side.

The Power of Storytelling: 10 Authoritative Perspectives

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Frank Dale Carnegie David Armstrong Dostoevski Doug Lipman Eliyahu Goldratt George Lakoff Howard Gardner Lead with a Story Mark Johnson Patrick Lencioni Paul Smith Stephen Denning The Power of Storytelling: 10 Authoritative PerspectivesMy guess (only a guess) is that whenever a list of the greatest storytellers throughout history is compiled, Charles Dickens would be among those included.

Retain Talent Through a Concrete Corporate Culture

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Armstrong. Armstrong is a principal at Kahler Slater, a global architecture, design, and consulting enterprise specializing in Total Experience Design™. armstrong concrete corporate culture Kahler Slater talent management total experience design workplace designBy Barbara T.

The Innovation Expedition: A book review by Bob Morris

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Holtman Neil Armstrong’s First Steps on the Moon Roald Amundsen’s Search for the Northwest Passage Sir Edmund Hillary and the First Successful Everest Expedition Stanley’s Search for Livingstone Super Mario The Endurance: Shackleton''s Legendary Antarctic Expedition the FORTH innovation method The Innovation Expedition: A Visual Toolkit to Start Innovation the Travels of Marco Polo Twitter

Why Are We Bad at Picking Good Leaders?A book review by Bob Morris

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Bob's blog entries "New CEO Workshop" at Harvard Business School Allianz SE Armstrong AT&T Barry Posner Bono Daniel Goleman Delos ("Toby") Cosgrove.James Kouzes Harvard's Kennedy School How and why to cope with a leadership evaluation and development crisis to produce more effective leaders Jay Moran Jeff Bezos Jeffrey Cohn Jerry Colangelo Jossey-Bass Judgment: How Winning leaders Make Great Calls K. Why Are We Bad at Picking Good Leaders?

Leadership and the Anatomy of a Good Apology

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For instance, during Lance Armstrong ’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, he said, “ I deserve to be punished. To me, whatever his punishment, it is not up to Mr. Armstrong to decide its nature or severity.

Are You Pulling a Green Day at Work?

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The movie opens with an interview with Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer. – Billie Joe Armstrong. I wonder about people like Armstrong. Later in the movie (after some amazing concert footage), Armstrong talks about going on tour as a cure all for life’s problems.

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How To Avoid 8 Common Performance Evaluation Pitfalls

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So, here is a good reminder from author Sharon Armstrong about how to avoid eight performance evaluation pitfalls. When Armstrong isnt writing books, shes reading. skip to main | skip to sidebar Eric Jacobson On Management And Leadership Welcome!

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5 Reasons To Do An Employee Survey

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Armstrong in their book, Perfect Phrases for Writing Employee Surveys : 1. Kador and Armstrong caution leaders to NOT do employee surveys: 1. skip to main | skip to sidebar Eric Jacobson On Management And Leadership Welcome!

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Tips For Conducting More Effective Performance Appraisals

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Friday, June 25, 2010 Tips For Conducting More Effective Performance Appraisals Im a big fan of Sharon Armstrongs, The Essential HR Handbook , and now shes released her newest book, The Essential Performance Review Handbook.

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Quote of the Day


Michael Armstrong If anyone says to you: "everyone knows that," "it''s obvious that," or "it''s indisputably true that," you can be certain that the person has taken for granted what he or she is about to assert.

Morning Advantage: Lance Armstrong's Brand Bound With His Charity

Harvard Business Review

As the media awaits Lance Armstrong’s taped interview with Oprah Winfrey (airing Thursday on her OWN network), where it’s expected that Armstrong will admit to using performance-enhancing drugs, Armstrong’s charity, Livestrong — one of the largest cancer charities in the U.S.

Quote of the Day


Neil Armstrong used to tell unfunny jokes about the moon and then say, "I guess you had to be there." - Albert Brooks

Five Leadership Lessons from the Apollo Moon Landing

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These are the days when the Apollo 11 spacecraft landed on the moon (the 20th) and when Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon (on the 21st). 46 years today and tomorrow (as I post this), July 20 and 21st, 1969, are days that everyone my age or older remembers.

The Essential Performance Review Handbook

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By Sharon Armstrong Most all managers and leaders do performance reviews, and most don’t look forward to them. This practical and broad ranging book may help.

In the Shadow of the Moon


With the passing of Neil Armstrong, this trailer will spark powerful memories. If you have not seen the film, give it a try. It is exceptional

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Listen Well And Do Exit Interviews

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Knowing why an employee leaves your company can help you to reduce your employee turnover rate. That's because you can use the reasons a departing employee provides to gather information about processes, people and departments that might need some redirection to correct situations that may have contributed to the employee's reasons for leaving. So, do an exit interview whenever possible with each departing employee.

November 28 Webinar on Building Organization Muscle

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After our break we had three superb panelists; Melissa Warner, Manager of Learning and Development at Canadian Tire, Lori Nemeth, Director of Learning and Development at Seneca College, and Grant Armstrong, Manager Organizational and Leadership Development at Niagara Region.

AOL CEO Fires Employee During Call Intended to Boost Morale


According to Business Insider, last week AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong told Wall Street they’re cutting Patch – AOL’s local news network – websites from 900 to 600. The one out of line was Tim Armstrong. Armstrong owes Lenz a formal apology. Imagine getting fired.

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Conduct your OWN performance Review

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Ask yourself how you leveraged your successes, advises Sharon Armstrong in The Essential Performance Review Handbook. Write up specific proposals for ideas you wish to pursue, suggests Armstrong. “I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.”.

6 Interview Questions To Ask To Access Leadership Skills

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Thanks to Sharon Armstrong, author of The Essential HR Handbook , for these helpful questions! The next time you are interviewing a candidate and you want to access their leadership skills, consider asking the candidate these questions : What personal qualities define you as a leader?

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How To Spot A Leader During A Job Interview

Eric Jacobson

Thanks to Sharon Armstrong, author of The Essential HR Handbook , for these helpful questions! The next time you are interviewing a candidate and you want to access their leadership skills, consider asking the candidate these questions: What personal qualities define you as a leader?