Tactical Execution Best Practice 7b – Are You Thinking Lean? The ‘Wastes’ of Execution: Transportation

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Excess Transportation, the second of the 8 biggest wastes of Lean Operations, focuses on the additional transportation costs incurred by an organization when unnecessarily moving materials, parts, or finished goods within the operations cycle.

Emotional Transportation by Peter Guber with Keith Ferrazzi

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In this video Keith Ferrazzi interviews Peter Guber at the Drucker Business Forum held March 17, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA at Zipper Hall at The Colburn School, Peter shares wonderful stories of his amazing experiences with F.Castro and his less than diplomatic encounter with the King of Thailand, he shares his insight on emotional [.] No related posts. Developer of People Influence Leading Change Video

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Technology Is Changing Transportation, and Cities Should Adapt

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Research has shown , for example, that the more people use shared private transportation like ride-hailing apps, the more likely they are to also use public transit. This approach has merit, given how difficult it is to predict the behaviors of traditional transport businesses, advanced mobility services, and city residents. Cities can also explore opportunities to improve transportation access and ensure that all of their inhabitants benefit from advances in mobility.


America’s Transportation Infrastructure Needs Entrepreneurs

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Sensors, smartphones, tablets, wireless networks, and Big Data are starting to transform transportation and infrastructure. The appropriately-named Bridj is a Boston-based transportation start-up that provides “pop-up” express bus service based on demand.

Small Wins Go a Long Way in Improving U.S. Rail Transportation

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Take rail transportation. Economics & Society Change management TransportationBig systems changes can seem daunting.

Executive Vision – Leading in an Interconnected World: Transportation

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Brand Relevance: A book review by Bob Morris

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Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant David A. Aaker Jossey-Bass/John Wiley & Sons (2011) If your “brand” isn’t relevant, neither are you or your company Those who have read any of David Aaker’s previous books already know that he presents information, insights, and counsel that are anchored in specific real-world circumstances within a broad and deep [.].

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Lead With Patience

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As I sit here awaiting transportation home after a year in Afghanistan, I am reminded of yet another quality critical to good leadership…patience. When trying to get somewhere utilizing the military transportation system, we have to put on our patience hat and go to our happy place.

America’s Leaders Need to Tell a New Story About Infrastructure

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Transportation infrastructure must be renewed and reinvented. The state of transportation infrastructure has implications for every major issue. It touches the environment: transportation accounts for more than a quarter of U.S. Transportation

When Leaders Lose It

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We had ten expensive transport units that were purchased a few months prior to my coming on board, and they were breaking down quickly. It was one of those moments that you wanted to take back right after it happened.

Driverless Cars Will Change Auto Insurance. Here’s How Insurers Can Adapt

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Business models Risk management Technology Transportation Automotive Financial Services Digital ArticleTim Evans for HBR. There is little doubt that the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles will have a huge impact on the automobile insurance industry. Research and computer modeling conducted by Accenture in collaboration with the Stevens Institute of Technology indicates that as many as 23 million fully autonomous vehicles will be traveling U.S.

Is Tesla Really a Disruptor? (And Why the Answer Matters)

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But is its automotive business a disruptor, poised to transform the entire transportation sector? For the cash-strapped Tesla, waning sales may cut short any hopes of securing a sustainable leadership position in a reinvented transportation industry. Disruptive innovation Transportation Digital ArticleTesla, Elon Musk’s automotive start-up, is having a very good year.

The World Is Still Not Flat

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Economy Global business Transportation Globalization marches on. But the pace isn’t all that fast, and the overall level of global connectedness still hasn’t gotten back to its all-time peak of 2007.

Uber Needs Our Permission to Grow

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Business law Regulation Disruptive innovation Growth strategy Transportation Last week, I fielded an inquiry from a New York Times reporter asking if I would like to comment on the apparent change of heart (and strategy) underway at Uber.

The Acceleration Trap

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Bob's blog entries ABB ABB grew rapidly Bernd Vogel Bombardier Transportation companies can sustain high performance over the long term without overtaxing their employees or confusing their customers employees are overloaded with too many activities employees don’t have the time or the resources required to do their jobs Fully Charged Harvard Business Review blog Harvard Business Review Press HBR email alerts Heike Bruch it’s possible to escape the acceleration trap Jochen I.

The Tragic Crash of Flight AF447 Shows the Unlikely but Catastrophic Consequences of Automation

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Transportation Technology Risk management Aerospace & Defense Digital ArticleThe tragic crash of Air France 447 (AF447) in 2009 sent shock waves around the world. The loss was difficult to understand given the remarkable safety record of commercial aviation. How could a well-trained crew flying a modern airliner so abruptly lose control of their aircraft during a routine flight?

Uber Can’t Be Fixed — It’s Time for Regulators to Shut It Down

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It was Lyft that first invited drivers to provide transportation through their personal vehicles. In normalizing violations, therefore, Uber has shifted the entire urban transport business and set an example for other sectors. Business law Entrepreneurship Organizational culture Transportation Digital ArticleFrom many passengers’ perspective, Uber is a godsend — lower fares than taxis, clean vehicles, courteous drivers, easy electronic payments.

Driverless Cars: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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As for any transportation system, trust is essential. If some of the features get changed a bit too much, modeling indicates that overall benefits — like lower congestion levels and lower cost of transportation overall — rapidly diminish.

The Right and Wrong Ways to Regulate Self-Driving Cars

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“Self-driving” or “smart” cars will simply become whatever we call the next generation of transportation technology. legal system is already having trouble keeping up with the pace of developments in transportation. For centuries, the principal assumption behind our transportation supply chain, one baked deeply into the legal system, is that cars are dangerous — or, to be more specific, that drivers are.

What Should an Apple Car Be?

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One way to appeal to this demographic (and to the parents who often finance young drivers’ transportation) is to focus on safety. Innovation Strategy Transportation Digital ArticleTim Cook recently confirmed that Apple is working on ‘autonomous systems.’ ’ As usual with Apple, details are sparse, but it’s likely that autonomous cars are part of this.

Hard Questions on Our Transition to Driverless Cars

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Given how central automotive transportation is to our cities, commerce, and daily lives, saying that AI will change life as we know it is no understatement. This distinction is important because the driver is typically the most expensive part of a transport business, be it taxi services, last-mile logistics, or long-haul trucking. Transportation. Economics & Society Supply chain Transportation Digital ArticleArtificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the automobile.

How to Stay in Premium Hotels Without Blowing Your Expense Account

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Transportation Pricing Digital ArticleBooking a hotel for business travel poses a quandary for many of us. We want to stay in as nice a place as possible, but also want to do right by our company (or client) by being fiscally responsible.

Why One Executive Quit Business Travel Cold Turkey

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In many cases, it’s just a rationalization for getting away from home, or the office, doing something different, or being heroic by physically transporting yourself all over the place. Personal effectiveness Stress Time management Transportation

Why the Future of E-Commerce Depends on Better Roads

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The second is that money spent on transportation is too often squandered on megaprojects that have great ribbon-cutting moments but don’t “fix” traffic because they are based on myth and obsolete thinking. Transportation Policy Operations management Digital Article

The Reason Air Travel Is Terrible and So Few Airlines Are Profitable

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Today the airlines that participate in GALs transport more than two-thirds of all international traffic. Competitive strategy Disruptive innovation Regulation Transportation Digital ArticleWhy is the airline industry so terrible?

Uber’s Food Delivery Experiment in Barcelona

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Similarly, taxis companies, which transport people, fall under a different set of regulations than courier services, which transport documents and light packages. This is how it works: Restaurants in (initially) four neighborhoods within the city can order an Uber transport for just 2.5

The Real Reason Uber Is Giving Up in China

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Disruptive innovation Regulation Emerging markets Automotive Transportation Asia Digital ArticleLast September some of the world’s foremost technology industry leaders met in Seattle with Xi Jinping, president of China.

Width or Depth? Less May Be More

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A good book, I think, is distinguished by its ability to transport the reader to 'somewhere else.' By this, I mean more than pulp fiction escapism. I mean a place of new thought, philosophical. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. LLR Daily Application

Automation Makes Things Cheaper, So Why Doesn’t It Feel That Way?

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The traditional economy provides us with most of the basic necessities of life: food, shelter, health care, clothing, transportation, and energy. Technology Transportation Labor Automotive Digital ArticleMany Americans have been experiencing massive economic insecurity and want to return to a time when they were able to earn a good living and create a decent life for themselves and their families.

Airlines Like United Can Underpay Bumped Passengers Because of a Government Rule

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Department of Transportation (DOT) rule — is already to blame for some of the problems with overbooking. Pricing Transportation Digital ArticleBy now, many of us have viewed the disturbing video of a bloodied man being dragged off of United Airlines flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday. To accommodate four crew members who had to get to Louisville, United claims it offered $1,000 per passenger to relinquish their seats (other reports claim United offered $800).

Should CEOs Respond When Employees Complain About Them Online?

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Transportation Corporate communications Difficult conversations Digital ArticleLast month, a Tesla employee criticized the company in a Medium post , spurring a public exchange between the employee and Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO. In November, an IBM employee resigned by posting an open letter to CEO Ginni Rometty, in response to an open letter that Rometti had written to President Donald Trump.

Regulation Is Hurting Cabs and Helping Uber

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Local governments are the lynchpins to Uber’s growth in the car transportation services. While price regulation was relevant in the days when taxis had a virtual monopoly over private car transportation, technology has changed this market. The longer local governments delay taxi price regulation, the bigger advantage Uber gains in dominating the private car transportation market. Government Technology Transportation

What It Will Take to Fix America’s Crumbling Infrastructure

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How could an advanced country, once the model for the world’s most modern transportation innovations, slip so badly? The average family of four spends as much as 19% of its household budget on transportation. Leadership Policy Transportation

Airlines’ New Basic Economy Fares Show the Power of No-Frills Pricing

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Pricing Transportation Digital ArticleAmerican Airlines and United Airlines recently joined Delta in offering passengers a lower-priced option to fly: basic economy. Want to save a couple of bucks on your next flight? Consider making a few sacrifices, which vary by carrier, such as paying fees for checked and carry-on luggage, having the airline (instead of you) select your seat, boarding last, or surrendering the opportunity to make flight changes.

Warren Buffett Is Betting the Airline Oligopoly Is Here to Stay

Harvard Business Review

Competition Economy Transportation North America Digital ArticleWarren Buffett got burned with an airline investment in the 1990s. He blamed the industry’s notorious low profitability on the “kamikaze pricing tactics of certain carriers” and vowed to not invest in this “death trap” sector again.

What VW Didn’t Understand About Trust

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Social responsibility Sustainability Customers Transportation ArticleThe ripple effects of the Volkswagon scandal go well beyond the 11 million cars affected, the CEO’s resignation today, and the steep fines the company is facing.

Too Many Infrastructure Projects Go It Alone

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To renew and reinvent our aging transportation infrastructure, we must turn our attention to coalition-building. Collaboration TransportationThere is one best way to get big projects done. It has nothing to do with the technical side, and everything to do with people and relationships.

Scam Orrin Woodward and Me Out of a Free Book! (Winner Announced)

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for the following winning entry: The transportation of the new "super-sized" magnet would prove to be. [[ This is a content summary only. It's finally time to announce the winner of Caption Contest 2011.3 Congratulations to Laura S. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Collaboration Humor

Tesla, Autopilot, and the Challenge of Trusting Machines

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Transportation Technology Design Automotive Digital ArticleIn May a Tesla Model S driving on autopilot collided with a tractor-trailer making a left turn at an intersection in Florida. The owner of the Tesla was killed.